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I've been working on a story:Eva,a girl with "peculiar" tastes,is secretly obsessed with modified bodies.However,everything will change when a strange pandemic makes her fantasies real.Even when she will be involved in mutations that starts to happen around her friends and her.

This is a 44 chapters story, and I will upload one by one. You will find in this story an interesting argument, and weird and extreme transformations, under a daily point of view. Multiple limbs, genitals, extreme bodies... if you know and enjoy my stuff, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Original story can be found here:

Eva Pt.1
by Modulokss

"Hey, your hands are very cold!" Maya said.
Eva couldn't believe what she had in her hands.
‘It's huge!’ Eve thought. Bigger than anything she's ever seen before. The biggest penis she
had seen!. But there it was, between her hands, the end of it dangling between her fingers.
"But... it's... it's very big..." Eva stammered.
"Yes... believe me, I know..." Maya replied.
"And... It’s heavy... It’s very heavy"
"Yes... I know that too..."
“And...the others...are they the same size?”
"well more or less"
"All of them??"
"Yes!... some are bigger than others, but, broadly speaking, yes. They are almost the same!"
Maya was beginning to feel uncomfortable
"It's... impressive..." Eva said, visibly shocked. Her heart was beating hard, she was in a cold
sweat, and her eyes were wide open. Maya noticed how excited Eva was, which made her
nervous too.
"Well, that's all folks... it's over." Maya said, removing the large penis from her hands, and
covering it again with the nightgown. Despite the view being blocked, the shape through the
fabric was not, which made it impossible not to guess that, under that nightgown, between
each of the multiple legs that surrounded Maya's hip, there was something there that was not
very normal.
“And with matching testicles?”
"Okay okay.. Sorry... I'll take that as a yes". She said in a low voice.
"You don't know... how complicated this is for me..." Maya said, becoming sadder and sadder.
“My life is over. I can’t even think about leaving the house. My studies, how am I going to go
back to university like this?” She covered her face with her hands, very embarrassed.
"Come on, Maya... maybe it's not... so bad... I mean, it could have some advantages" Eva was
so shocked that her words barely came out coherently.
"Advantage?? Do you think having abody like this has any advantages??” She said, raising
all of her arms, still awkwardly displaying the rest of her body. From that motion, all of her
breasts swayed through the nightgown. Her pointy nipples were perfectly noticeable through
the thin fabric. “Come on, I'm a fucking monster! If I saw someone like me on the street, I
would run scared! Have you seen my mother? I repulsed her! And my father? He can hardly
look me at my face... What would happen if one day I dare to go to class?? What do you think
they will think about me?"
Maya burst into tears. All her hands covered her face clumsily, trying to dry the tears.
Eva, despite everything that was going through her head, had in front of her her best friend,
morally destroyed, crying inconsolably. She put an arm around her shoulder and tried to
comfort her.

"Come on, don't cry. You're not a monster to me!. You are my best friend! I will always be here
for you. What happened to you only makes me want to be with you, to help you. Besides, who
knows...” Eva sighed “maybe this pandemic gets out of control, and, in the end, we will all
have mutated. So, then, you would be seen as a normal person”
She tried to make her smile, but she wasn't very successful.
“Sometimes you are really dumb, you know?....” She said between laughs as she dried her
For a few minutes, Eva's unconditional hug tried to help Maya not feel so weird and alone.
But no one asked how Eva felt. Her head right now was on an emotional roller coaster. On
one hand, she felt pity and compassion. It hurt her a lot to see her best friend, almost her only
true friend, broken so much by this situation. Eva had never been very socially active, so she
had just a few friends, but Maya was, right now, almost the only one she related to apart from
Sam and Rob.
Considered a "geek" by most of the groups at the institute, she hadn't kept in contact with
friends from that time. And now, in college, being an introvert hasn’t helped her build better
relationships with more open people. That makes her anxious, but she has always been able
to count on Maya.
The beginning of when this all started seemed a long way off, but in a matter of days, time had
rushed by far too quickly. However, the idea that popped up most in her brain was ”Why not
me??” Yes, her mixed emotions were driving her crazy! She felt bad for poor Maya, anger at
what had happened, but also amazement, because it was incredible that something like this
could happen so close to her surroundings, and excitement... Yes, Eva was attracted to these
things, even though it was her little big secret, but above all, she felt envy!
“Why did it happen to her? Something like this should have happened to me! I've been wanting
something like this since... forever!” Eva thought that the whole time.
So there she was, trying to comfort her friend, after having suffered a "wonderful" mutation, at
least in her eyes. She would have loved to have suffered something like this. How unfair life
is sometimes. At least one of her deepest fantasies has not only come true, but she is closer
than she could have imagined. But how had she gotten into this surreal situation? Looking
back, it seemed incredible how things had changed so much in just a few days.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.2
by Modulokss

"And how the hell did I get here?"
Eva thought, returning to her house after visiting Maya. She hadn't looked back until now, and
she began to ramble on how things had changed in just 2 years.
Until then, Eva's life had been rather monotonous. She wasn't an unhappy child, but she never
had social skills. She liked books more than people, and when she entered high school, it
made a difference, as she felt like she didn't fit in almost anywhere. Her physique did not
attract attention, her introversion made it difficult for her to open up to others, and in a world
of teenagers where popularity is everything, she had nothing.
Perhaps that was the reason, she used to think, for searching for her true self in an anonymous
world, where she could be whoever she wanted without negative reactions. The Internet gave
her that opportunity, and as she went through puberty she found it.
As she reached her own adolescence, something inside her began to manifest. An attraction
to something unusual, or at least it seemed that no one else in the world could be attracted to.
In some cartoon series, she occasionally saw characters with multiple limbs, centaurs,
mythological beings, mutants, aliens with several heads... or even real cases of Siamese
twins, or people with certain deformities.
And for some reason, her mind would wander to worlds where these concepts merged
together, creating new bodies, mixing combinations, and fantasizing about what it would be to
have such an “interesting” body. Of course, in adolescence she also became interested in
sexual matters, and her fantasies also flew to fantasize about bodies with multiple sexual
organs, sizes, shapes, combinations... anything works.
Moreover, thanks to the internet she discovered that she was not alone, and she also found
certain forums, platforms and other sites where people, all anonymous, of course, shared
drawings, stories, comics... everything related with aspects of "multiple" bodies as she liked
to call it.
She felt alive and complete imagining these things, and she felt empty coming back to real
life. Her life was like this mainly through high school. And more or less she got used to it.
In high school, she met Maya, who had recently moved to the city, and they discovered that
they had a lot of things in common, which made them very good friends from the beginning.
Maya wasn't a very popular girl, but she was tall, blonde, quite thin, with glasses, long hair,
but her appearance was more like a bookworm than a stunning girl. She always dressed in
classic clothes feeling comfortable like this.
She was very smart. From her previous high school, she came with an impressive record,
which earned her a reputation as a Nerd. That's why she was happy when she had to move.
An opportunity to start from scratch. But with her personality, it was going to be difficult to
make her fit in any high school full of teenagers.

Curiously, it was the online games that brought Eva and Maya together. Eva was reading a
video game magazine, and Maya, who was tired of not exchanging a word with anyone all
day, got curious and went to ask. With just 10 minutes of conversation they already knew that
they were going to be very good friends.
Maya at that time had a boyfriend, another nerd like her, but it was a long-distance relationship,
and quite toxic. Jealousy, schedule problems, distance. It was clear that this relation won't end
very well. Maya ended up quite fed up with relationships, so she began to focus on her studies
and on something that also distracted her a lot, playing online. This rupture was great for Eva,
from an egoist point of view, but despite this, she felt bad because Maya suffered. Together
they made a great team in the RPG games of the moment. Eva had an innate ability for action
situations, while Maya had prodigious analytical skills and memory.
Eva felt very comfortable with Maya from the beginning. She felt that she could be herself,
without hiding her thoughts. She was even tempted to confess her own sexual orientations,
she would love to be able to share with someone like her all the "multi" material that she had
collected. But when Maya broke up with her, and they talked about how jaded she was and
how she hated men and sex, she thought the better option would be leave things as they were.
On that point, Eva was not going to have the same problem as Maya. She had barely had
relationships with any boy, nor with any girl, she didn't miss him either. She was not quite clear
about her own sexuality, since in her fantasies she felt attracted to both sexes, as long as they
were "multis".

One day, Eva's computer broke down, and asking a teacher, she told her that she had a
student who was very good at informatics, and maybe he could help. That's how she met Rob.
Eva already knew him by sight, and she was struck by the lonely and isolated person who he
used to be around the institute. But she always hesitant to talk to him. She even felt a little
scared about him.
It was not for less. His appearance was quite radical. Military boots, pants full of chains, plaid
shirts, and a haircut with long bangs that almost covered his eyes. In addition, he was very
tall, although thin, and always carried a backpack with skull patches. His look seemed to say:
“leave me alone, don't bother me”. But Eva's problem was important enough to overcome that
kind of thing. She was willing to do anything to avoid spending money she hadn't, to repair her
Rob seemed like a very dry, quiet, introverted guy, but he was very computer literate. To Eva's
surprise, he was very nice to her and offered to take a look at her computer for free. So he
went to Eva's house and fixed her computer without any problem.
But Rob was surprised to see how Eva tried the game that she used to play with Maya (that
was the real reason to fix the computer) and he saw the level she had in it. He also played this
RPG game in a very professional way.
Of course, Eva and Maya didn't reach Rob's level, but they were much higher than average,
and he never imagined that two girls around him could have that experience. Yes, Rob was a

bit macho about these things, but he was pleasantly surprised. It didn't take long for them to
form a small clan, and over time, they had incredible online adventures.
They really knew little about Rob. He didn't speak much about his personal life. They knew
that he hadn't a girlfriend, nor was he known to have relationships with any girl. Eva and Maya
even thought that he was gay in secret. They also knew that his parents were divorced and
he lived with his mother, but they didn't know much more details. Rob didn't talk about it either,
and they respected his privacy.
Halfway through high school, a boy named Sam also moved to town. Sam and Maya's parents
were siblings, and because Sam's father was fired from his job, his brother made everything
possible to get hired at the same company. So luckily, Sam's family moved into a house on
the same street as Maya's family.
Sam was a very big boy, but he was as big as good-natured. He was a bit overweight, and
blond like his cousin, but his looks inspired confidence and closeness. Although in reality he
was shy, and he never wanted to bother. Maybe he was too good, so people ended up taking
advantage of him. He and Maya had always gotten along very well, and now that they lived
almost together, Maya didn't take long to introduce him into her small circle of friends.
Rob and Sam didn't hit it off very well at first, as Sam hadn't great computer games skills, and
for Rob it was essential. What is this useless doing with us? he often thought. But within a few
weeks of meeting each other, returning from high school together, Rob was rebuked by
classmates who used to often put him down. They had beers in their hands and began to insult
him. One of them even pushed him to the ground. But Sam ended up getting ahead, facing
everyone. One tried to push Sam, but Sam stopped him with a blow, violently knocking him to
the ground. Then Sam, emboldened and drawing from within a rage that no one had seen
before, lashed out at the others, scaring them and making them run away. Sam helped Rob
to his feet, thanking him. From there he knew that Sam was a legal guy. Sometimes these
things have to happen to appreciate the good people. Rob realized that he had prejudged
Sam, and that it wasn't all about computers.
However, he began to teach her all the tricks to be a great team and in a short time he reached
the same level as Eva and Maya. Sam was delighted that he could also fit in such group.
Eva also felt nice about Sam very much, as he was "strangely" nice to Eva. No one suspected
it, but Sam didn't take long to become attracted to Eva, even though she was too cowardly to
confess it to anyone. Eva for her part, never suspected anything, but for her he was like an
older brother.
And so they formed a curious group quite cohesive. They all had in common that they didn't
fit with normal society. Parties, drinking meetings, discos, football matches, movies, etc... they
didn't really enjoy doing the things that young people of their age used to do. Reason for which
they were ignored and sometimes despised by their classmates, but they really didn't care. As
long as they could escape into their virtual universe, everything was going to be fine.
After finishing high school, they began their university studies, and although everyone feared
that they would end up separating, none of that really happened.

Eva and Maya ended up at the same university, but studying in different schools. While Sam
and Rob studied at the polytechnic University science careers.
Eva finally chose to study graphic design. She had great drawing and computer skills, the
latter for obvious reasons. But her drawing art, she could only say it was a gift. Though in
reality it becomes from years of secret practice drawing and nurturing his own fetishes. "In the
end, being addicted to the multi can provide me with a job opportunity," she thought.
Maya, for her part, could have chosen any career, but she chose Chemistry. She was really
very good at it and she had a prodigious memory and unusual analytical skills.Rob obviously
ended up studying computer science. He had clear that he wanted to develop computer
games, and without a doubt he was going to get it. He was the most successful in all his
As for Sam, he had never clear about his true vocation, but his parents convinced him to study
industrial engineering, since it was a career with many opportunities.
However, the two universities were in the same city, and the four friends still had exactly the
same relationship. Much more independently, of course, but except for Rob, they all still lived
with their parents. They kept hanging out, playing online, and having their famous Netflix and
pizza sessions at Rob's house.
But April 20, 2030 arrived, and nothing would ever be the same again...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.3
by Modulokss

The news was worldwide. In the state of Minnesota, in the United States (everything ends up
happening there, it's like they have a magnet for catastrophes), a series of sudden mutations
were detected. Those mutations happened violently, mutating the body of those affected in
grotesque ways. Multiplied limbs, deformed bodies, almost random modifications of any
kind. But the most of them, had a marked sexual character. Everything was very surreal, and
at first people didn't have any idea about what to do. It seemed somewhat random and
almost like a lottery. But one day some scientists discovered that there was some kind of
relationship between infected people. In other words, the mutations were contagious,
although the transmission vector was not yet known.All the newscasts opened the news with
new cases, contagion figures and like these, day by day they increased exponentially.
Eva was shocked! Was this really happening? Unfortunately, data protection laws made it
impossible to spread explicit images of the mutated, which frustrated Eva tremendously.
However, she was able to access to the small leaks that could be found on the internet.
She could hardly believe it. Human beings with extra arms, another with 3 legs, some with
10 fingers on each hand, a woman with 3 breasts... It seemed as if God himself had been
gossiping on his hard drive and thought "what the hell..." and made it all come true. ! But
unfortunately she couldn't share this inner emotion with anyone.
The general opinion was that this was a disgrace. A punishment to humanity for destroying
the planet and polluting it beyond measure. The entire planet was shocked, and a thousand
theories arose condemning the human race, as just punishment for their arrogance.
In just a week, more than 500 people were affected by more or less radical mutations. State
authorities were overwhelmed. Teams of scientists began to mobilize and urgently
investigate what was happening. Meanwhile, the mutations continued without control.
Due to this uncontrolled scale, the authorities decided to declare a state of emergency and
confine the entire population to their homes. All mutants were isolated in properly prepared
centers. There was a lot of criticism due to how illegal this whole situation seemed, but the
governor argued that it was the only way to contain the spread of mutations, without really
knowing what was transmitting the "disease".
The problem was that in addition to the mutation, fear also spread. Any mutated person
found on the street could be the victim of an attack for fear of continuing to infect, even
without having any scientific proof of whether this was true. The police worked hard to be
able to confine all the mutants, and always lock them up against their own will.
Although it seemed that after these measures, the increase in cases did not suffer an
exponential growth, the truth was that every day, more than 1,000 people ended up
And a month and a half into the pandemic, there was literally no more room to lock up so
many mutants. Conditions were suffocating, and police abuse became too radical.
So, two months later, Minnesota made headlines again by declaring a general revolution by
all mutants. The uprising began in an overcrowded prison, and quickly spread throughout the
territory. At that time, almost 40% of the population had mutated. There were literally not
enough law enforcement to put down the revolt, and no police force in the rest of the country
was willing to risk their men being infected by coming in to control the situation.
Finally, the government declared an Exception status throughout Minnesota, and erected a
military perimeter around the entire border. Nothing could get in or out, at the risk of being
shot down. The quarantine was totally hermetic. It was the only solution to stop the spread of
the pandemic to the rest of the country. This measure provoked many reactions against it,
demonstrations, riots, etc. within the state, but also outside. But the government was
The non-mutated into the perimeter were betrayed, and condemned to end up suffering
some mutation, while the mutated finally took control of everything: Institutions,
infrastructures, government bodies…
Although really, within the radical nature of the measure, the containment worked. Except for
isolated cases, which were harshly controlled, the mutation remained confined within the
entire state.
So little by little, the mutants, who before all this had been the same mayors, engineers,
doctors, etc. took control of things again. The police, hospitals, businesses were back in
business... Minnesotans themselves learned that they were alone, no one was going to help
them due to their risk of spreading the pandemic, and they had to be the ones to go ahead
with their lives.
Secretly, Eva was disappointed. Finally everything will be fine and the mutations will not
reach here... she thought sadly. She had always secretly hoped that it was a global
pandemic, and could be mutated like in her wildest fantasies. But unfortunately, the
authorities have done their job well, and everything has been contained.
She will always have the consolation of leaks and pirate images that used to circulate on the
internet. Those mutated people were very interesting for someone like Eva. She sometimes
felt bad for those people, of course. It was really a trauma for them, but the feeling of guilt
passed quickly.
In addition, in the forums she always found someone with the same opinion. There are
always people as wicked and vicious as me, and even more so, she thought relieved.These
forums were really illegal, but it was clear it was very hard to control content on the internet,
and despite some closures, other forums opened to the delight of Eva and other users.
She had her own contacts on these forums, all anonymous of course. Almost daily she
consulted the different threads in search of new material. Almost daily too, she ended up
masturbating with the material she was collecting.
One day, Eva received an email on her anonymous account. At first glance it looked like
spam, although it was strange, they were all jpg's and none of them was linked to any
specific address. Also, the email had a zip file attached. All very suspicious. Maybe because
it was 3 in the morning, and she was half asleep, maybe because she thought, what the hell,
if something happens, Rob will fix it for me, or it just went off the finger, the fact is that she
opened that zip file.
Inside there were like 75 images. Images of mutated people, but in incredible resolution, and
most of them totally nude, not like the photos she used to find. Eva's eyes widened. She
couldn't believe what she was seeing!
A humantaur girl... she could see how the markings of her spine on her back continued
through her second torso, even her ribs on her horizontal torso, another girl with multiple
breasts, up to six! ! in different positions, she was even able to appreciate the touch and
weight in the images, as the poor woman bent over to hold something, a young guy, about
25 years old, with three penises almost half a meter long !!
She had to masturbate right there and then. It was incredible! She became nervous and
excited. Her hands were shaking, she almost had a hard time saving her material on her
hard drive because her mouse was moving around uncontrollably.
After the initial impact, and once relaxed after a few orgasms, she began to analyze why she
had all these images. The sender came from an email that was familiar to him. "I had seen
that name somewhere" she thought.
She went through the forums and threads, and saw some likes from an account with the
same email. A certain Alexander? It sounded familiar to her. She knew she was hanging
around here, but he didn't participate so much, more than a few likes and nothing else. And
how did he has access to all this?
She decided to PM him and ask directly. She asked him if he had sent her a message, to
which he succinctly replied in the affirmative, as if it were something normal. Eva asked
directly where he had gotten those images. As much as she appreciated the material, she
knew it was illegal, and she could get into trouble.
The only thing that Alejandro answered was: "please don't share them, they are a gift".
Surprised, she asked why, to which he alluded directly to her activity in the forums they both
frequented. “I thought you would know how to appreciate this material. Consider it an
altruistic act. I would have liked someone to have done something like that for me, but be
careful, keep them safe into your hard drive and do not show them to anyone, please”.
Eva was very grateful for her gesture. He was putting himself in real danger as much as she
was. She understood that indeed, the gesture was sincere. Although as much as she
insinuated questions about the origin of the photos, she only received evasiveness.
She was aware of the suffering of these people. She felt a certain empathy, and more so
knowing that her photos had ended up being shared around. Who knows who else could
beeing watching those pictures. But as bad as it might sound, she was glad to have them in
her possession. "After all, I don't hurt anyone if I don't share them, right?" she thought, trying
to justify herself.
Little by little, Eva chatted with Alex about details of some mutates. And Alex always showed
as much interest as Eva in the bodies, how exciting or erotic the new shapes were, which
were their favorites... Eva really appreciated having met such a contact, especially because
of the future prospects that she had…
“What photo will Alex send me tomorrow?” Eva thought every time she came home. This
gave her a very motivating incentive...
But what happened to the mutants?


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.4
by Modulokss

The pandemic was stabilizing, although very little by little. The mutants, increasing in numbers, were becoming the majority. And after the first altercations, and once the perimeter was hermetically closed, the population began to take control, knowing that they were not going to receive help from outside, except for basic supplies.
A governing board was formed, the forces of order were reactivated, the distribution of basic supplies, the hospitals worked again, the basic infrastructures worked again... Of course, the mutated and the unmutated were forced to coexist, knowing that the mutation was going to reach 100% of the population in a matter of time.
At the beginning of the confinement there was a big indignation, and the government was widely criticized for leaving such a large population to their fate. Practically doomed to mutate, but in reality, the ignorance of mutations was so big, that this measure was justified in view of a possible greater evil. These "sacrifices" were not forgotten, and huge amounts of humanitarian aid were sent in order to keep the infrastructure working within the perimeter.
Thanks to international aid, the entire state began day by day to recover a certain normality, always conditioned to the new life that the mutant people had to live.

The days passed and Eva secretly devoured all the news that came from Minnesota. A multitude of scientific studies tried to find the origin of the mutation, the way in which it was spread, what was the transmission vector (was it the air, food, body fluids...?) Nothing made sense.
Although little by little, results were found based on a multitude of studies and trials of dubious legality, testing different compounds that altered certain genetic aspects in stem cells, so that almost by chance they began to find a way to reduce the transmissibility percentage of the mutation.
However, the mutation was still totally irreversible, and furthermore, completely chaotic and without any known pattern. There was still a lot to study.
The scientist Edward Gregen jumped to the front pages of the newspapers when he published his study on a test that could measure the transmission capacity of the mutation. In this way, with a complex DNA analysis, he could predict the existence of a specific gene.  According to statistics, if the person had it, it meant that in a period of two or three weeks, the probability of spontaneous mutation was high. In this way, through this analysis, it was possible to predict (with a still very high margin of error) if the subject, even without mutating, could do so in a short period of time.

But normality began to establish as more days passed, other current affairs covered the front pages, and Minnesota began to fade into the background as the mutated people already reached a certain self-sufficiency.
Stores were already open, businesses were running, they were self-sufficient in power and water, and they received large amounts of supplies. The exports passed through a quarantine, but they also started to work. Most of the infrastructures began to adapt to mutated bodies (stairs, furniture, transport, etc…) so a large number of companies appeared dedicated to adapting everything for mutated people.
The economic boom, mainly the result of donations and government aid, made the population (almost 100% mutated) assume their new situation with better spirits.

And so a year passed, a year in which Eva followed the news very closely. She continued searching the forums with new captures, and kept in touch with Alex, who from time to time "sent" her those images that she so appreciated. This led to endless animated conversations about mutated bodies that they both enjoyed so much. Eva tried to discover where the images come from, but Alejandro could not reveal his sources. Perhaps he would put himself in danger, Eva thought, so better not insist.
Eva's passion for new forms, fantasizing about how it would be to be mutated like this, even role-playing mutated characters in a thousand different ways, were just some of the things that Eva secretly shared with Alex. And sometimes she even doubted if he was even more obsessed with the "multi" than she was.

And so time went on. Eva combined her normal life with her secret life, while another year passed by.
Two years after the start of the outbreak, the situation was more than normal. Minnesota wasn't in the news any more. Other news had much more interest at that time, political crises, threats of trade embargoes, fuel shortages, deterioration of certain sectors of the economy... But one day, Minnesota returned to the front pages when in a special council of the United Nations, after much negotiation, it was approved the creation of a new independent state, based on the old state of Minnesota. New Minnesota was born as the first independent state with all its non-human population at 100%. A population composed of pure mutants. The economy had grown, they exported high-quality products, the factories flourished under the protection of both economic and fiscal aid.
Although attempts were made to avoid the creation of tax havens, many companies installed their headquarters there, controlled by mutants, in order to save costs. All this situation encouraged the entire population to hold an independence referendum, which was endorsed by the rest of the country.
The researchers were more successful, and thanks to new processes and a lot of work, it was possible to refine the Gregen method much better, so that the possible transmissibility of the mutagen could be verified with an error of 5%. This invited the possibility, two years later, of being able to open the borders and allow free movement in the closefuture. However, there was still a lot to do before that. Mainly because of the fear that the majority of the population still had in front of being “infected”.
Numerous studies were carried out all over the world, trying to find out what caused the mutations, and more importantly, how to control them. There was a ruthless race to discover this, and numerous pharmaceutical companies and private laboratories spent huge amounts of money to be the first to be able to "tame" the mutagen. Many even resorted to illegal practices. Sometimes an outbreak was detected in a sector of the population on the other side of the world. The authorities violently isolated it, preventing further spread. While the origin of these outbreaks was officially random and spontaneous, it was an open secret that shadowy companies were testing altered mutagen serums to illegally test their reactions on innocent people. Although this was impossible to prove.
In any case, a controlled mutation was never achieved. On the contrary, they were chaotic and violent mutations, with a high degree of transmissibility.
Other times, eccentric millionaires paid millions of dollars for a mutagenic serum that, in theory, should transform him into something he had ordered. But it was never like that. The mutation was 100% random, despite the fact that some scientists claimed otherwise. Still, many rich people were tempted by an eccentric life as a mutant. The problem was that sometimes, her mutation got out of hand and was highly contagious. And in that moment, the authorities applied the quarantine protocol, which left no stone unturned in order to contain the outbreak.

These outbreaks made Eva excited again. What if it happens near here? Maybe she could be infected! she thought to herself. She even discussed it with Alex, who thought that one thing is to enjoy the mutations of others, and other different to mutate oneself. He argued that because of the randomness of the mutations, the risk of ending up with a body you don't like is very high. He preferred not to take the risk, but she was clear about it. Yes, she wanted to.

Then, just one day after this conversation, a case was detected in her own city!


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.5
by Modulokss

Eva had to make a great effort that day to contain her excitement in front of the rest of the
people. She was very excited, but it was important to not let it show. How is she going to be
happy that a poor person has mutated in such a… horrible way? (although it seemed
wonderful to her). Well, the reality was that authorities hadn't yet revealed who the victim
was and what had really happened to her, but Eva was pretty sure she would know that
sooner or later.
She was about to tell Alex about the great news, but… wait a second. She was still
anonymous on the internet, and she wanted to stay that way, right? If for any reason, people
around her discovered what her true interests were, everyone would repudiate her. She
couldn't afford a slip like that, so she decided that Alex didn't have to know anything. She
had to keep acting like always. She didn't need to ignore the fact itself, but it was still an
isolated case in a remote part of the world, as it had been happening lately.
As soon as it was known, by the affected person's own confession, the police cordoned off
the house and locked the victim in her house. And after an interrogation, she ended up
confessing that she mutated 3 days ago! The fact leaked to the press was that she was an
important business woman in the area, owner of a chain of fashion stores. In his mansion,
the entire service had been exposed to this patient 0, and for those 3 days they were leading
a normal life. The authorities became very nervous, and launched an unprecedented search
3 days later, there were 4 more affected throughout the city. Great! Eva thought... But in all
her surroundings there were only people talking about the risk of going out into the street
and crossing paths with someone carrying the mutagen. People were visibly scared.
Day after day, more infections were added to the list. It seemed that there was no real
control. Tracing teams were taking too long to find close contacts, perhaps because people
were also fearful of law enforcement's treatment of those potentially affected. There were
quite bad rumors about possible torture, illegal confinement, etc, and all this would be
covered by the citizen security law.
Making a great effort, Eva didn't comment anything to Alex, but in his daily mail with more
material, he sent photos of new mutates, to Eva's delight. But something in the background
of a photo caught her attention... "Pizzeria Panino? one second. That's where Maya, the
boys and I are going to have dinner… Am I sure about this??”
And yes it was. As she looked at the other photos, all the background images had perfectly
familiar views of her city. Alejandro was sharing images of the outbreak from his own city!!
How the hell does he get them? But following his reasoning, the sensible thing was not to
confess that this was his city, so she continued as usual, but more excited.
The days passed, and the infections increased. Rumors of nasty, grotesque and monstrous
mutations were circulating on everyone's lips. And also more macabre rumors about violent
arrests by the police to lock up possible contacts with infected people. It all seemed like a
real witch hunt. The entire population was afraid to go outside, but the authorities had not yet
restricted mobility. "Everything is controlled, we ask the population not to panic, the forces of
order guarantee the control of this small outbreak" The politicians announced.
But the reality was different. Despite the tests they did, and the tracking, the mutated cases
sometimes appeared without any logical origin. There was fear, and worse, mistrust in
people. The truth is that a person could be a transmitter without having mutated yet, and
transmit the mutation later on completely unconsciously. And then Pam! suddenly mutate.
But by then he could have already spread the mutation out there.
A few days later, a normal Tuesday until then, Maya and Eva went to their respective
classes, but when they finished the classes, Maya commented strangely that one of her
classmates had not come. This wouldn't be a weird thing, if they weren't in a normal
situation. But those days, any change in routine could be a bad thing. "What if... ?" Maya
“Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be sick. People get sick even with a mutagen outbreak, you
know?” Eva tried to reassure, although she wasn't as worried as Maya. "To my
disappointment, it's probably just a cold" she thought.
But the next day, in the middle of Maya's class, the teacher received an urgent message.
She turned her face totally white as the wall, and with all calm she could muster, she asked
her students to calmly pack up everything and go home quietly. It seemed that her classmate
had finally mutated, and the authorities asked all classmates to quarantine for a week. They
would call them by phone in an hour, to proceed with the pertinent tests.
Maya's blood ran cold. As she went out, sent a message to Eva, telling her that she was very
scared. Eva tried to reassure her, but the reality is that she was more excited than worried.
But she felt bad for that, her friend was suffering. "Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing, you'll see
how in the end everything becomes just a scare" said Eva. But deep down she was
beginning to feel frustrated. Why didn't it happen in my class??
The rest of the classes finished and Eva went home, she asked Maya how she was, and
obviously, nothing had happened. "Have you seen? Nothing will happen to you. Do not leave
the house and everything will be fine" She said trying to reassure her. Although in reality,
nothing was certain... If you had to mutate, you couldn't do anything about it.
Arriving home, Eva was very excited. She locked herself in her room and started fantasizing
on her own. Could the mutation reach her acquaintances? What if Maya mutated? how
would she mutate? and what if it spread to her own school?? All this was making her very
nervous. She turned on her computer, closed the door of her room, and began to search
through her material for the most suggestive images, which made her imagination fly, and
her finger traveled inside her pants. She had to release the stress that this situation caused,
and the anxiety that perhaps her most hidden fantasy could finally come true. But then
something distracted her. "An email? ha well, it's Spam ”she said with her hand still wet.
But something caught her attention. The ads didn't light up or link to anything. In fact, they
were just JPGs but without any links attached. So weird?. She looked at the entire message,
and there was also the typical banner at the end of the message with the conditions and the
link to unsubscribe. But something else caught his attention. Among the JPGs there was
only one text, the rest were all images. And the text clearly said MAYA.
"What the hell is this??" She thought “Maya?? Is it referring to Maya, my friend? She looked
at the sender, and it was an automatically generated account, it was clearly Spam. Well, this
was all very strange, but it doesn't seem really relevant. She couldn’t stop spinning. Maya…
She thought of searching for Maya on google, and she didn't realize: maybe it's spam from
the design program MAYA 3D? She had used it a few years ago. “It must be that, for sure”.
She thought more calmly. She went back to her pictures, and her hand sank into her crotch
again, while with the other scrolled the mouse through images one after another.
In that way she arrived at 3 in the morning (again) until she fell asleep. The next day, she
lazily got out of bed "I have to stop staying up so much, especially when I have class the
next day" she said to herself still half asleep in front of the mirror. While she was having
breakfast with her parents, her cell phone rang. She had a message from Maya. "What do
you want at this hour?" She wondered to herself.
But the message made her head explode literally.
“I have mutated!!! shit!! It had to happen to me!!”


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.6
by Modulokss

Eva walked nervously from room to room. Her parents asked her what was wrong, but she
didn't want to tell them yet. She ran to her room and called Maya immediately.
Between disconsolate tears, Maya told him what had happened. Around 5 in the morning,
she woke up with a very strange feeling, a tingling feeling in her limbs, and she thought she
was losing sensitivity in her whole body. Like a coma but being aware of herself. Then her
body literally began to deform like it was made of clay. She couldn't tell more because she
remained immobilized on the bed and kept her eyes closed terrified all the time. When the
"process" finished, she started to open her eyes, and saw what had happened. It was in that
moment that she screamed in terror.
Her parents came quickly, taking a tremendous scare, but they tried to keep calm
themselves and calm her poor daughter. Her father called the authorities, and within half an
hour an ambulance was stationed there. They ran a bunch of tests, drew blood, and isolated
Maya in her room.
“Just 10 minutes ago the doctors left, Eva… what… what will become of me now??” Maya
didn't stop crying inconsolably.
"But you're fine? I mean, how…does something hurt?” Maya hardly dared to ask, but she
needed to know how she had mutated herself.
“No, nothing hurts, I'm just... I'm in a body that isn't mine. I'm horrible!!" Maya cried again
without answering the phone.
“Calm down, Maya! Please calm down. Everything is going to be alright, really…it won't be
so horrible”
“How not?? I'm not a human being! I don't know how to move with... with all this around
here... Eva, my life is over!"
"Maya! please calm down, you have to try not to sink or it will be worse. It's still you, Maya,
my best friend, I don't care what happened to you. Now you have to suck it up, and move on.
Believe me, everything will be fine.”
Maya was visibly traumatized, but Eva's words calmed her down a bit. However, Eva didn't
know yet what happened to her! she was dying of curiosity! But knowing her, she didn't think
she was ready to talk about her body yet. She tried to divert the conversation to more trivial
topics, as if she wanted her to go to class to collect photocopies, notes, etc. or if she was
going to need to buy anything, let her know.
“So they have quarantined you? When do you finish it?
"They say at least 10 days..." she answered, still crying
“Okay, I have to go to class now, but I'll connect with you via videoconference as soon as I
get there. By then I hope you'll be calmer. You just stay calm. Really. Everything's gonna be
Maya said goodbye with a broken voice, but a little calmer. After this, Eva was also quite
shocked. She couldn't wait to do that video conference!
During the rest of the day at the university, everything was commented and whispered about
the mutation of various people in the Chemistry faculty. The atmosphere was worried,
fearful… There were suspicious looks. Eva even had to hear someone gossiping about her,
accusing her of meeting a student in the quarantined class.
The rectorate decided not to stop classes, for now only Maya's classroom had been affected,
but there were conflicting opinions on whether or not to close the entire university. For now,
the rectorate was not going to send home more than 30,000 students for exactly 4 infections.
And one of them was her own friend!
Eva was sending messages of encouragement to her friend, who was really not very active
on whatsapp. Of course, there was a call between Sam, Rob and Eva, to discuss what
happened. Eva tried to reassure them, Maya was fine, but she was very affected by what
had happened. Rob asked how she had mutated, if it was serious or not. Eva had to confess
that she didn't have the slightest idea. Sam for her part was also very affected. His cousin,
almost her sister, was having a really hard time. But Eva tried to reassure him. “Physically
she is fine, I don't think the mutation was very radical. Surely she will be able to continue
leading a normal life, for sure "
As soon as she got home, she quickly headed over to her computer, ready to connect with
Maya. But then she opened her mail server as usual, and saw the spam she received just
the day before. She arched an eyebrow, as her brain made the association of the mail with
what had just happened…. “No… it can't be her'' she told herself “it's just a coincidence…”
she tried to convince herself. But something in her interior told her it was a really big
coincidence. “But what if… it was a warning?” Her head was running without brakes… But
the rational part of her brain said that the easiest option was the right one, and the logic said
that it was spam from the Maya 3D program… sure… there was no relation between the
mail and the mutation of Maya…
She wasn't going to say anything, why to worry anyone? Maya is having a bad enough time
to bring this up.
Eva connected with Maya, who was online. Rob and Sam also came, but to Eva's
disappointment, the camera only showed Maya's head. She had chosen her posture very
"Hi Maya! how are you???” The three friends said at the same time.
Maya looked like she hadn't slept in two weeks. She looked really knackered
“Well… no… not very well, to be honest. I still can't believe this has happened to me. No.. I
don't know what I'm going to do…” Maya started to sob.
"Quiet! we are with you, whatever has happened to you, you can count on us ”said her
cousin Sam.
"Have there been more affected in the university?" Mayan asked.
"Yes, 4 people in total" Eva replied.
“My goodness, what a disaster. They should close the whole university."
"Yes, that's what many people think, but the rectory considers the outbreak not important
enough to send us all home."
There was a small, awkward silence. It was clear that the three of them wanted to ask Maya
the same thing.
“How… how was it, Maya?” Rob said without any hesitation or tact.
“How has it been…” Maya said.
"Your mutation, what happened to you, how serious is it?" Eva asked.
“I… I….” She slid her gaze down, but her gaze was clearly embarrassed.
“I don't know if I'm ready to talk about this. Right now I am covered with a blanket. I feel... a
lot of things that shouldn't be there right now. It is extremely strange and unpleasant. I dare
not look at myself. I barely get my arms out to type on the keyboard” She said between sobs.
“So… serious is it?” asked Sam.
“I'm… I'm a monster. Literally. And this is forever, I don't know if I can take it."
“But are you impeded? I mean, are you going to have to go in a wheelchair, or use a
prosthesis or something?” Eva asked
"I...no...the truth is that no...I'm not handicapped" Maya said looking down.
“Well, we already told you, your appearance is not going to influence us. You will continue to
be our friend. Really, you'll get ahead, don't worry! We all love you” Eva said.
“Thank you, you are the best. Well, I have to hang up. My mother has prepared dinner for
me already and she has to help me… well… See you guys, I love you” Maya said, cutting
the connection.
Eva, Rob and Sam stayed a while longer, commenting that they saw Maya very affected. But
for now she was in quarantine and they couldn't go to see her. They pondered for a long time
about what had really happened to her. If she wasn't dissabled, maybe it wasn't that bad.
They finally disconnected, and Eva connected to “her world” so she could talk to Alex. She
had to tell someone about it!
“My friend has mutated!” she said suddenly.
Alex freaked out. He asked for all the details, but Eva had to make him stop. She told him
how she had been affected, she didn't feel ready to talk about it yet. Alex, like Eva, felt
disappointed. So she told him about the mail, and how she thought linking one thing to
another was paranoid. "There is no relationship, right...?" Eva said not very convinced.
Alex thought that it was most likely a coincidence. Although if it wasn't, it would be more like
a warning, something or someone had warned him. In any case, the easiest thing would be
just a coincidence.
The next day, Eva returned to the university, and the atmosphere was still very tense. There
were security guards everywhere, she forced herself to keep the classrooms isolated.
Arriving home again, Eva connected with Maya. She told him how things were going at the
university, and she went to the chemistry department to pick up the material she needed,
notes, etc. Her class wasn't quite ready for online classes yet.
Maya was still visibly shaken. She still didn't want to bring up the subject of her mutation.
Eva was dying of anxiety, but she had to respect her friend.
As the days went by, more isolated cases were detected in her city, but it seems that the
outbreak was contained in the university, unfortunately for Eva. Finally, the quarantine was
completed, and the doctors went to do the rigorous check-ups on Maya, taking blood
samples and checking if she had the transmitter gene active. Upon testing negative, Maya
was authorized to return to her normal life, although the quarantine continued for her entire
class, Maya was not going to leave the house in any case. Not because she couldn't, but
because she literally didn't dare. She was still too embarrassed.
But finally Maya decided that she was more or less ready for Eva to come see her. She also
missed her friend, and she needed to express her concerns to someone, especially after 10
days confined to her house with her new condition.
Eva was a nervous wreck. After class she went straight to her house, and her parents invited
her in, giving her an emotional hug. Her mother almost burst into tears, but Eva tried to
reassure them. In the end, the mutants end up leading a normal life. Everything would be
fine. But Maya's mother was still very affected. They let her up to her room, and she finally
saw her mutated friend after 10 days.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.7
by Modulokss

Maya was on top of the bed, fully covered with a blanket, the blinds drawn and the light very
low. It was obvious that Maya had set the stage so she wouldn't have to show her body more
than needed. Eva entered slowly, afraid of frightening her. The blanket covered her body, but
volumetrically it took up more space than she should. "Wow... her mutation must be big" she
"Come in... sit down..." Maya invited Eva.
Eva sat down carefully, without taking her eyes off Maya, trying to convey closeness and
"So how are you? Do you feel better?" Eve asked.
"Yes... well... I'm still not used to this, but I think I have no choice"
At least she had stopped crying.
“I… I'm really sorry about what happened to you. But this is not going to change anything.
Among us, everything will continue to be exactly the same, you shouldn't worry about that "
“I… I know you are the best. But don't fool yourself, Eva, this has changed everything, and
there is no turning back." Maya said, looking down, visibly sad.
“But…I'm sure it's not that bad! Maya, most mutants end up appreciating her new body much
more. In many cases, it supposes advantages, it's a fact. Sometimes people have an
irrational fear of what ends up being a body full of advan...`` She stopped short when she
saw that Maya looked at her a little annoyed.
"It's obvious that you tell that because it hasn't happened to you!" She said angrily. Eva
thought to herself "I wish".
“Well, you may be right, but… how bad has it been? You haven't told us anything yet..."
“I'm not…ready yet to…show myself to anyone. Only to my parents, and their reaction has
been… I prefer not to talk about it. My mother, every time see me, starts to cry, I don't need
to tell you more.”
"Well, your mother has always been very impressionable."
"Yes, you are right about that"
"Do you remember when I threw up in your living room, that time I ate two whole pizzas and
a chocolate shake?"
"Yes! My mother couldn't clean it, my father had to go because my mother ran out of the
house to get some air, hehehe"
At least she laughed...
“Well, I am convinced that it is not that bad. Let's see, you said you haven't ended up
crippled, that is, you haven't lost your legs or their mobility, right?
"No... I told you this is not a problem...." Maya said looking up distractedly
“So, they are still in their place…? i.e. can you walk well?”
"Well…" she said, shifting a little uncomfortably on the bed. As she moved, Eva saw how the
blanket moved in several places where, physically, a normal body should not.
“Let's just say…all of them are in their new place now….” Maya said visibly embarrassed
and very slowly. Eva's heart was beating so hard that she was afraid Maya might hear it.
“But… all of them? you have… you have multi….” she had to stop the sentence to swallow
hard “multiple…legs?” Eva's eyes widened, seeing that indeed, the sheets moved a little
confirming that there were more than two feet moving under.
“I have…. yes... I already told you, I'm a monster!" Maya's eyes moistened again.
“But… but that's not so bad! I mean... well, I know right now you see everything black, but
multiple legs! That's great!"
"Well, I don't see it that way! I barely know how to move! as it doesn't happen to you, you
can say whatever you want about it !” Maya was immediately indignant "besides, if that were
the only thing..."
Wait, is there more??? Eva was shocked, it's a huge mutation!
"Is there more?" Eva asked without being able to hide her curiosity.
"I... nothing, leave it, I have more limbs, let's leave it like that... and things that... that
shouldn't be there!" Maya was really angry, but more with herself than with anything else.
“Okay…okay…if you're uncomfortable I won't ask, don't worry. But I insist that you aren't a
monster! I think you are just the opposite, a superhuman! Multiple legs, and multiple…”
"Eva! Stop! You don't really know how bad I feel. I have to learn absolutely everything from
scratch! and my mother doesn't help at all. I hardly know how to move, I'm barely dexterous
using the computer, and shower or bathroom? don't try to imagine that. Nothing in this house
is compatible with my body right now.” Maya was close to crying again.
Eva got up and approached Maya to try to give her a hug, but Maya looked at her like a
lightning bolt, stopping her movement, with a clear message of “stay away!” in her eyes. Eva
stopped and just sat on the edge of the bed keeping the distance.
"Maya. I will be with you all you need. You know I live two blocks from here. If you need help
just tell me. You know you can trust me even if you need to wash your ass!”
She said jokingly, trying to cheer her up a bit.
"Very funny…" she said, trying to sound angry, but a small smile escaped from her mouth.
"But thanks. I know I can count on you. I'll let you know, I promise."
Then Maya's mother called from the hallway "Maya... it's dinner time!"
“Well, I have to go too. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
"Thanks Eva. You are a good friend"
Eva made her way home floating down the street. Her head was only trying to guess what
else she was hiding under the blankets. "Multiple members! Does that mean she has extra
arms too?? And what does she mean with things that should not be there??."
Eva had a huge emotional conflict. Her best friend had multiple legs and arms, just like in her
deepest fantasies! That was great, finally a mutant close to her! But so close... Why couldn't
she mutate as well? She felt very frustrated. Maya clearly didn't want the mutation, but she
wanted!. Fate could be very cruel sometimes.
The next day, Eva went to visit Maya, along with Rob and especially Sam, who was very
worried about her cousin. Maya received them the same way. Dim lights, shades down, the
blanket around her body, showing only her head, and a plate of cookies courtesy of her
mother. They all respected her wish not to show her body yet, but they were all extremely
curious. They were able to get out of her that Maya had indeed developed multiple limbs,
and more, although she didn't want to define anything else. And less in front of the boys.
But the opinion was unanimous. Within the mutations that she could have suffered, the
multiple members were not bad at all. They tried to cheer Maya up, and more or less
managed to make her smile. They went back to talking about daily things, Sam told him
gossip about his cousins in town, for example, Rob commented that there were only 2 days
left until the new expansion of the RPG they used to play was released, and that they had to
work very hard, to which Rob asked directly: “you, you can keep running the computer, can't
you, Maya?” He said, visibly concerned.
"Yes, Rob, don't worry... my arms... are normal..." Maya said, reassuring Rob. And perhaps
because of how relaxed the conversation was and how relaxed they managed to make Maya
feel, he ended up saying:
"the four of them…"
Her three friends looked at her open-mouthed. Plus Eva, who almost choked on the cookies
her mother left for snack.
"Four arms????" They all said in unison.
Maya almost regretted saying it. But seeing how everyone was amazed, she soon got over
her embarrassment.
“Yes… well… I don't think it's easy, I'm… still very clumsy. The new ones basically copy the
movement on the old ones, which makes them always in the middle. Plus I look like a Mortal
Kombat monster."
"Well... four arms..." Rob said visibly affected "no... it's not that big a deal, is it, Eva?" Rob
tried to hide his shock from her. One thing is what happened on the other side of the world,
but when it happened to one of your friends, the thing has a different impact
“No, of course not, there are much worse mutations, besides, that have many advantages,
like... for example... you can be very skilled with video games! is incredible!" Eva said
tremendously excitedly, and very jealousy.
"But, you... how are you feeling, cousin?" Sam said, visibly worried. He had never seen a
mutant in person, and with all the bad talk about mutants, Sam feared the worst.
Maya tried to appear strong, but she didn't find it easy.
“I am... physically... very affected, but it doesn't hurt at all, the doctors have said that the
mutation hasn't altered my metabolism, that is, I'm not going to die or anything, but...
emotionally, I'm devastated. It is not easy to assume that the life I had is over forever…”
Seeing that Maya was about to burst into tears again, Eva tried to radically change the topic
of conversation.
"Well... 4 arms can't be that bad, I mean, you can write two things at the same time, write on
the keyboard and use the mouse simultaneously... eat while reading a book, I don't know... it
can have many advantages"
Maya did not seem very convinced, but Rob, seeing where Eva wanted to go, and despite
not sharing that "optimistic" vision, tried to encourage Maya by showing her that it wasn't so
bad. But Rob and Sam still had in her brain terrible images of what else might be under that
blanket. They were visibly impressed.
Maya kept saying that it wasn't that easy, that they were hard to handle. But little by little,
Maya was cheering up a little when she saw that her friends were still there, and they didn't
reject her like a pest, as she thought was going to happen. But they didn't know everything. If
they knew all the truth, maybe they would change her point of view, she was convinced.
As the days passed, it seemed to Eva that Maya was slowly accepting herself. At least she
stopped crying, and somehow she didn't feel as miserable as she used to. In the end it was
going to be just a time question, thought Eva. She had no choice.
She continued to be amazed about Maya, she began to suspect what her true mutations
were, because of all the details she was catching. Her four arms, her breasts had grown,
because of the forms of the blankets, and using her logic, she thought that she had at least 6
legs, and therefore 6 genitalia! That's why she would be so embarrassed. But that, from her
point of view, was something great! God, she was sooo jealous!
Fortunately, she was able to discuss these concerns with Alex, who continued sharing
material with Eva. But all the images were about people from her own city, as she could
check from the backgrounds of the photographs.
"Seriously, Alex, where do you get them?"
“I've already told you, I can't reveal my source, I run a lot of risks sharing this with you. Do
you want me to stop and get in trouble?” He answered
"It's just... It really strikes me that all these photos are from the same place" Eva said,
already more and more intrigued. She was willing to offer some of her anonymity to find out
"And how do you know?" Alex asked innocently
“Because I live in this city”
For a few minutes Alex didn't answer, until he finally said:
"You live there?? really?? Why didn't you tell me before? all these people are your neighbors
and you had not told me??” Alex said a little offended.
“Yes! I didn't tell you anything… because I wanted to keep my privacy too, just like you, I
guess, but… after that email I don't know what to think anymore. And all your photos are
from my city, and what if… the email was sent to me by the same person who sends you the
photos??” She said.
"Well, I hadn't thought about it." Alex answered evasively.
Eva continued talking about her friend Maya, and how she thought it was her mutation,
making Alex also feel very interested. She confessed to him that she was very envious. It
was unfair that Maya, who really hated being mutated, had to be able to experience it, and
she didn't. She was grateful to be able to express these hidden feelings with someone.
Day after day, Eva visited Maya whenever she could. They talked about class gossip, about
studies, about the computer, but also about her own mutation. Eva always commented on
how cool it must be to have multiple members. Little by little, Maya felt more comfortable
with her body, especially since Eva tried to normalize it and share with her her way of seeing
mutants. It was really a great effort by Eva, especially containing her curiosity and her
excitement about her best friend being a mutant.
"Eva, one question... Why..." Maya began to ask "why do you like mutations so much?"
Eva noticed how her back was freezing...
"W-what do you mean?" Eva said absently.
“Well, all these days, you do nothing but talk to me about how beneficial some mutations
are, that I have been lucky, that it is not so bad, that it even has its own beauty… I mean, the
general opinion regarding mutations, it's just the opposite, you stop being human, it's an
aberration of nature, come on, it's bad. But you, you think just the opposite, why? what do
you see in mutants??” Maya said in a very direct way.
"Well... I... it's not all so... that way." Eva didn't really know where to go. But Maya was willing
to know what Eva thought. And she didn't have many alternatives.
"I... well... I, we could say that... I have a peculiar point of view regarding all this, you know?"
Maya was silent, waiting for Eva to continue speaking
"I... I don't know why, or since when, I think since I can remember, I've been attracted to...
you know, bodies..." It was very difficult for Eva to say this. It was her deepest secret, but
she wasn't going to fool Maya. After all, she was going to confess her fantasy to a person
who was literally her fantasy, what was wrong with it? “...different bodies. You know, mutant
video games, cartoon series... I mean, bodies with multiple arms, legs... he... heads..."
Maya looked at her quite strangely, but she didn't say anything, her look invited her to
continue talking
"... And well, over time, this interest became almost... an obsession, when I reached puberty,
my interest in sexual issues also grew, and joined these tastes... My God, I cannot believe
I'm speaking about this." Eva covered her face in shame. But a hand from Maya came out of
the sheets and touched his shoulder.
"Please continue. I swear it won't get out of here"
“Okay… Well, since my fantasies don't exist, well, they didn't exist up to now, so I invented
them myself and captured them in drawings. Also surfing the internet I found forums and
communities of people who did morphs and others... all that fed my fantasies. But then the
mutation arose in Minnesota. And that has been a turning point in my life.”
Maya nodded understanding the situation.
“I…I'm telling you something I never thought I'd tell anyone, really. This is my deepest secret.
But that's how I really am. And I'm very ashamed of it, because I know it's not normal. But I
can't help it. I am tremendously attracted to mutants. Their multiple arms, breasts, heads,
sexual organs, various forms… I have a collec… well, I have seen many mutations through
the network, and for me they are amazing. To the point that I would like to mutate in any
Maya kept silent, but her face showed surprise.
“That's why… when you… mutated… well. I really felt sorry for you, I was very affected by
how you were emotionally, I felt terrible, because you were having a really bad time, but on
the other hand, I was amazed knowing that my best friend was experiencing my greatest
longing!” Eva didn't care about her secret right now. She needed to get it out at once.
“In fact, I think that fate is unfair, I should have mutated instead of you. But these things are
not chosen. Anyway, I still don't know what your mutation is really like, but what I know for
now seems incredible to me. And anything else you haven't told me yet will make it even
more amazing. I really think, even if you don't share it, that you are very lucky." Eva lowered
her head embarrassed by everything she had said.
But Maya, she kept looking at her. She then sighed, looked down, and slowly her body got
up from the bed. Little by little the blanket that covered her slipped away, and Maya's real
body was discovered. Eva began to look at the scene with wide eyes. Her heart was beating
at 1000 per hour.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.8
by Modulokss

The blanket revealed her shoulders, her arms, and her cleavage. The cleavage was showing
how her breasts were no longer like before. The line between her breasts went on and on,
until they reached an impressive size. From what she knew about sizes, it was surely a J
cup! But as she lowered the sheet, two other equal breasts grew below the original ones, of
the same size. Two other arms grew below the original ones, aligned with the lower breasts.
She was lowering the sheet more, and she began to discover her hips, which was the most
impressive of all. She no longer had a butt, instead, Eva could count 8 legs growing from her
new hip, swirling in the shape of daisy petals. She was kneeling on the bed.
But as she dropped the sheet all the way, Eva's head literally exploded when she discovered
that in each groin, she had dangled a flaccid penis that almost hung down to her knees.
Eva covered her mouth with a gesture of brutal shock. She was totally shocked, and a
burning heat was concentrated in all her genital areas.
“Okay… well, this is me now… do you really still think you like this? Do you still think I'm
Eva could hardly articulate words. She swallowed hard and looked Maya right in the eyes.
“You are… even more incredible than I could have imagined!!”
She said almost with tears of emotion in her eyes.
Maya looked at her very strangely. Does she really think that? Maya looked like a complete
monster, especially for having those huge masculine parts that had always given her so
much objection. Even more, with such huge size.
“But Eva… why? I don't get it, why would you be attracted to…something like me now?”
Maya was also taken aback by her friend's reaction. “I didn't know anything about what you
just told me, but now that I think about it, it explains several behaviors. Anyway, I insist,
this…do you really find it…attractive??”
She said taking one of her penises with one of her extra arms and showing it to Eva. Lifting it
up, Eva could see that behind the testicles there was a familiar shape.
“Wait… do you also have… do you still have… a vagina??” Eva was even more shocked
"I... yes, of course... well, vaginas" Maya said a little embarrassed
Eva got up from her chair, visibly impressed.
"So you have, 8 vaginas and 8 penises????" She could hardly believe it “That's… brutal!!
But… why didn't you tell me??”
“Because… it's horrible! I'm a fucking monster!" Maya kept thinking the same, even more,
seeing that Eva was starting to be out of control, she took the blanket and covered herself
again little by little.
“No… you don't understand, Maya, you are incredibly lucky. You have… both sexes, 8 times!
you can enjoy…” But Maya cut her off.
"I can understand your... secret obsession, but fantasizing about bodies like that is one thing,
experiencing it for yourself, I can guarantee you, it's quite another." Maya covered herself up
again, exposing only her upper chest and upper arms, as she sat back down on the bed.
“Okay, sorry… I… I got carried away a bit” Eva said embarrassed “it's just that, well, despite
everything, I still think you're very lucky. And it will be a matter of time before you realize it
“Okay, Eva. The truth is that I didn't know what you just told me, and I appreciate your
sincerity. The truth is, I can imagine how hard must be to confess such ting to me. I don't
share that interest, but I can understand you…” Maya said.
"I hope... that this doesn't change the way you see me from now on, I don't want you to think
that I'm a vicious obsessive or something like that..." Eva's eyes were already wet and some
tears fell down her cheek.
“Don't worry Eva, I'm the one who should be worried about that. But somehow it comforts me
to think that you don't see me as a monster, even though I do. I really appreciate what you
just did, confessing such a thing.”
The two friends looked at each other with tears in their eyes. The hug was unavoidable.
Maya with her two original arms wrapped around Eva's back. Eva could feel the touch of her
large breasts, which weren't there before. But she was emoted enough not to pay attention
to this detail.
Once the emotional moment had passed, the two friends finished the hug and returned to
her places, Maya covered herself with her blanket again, to Eva's disappointment.
“So, of course...” Maya began to understand “I remember when the news of the first
mutations in Minnesota, those days you were conspicuously absent... Was it due to this?”
"Well, it struck me more than the others, indeed" Eva said still with a certain blush
"And... you also touch yourself... thinking about mutants...?" Maya said sarcastically.
"Maya!! Please…"
“Okay okay… it was a silly joke. So, we agree on one thing."
"In what?"
"This should have happened to you"
"We totally agree"
"Oh, by the way!" Maya said remembering “Don't tell Rob and Sam anything yet. I still feel
ashamed to be seen like this. I don't know if I'm ready for someone else to see me."
"Sure, of course. And you don't tell them anything about… you know, about me either.”
"Of course, I won't say anything, don't worry. This will only be between you and me."
Arriving home, after that afternoon, Eva had to go directly to her room, she slammed the
door and began to draw everything she remembered about Maya. She was masturbating for
more than half an hour.
Once more relaxed, she went online to tell her friend Alex about the impression her friend
had made on her. She told him the details of her transformation, which Alejandro was also
quite interested in. Eva had to discuss it with someone else or her head would explode. She
was too excited. Her best friend had mutated!!
The following days passed with Eva's daily visits to Maya's house after class. It was the best
part of her day. Maya was still more or less embarrassed, although she was showing signs
of feeling less self-conscious. But Eva was exhausted. She stayed up late at night,
remembering about what she had seen, and drawing pictures of what she remembered of
Maya in different poses. She was close to being obsessed, but she tried to get her head
around it. Despite the mutation, Maya was still her best friend. She couldn't avoid seeing her
as a real fantasy.
One day after class, as usual, she entered Maya's house. In the drawing room, Maya's
mother greeted her with an emotional hug. "Thank you Eva" she said.
Eva didn't understand, as her expression showed, to which her mother replied “I think you
are helping her more than I can do. She really needs you”
"Of... of course" Eva said without understanding much
Upon entering his room, she saw Maya standing up, coming out of her bathroom, dressed in
a tank top, with her 4 arms in the air, and something similar to a bra with 4 cups that gave a
quite "normalized" look. Around her waist, a skirt covered the top of her legs, as well as
everything below it. Several sneakers of different pairs fit the 8 feet . Eva understood her
mother when she saw that she was no longer hiding under her blanket anymore.
"Wow, Maya, I see you... very well" Eva said, visibly shocked
"Yes... I feel more comfortable this way, you don't mind, do you?"
"NO!! nono, of course not, it's great! you already know!” Eva said with a smile from ear to
Maya, even though she didn't dare leave her house yet, needed to feel normal, even if it was
just a little bit. Her mother helped her to modify her clothes so that she could put them on,
and at least in front of Eva, she would not be covered with an uncomfortable and hot blanket.
Eva felt this as a small triumph. She was helping Maya come to terms with what had
happened to her. Although she still had a lot to do
The truth was that Maya, after Eva's confession and that emotional moment, she also
changed her way of seeing things. The way Eva saw her now was genuine. She really saw
her body not as a horrible monster, like her parents did, or any normal person might think.
Eve adored her. Her body seemed to Eva like a God's body, an unrealizable fantasy that
finally materialized. In some way, that made her feel good, for the first time since all this
And for her part, she knew that Eva liked to see her body. Although she was not yet ready to
go out on the street, or to show herself to Rob and Sam (mainly because she feared that
knowing she had 8 penises twice bigger than theirs, they could feel very repulsed). That's
why she preferred to feel comfortable in front of Eva, something that she logically
appreciated greatly.
They began exchanging university notes, and both began to study as they had been doing
every afternoon. After half an hour studying each one separately, Eva asked:
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Surely it won't be about Organic Formulation and covalent bonds, right?" Maya said without
looking up from her notes.
"Well..." Eva said hesitantly.
"come on, shoot fool"
“How… are you going to the bathroom now…?” Eve asked
"Eva!" Maya said turning red and going back to her notes
"Sorry! I didn't want to…you know”
"Those aren't normal questions for a girl, you know?"
Eva kept turning Maya's body. She needed to know more, all the possible details, but Maya
was still very affected by her body, and although she had been able to normalize an outfit,
she still had a lot to do.
"Okay okay... I was just curious"
“Let's see, Eva, it's not all as pretty as you might imagine. I can no longer sit in a normal
chair or on a sofa without crushing 3 or 4 legs. To sleep I have to turn around so my legs do
not crush with my others. I can no longer drive or get into a car, ride a motorcycle or bicycle,
I can't run without tripping over myself."
Eva felt mesmerized by her words. Despite the disadvantages, everything looked beneficial
for Eva, she only heard incredible details.
“I see… It sounds uncomfortable. It's true, but... and the four arms? that has to have true
"Well, now I'm starting to learn to control them independently," she said as she moved them
independently, but a bit clumsily, "But at first they just copy the movement of my original
arms. And it was annoying. My parents had to help me with everything, I couldn't even get a
glass of water, eat, or whatever, wash myself, take a shower... Really, Eva, these have been
very difficult days. Besides that... things” She said pointing to her four large breasts “They
are always in the way!”
"Well... I guess you're right, though... when you learn how to handle yourself well, it can be
great..." Eva insisted
But Maya did not see the advantages, or at least she did not imagine them in the short term.
In addition, as she became more skillful with her body, little by little, she hardly appreciated
the improvements.
They went back to her notes, especially Maya who was a lot behind, while Eva did her
exercises on her laptop. But she could barely concentrate. A few minutes later she
interrupted again.
"Yes...?" she said with a bit of boredom.
“And… have you had any…?”
"Something that?" Maya said innocently.
“You know…some boner. We've always talked about how pigs guys are, sex obsessed and
all that... and now, you have the same thing as them, and eight!... haven't you been... you
know, a little curious?" Eva said, progressively lowering her voice as she spoke.
"Eva!" Said Maya very blushing
“Yeah, sorry, but I can't get it out of my head. I've always been curious, I mean, if they're so
obsessed with sex, maybe it's because their penises produce a lot of pleasure, right? and
now… you can feel it, eight times!”
"Eva, I'm not comfortable with this, really!" Maya said trying to cut the conversation and
focusing on her notes, but Eva insisted, thinking out loud.
“I have always wondered who should enjoy it more, boys or girls. I think they are different
pleasures, but as far as I know, no one has ever been able to experience both together to
compare, at least until the appearance of mutants, but no one has ever said anything. It
must be incredible…” Eva suddenly became aware that she was actually thinking out loud,
her overconfidence had played a trick on her. But Maya didn't say anything, even though she
was red as a tomato.
"So.. sorry, I got carried away" Eva ended up saying.
But Maya remained silent, clenching her fists and closing her eyes, as if concentrating on
something. Then, Eva noticed that in one part of her long skirt, in the back, something was
moving. She began to pull on the fabric and rose little by little.
Eva stopped suddenly, she was watching in silence as the lump under the cloth grew
upwards. Maya took full notice and turned her torso to see exactly what was going on.
Angry, she turned to Eva.
"Have you seen what you have done??" Maya said embarrassed and upset. She tried to
press down on the bundle, but as soon as she let it go, it scrambled back up. Maya's eyes
closed, it was clear that she felt something special by "touching" that lump.
Eva felt a little guilty, but she longed to see what was under there. Without knowing what to
do, she just said:
“I… I'm sorry”
But Maya's eyes kept closed, it wasn't the first time that it happened to her, but she wasn't
going to tell Eva further details. She was very embarrassed to feel that, and got horny so
easily. But then Eva began to notice how, on the other hand, the fabric of her skirt was also
rising little by little. So Maya, with a face of circumstances, could only say:
"Shit... Again"
Eva was as horny as Maya, or even more, and she couldn't help but ask:
"Can I see?"
"Eva! No! shit, this shouldn't be happening…” Maya was very upset, and she jumped up
from her stool, but what was forcing her skirt was then left in a horizontal position making the
effect even more visible. She began pacing the room, turning to hide, trying in vain to get the
bundles down, but without success. Another lump began to be noticed between two other
legs. Maya stopped and lowered her four arms resignedly.
“Shit… have you seen? Does this look fun to you?” Maya said as she looked at Eva, whose
head was about to explode, just from seeing the size of those "lumps".
"No!... I mean... it doesn't seem very funny, it just...." she said this in a very low voice
“tremendously horny…”
Maya acts as if she didn't hear that. It was clear that she was suffering from a multiple
erection, seeing more lumps growing from between her legs. Her skirt was beginning to ride
up showing her thighs above her knees.
"Now I'll have to wait a long time until this relaxes!" She said angry with Eva.
"But... Has this happened to you before?"
“Of course it happened to me before! it's bullshit…"
"And what do you feel….?"
"Eva! what do you think??"
"Well, I..." Eva was a little embarrassed for having put Maya in such an embarrassing
situation, but on the other hand she was enjoying it. "If it can help you, well, I haven't had
many relationships with guys, you know, but I know how these things work, and I think that
when they are in that state, it's because they are asking you for something very specific"
“Are you kidding me? Do you really think I'm going to do that??” Said Maya indignantly.
"Come one, you are not going to do anything with a guy, those things are yours now, don't
you really feel the need?"
"Eva!" Maya was already nervous and frustrated. Almost all her penises were already erect
"Damn, the feeling is very frustrating..." She said caressing her neck with two right hands,
one of which went down her chest.
Eva watched the scene from her chair, not wanting to make Maya feel more uncomfortable,
but it was clear that she needed help. Maya then moved again, sitting back on the chair.
"Does not matter! I'll get over it, let's keep studying!" She said in an imperative tone. As she
sat down all her penises swayed. Her skirt barely touched her legs. And some of her penises
crashed against the edge of the table, digging into her own chest. Eva was amazed at her
size. They must be the largest she had ever seen in a normal body.
But Maya was far from completely calm. She was rubbing her forehead, wiping away the
sweat, biting her lip. With one of her arms she caressed her side, reaching one breast,
traversing the big sphere and reaching her own nipple, which was hard as diamond.
"Maya," She said in a low voice, but Maya did not pay attention.
"Maya... listen to me..." But she didn't respond, she was clearly focused on not losing control
"Do you want... me to help you...?" Eve said quietly...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.9
by Modulokss

Maya had her back to Eva, in front of her desk. Then, without even turning around or making
any other movement, one of her arms began to pull her skirt from the back, revealing 2
penises that grew between her legs at the back. As soon as Eva saw them, her heart
skipped a beat. "How could they be so big? They seem like 40cm in length! and as wide as a
Coke can!" Seeing them, Eva approached stealthily, and knelt in front of them, with her back
to Maya, who didn't want to see the scene. But Eva understood perfectly.
Without touching it with his hands, Eva brought his mouth close to the throbbing glans, and
sticking out his tongue, drag it from bottom to top over the frenulum, ending up swallowing
the entire glans between her lips and shoving it into his mouth, while she took it with both
hands, forcing the skin to come down completely.
Maya moaned in pleasure as one of her hands crumpled the paper beneath her. As Maya
seemed to approve this, Eva's other hand held the testicles that were also proportionate to
the size of a large dick, raising them and playing with them while her tongue traveled around
the entire glans, and her other hand masturbated the large phallus.
Eva continued to move his testicles, until her fingers brushed the lips of the vagina that was
just behind them. Then a finger began to explore the area, finding the clitoris. She had no
trouble finding it, because it was tremendously fat, at least compared with hers. Her fingers
were quickly soaked with vaginal fluid, and she began to massage it with great skill.
Eva kept double masturbating her friend, who was maintaining her position, while all the
action happened behind her. She moaned trying to keep quiet, but sometimes it was
impossible. Maya's fists were clenched, her eyes closed, her teeth gritted with pleasure. Eva,
for her part, was more excited than she had ever been in her life. Her crotch was also
A few seconds later, Maya couldn't take it anymore, and after a few seconds she noticed
how an unparalleled sensation of pleasure exploded inside her, forcing her to tense all the
muscles of that groin, shooting a jet of sperm into Eva's mouth. Based on impulses, Maya
ejaculated while Eva, surprised, didn't let herself be scared and continued sucking and
swallowing everything that came out of it, stimulating even more strongly to maximize her
friend's pleasure. After a series of impulses and ejaculations, little by little she calmed down,
leaving her penis more flaccid in a few seconds, hanging between Eva's hands. Maya, with
beads of sweat on her forehead, turned to her friend, on her knees behind her, with a
member full of saliva and sperm in her hands, and still breathing heavily, and her eyes wide
open, she cast a look towards the penis that was right next to it. Nothing needed to be said,
Eva took the hint, and moved on her knees to the next groin, where another penis was also
rock-hard and seemingly ready to burst. Eva repeated the operation, this time with more
impetus, penetrating Maya's vagina with her fingers while she fellated this impressive dick.
Maya moaned softly again and her clenched fists hit the table in an unprecedented gesture
of pleasure. The noise seems to have been very loud, because it was heard from across the
"What was that, is everything alright?" her mother asked.
Eva and Maya froze where they were, they didn't know what to do. But with a cold blood that
she had never known from her friend, Maya answered: “Yes, mom! We dropped a book from
the shelf, that's all!”
"Okay, honey, Dad and I are going to buy groceries, we'll be back in an hour, see you later!"
"¡Bye, Mom!"
The two girls remained frozen, until they heard the main door slam.
Maya snorted as if she had narrowly saved from a horrible death. She brought her hands up
to her face, and looking at Eva, she drew back from her, visibly embarrassed.
“Oh my God, what have I done…?” She said very upset. Her dicks began to recover her
normal position, losing her erection, probably because of the shock she had gotten.
Eva understood that her libido had played a trick on her, and she had gotten carried away,
but this really embarrassed her a lot. She too had gotten carried away, but she really wanted
it. Yet the reality of the situation hit Maya like a hammer.
"Ca... calm down, Maya, everything is fine..." Eva said, getting up and wiping her mouth and
the corner of her lips a little.
“No, it's not okay… what did we just do??” Maya's eyes began to show tears.
"I've just helped you... believe me, it's okay, there's nothing wrong with this"
"You just sucked my penises, you gave me... an orgasm..." Maya was already crying.
“I… yes… of course, I thought you wanted…”
"Yes! and that's why I feel dirty!” She crossed her 4 arms, and turned around in
“Maya, really, don't worry, your body now is this way, and… well, it's normal for those things
what have happened, tell me that you didn't like it” Eva tried to calm Maya.
“I… yes, of course I liked it, I think I had never felt a pleasure like this, and that… shouldn't
be good! Besides, these things aren't mine, they shouldn't be! And even more, my best
friend has… how… how am I going to look you in the face now??”
Eva took Maya by her shoulders and turned her around forcing her to look at her eyes.
"So like this!" She said looking seriously and with a more imperative tone “Everything is fine!
really! I'm still Eva and you're still my best friend, nothing will change, I swear! You have had
a need, and I have helped you, there is no need to think about it any more.”
"But..." Maya was still crying.
"But what? I'm sorry, believe me, Maya, but you need to accept what has happened to you,
and with great regret, this is going to be part of you, whether you like it or not. I think it will
happen more times, and you will have to learn to deal with erections, my God, you have 8!
and penises are more active than vaginas.”
"But you have... I don't know how I..." Maya was still hesitating.
“I only helped you, yes, and I would do it again, damn Maya! I was almost hornier than you!!”
Eva regretted saying these last words, but Maya didn't seem too affected.
“Well… okay… okay. Will you promise me that nothing will change?" Eva nodded at the
question "And, do you promise me that we will never talk about this anymore?" Eva nodded
again, but not very convinced. She was sure that this could happen again "Okay, so... how
about we go back to our books and leave the awkward questions?"
Eva answered resignedly:
"Sure... as you wish."
The next days, during Eva's visits to Maya's house, Maya seemed calmer, although a certain
distance was noted. She continued to dress in custom clothing, but her skirts were longer,
and her blouses loose, in a clear attempt to hide her physique. Eva didn't mention what
happened between them, and Maya never commented again, as if it never happened.
Although she clearly had it in mind. However, Eva, respecting her word, didn't ask any more
uncomfortable questions.
In an attempt to further normalize the situation, Eva convinced Maya that Rob and Sam
could come to visit her, dressed as usual and not under a blanket. She didn't have to show
anything else, but it would be one more step to return to a certain normality, and after all, her
friends had to get used to the new Maya.
Rob and Sam meeted with Eva and went to her house together. Eva took the opportunity to
comment on Maya's emotional state:
“Maya is very affected by what has happened to her. She is very ashamed of her body, and if
she does not accept herself, she can have a personality disorder and generate some kind of
agoraphobia. We need to help her to feel normal. She is already a sneak peek who doesn't
hide behind a blanket, now she even dresses “normal” and shows her extra arms and legs. I
imagine that you will feel shocked to see a mutant, but remember that she is Maya, and she
is emotionally very weak. I need you to act normally, regardless of what has happened”.
Eva didn't mention the subject of her multiple genitalia, much less what had happened
between both. If Maya controlled her libido, nothing bad could happen. She wasn't sure how
they would react when they found out what Maya was really hiding. But she kept feeling
some concern.
Rob and Sam then promised to have a special delicacy, but Eva insisted on Rob, since she
knew that he didn't mince words. As soon as they arrived, Maya's mother greeted them
affectionately. She was glad that her friends came to visit her, as she knew that she would be
a great benefit for her daughter. Entering her room, Rob and Sam saw Maya standing in
front of the bed, dressed in a long skirt and a loose-fitting tank top. All 4 of her arms were
visible, and all 4 of her breasts were impossible to hide, but they were more or less
dissimulated. Instead her 8 feet could be seen from under her skirt.
“He.. Hello Maya….” Rob and Sam said quite shocked
"Hey guys..." Maya said very embarrassed. She was beginning to think that it hadn't been a
good idea, she still didn't seem ready. Eva decided to stay out of it, and let them face her
friend themselves.
"How... how are you feeling?" asked Sam
“Well, a little better, thanks to Eva. I didn't want to see anyone, or let anyone see me, but…
she convinced me.”
The tension could be cut with a knife, but then Rob, playing himself, said:
“Well, well, Maya, 4 arms and eight legs?? so much trouble just for that?? You see, I thought
you had turned into a Duke Nukem monster or something like that… in the end you made a
pretty cheesy mutation, right??”
Eva made a facepalm. "Rob will never change" she thought from what she knew of him, that
he was trying to downplay the issue and break the ice a bit. Maya was shocked, but she
knew Rob as well as the others did.
"I see, Rob, I'm sorry to disappoint you, surely you expected that if that were the case you
could finally beat the Valorant, right?"
Maya said defiantly
Sam chuckled, and Rob smiled seeing that his friend was still the same behind all those
extra members.
"Sit down, please, my mother has left cookies on the table for you" Maya said
The three of them did it, and with the atmosphere a little more relaxed, Sam and Rob
showed interest about her state, especially her emotional state. They recognized that they
were very shocked by her appearance, but after all, they are her friends and will support her
despite everything.
Sam was still feeling pretty shocked. He had heard many unpleasant stories about mutants,
besides that in his house they were seen as an aberration of nature, and that the only thing
that could be done for them was to pity them. He tried to force himself to treat Maya as
before, but he still kept thinking about how miserable the rest of his life was going to be, and
that made him very sad.
Rob, for his part, was more pragmatic. His social life was limited to his 3 friends and
anonymous contacts from online games, so the social rejection due to the mutation was not
seen as a problem. But he did understand that it was a problem to have mutated because of
all the physical consequences that it implied.
Maya couldn't help but notice how Rob and Sam's gazes focused on their “extras”. But she
thought it was going to be inevitable, although she unconsciously tried not to move much
and to hide her extra arms and legs as best as she could with her skirt, which despite the
length, felt short.
Eva tried to bring up everyday topics, comment on the latest online games, the latest RPG
challenges, and other topics that the 4 had in common, and it seemed to work. Little by little,
the 4 of them had a more relaxed and entertaining conversation, which Maya was very
grateful for. She had been focused only on her problem for too many days, and it was very
good for her to be able to interact with other people and think about other things.
The days kept passing, and the cases of mutations kept appearing in a constant trickle. In
her own university, some more isolated cases reappeared. Classes closed, quarantine for
close contacts, rumors, fear... But Eva was still unaffected. "Damn it... It could touch me!"
She thought.
It had been 3 weeks since Maya spontaneously mutated, and she still hadn't left the house
for a single day. Classes continued and it was becoming impossible to keep missing
laboratory practices if Maya wanted to pass the course. Eva had been insisting that one day
she would have to go out on the street. Even some mutants at the university had already
started coming to classes, and they weren't getting as much rejection as one might imagine.
There was fear, and they kept their distance, out of irrational fear, but it's something people
had to get used to.
Maya was really terrified to go out on the street, she did nothing but make excuses, her
clothes, She would be assaulted in the street, etc... but her mother and Eva insisted a lot.
Her mother had even reformed her entire wardrobe so that she had no excuse not to go out
due to her clothes, and Eva showed her that there were already some mutants around the
city who had finished the quarantine and went out to the street. And the reaction was simply
rejection and fear, but no violence.
They finally talked her out of it, but Maya was in a real panic. She prepared her clothes well
and put on all the shoes she had. Trying to avoid embarrassing situations as much as
possible, Maya made herself a kind of underwear that kept her large male organs well
secured, and in case of an erection, it would be uncomfortable but barely noticeable.
However, she was so afraid that she did not see very possible that something like this would
Her first experience outside of her home was less traumatizing than she might imagine.
Even though her clothes hid pretty much of her true form, it was quite evident that her body
was not normal. However, the main reaction that Maya had to suffer when she crossed paths
with someone was fear. News had been raising awareness throughout society about the
harms of being mutated, their ignorance of how it is transmitted, and all of this created a
breeding ground for society to reject mutants as if they were the plague. Legally, and once
the quarantine was over, they were still full citizens, and could do anything, but sometimes
some business prevented access.
Maya had to suffer this reaction, people ran away from her, looked at her and pointed fingers
at her as if she were the carrier of a fearsome disease, even though she was totally
harmless. But she thought it was going to be worse. She imagined that she would be
assaulted, or even worse...
At the university, the professors were interested in her condition, although she also noticed
that they kept their distance, and his classmates, most of them interact with Maya very little.
“This is happening everywhere, it is the typical reaction of the masses, don't worry. It is a
matter of time before the situation normalizes, and society can get used to having mutants
among them” Eva tried to justify.
But they were still too few to develop a campaign of support for the mutants in her city.
However, in other places, organizations for the protection of mutants had already begun to
Eva continued sharing her thoughts with Alex almost every night. The good progress with
Maya, details of her transformation, everything except her sexual experience. That was
reserved for herself. Alex for his part continued sharing more material with Eva, she even
recognized a mutated man who was a student at his university. Eva had already stopped
insisting on the origin of the photos. She was still very attracted to them, and with Maya
mutated, her obsession began to worry Alex, as she couldn't think of anything else most of
the day.
Her relationship with Alex continued to evolve to become more and more intimate. Eva
confessed her feelings to him, how frustrated she felt for not having mutated yet, the
attraction she felt for Maya's body... and Alex seemed the only person who could truly
understand her.
One day, while Eva was in class, she received a somewhat disturbing message from Maya:
“I need your help, bathroom on the 1st floor next to the library. Come quickly!"


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.10
by Modulokss

Eva was surprised and very worried, what was happening to Maya? She apologized and left
the class in a hurry, running across campus to the Chemistry faculty. She crossed corridors,
went upstairs, through several doors, and finally reached the bathroom. There was a girl
washing her hands, so she pretended a bit until she finished and left. Eva searched so she
didn't find anyone else. "Maya? Are you there?"
"Eva? I'm here!" Maya said with a small voice from a toilet that was closed. Opening it, she
saw Maya with a shocked expression of fear.
"What's wrong??" Eva said without understanding.
Then Maya, making sure that there was no one in the bathroom, went up her skirt little by
little, until showing that absolutely all her penises were fully erect, and forced down by the
underwear that she had made on purpose. It seemed that they worked and kept the big
monsters in position down.
“My God, Maya, what happened to you??”
"I do not know! they just… started to get like that… one after another. I've been here over
half an hour, they don't seem to want to get off! And it already hurts a lot! but I don't want to
take my clothes off, otherwise…”
"Okay, okay... calm down... everything has a solution..." Eva said a little overwhelmed and
surprised by the situation. After evaluating her a bit she said "Okay, come to the
handicapped bathroom, it also has a door and it's a little bigger"
Checking that no one was there, Maya accompanied her and they quickly closed the door.
Maya lifted her skirt again.
"Hurry up, I don't know what to do... it hurts, and besides I'm... damn it's a very frustrating
“You know, the only way to fix this is…”
“There has to be another way! I'm not going to… do it in a public bathroom! Are you crazy??"
"Maya, how many times has this happened to you?"
"None! its the first time!" Maya said scandalized
“But…never…you mean here, right? in your house, how many times have you suffered…
erections, since your transformation?”
Maya didn't answer and lowered her head
“I see… more than 3?”
"Nope…." Maya said embarrassed "not so many, just one or two"
"Well, it's not that big a deal either, it will be something specific..." But Maya interrupted Eva
"One or two... a day..." Maya couldn't lower her head any further in embarrassment.
“One or two a day??” Eva was also shocked “and how many times have you… you know…
finished the job??
“But what do you think I am? a straw boy from 3 to a quarter?”
"Maya!! You have 16 sexual organs, you can't do that! You have to be producing sexual
hormones continuously, your libido must be through the roof! Don't you feel like... horny
Maya answered with a small voice
"Almost always…"
"Well, the only way to free yourself is... you know... besides, you have 4 arms, I would say
that you have enough capacity!"
“But… that's a dirty one! I do not want to do it!" Mayan protest
Eva made a facepalm. When she wants, she is very smart but....
“Okay, I think you've been holding back too long. Your body needs to expel your libido. Let's
do the next. You can do it by yourself if you feel better, but you need to take off your
underwear, and one by one, or four by four, you need to… you know… I guess you know
how they work, don't you?” Eva said pointing to one of her penises, which was red and with
marks from the seams of how forced they were.
Eva left the handicapped bathroom, leaving Maya alone with her privacy, while she waited
and made sure no one entered. Within seconds, she heard Maya through the door
“Eva… Can you come in, please…?”
Maya was naked from the waist down, sitting on top of the toilet, and with 8 penises almost
40cm length pointing at the ceiling, secreting precum and throbbing violently. The veins were
marked on the body of each one, and the glans were exposed, red and about to explode.
Maya had her face covered with all four of her hands.
"No... I can't... I need... help..." Maya said, almost crying.
Eve was in heaven at that time. She closed the door with the latch, and knelt down next to it.
"Okay, I'm going to do the following. Just like… you know, the other time. Ok? It wasn't so
bad after all, was it? I would say that you liked it. But listen, it's just a help, it doesn't mean
anything else, it's like… if I'd help you pop an acne pimple, okay?”
"Okay... okay..." Maya said with a trembling voice.
Eva took one of her penises with her left hand, and another with her right. She immediately
noticed the heat that emanated, and how they throbbed. She began to move them up and
down, while Maya tried to moan as little as possible. Her hands went straight to hold on to
the walls because of the pleasure of double masturbation.
Eva kept moving them, varying the rhythm. They were huge! She had never seen penises so
huge! A thousand impure thoughts ran through her head about what Maya must be feeling
right now. From her expression, the pleasure must be very intense. The rest of the penises
swung back and forth, hitting Maya everywhere.
"If you help me, we'll finish sooner..." She said with a wicked smile
Maya hesitated at first, but then one of her hands timidly went to one of her penises, taking it
just as Eva was doing, and she, repeating the movement, began to masturbate him.
"LIke this…?" She said shyly
"Not sure, you're the one who feels it... if you like it... you have three more arms" Eva said
Maya used her four arms to grab 4 penises, while Eva masturbated two. Maya was watching
and participating in a 6-handed masturbation! she could not believe it! and even then two
dicks would still be missing! not counting the 8 vaginas that were unattended! Eva was going
to need a good wet session in her own house after this.
Maya's vaginas were dripping, and her hips moved in circles rubbing them against the rim of
the toilet. It was the first time in her life that she had so many pleasurable sensations from so
many places at once and it was truly overwhelming. Her vaginas required attention, but her
penises took all the action, in the end everything created a synergy of sensations that took
over her own capacity.
Maya noticed how the pleasure multiplied, more and more, her hips also began to move
violently, her eyes were closed tightly, until finally she began to notice how an explosion of
pleasure was forged inside her, which expelled jets of semen from behind. All the penises,
including the 2 that weren't being cared for.
Maya let out a moan that startled Eva. One of her hands left her penis and she pressed her
own mouth shut trying to hold back the cry of pleasure. I hope there's nobody out there! She
thought worriedly. But the show of seeing Maya ejaculate so much and for so long was
simply amazing.
The orgasm lasted longer than she would have imagined in any boy, and the walls of the
bathroom were covered in spatters of sperm everywhere, even her own clothes. After the
great orgasm, Maya remained like in a trance, with an empty look, breathing deeply, while
her penis gradually lost rigidity, and returned to her flaccid state.
Maya, as if dizzy, looked at Eva... and the only thing she could say was
Eva smiled, wiping traces of semen from her face.
"It seems you like it, don't you?" She said with a wicked smile
"No .. no..." she was still breathing hard "you can't imagine... how intense that was..." she
said, still scared.
Eva couldn't be more jealous. She was still tremendously horny, but she had to hold back for
her friend. Now, she would have to go straight home for her own mental health.
"No... I can't imagine it, but I'm sure it was brutal, right?"
Maya just nodded. Her libido was gone, and she was now beginning to be aware of what she
had done.
“My God, look how I have left everything of cum, and you! Eva… I…” She stood up
suddenly, and she grabbed toilet paper to wipe the residual semen from his legs and her
clothes. She was very nervous.
“Calm down Maya, nothing happens, really. You can relax a little more. No one is going to
enter right now."
But Maya kept cleaning, and she began to get dressed, one by one putting her eight penises
inside her custom-made underwear.
“No… this is not right, Eva, I just masturbated in a public bathroom!! Do you realize how
perverted and slum that sounds? nor that I was a 15-year-old jerk-off!”
“Maya, you had a physiological need, nothing more. You haven't hurt anyone, you know?"
Maya finished dressing nervously, continuing to wipe traces of semen from her clothes until
they were hard to see. She also tried to clean the walls of the bathroom, while Eva calmly
cleaned herself.
"Yes, well... please, don't tell this to anyone, to ANYONE, okay??" Maya said a little upset
“Am I okay? Can I go out now?” She said looking at her outfit. Eve nodded.
Checking that there was no one in the bathroom, Maya went out, followed by Eva.
"I'm going home directly, are you coming?" Mayan asked
"I've left all my things in class, I have to go pick them up, but if you want I'll come with you"
"No, it doesn't matter, I'll go by myself, I'll be fine..." Maya said, quickly facing the door. Then,
before leaving the bathroom, she stopped and turned to Eva, and with a gesture of gratitude
in her eyes, she said.
“Eve… thank you very much”
She sounded so sincere that she got to touch her soul. After that she left in a hurry.
A few days later, Eva and Maya had lunch at the campus cafeteria with Rob and Sam, who
didn't have class that day. Their campus had been closed due to a small outbreak, and while
it seemed over the top, the chancellor took no chances and sent everyone home.
They took the opportunity to have a meal all 4 together outdoors. Rob and Sam, already a
little more used to Maya, acted with a certain normality, commenting on everyday topics,
trying not to pay much attention to Maya's mutation. She had gotten used to keeping her
arms extra hidden inside her jacket, she only took them out when they were useful, but it
gave her a certain sense of “normality”.
They discussed the moves of the last gameplay, and Sam and Rob got into their typical
discussions between master and apprentice about how to do things, while Eva and Maya
began to comment on their things.
Then, Maya, in a sincerity rapture, and taking advantage of the fact that the boys were not
listening to her, she said:
“Eva, thanks again for yesterday. Seen with a bit of perspective, I think you're right. I can't
have crises like this again. I had a really bad time, especially at the beginning. Good thing
you were there to help me.”
Eva, overwhelmed by her sincerity, replied:
“You're… you're welcome… for me it was… you know… a real pleasure” she said. Maya
realized and asked.
"Eva, I haven't asked you, but, you... after what you told me, how do you feel about all this?"
Eva was not expecting the question. But it was clear that she couldn't tell him directly that
she felt tremendously frustrated because her friend had become the sex goddess she had
always longed for, and at the same time tremendously excited by her body. It was like a
bittersweet feeling. She said:
"I'm fine. I already told you, I like... a lot... your body... And I enjoy helping you, but... nothing
else, don't think anything strange, okay?" Eva said very shyly
"Don't worry, I won't. I just hope you tell me anything you need...” She said, staring at her. “I
have to thank you for everything you have done for me. If it wasn't for your help, I would
have sunk into a deep depression. But... your vision of mutants, everything you've told me
these days, I think has helped me change my perspective a bit. Look, I'm eating on the
street! That was impossible a week ago.”
"Yes, it's true, you have improved a lot, I'm glad" Eva said
"And... the truth is that yesterday was amazing, we would have to repeat..." But Maya was
"And you?? which characters are you going to select??” Rob interrupted suddenly "Sam and
I are going to take the archer and the magician, so you have few alternatives, but you have
to choose today"
Eva wasn't sure she had exactly understood what Maya had half said... But her heart
skipped a beat just thinking if she really wanted to repeat yesterday. Perhaps that
experience had been so intense that she had changed her Psyche so that she no longer
seemed such a bad thing to him. Perhaps the pleasure was so intense, but she needed to
repeat it? In any case, Maya should handle the initiative. She shouldn't force the situation
like the first time, no matter how much she wanted to.
That night, on the local news, there was quite a stir when a series of transcripts and emails
were discovered in Patient Zero's entourage linking the mutation to a possible
pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. The judge had decreed summary secrecy, but soon
news leaked out that theorized about a possible smuggling of mutagenic serum, operations
with the mafia and things like that. The situation was getting out of control. Although for now,
the official version was that it still was a spontaneous outbreak, like others that had occurred
throughout the planet. The indignation of the population was noticeable in the atmosphere
and in the television talk shows. But no one could confirm anything yet.
The cases continued to increase, almost 10 new cases were already detected per day, and
the advent of the state of alarm was getting closer, if the situation did not improve. Maya told
Eva about the news, visibly indignant and ranting about humanity, how there could be such
perverse people and all that. But Eva only hoped that everything would become "worse". But
she didn't say anything to Maya so as not to upset her more.
When she finished talking to Maya, she went to the computer, for her typical “lounging”
session, and then she received another spam mail, similar to the one she received in the
past. The format was almost the same, although the ads were different, but they still did not
have any associated link. This time, as the only text in the entire message, was: ROB


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.11
by Modulokss

Rob?? This was more than a simple fluke. What did this mean? Like Maya, Rob would also mutate? But, there was a relation between this message and the fact that their friends could be mutated? It didn't make sense. But what happened with Maya… Eva was very confused. She had two options: This message was really a warning and Rob had mutated or was going to, or it was just a coincidence and a Spam server was feeding her mail. It wasn't the first time this happened.

To remove every doubt, she picked up the phone, dialed his number... but then, she hung up.
“Wait a minute, what am I going to say?” She thought “I can say that watching mutant porn I received a warning email, the same that I received with Maya before she mutated, but that at that time I did nothing?” There were too many awkward questions to answer. No, she couldn't be that direct. In addition, the relationship between email and Maya's mutation is not proven for sure, it should be a little more subtle.

She finally called Rob:
“Hello, Eva, what do you want at this hour? I was about to go to bed” said Rob
"Nothing important! I just wanted to, you know, are you okay? is everything alright?" Eva couldn't help but look worried.

"Yes, of course, why do you say that? Are you OK? Something has happened?"
Rob was fine, he hadn't mutated. Eva breathed a sigh of relief.
"Nope! no, no, it's just that…” Eva tried to find a plausible excuse “I… an update failed and I think the graphics card drivers have been uninstalled by mistake”
Rob huffed into the phone.

“Really, you're the only one that suffers these kinds of things . Give me a couple of minutes and I'll send you the drivers to your email” said Rob
“Thank you Rob. Sorry to bother you at this hour."

Eva breathed a little easier. The next day was Saturday, and the four of them had agreed to go to Rob's house to eat pizza and watch the end of a Netflix series they were watching together. Much calmer, she ended up sleeping.

The next day, she woke up again wondering if something had happened to Rob. So she tried to sound him out. She sent him a message on his mobile, asking him a trifle.
“Would you like me to get some refreshments this afternoon?”

After half an hour, Rob answered
"no need, there were still leftovers from last time"
Ok, breathe easy. After all night, Rob hadn't mutated. So finally this was not a warning. Perhaps someone was playing with her, or perhaps it was all a curious fluke on the Spam servers.

After eating, Eva and Maya arranged to go to Rob's house, along with Sam who would come later. Maya was already practically alone on the street. Her neighbors had gotten used to her and treated her a little more normally, although they still kept their distance from her.

Eva and Maya met at the corner of her street, Maya dressed in the typical long skirt and wide blouse and jacket, where her extra limbs were half hidden. They started walking towards  Rob's house.
"How's it going? you look tired” said Maya
"Yes, I went to bed late last night" Eva said, not wanting to confess what she had really done.
“Wow, me too, but my parents let me sleep late”

"Oh, really? I didn't see you online, what were you doing? Eva asked
"Well... online, i wasn't." Maya looked up at the sky pretending to be distracted.
Eva looked at her strangely.
"Don't look at me like that, I can do other things than be connected all day, you know?" Maya said feeling accused
"The truth is that you have a special sparkle in your eyes, has anything changed?" Eva smelled something
"Not really. I'm still the same monster as always. But, well, I've decided... to have a change of heart."
"Oh that's OK. I told you that when you are able to accept yourself and what has happened to you, the sooner you will overcome all this.”
"That's true. Also, I'm starting to… how to say, find certain advantages that I haven't seen before.” Maya sounded more and more mysterious, she seemed like she was hiding something.
"Really? That's great! your extra arms? Are you already gaining more skill?”
"Oh, yes, that's fine, the truth is that they can be useful, although people get very scared when I show them, I think it will take time to use them in public" Maya said
“Well, people have to get used to mutants too, but that will take time. And what else?"
"Well..." Maya looked down, and started to blush "I don't know, more things, you know"
Eva arched an eyebrow at her, then an image of her flashed into her head.
“Did you…??” She started asking out loud, then she realized and lowered her voice “Have you masturbated?? you alone???" She said very animated.
"Eva!!" she said scandalized and making the gesture of lowering her voice “Do you want not to say those things?? Of course...”
She hesitated a bit,  she didn't want to admit it, but after what had happened with Eva, she couldn't deceive her “...Of course... yes?” She said shyly and with a bit of fear.
"hahahaha, that's great!!" Eva couldn't be more excited “And tell me… how… How has it been? What have you done??
"Eva! I can't believe you're so slutty, really. Those things are not asked!” Maya said looking offended.
"I'm... sorry... it's just... well, you know" Eva looked a little embarrassed, but in reality she was dying of curiosity.
They continued walking for a few meters without saying anything, and then Maya began to speak again.
“...Well, just yesterday, while I was at home with my parents watching TV, I don't know if I saw that commercial for cologne where that hot guy appears, but something in my head was activated, like a switch, and I started noticing a pressure… you know, down there. Making an excuse, I went to my room and closed the door tightly.

I didn't want to go through the same thing as in college, to be honest, in that state, it hurts a lot. So I took off my underwear... And well, you can imagine the rest.”
The rest?? tell me the rest!! Eva thought with her eyes wide open
“Oh… sounds great… so… how is it, how does it feel?” She said with extreme curiosity
“Ugh, you know that with Rober we did it a couple of times before breaking up, right? Well... how can I tell you... it's like a thousand times better” Maya said without being very specific and letting out a nervous giggle. Eva couldn't bear the envy Maya produced in her anymore.
“But… how does it feel to… you know… how do guys feel??”

Maya looked at Eva blushing, she was also embarrassed to talk about this, but she knew that Eva was dying for the details. She tried to be as clear as possible
“Well… I wouldn't really know how to describe it. It's... different, of course. Very intense, but at the same time explosive. And quiet uncontrollable. But let's say I can understand why guys are always horny. It costs very little to get in tune with something like this, imagine with 8!” Maya had never been so explicit. Which Eva appreciates.

As they kept walking, finally they arrived at Rob's house. They knocked on the door, but no one answered. Eva was surprised, they had met at that time and were punctual
"He still went out for the pizzas, right?" Maya said
"He always orders them at home, you know how lazy he is" Eva replied
They knocked again, and heard a noise inside. They looked at each other
"He's at home. Rob!! It's us, will you open for us?" Eve said
but nothing happened
"I think he's inside" Maya said, convinced "Do you think something has happened to him?"
Eva had a shiver run down her spine.
"No... I don't think so, right?" She said a little worried. Then she began to look everywhere, looking for a way to get in at any price. She found a brick and picked it up without much thought.
"What are you going to do??" Said Maya scared
"I think something has happened to Rob" she Said, fully determined to break the glass of the door

“But are you crazy? What if he has just fallen asleep?” Maya called again this time with more force “Rob!! Are you there?? open to us! or say something! Eva is getting nervous!”
They waited a few seconds, and then they heard a thud as something fell heavily to the ground. Both looked at each other again, and Eva without hesitation, broke the glass with a blow. She put her hand through the hole and opened the door from the inside. They entered carefully trying not to step on the glass, looking for Rob around the room. There was no one there, but it seemed that he had been there recently. Some half-finished appetizers and an open bottle of Coke on the table, the TV on mute. They kept looking for him and in his bedroom, they finally saw something.

“Rob are you okay? You had us worried…” They didn't finish the sentence. As soon as they entered the bedroom, they saw what had once been their friend Rob. He had mutated just a while ago, and he was half lying on the bed in a semiconscious state.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.12
by Modulokss

Eva and Maya raised their hands to their faces, very scared, even Maya cried out in terror when she saw the body on the bed. At first glance, they thought it was some kind of giant worm, but when they focused a little more, they saw Rob.

Rob's torso was still covered with his short-sleeved T-shirt, but the sides had burst. From his torso's sides now grew 3 arms on each side, which were scattered on the bed. His torso continued, but from his hips no longer grew legs. Instead, there were a pair of huge balls of meat at each side, and in the center continued a cylinder of meat that tumbled over the edge of the bed. In his groin, where his penis should have originally been, it had grown enormously. It lay on the bed with a length Eva had only seen in a few of her more extreme photos.

By simply leaning in slightly, Maya and Eva could see across the bed, as the end of the meat cylinder ended up resting on the floor: A glans the size of a beach ball.

"It's a penis!" they both thought. But they were certainly speechless. Maya was very scared, she started to hyperventilate, but Eva instead was amazed and very excited. She could hardly believe it, her friend has also mutated!! and in a… brutal way!!
"Eva! Eva!! Eva!!!" She had to repeat Maya, since Eva seemed in a trance “What are we going to do?? Poor Rob! How could this have happened to him?" Maya was very affected and about to cry.
"No, I do not know!!" Eva said, trying to be as affected as Maya "I think... we should call the authorities, right??"
“Yes, you're right, but… is Rob okay?? Is he alive ?? " Maya said very desperate.
“Yes, I think he breathes, wait…”
Eva approached the edge of the bed and held Rob's forehead, who made a gesture as if he wanted to wake up without success.
“Yeah, he's alive, but he's kind of unconscious. I think the mutation must have occurred just a few minutes ago."
"But... for the love of God... what happened to the poor guy??"
"I... I think... well, it's obvious, isn't it?" She said she was pointing out the obvious.
“That.... then… is… a penis??” Maya said, scandalized and barely believing it "There can't be something so big, it's impossible!!"
"I think at this point nothing is impossible, Maya"
“Oh my God, oh my God…poor Rob!! What is he going to do now?? Maya left the room very affected and with tears running down her cheeks. She was beginning to experience the same anxiety that she suffered when she was the one who mutated, this reminded her a lot of the experience she suffered herself.

Eva, for her part, stayed on the edge of the bed, admiring Rob's body and holding his head, trying to bring him back to himself.

"Maya! Call 112, please!” Eva said from the room. Maya obeyed very nervously, while Eva tried to wake up Rob, but nothing happened. While, Maya explained the situation to the emergency team, giving details that Maya thought were absurd.
“....Yes, a penis 3 meters lenght... What part don't you understand? Why don't you bring someone here asap?? please!!" Maya was screaming.

“Maya, calm down, really, Rob is fine. He is alive, I don't believe he is at risk right now. The mutation has rendered him unconscious, but he will come to his senses in a few moments, you'll see. And the last thing he needs to see is two hysterical girls running scared around here."
“Okay… you're right, but dammit! I was complaining that I looked like a monster… but this is amazing!”

Within a few minutes, Rob began to show signs of regaining consciousness. He began to shake his head and close his eyes. His arms began to move. The 3 on each side copy the same movements, trying to rub their eyes.
"Rob!.. Rob, it's Eva... are you okay?" Eva said as soon as he opened his eyes.
"What... What happened? I feel very strange… what are you doing here?” He said totally clueless
“Please stay calm. You've had an… accident. You mutated a few minutes ago.”
"What…? How have I mutated? Rob was like fresh out of a brutal hangover he barely understood what they were saying.
"Yes, it is important that you remain calm, but your body has mutated." Eve said. Maya watched the scene with great apprehension as she saw how his arms moved
"But what…?" Rob said, looking down. Then he saw his 6 arms in front of him. He got a little scared, and tried to move them away from him, but they wouldn't go away, it was clear that they were his. “My goodness, but what is this??” Rob suddenly woke up "This... this is mine???" He was starting to get a little scared. He tried to sit up in bed, but nothing happened except a small movement of his torso. "Why can't I move... my... my..."

Then he looked down as from his waist nothing made sense "... Legs ???"
He screamed and tried to move, dragging herself with his arms, inadvertently slapping Eva, which scared her.

“Rob, calm down! do not move. The doctors come right away. But stay calm. You no longer have legs, you have… well…
"This?? but what is that?? and these things on the sides? what the hell is all this?? I look like a fucking penis!! and that penis? is it... is it my penis?? why is it so… long??” Rob said very upset
“Rob, Rob! calm down! everything will be fine, you have to calm down, Rob! look at me, look at my face” Eva said trying to control the situation. Rob looked directly at her very scared
“Listen to me, nothing hurts, right? It has been a mutation, you have changed. But it is not the end of the world, you will get used to it, but you have to calm down”

Maya was shocked by the mutation, she stood in the corner of the room not daring to move.
“Okay… okay…” He said, still nervous “But then… I don't have legs anymore?? I have become… a penis?? a giant penis? Rob still did not assume what had happened, although his eyes saw it clearly, his brain could hardly believe it.

Just then, Sam appeared through the bedroom door.
"What's going on here? I've seen the door forced and…” He didn't finish the sentence. Both Rob, Eva and Maya were surprised to see Sam, who became white as a sheet. Seeing the possibility that it would go out of bounds, Eva tried to calm the situation.

"Sam, don't worry. Rob has just mutated, we arrived just 5 minutes ago… Rob, just tell us, do you have pain? How do you feel??"

Seeing Sam, Rob stared blankly. He barely reacted, seeming in a trance. “Rob! Answer me! Do you have pain??”

Rob reacted looking at her with a circumstantial face "I... I... no, it doesn't hurt at all, but... Eva... what... what am I going to do now??"

Eva didn't know the correct answer “Your mutation has been… a bit aggressive. your six arms, seeing how it happened with Maya, it will take time, but you will be able to control them well. The rest of your body…”

Rob looked at Eva waiting for an answer, he also looked at Maya and Sam, who were clearly shocked, which made him more nervous. He understood that the situation was very serious. But Eva did not know very well how to look for the positive side of the rest of the mutation.

Just then, 4 doctors in full protective suits entered the room. In a violent way, they took Eva, Maya and Sam and took them out of the room leaving them in charge of other doctors shouting concise orders. They were quite scared, but they obeyed. Three others stayed with Rob, who started yelling “Eva! Maya! Sam!! What are you going to do to me? help me!!”

But the doctors told him to calm down, and they must have injected  something, because Rob stopped screaming.
“What are they going to do to him? don't hurt him!" Eva yelled
“Please calm down, we will proceed according to health protocols. Now we will carry out some transmissibility tests. We ask for your collaboration”

As soon as some police officers also in protective suits entered, they understood that they did not have many other options.

They injected some reagents, and after a few minutes they did another series of tests. Meanwhile, Rob was still in the other room, supposedly unconscious. As soon as she could, Eva called Rob's mother, who in less than an hour came to her apartment. By then, the doctors were done. Rob was left in the care of his mother, who was very affected, but she promised to take care of him. Eva, Maya and Rob, according to the tests carried out on them, were not transmitters of the mutation, but Rob had to maintain a 10-day quarantine as a precaution. So they left Rob's house.

All three were very shocked. Maya was still crying a little, worried about Rob, and Sam, barely saying anything. The fact that his body's friend had turned into a giant penis was not easy to digest. But Eva, on the other hand, had to fake all those feelings, because in reality, inside her she was hallucinated and very excited. And also tremendously frustrated too. Why was Eva still unchanged?
Eva, Maya and Sam were finally alone, and they were able to discuss what had happened.
"My God, and I was complaining about my mutation, Rob's thing is horrible!" Said Maya very affected.
“My goodness, what… what is going to become of him now??” Sam lamented.
“Guys.. guys! don't come down on you too! It's still Rob, he needs us to treat him normally. The best we can do is normalize what has happened. Maya, you have already been through this, you know how much it costs you to accept yourself, he will need our unconditional support, if not, he will go into depression!” Eva said, scolding them both.
"Yes... yes, you're right," Maya said.

“But… but have you seen the size of… of that?” Sam was still shocked. He seemed quite dismayed at the sight of Rob's body. Maya looked at Sam a bit embarrassed: If he knew that she had 8 penises bigger than his...

“Yes, Sam, it is very big, but you have to get over it. Rob just changed, and you have to see that your friend is behind all that. If you can't stand it, you better stop watching it. Now he needs us”
"Don't be so dramatic, Eva, I know, but understand that it affects me, just two hours ago, the biggest penis I had ever seen in my life was my penis... and not one that was 3 fucking meters long!”
Sam! please... stop focusing on penises, please..." Maya said also affected
"Okay, okay... I'll try..."
“It's still Rob, and he's going to be very affected. This has happened to him, but it could have happened to any of us” Eva said
"Well, not me anymore..." Maya said.

Maya explained to them what the tests consist of: He would spend the rest of the day in his house confined to his room, and when they assess the extent of the mutation, and his vital signs, they will issue the corresponding report.

Finally, each one went home, having agreed to connect with Rob as soon as he was available.

Eva was also very affected. But maybe for different reasons than Sam and Maya. Returning home, her head was spinning again, and her soul froze again when she remembered the mail that she had received just the day before. It couldn't be a fluke anymore. Someone was either warning her or threatening her. What could she do? It was impossible to trace that mail anyway. And Rob's mutation? It was really shocking. She couldn't get it out of her head, just like Maya's, she had by her side two of the most extreme mutants she had ever seen, and she had seen many mutants.

That night she confessed to Alex what had happened. She had to tell it to someone!
She mentioned the mail again, and this time Alex agreed with her: that  was already much more of  just a coincidence. Someone was leaving him messages to her. But why? she couldn't answer it. He told him to be on the lookout for any signs. What was happening was beginning to be sinister, and the cases of affected people were growing little by little, to the greater concern of all.

She should tell the others about these emails? to the police? no, there was no longer time to be brave. If she confessed this, she would have to confess that she also received Maya's warning, and it would be even worse. She had to face her own cowardice. She couldn't say anything.

Despite this, they commented on what her mutation consisted of, and Alex was also amazed. He would love to see it, but Eva couldn't do that to her friend. Which Alejandro understood perfectly.

Again, she asked Alejandro why she didn't mutate. Was everyone going to mutate but her? What joke of fate was this? Besides, Rob's body also attracted him a lot, like everyone really. She wondered how a member of that size would feel. Her head was jumping between affection for her friend's tragedy and attraction for what had actually happened to her. Finally her libido won out over reason, and she ended up masturbating late with the image of Rob still fresh in her head.

But the pandemic was far from stabilizing, as Eva found out over the next few days...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.13
by Modulokss

Cases continued to increase. At Rob and Sam's university, the rector decided to suspend classes because 30 students were already affected. Some companies had also decreed temporary closure, taking advantage of employment adjustment plans to send their workers home, since some of their employees had been infected. Although the number of cases continued to increase little by little, fear spread like an uncontrollable plague. People were wearing masks on the street, some people even wearing full protective suits. Although the transmission vector was actually unknown for sure.

Eva and Maya continued to go to class as long as their schools were open, but it was rumored that they would soon close as well, as did the polytechnic. The teachers took the opportunity to prepare material in case of a lockdown and had to teach classes virtually. So Maya and Eva had extra work to turn in assignments for all of their subjects. For this reason they no longer met every day, but they tried to see each other as much as they could.

Four days after his mutation, they tried to connect with Rob. Her mother sent a message to Eva explaining that he was not mentally prepared to talk to anyone. He had been very affected. But her mother insisted that he should talk to her friends.

"Rob!" Eva began “How are you? Are you feeling better?"
Rob, it only showed his bust, and his room was closed with the blinds closed and a very gloomy atmosphere.
"I.. I'm fine, guys" he replied without much encouragement
"What have the doctors said?" Mayan asked
“Well… They say I'm fine, I'm healthy. My body… well, what's left of it, it's… functional, and I don't have… How did they say it? complications arising from bodily alteration. The cretins…”
"But how do you feel, bro?" Said Sam
"Well, it's not easy to assume that your life has gone to shit, you know?"
“Rob, don't talk like that. Everything will be fine. It's a matter of time, you'll end up getting used to it, and your life doesn't have to become as bad as you're imagining" Eva said trying to encourage him

"And what the hell do you know? You haven't turned into a giant dick, have you??” Rob said very angry… They all remained silent, but then he continued “Sorry, Eva. You are the one who has treated me best, you don't deserve it. It's just… I feel frustrated. I don't see the positive side of this, to be honest."
Rob wasn't crying, but he was really terrified.

“Rob, you know we'll be with you. We already did it with Maya, with you it won't be any different” Said Sam “Besides, you can't sink now, the Blackbears Clan has surpassed us in more than 3500 points!”
“How?’ those one-armed?? Damn, I'm 4 days away and everything goes to shit!" Now he really did look upset.

"Rob, how do you carry your extra arms?" Mayan asked
"Well, here they are" He said raising the 6 arms at the same time "you will know, it is not easy to make the movements independent, but I feel that I will be able to do it based on practice"
“Yes, it is a matter of practice. I'm still unskillful with them."

Eva listened with deep envy and frustration as her two friends discussed the details of having extra arms.
“Rob, and the rest…?” Eva said shyly
"The rest…. You mean the giant penis?" Said Rob dismissively “My mother has made me a kind of huge sock. I can't go around with that on the air all day. I think she dislikes it more than me. But, I can't skip it, you've already seen it. I am 50% cock.” She said sarcastically, as he used to be.

Eva swallowed hard remembering the size. A thousand questions ran through her head, like if it was functional, what it would be like when it was erect, if it could ejaculate, he would need help to masturbate him... but it wasn't the moment. She had to make a great effort to contain herself.

"But then how do you get around?" Maya asked.
“My mother has got me a wheelchair, but everything becomes very complicated. Damn I'm a fucking cripple... I know I've never been an athlete, but... it's frustrating not being able to move how I want” Rob was starting to feel overwhelmed, so he radically changed the subject
"And how have things been these days?" asked Rob.

They talked about the state of things, the mutated cases, fear in general, that they were about to declare the state of alarm... And then the conversation already led to aspects of the game in which they had just lost 1st place.

The days passed, and Rob seemed to be slowly getting used to his new body a little faster than Maya. He even gave some details, and commented on some aspects that made one think that little by little, he was in a better mood.

Maya and Eva discussed it when they met to study. Especially Maya, who was so shocked by his own mutation. In comparison it seemed that Rob was handling it a little better than herself, despite the fact Rob's mutation seemed a bit more drastic.
“And how will he move? My God, he'll have to go crawling, won't he? Said Maya visibly worried

"Yes, I think so, but 6 arms... wow, I'm sure they'll be useful, to crawl and all that" Eva replied
“And…” Maya asked, looking at her out of the corner of her eye, “What did you think of her mutation? What do you think of it?”
"What are you talking about?" Eva said distracted with her work
"Well… from what you told me, it must have impacted you, in a… special way, right?" Maya said.

Eva looked up from her laptop at Maya, heat started rising up her neck.
"I... yes, of course... his mutation is very... aggressive yes." She said she shyly
Maya turned to face Eva directly.
"Come on, Eva, you know exactly what I mean."
Eva looked at her red as a tomato without answering
"After knowing everything you told me, I'm sure it has impacted you... but in a different way than me or Sam, right?"

Eva kept looking at her without knowing what to answer.
"Well... well, yes... I found it... incredible." Eva said totally blushing
“But what… what do you find so… amazing?” Maya said wanting to understand

"Well... imagine, with a penis like that... how should he feel?" Eva paused. A mental image of Rob's body began to form in her head… “When he gets a boner…he's going to freak out. I mean, I don't know for sure, but I think that the bigger the size, the more pleasure, and the more quantity, I imagine that he will also... need help to masturbate, but it will be brutal if he ejaculate, and his original penis has also grown a lot, he will be able to self-satisfy easily, which will help him...”

Eva stopped suddenly, she had gotten carried away. Blushing, she looked at Maya very embarrassed, who was hearing Eva with her eyes wide open.
"Wow... I certainly hadn't... seen it like that." Maya said.

Eva didn't know where to go, but she saw some interest in Maya, contrary to the rejection she would have imagined.
"I...sorry, I got carried away"
“No, don't apologize… if I'm honest, similar things have crossed my mind too. Let's see, it's horrible what happened to him, and how his life is going to be restricted, but... God, it's something gigantic and... well, I..." Maya needed to express something but she didn't know how to do it "let's say that, my point of view has changed a bit.” Maya was a little nervous. “Having experienced… you know, how one of these feels, seeing what Rob has become gives him a rough picture of what he can feel…”

Maya looked like she was fantasizing about Rob, she was staring at the ceiling as if daydreaming. Eva knew perfectly well what she was referring to, because she had also imagined it. But unlike Maya, she couldn't know what she was feeling, which caused her tremendous frustration.

“And…how do you think Rob will feel about it?” Eva said taking advantage of the fact that Maya had her guard down. She looked at her doubtfully, she was still a little embarrassed to talk about these things.

"Well I do not know. I… I imagine it must be amazing. If size means more intensity, it must be awesome.” Maya blushed a little and stopped talking.
"Don't worry, you don't have to go on if you feel uncomfortable" Eva hoped she wouldn't pay attention to her "but you know I'm interested in knowing these things"
“Yeah, well… the truth is… my God, Eva can't stop thinking about it. something in me has changed, because I was not like that, you know it…”

"I guess, having those things, and so many, makes your point of view change" she Said pointing to one of her penises between the back legs that she was trying to get out over her long skirt
"oh shit... again..." Maya said annoyed
"Don't worry, it's normal, you know... if you want we can change the subject..." Eva said knowing that she would feel uncomfortable

“No, don't worry, I'm starting to get used to it. If I had to stop doing something just because one of these things got like this, I wouldn't be able to do anything all day." She adjusted the skirt and ignored the penis that was erect "So, how tall do you think her original penis is now?"
"Well, I'd say erect, it must be twice yours..." Eva said making a gesture with her hands "I'm sure he can... put it in her mouth without much effort"
"Well, that's not that complicated..." Maya didn't finish her sentence, realizing what she had just said.

"What??" Eva asked surprised "Have you... tried it already?"
“Eva!...” Maya said embarrassed again “...ehm... yes... the other day” Eva gestured for her to continue “I tried this one... or it was this one? I do not remember. I had to spread my breasts to get there, but…damn they're big too! and the truth is, yes, i can reach it without a problem” Even though she was ashamed to say what she was saying, but she could no longer hide anything from Eva, and somehow, seeing Eva's reaction, she came to feel in some way, proud.

“Wow… that must be amazing. I wish I could experience it too” Eva said almost drooling
“Not everything is so pretty, Eva, I already told you. But yes. The truth is that when I play with them… it's brutal.”
There were already 3 erect penises at this time
"And... of course, the eight vaginas..."
"You already know how it is... I'm not going to explain how it feels"
"Yeah, but I only have one.!” Eva didn't want to, but she sounded sad with this statement. Maya could only shrug, specifically with their four.

“Well, they feel independent, really. but I can only… use 4 at a time, you know…”
"If you want, I can..." Eva said, but her embarrassment didn't let her finish the sentence. They were both completely blushing. Both wanted exactly the same thing, but neither dared to take the first step. 5 penises were already erect, and Maya could feel precum trickling down her thighs. Eva's panties were also soaked. Finally it was Maya who couldn't resist anymore.

"You may…?"
Maya started to lift her skirt, exposing one of her big penises. Which made Eva's eyes widen again. Although she had seen them 100 times, they still impressed her. While Maya uncovered her charms with her two lower hands, she covered her face with her upper ones as if embarrassed.

“Are… sure you want? You don't care anymore that… you know, we're friends and all that?”
Eva said still with some doubt.
"Eva... it won't be the first time"
“Yes, but it's the first in a… consensual and conscious way”
“You just promise me it's not going to get out of here. I would feel embarrassed if anyone found out. But I need it. And I can't think of anyone better than you."
"So does that make us lesbians?" Eva said, approaching slowly and unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse.

"Nope! not at all... we're just two friends, who help each other, right? we don't have any… relationship” He said of her, also taking off her blouse with her upper hands, while her lower ones continued to uncover penises one after another.

"So... this is just one friend helping another, right?" She said grabbing a penis with one hand, while the other reached under her testicles "there's...nothing wrong with this, right?" Her hand found her vagina, and she began to caress her lips, wetting her fingers and finding her clit easily. She began to caress as well as she knew she should do. She coordinated this with getting into her mouth the penis that she was holding and which she began to masturbate.

Maya closed her eyes, throwing her head back, using all four of her hands to lift her 4 large breasts. She took one of her upper breasts into her mouth, and began to lick her own nipple lost in a sea of pleasure.

Just a few seconds later, Maya suddenly ejaculated inside Eva's mouth, who, surprised, coughed a little, letting semen fall from the corner of her lips.
"Maya! Let me know in advance!... ”she said between laughs
“Ex… Excuse me! I don't know what happened to me, I could hardly control myself…”
"I think that often happens to guys too" She said as she wiped her mouth a little.

"Well, but boys can't do this..." She said as she took another erect penis with one hand and directed it towards Eva's mouth.
But Eva got up, and she took off all the clothes she was wearing, leaving herself completely naked. Maya got excited, she didn't know why, but her naked friend excited her a lot. She had seen her naked before, but she had never felt that way before. Was it because she now had boy parts??

Eva approached, putting both legs between two of Maya, leaving one of her erect penises rubbing her groin. Maya was as excited as she was scared. This was a big step, but she was worried, maybe it was too big?
"Are you sure…?" Said Maya worried.

"I've never been so excited." Saying this, her hand took his penis and guided it between her vaginal lips, easily finding her own entrance, and lowering her hips, penetrating with his penis to depths where never before, no one had come yet. The thickness, the length, the texture, it was better than she had ever felt before. And Maya, giving a little scream, also showed that it was an incredible experience. She had never penetrated anyone, and for her it was glorious!

“Fuck, Eva…this is…amazing!! Now I understand why guys are so horny all the time!” Several of Maya's hands went down looking for several vaginas, which she began to masturbate. While Eva took the two penises that were on both sides of her. Together they began to masturbate as much as they could, while Eva's hips moved up and down. Maya's breasts rubbed all over Eva's torso, including her small breasts by comparison.

The sensation was too intense, and Maya couldn't control anything in her body anymore. She was sitting on a stool, and she could barely keep her spine upright. Then a penis began to ejaculate, which caused the orgasm of the connected vagina. Then another penis. Then another vagina, then the penis that was inside Eva, began to notice that she was about to explode. Eva noticed it somehow, she began to move her hip with more violence. Her hands did not stop masturbating the two penises that she had caught, until they also ejaculated, and finally the penis that was inside her also exploded. The vaginas also suffered their respective orgasms in an orgy of pleasure that neither Maya nor Eva had felt before.

The two ended up embracing, with Maya still inside Eva, while little by little, their penises went limp.
“My God… Maya… it has been the best… experience of my life!” Eva said still breathing violently
"You ... you cannot imagine what this has been..." Maya said, completely satisfied "in the end... you're going to be right... and this isn't going to be so bad..."
Eva smiled at Maya, but deep down she still felt a great envy. But now she had enjoyed her friend's body like never before, and even better, she was sure it wouldn't be the last time.
"I... I told you..."
"Thank you, Eva..." She said sincerely, looking into her eyes
"Thank you…"
After a few intense seconds, Maya said
"I don't rule out having to repeat it another day..."

Eva laughed, nodding her head as she stood up and pulled his penis out of her. Maya got up too, this time with all her flaccid penises hanging out. She was still a shocking image that kept driving Eva crazy. And talking about this, had Rob's mutation really motivated Maya? Without any doubt the mutations were changing their lives drastically. But Rob would give them even more surprises...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.14
by Modulokss

The time went on, and Rob finally finished the quarantine. He managed to convince his mother, who had been missing work, to leave him alone and return to his routine. "I'm going to be fine, mom, I can fend for myself now, and besides, the university is still closed, so I'll continue studying from home" But her mother insisted on bringing her groceries at least every week, to which he couldn't deny.

To celebrate the end of the quarantine, Rob, somewhat reluctantly, agreed to let his friends visit him, to continue what his mutation interrupted. This time, Eva brought the pizzas, and Sam brought the drinks.

Arriving at his house, they knocked on the door, and what they saw quite surprised them.
Rob wasn't really standing, but he was on the same level as them, only his body, or his tail, as he preferred to call it, held him like a snake.

"Hey guys, what's up? Have you seen a mutant or something?" Rob said, being funny. It was clear that he was adjusting better than Maya.
“How… how did you get…?” Eva said without understanding anything.
"Isn't that supposed to be..." Sam said.
“Yes… it's… well, I didn't want to tell you anything, but ok. My tail is... prehensile. Behold…"
And as if he were a damn boa constrictor, he moved through the hall of his house crawling and keeping his torso upright.
"What do you think?" Rob said with a little fear, for having scared his friends.
“Rob!! That's cool!! your pe… .your tail is prehensile! That is wonderful news!” Eva said very animated and amazed by the details of the mutations.
“Yes, the truth is that it is a great advantage. I finally got rid of the wheelchair, I don't want to see it again. But come on”

The 4 entered the house, going to the living room.
“Rob, you won't have… a stool for me, will you?” Maya said
"Sure, wait..." she moved very skillfully, and returned from the kitchen with the stool supported by 4 arms, while the remaining two held a couple of glasses
Sam for his part was still very affected. His best friend had changed so much that it would be hard for him to accept. He barely commented on anything.
"Hey, why didn't you tell us?" Eve said
“I didn't know if I was going to be able to control it well. It has cost me a lot, just a few days ago I verified that I could move it, but it has been easier than I thought. And the arms, well, six is a lot, the truth is that they overwhelm me, sometimes I wish I didn't have so many."
"Yes, I understand you..." Maya said.

But Eva didn't understand it and she was never going to understand it.
“But little by little, I began to practice” continued Rob “and you won't believe it, I was researching videos about snakes, and I have ended up copying the way they move.”
"And those clothes?" Mayan asked
"My mother made it for me, it's really good, because at the end of the day I crawl on the ground, and this is... delicate."
These clothes looked like a large sock that reached a little higher than her waist. Her original penis remained inside, more or less concealed, although the shape and length were still quite visible. The two large orbs at her back were also inside the tailored outfit.

"Well, I'm really glad Rob" Eva said proud of her friend "it's great how well you're taking it"
“Now, don't be fooled, Eva. This is not as cool as it sounds. I know that I am not yet aware of all the cons that I will have to suffer throughout my life. But you know me, I am a practical person and I live for the moment. I don't want to go down now, but I know it's not going to be easy. This has been a very big bitch” He directed his gaze to Maya, with a complicit look “Nothing will ever be like before ”

"Yes, it's going to be different" Eva said trying to find the positive part
"No, Eva, the world is not made for things like that, neither Maya nor I are going to reintegrate into society, all the plans we made for our future are going to change."
"Yeah, but..." Eva was still looking on the bright side, but she didn't want to say the word sex, which for her made up for everything.
"No, Eva, you're right" Maya said taking the floor "There may be certain... specific advantages" Eva understood the meaning of the phrase perfectly "but living like this every day is going to be complicated. Because every little thing you do will remind you that you are not like before. And it will happen 24/7.”

Eva simply lowered her head, she couldn't refute those arguments, but she still wanted it more than anything.
"Well... we've brought pizzas!" Sam said, trying to break the ice a little more. He just wanted everything to go back to the way it was before. They all perked up, and standing around the table, they opened the boxes and got ready to eat. For a long time it seemed that everything could return to normal. But every time Rob moved, his "tail" would plant itself in front of someone. Rob apologized, since he still didn't fully control it, and he was still a little shy about having something like that so close. Especially Sam, who although he tried, could not help feeling a certain discomfort.

The afternoon went on quite nicely in spite of the circumstances, and little more was said about the mutations. Sam and Eva tried to normalize them, without giving them more importance, which Maya and Rob were really grateful for. They felt more or less normal for the first time.

And so, after watching the usual series, they ended up playing in pairs on Rob's video console. While Maya and Sam played (Maya using the controller with two arms while she continued drinking soda with the other two), Eva took the opportunity to talk a little more intimately with Rob alone.

"So, you look pretty good to me, Rob, at least compared to Maya."
“Don't be fooled, Eva. I've had a very bad time. It is not easy to assume that your life has changed radically from one moment to another. Now I'm fine, here with you it's easy to forget what happened to me. But then, alone, everything I do reminds me of what I've become, and I assure you it's not so nice. But I'm not going to feel sorry for myself. That's not going to help me. I have to get ahead, even if it's crawling on the ground."

“Yes, I understand you” Eva couldn't add much more. Rob was right “the truth is that I'm glad you took it that way. For Maya it was very hard. She was very close to a true depression.”
“Each one carries these things how they can. Maya was the first, and her mutation must have been very traumatic for her too. I'm sure there are even things we don't know yet that may have affected him more than just having extra arms and legs."

Eva was silent, she couldn't tell Rob Maya's "secret"
"Yes of course. Although your situation, it has also been very… radical”

Rob looked himself up and down.
“Yes, losing legs is not easy for anyone. And much less replace them with… Well, this. The arms, I think like you, I think they are an advantage, at least when I learn to handle them well. Don't think it's easy!" Rob said showing the movement still clumsy.
"And... how are you... you know..." Eva said very timidly, but impatient to know details.
“You mean…” Rob said. Then he brought the end of her tail close by waving it in front of her.

Eva just nodded, blushing.
“Hehehe, you saw it, you helped me newly mutated. I'm not going to tell you what it is."
“I… I know, I saw it quite well. It is quite impressive. But…is…is it real?”
Rob blushed a little at the question.
"Eva!... What questions are those?" He said laughing nervously. But Eva maintained the gesture of curiosity. To which Rob replied a little awkwardly.
“I…. yes... yes, it's real... Totally real”.
"Completely??" Eva said wanting to go further. Rob, even more uncomfortable and a little red with embarrassment, answered.
"Well... yes" He said looking at the ground "all... all..." Rob said, trying to get Eva to interpret the brief words.
"Wow... So have you tried it yet?" Eva seemed genuinely interested, which Rob sensed. He knew that he was not going to take him for a pervert, Eva gave that confidence. That's why they got along so well.
"Yes, I did." Rob said.
"And how was it…?" Eva didn't know if she was going too far, but she needed to know.

Rob looked into her eyes, and trying to find the words that would describe her memories, he said “it's…amazing. I never thought I could… feel something like this.” Rob's eyes showed the intensity of what they were remembering.

Eva's face also showed admiration for what he was telling. Rob felt comfortable talking to Eva about this. But then Eva realized that the shape of her original penis was starting to stand out too much through the clothes he was wearing. Then, she realized that she should change the subject.

“Rob… Rob!” She said, directing her gaze surreptitiously to her groin "How about we change the subject...?"
"Shit... oh... Excuse me... I'll be right back..." Rob said nervously, going to the bathroom crawling as fast as he knew.

"Where has Rob gone?" Maya asked, he had already finished the game
"Oh, I had to go to... pee... you know" Eva said, dismissing it and taking the controls to continue the game. Rob took less time than Eva expected, returning with total normality. Perhaps he had better control over himself? Maybe it wasn't such a serious erection, but in any case, a complete erection of both his “tail” and his original penis would attract attention.

But now the 4 of them were together, there was no excuse to bring up the subject again, not without seeming vicious in front of the 3 of them. She still wanted to ask Rob about his two big orbs. Well, another day...

The day went very well. Rob was mentally strong, affected naturally, but he handled it more or less well. Eva thought that discovering that his tail was prehensile, made things a bit easier. She would later confess that he breathed a lot easier when he was able to do without the damn wheelchair.

The following days the epidemiological situation became unbreathable. Cases increased almost exponentially. There was a great concern, but the authorities continued to resist taking much more drastic measures, although everything seemed to indicate that it was going to be a matter of time. Meanwhile, Eva watched the news with growing hope. Maybe soon it would be her turn.

She told Alex the same thing, who kept showing more images, more and more frequently. Which kept Eva more and more strange, but it was a matter that was already talked about too much. She wouldn't insist anymore.

The next day, at Maya's house...
"Tell me…"
"..." "no nothing... leave it"
"Maya, what's wrong with you? Aren't you concentrating this afternoon? Aren't you supposed to have an exam tomorrow?"
Maya was trying to concentrate but she couldn't. Her 8 legs twitched and her unused arms drummed on the table.
"Yes... no, I'm fine..." Maya didn't convince anyone "it's just that..."
"Maya, tell me what's wrong, are you nervous about the exam?"
“...No, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't stop thinking... about Rob's mutation. And I do not know why!!"
Eva was very surprised
“In Rob's mutation…? but… what is it, are you worried about him?” Eva said innocently
“No, well, yes… but… it's not that… Oh, Eva, I can't get his… his “tail” out of my head.
"His... his tail..." Eva repeated, amused.
"do not laugh! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm kind of obsessed. why Eva? What is happening to me?"
"I don't know... I would also like to see him again, of course."
“Yeah… but we can't ask her for such a thing. I think I'll have to learn to calm down."
“Yes, maybe you are right. By the way, you have a… you know, back there…”
"What?" Maya said turning around, to see how a penis between her rear legs was erect and lifting her skirt
“Damn, what a nuisance, this happens to me so often…. and sometimes I have no idea!
"Do you want me to help you?" Eva asked shyly
“Do what you want, let's see if I can focus on the exam. I will try not to get up anyone else. Damn dicks…”

Eva sneaked up, and with Maya's indifference she began to play with his penis quickly until she made him ejaculate. Maya managed to "isolate" that penis only and not cause a chain reaction. Eva was surprised at how quickly she got used to her body, and how she normalized it.

Two days later, Maya and Eva stopped by to visit Rob. Sam said that he was busy, that he couldn't go. Eva suspected that Sam was very uncomfortable around mutants. And even more so with Rob's own mutation. She thought that she shouldn't force things. With enough time, Sam would learn to accept things. But it was a step he had to take alone.

"So Sam isn't coming?" Rob said a little disappointed.
“I… yes, he said that he had to help his mother in the sewing workshop” Maya said, absently.

Maya was a little nervous in front of Rob. She had actually made some cheap excuse not to go see him, but Eva insisted. He was her friend and needed her support.
“Do you think he is uncomfortable with me?” Rob asked, a little sad.
"Nope! don't worry. Really” Eva said “It has impacted him a lot, like when Maya mutated, but he will get over it. He has to get used to it”
Rob nodded, but asked Eva.
“And you…Eva? You never seem to... reject a mutant. I've always seen you comment on the benefits of mutations. Why?" Rob knew very well how to ask direct and bullseye questions.
"I... I..." she didn't know what to answer. Even Maya looked at Eva with some fear. "Well, maybe I'm one of... the few that..." she wasn't ready to confess her secret hobbies to more people "...that can see the positive part of all this".

Maya seemed even more nervous.
"I understand. That's all well and good, but…even if the mutations involve…this?” He pointed to his tail.
“I… yes, of course, everything has its advantages. Even that. In fact, it must have…enormous advantages…” This last sentence she said in a very low voice.
“I think Eva is referring to the fact that a positive point of view can help to overcome this trauma, valuing the body of each one and squeezing the advantages that it may have, in order to be able to accept oneself, and not sink into a depression."

Eva nodded a little embarrassed, but grateful for the help that Maya was offering her. But she looked uncomfortable even on her stool.
“And according to you, what is the main advantage of my body?” Rob said. Maya and Eva were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Rob's defiance. What the hell was he up to?
“Well, clearly your six arms. I think it's an obvious advantage” said Eva.
"Yes, your six arms, I have 4, and the truth is that they are very useful" Maya said, as she didn't stop adjusting her clothes well.
“Okay, and what advantage do I have from the waist down??” Rob said a little annoyed
"I... I..." Eva didn't know what to say, but she knew what Rob was implying.
“Okay Rob, from the waist down you're a dick. That's how it is. for better and for worse” Maya jumped fully into the discussion. Eva was surprised.
But the bad is much worse than the good. I'm just saying that… Why? Why did this have to happen to me?
“Come on Rob, nobody knows, we just have to accept it. I didn't choose this mutation either” Maya said.

"Yeah, but at least you have legs, I have to drag like a snake"
"I thought that... you took it better, really" Eva said.
“Yes, there are days when I see things a little less pessimistic, but losing legs is not easy, Eva. And less being like that. I know I've never been very sociable, but nobody likes to be rejected, and now this is going to happen the rest of my life "
"Don't say that, Rob, I like it..."

Eva and Rob looked at Maya strangely, who covered her mouth without realizing that she had said it out loud.
"What…?" Rob said without understanding.
“I… yes! I mean, no!... I mean... it's not that bad” Maya didn't know where to go.
"Do you... really don't find it... repulsive?"
Maya shook her head and shrugged.
“I don't see it either…repulsive” Eva said.
“I think you are the two weirdest girls in the world”
“At least a few weeks ago I stopped being normal, remember?” Maya said.
"And I think I never have been..." Eva replied, shrugging her shoulders as well.
"Then... really, it doesn't make you... repulsed?"
"In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again, really..." Eva was inwardly shocked at what Maya had just said.
"Really??" Rob said even more surprised “I'm not going to show you my 3 meter tail....” He said, pretending to be offended. Though deep down he was flattered.
"Why do you care? we have already seen you when you mutated.”
"Yeah, but now... it's different, I mean, you're my friends, friends aren't taught these things"
Eva was having a lot of fun, seeing Rob almost on the ropes and Maya completely out of her mind. She seemed very animated.
“Come on, Rob, don't be lazy. Why do you care? total, I'm not going to see anything I haven't seen before, you know?"
“I assure you that you have not seen this tail anywhere else”
“Come on, if you show it to us, I'll show you other things” Maya seemed like a different person. Was she seriously offering herself to Rob? The other day she certainly seemed very obsessed with his tail, but up to that point?? But Maya deep down wanted as much as she did, so she didn't break the magic of the moment.
“I also want to see it” Eva encouraged Rob.
“What… What are you going to teach me? I don't get it,” Rob said.
“You…just take off your sock and you'll see. So we will be on equal terms."
Surprised and arching an eyebrow, Rob nodded, as he was extremely curious about what Maya had to offer. Actually he suspected that her mutation was something more than what was seen with the naked eye, something hidden under those wide skirts.
So, to Eva's delight, Rob snorted and nodded, agreeing to the deal. Eva was hallucinating with what was going to happen...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.15
by Modulokss

Rob, little by little, began to bring the end of his tail closer, and removing the laces that held the fabric to his tail, he left them loose to start removing the sock. From top to bottom, he ended up naked from the waist down, leaving his orbs and "tail" exposed. The end of it was just like a penis but on a huge scale. His glans was covered by the foreskin as it was in a flaccid state.

“Okay, are you… happy??” Rob said very embarrassed. The look of surprise on Eva's face, despite having seen it before, was quite remarkable. Both girls were shocked, but Maya seemed especially pleased.
“Just… one more thing… can you… uncover it?” Maya said, with her face as red as a tomato.
"Pffff" Rob snorted, as he thought he had already shown too much. but he finally agreed. And again, moving the end near both girls upright, he used his lower arms to pull the skin down, exposing the entire glans. "Already? happy?? now it's your turn…”

But Rob didn't finish his sentence. Since Maya's skirt began to rise in several places at once. Rob looked at her a little fearfully, and Eva put her hands to her face.
“Wha…what is that…?” Rob asked, puzzled. Although he suspected what was happening, he didn't quite believe it.
"Okay, I guess it's my turn, right?" Maya started to lift her skirt and exposed her 8 big fully erect penises, some oozing precum that dripped to the floor.
"My God!!" Rob said “Ma… Maya… what… When? What…??" He didn't know what to ask.
“They have been there from the beginning. Do you see how not everything is what it seems? I have also had to go through difficult things. Although as Eva made me see, if you are able to accept your body as it is, you end up discovering that the advantages are greater than the disadvantages.”

Rob mentally counted “Eight! eight huge penises! but...and...underneath you also have...”
"Yes, eight... vaginas," Maya said sheepishly.
"My goodness, Maya... yes, you kept it very quiet!" Rob still didn't believe it, but his eyes didn't deceive him. And even less what he revealed that he didn't dislike that vision either.
"I see you don't find it unpleasant either, right?" Maya said when she saw how his original penis was gaining rigidity and reaching 60 cm in length.
“I…I…” He barely knew what to say, he just looked at Maya in shock, and Maya looked at Rob too in shock. Eva for her part, was like in heaven, but something caught her attention.
“Rob… can I? Let me take a closer look…?” Eva said approaching the end of her tail.
"What... what are you going to do?" Rob said a little nervous.
"Easy, it's just that this looks familiar" Eva squatted in front of her large glans, staring at the opening of the urethra, which had a series of folds that were not very normal.
“Rob, have you gotten to explore yourself around here?”
“What do I have to explore? It's a penis, that's it…”
"Then you never try to... can I...?" Eva said reaching out her hand to touch him
“But what are you going to do??” Rob said, nervously.

Eva said nothing and with two fingers she began to open the folds of the urethra, discovering a series of lips that were tremendously familiar to her. Inside her lips was a kind of lump and below that a hole. If it wasn't impossible, she would say it was a vagina. But she wanted confirmation.
“Rob, tell me how it feels…”

Then Eva, sucking on her finger, caressed her bulge. Which sent a shiver down Rob's spine, causing him to completely tense up.
"Eva!!!" He said very upset "What... what have you done??"
“What have you felt??” Maya asked, looking at the scene.
"Like... like... I don't know, a bolt of lightning that went right through me, but... very... very... pleasant!"
“Rob, this is a vagina, you really didn't know??” Eva said looking into his eyes.
Rob didn't reply. He stood there amazed not knowing what to say
"Wow... seems like we've discovered another advantage, right??"
“A...a vagina? but if I'm a boy! how is it possible…” he moved her tail to better orient the glans and be able to see it for himself. Indeed, until now he had never checked this in detail.

But he put his fingers into the vagina and what he felt left him speechless again.
“Rob, I'm a girl… and look” He said pointing to his eight erect penises.
But then, against his will, the glans parted from him, as his tail began to swell and stiffen. In a few seconds, half of his body became erect, knocking over a chair and colliding with a wall.
"Shit...again..." His original penis had been erect for a while, but his tail was now about 4 meters long. Maya and Eva were amazed, they had never seen anything like it. Maya's lower arms unconsciously sought out two of her penises at random, and she began to fondle herself as she watched the show.

Rob for his part was left with his torso thrown on the ground while his tail forced him into that position. Luckily his two orbs held him in a comfortable position.
“Okay… you didn't want to see it? there you have it, in all the splendor of it!” Said Rob as annoyed as excited.
“Rob… are you okay?” Eva asked a little worried
"Yes ... yes ... nothing happens, it's not the first time, but ... I'm sorry, now I have to ... damn it" He said very embarrassed
"Need help??" Maya said quickly.
"What??" Rob was shocked.
"I know what this is about, you have a giant penis, but I have 8... I know exactly what you need."
“But how can I ask you for such a thing??” For Rob this situation was getting out of control. He barely recognized his friends. They were offering to masturbate him?? But it was Eva who stepped in. It wasn't the first time she had offered her help.
“Rob, you need help, you won't be able to do it on your own. We don't mind, do we, Maya?"
Maya nodded excitedly.
"Besides, things are not like before, your body needs it, it's a physiological need"

She didn't quite convince Rob, but he was so turned on that he couldn't say no, he just nodded.

Eva walked over to Rob, took the original penis from her and gave it to himself.
"You take care of this, try to coordinate, to... you know, finish at the same time" Eva said taking the initiative "Maya, come here, and take off your blouse"
Maya looked at her strangely and was a little shocked.

"What's happening? He has seen your 8 penises but you are embarrassed that he sees your 4 breasts? besides, that way he will come before ”She said taking off her own blouse herself
Rob was definitely hallucinating. He never imagined such a scene with his friends. Never!

Eva's breasts were much smaller than the 4 Maya's J cups, but between the two of them, they brought her breasts together on either side of her glans, crushing it gently. Then they began to move the skin up and down. They covered and uncovered the glans, while Rob masturbated and sucked his own penis with his six arms. Eva began to caress the glans and put her fingers in her newly discovered vagina, checking the reaction it caused in Rob. Maya for her part rubbed her breasts on the big penis while she masturbated herself with two arms. Eva was amazed. It was like a dream come true. Although she still wished she could mutate too and know what her friends were feeling.

Libidos were out of control. Maya and Rob were no longer themselves, they were sex machines. Any shred of self-control was gone. Penis by penis, Maya was ejaculating, while she continued rubbing Rob's big tail, which 3 meters away, kept masturbating with energy. Then Maya, suddenly, buried her face in Rob's vagina, and started licking and sucking the clitoris, causing Rob a special scream. He had never felt anything like this. It was his first time with a vagina! Eva was so jealous…

Then she pushed Eva away, moved down Rob's penis and directed it towards one of hers, on the side. And without saying a word, since Rob couldn't see what was happening from his position, she penetrated her new vagina with that penis all his length. Maya and Rob screamed with pleasure, while Eva, alone this time, continued to masturbate the big penis as best as she could.

Rob was in heaven. He had such an amalgamation of pleasurable sensations that it caused an unparalleled escalation of pleasure. So finally, his original penis ejaculated into his own mouth. And almost at the same time, Rob ejaculated from his huge penis, making Maya's penis go out  by the force of the sperm. Maya fell to the ground and Eva got scared. She moved away a little, but immediately she went back to keep masturbating him to squeeze and make the orgasm last, which according to Rob's expression, must have been incredible.
Rob's eyes closed and he went into a small trance state, or semiconsciousness. His penis continued to pump semen for about 30 seconds, Maya watched the show masturbating herself this time with all 4 arms, both penises and vaginas, until reach a moment where, because of her own excitement, but because of the show itself, she began to ejaculate for several penises too.

The three of them ended up on the floor, semi-naked and covered in sperm. Looking at each other with heavy breathing, hallucinating with what had just happened. A while later, it was Rob who broke the silence.
"What... what happened...?"
"I think... it's obvious..." Eva said with a smile on her face
“Have we… Have we had an orgy??” Rob asked
"My God... it's true... what have we done??" Maya was very embarrassed
“Guys, guys… calm down. It hasn't been bad at all, has it?" Eva said
“I think we've gotten carried away, and something inside of me has take control. I could not stop!" Rob was ashamed of what had just happened
Maya got up and began to walk in circles nervously, tripping over herself.
“No… I don't like this. There is something inside of me that takes control and makes me desire and do these things… Rob! Sorry! I didn't mean… I didn't mean to come to this!” Maya was worried about how this would affect her friendship.
"I'm sorry too. My God, I feel so embarrassed."
“But what the hell is wrong with you??” Eva said that she was already beginning to be upset. “not even 5 minutes ago you were in glory, what is wrong with all of this?”

Eva was the only one whose libido didn't seem to have altered by her own consciousness. She had been legitimately horny, and she didn't understand this sudden change of heart.
“But Eva! We both just did it with Rob! What if this destroys our friendship? and our group? What will happen if Sam finds out?
"I don't want anything to change!" Said Rob visibly worried
“But why does something have to change? something else, I mean. You have both changed, you are no longer the same. Your bodies have a marked sexual character. You have to get used to the idea that these things are going to happen more often! Maya, you have 16 genitals, and Rob, you have one the size of a car, you must secrete an amount of endorphins, or whatever, like 20 times more than a normal person!"

Eva was very excited saying all this.
“So you don't have to be ashamed of what happened, in fact, you should do it more often”
“More often??” Rob said worried “I… sorry Maya, but I'm not ready to have a relationship right now…” Maya looked at him and nodded agreeing.
“But who says anything about relationships??” Eva said even more annoyed seeing that she didn't make herself understood “It's just about helping each other, sex without commitment. You are going to have to put the taboos aside. And I insist, this does not have to break our friendship, on the contrary, it should reinforce it. Come on, I see it like this”
"And what about Sam?" Rob asked
“Sam, maybe he is not ready for this little detail. We can skip it for now until he gets used to it” Eva said
"Okay okay..." Maya said stopping Eva "So you mean that whenever we feel like it, we should meet up and do what we just did??" Rob looked at her with some reservations.
“Well, what if you don't, Maya? Your body is now charging sexual energy constantly, as soon as it reaches the top, you will have to download it. And you Rob, the same will happen to you. If you don't, it has been shown that you physically will feel bad. Frustrated, hurt, in a bad mood... Maya, it's happened to you. But as soon as you free yourself, everything goes back to normal."
"That it is true" Rob said nodding
“So it's purely a physiological need, right? and doing it by yourself... Well, it's not the same, right?"
The two nodded seeing that Eva was right.
"And what about you?" Maya said
"What... What's wrong with me?" Eva asked puzzled
“You… What needs do you have? Because you are normal… well, at least physically, because in your head you are crazy as a goat” Maya said, to which Rob chuckled
"I... I..." Eva didn't know what to answer
“Sometimes I get the impression that you enjoy this more than we do…” Maya said, to which Eva lowered her head in embarrassment.
"It is clear that Eva knows about this much more than we do, and much more than we could have imagined, that is clear." Rob said
"Yes, Eva has a special affinity towards... mutants" Maya said chuckling.

Eva glared at Maya.
“The truth is that I have to confess that Eva knew very well how to… maximize… you know. The pleasure" Rob said making Eva blush "I wouldn't mind if you helped me again, really... as long as you don't feel uncomfortable, of course"

Eva 's eyes lit up.
"Yes, I think the same..." Maya said, smiling at Eva.
"Well, I... I don't know what to say... thanks I guess..." Eva said.
Rob lifted his torso and said:
“Anyway, I need you to help me clean up this mess. My mom is coming tomorrow and if she sees remnants of… all of this around here, she's going to go crazy."

Eva and Maya helped Rob get his house back in shape, and Rob invited them to take a shower. After this, now that the three of them were much calmer, they lay down on the sofa to watch Netflix series and order a pizza. Rob, for the first time since he mutated, was at peace with himself, feeling "normal" at last.
Nothing to do with what was to come. Although the 4 friends maintained a certain "stability", the global situation was far from stable...


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.16
by Modulokss

In fact, for the next 4 days, the situation spiraled out of control. Every day the number of mutants in the city doubled. Nearly 2 percent of the entire population was affected by some mutation. More or less serious, but the health services and security forces were beginning to be overwhelmed, since each case required great logistics to isolate, search for close contacts, and carry out expensive diagnostic tests. Many social sectors began to criticize the authorities since the measures that they boasted of executing so much were not giving results and had been applied late.

In the midst of this escalation, Alex continued to share images with Eva, which were almost daily, and in huge quantities. Eva felt overwhelmed by all the material, she already had a 2 Teras hard drive practically full, both of photos and videos.

“Seriously, you're starting to worry me. It is not normal that you have access to all this material, and in these quantities. This is illegal, you know that, right? I know you don't want to tell me where you get them from, but I'm worried you're going to get into trouble” Eva told him in one of their nightly conversations.

Alex simply ignored the subject, and insisted that she shouldn't worry, that he had everything under control. He asked her if he wanted her to stop sending him material, to which Eva logically refused shyly.

That day, Eva's grandmother suffered a small accident. She broke her hip, and she was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. It wasn't serious, but at her age and living alone, she couldn't fend for herself. So Eva's parents went to the hospital and settled in her grandmother's house for the time that she would convalesce. Eva was alone at home.

The very next day, at 9 in the morning, everyone was glued to the TV and radio. The entire city came to a standstill when the mayor himself called a press conference to announce that due to the high rate of contagion, the city would apply the general state of alarm and the total confinement of the entire population and the mandatory closure of all businesses not essential until the level of contagion could be controlled. With immediate effect, everyone was forced by law to remain locked up at home, being able to go out only for food supplies, visits to hospitals and health centers, and family care. Shops, public transport, educational centers, etc... were closed. Eva cursed her luck. She had been left home alone for an indefinite time. But she was glad for her grandmother, at least she would be well taken care of.

That afternoon, Sam, Eva, Maya and Rob connected via video conference. They commented on the situation worried about what was happening. They gave their opinion on whether or not the state of alarm was necessary, since there were many conflicting opinions. Some said the economy would crash as many venues closed, while others said health came before everything else…

The 4 friends, who had lived a relatively quiet life, were now experiencing a historically exceptional situation, moreover, some of them were suffering it in their own flesh.

Eva also discussed it with Alex. She was worried about the situation in her city. But Eva made light of it. "Now it will be impossible for me to mutate" she told him sadly. Alex replied that perhaps it was for the best. They had discussed certain mutations that seemed pretty bad, and the risk of ending up with one of them was perhaps not worth the risk. But Eva was eager to take that risk. Although she was now confined to the house, she would of course be "safe".

Shortly after Alex disconnected, and when she began to prepare to make one of her drawings, she received an email. "Again??" She said nervously, noticing how a chill went up her spine.

In the same way, with the false advertisements, and with the word SAM among the jpgs, this time Eva was not going to have any doubts. OMG Sam! Just the person who could be most affected by the mutations. She had to do something! But she was so nervous that she hardly knew what to do, and she was alone.

But it was already too late in the night. If she called Sam, she would surely wake up her parents, and she would have to answer too many questions. What could she do?

She thought that she might be able to go to her own house. She lived in a townhouse, and her window was easily accessible by a tree next to it, maybe she could call him there?? But the damn state of alarm. It is assumed that she could not go outside. But she had to try.

Totally off the cuff, she changed into black clothes, and she left her house, she was a bundle of nerves... Luckily, she knew the area well, and she knew how to make the journey avoiding the main streets, hiding where she could. It was easier than it seemed, there was no one on the street, as it was 2 in the morning, it was quite normal. She didn't even have to dodge a police patrol. Her mind turned over the situation, she had to think about what to do once she got to Sam's house. How could she prevent what was supposed to happen? but was it really going to happen? With Maya and Rob, of course, it was fulfilled. Everything seemed to indicate that Sam would suffer the same fate, but how to avoid it?

She arrived at Sam's house, and with some difficulty managed to climb the tree. When she was at the height of the window, she threw a couple of stones at him. 5 minutes later, Sam finally seemed to wake up (damn, what a deep sleep he has). He looked out the window ready to curse someone, when he saw Eva on the tree. Good thing, Eva thought, she hadn't mutated yet.

"What the hell are you doing up there? at these hours?? Did you know you couldn't leave the house?"
"Sam! I have to talk to you, let me in, quick!”

Sam didn't understand anything, but he opened the window all the way and with some clumsiness, Eva entered the room through the window. Sam went to turn on the light, but Eva stopped him.

"What's wrong?? You seem very nervous. Are you sure you are okay…?” Sam couldn't finish the sentence.
“Shut up and listen to me. This is going to sound crazy to you, and you might be mad at me, but I need to tell you now."
Sam, still half asleep, did not understand anything.
“A few weeks ago, I received an email. it looked like spam, it was full of ads, but there was a text, only 4 words between the jpgs: Maya. I thought it was publicity and I paid no attention to it. Interestingly, by then, Maya had already mutated.

A few weeks later, I received another similar email, advertisements, and a text, only 3 characters, ROB. I thought it was too much of a fluke, but I called Rob that same night and he was fine. I did not give it much importance since it seemed that there was no relationship, but the next day, just before we arrived at Rob's house, he had mutated.

Sam looked at her suspiciously.
"And... why are you here now...?"
“Sam, an hour ago I received another email. Among the ads it says SAM”
Sam's blood ran cold.
“Wait, wait… are you sure about that?? but if I'm locked up, I haven't had contact with anyone in a few days, not even with you. Why would it have to happen to me?"
"Sam! I'm sure. I don't know why but I have a horrible feeling that something is going to happen to you."

"But it makes no sense! I also receive spam every day. It could be…"
"Sam, I don't know. I can't be sure, I just know that the pattern leaves no doubt. And if it's true, it means you're going to mutate in the next 24 hours."
Sam looked at her thoughtfully. He debated whether to believe Eva or not.
“Eva, if all the evidence you have are those emails… You must admit that it is not very credible. Also, who sent them to you?”
"I do not know! I have tried to trace the IP but it is bouncing between servers, it is impossible to know where it comes from.”
“And if it were true, if there is a relationship between emails and mutations, what would they want from you? warn you? or threaten you?”
“I have no idea… I just know we have to do something.”
"But what can we do? No one knows for sure how the mutation is transmitted. If the mail says that I am going to mutate, how can I avoid it?"

Sam didn't seem very convinced about this whole thing. Moreover, he was very sleepy and yawned from time to time.
“Sam, take this a little seriously. I have come here risking being thrown in jail to warn you. Believe me, something will happen. And...” Eva began to think out loud, walking around the room “... If you're going to be infected by something, it will be something that is here, in your environment. Maybe… we should… that's it!”
Eva opened her closet looking for clothes
"Eve, what are you doing?"
"Look for dark clothes, you will come to my house"
"What are you saying?? There is a curfew, we cannot go out on the street!”
“If it is a warning, what is going to mutate you must be close to you. I mean, here at your house. If we still have time to avoid it, it will be by stopping being in contact with whatever it is that is going to infect you. You do not get it? I can not think of anything else."
"But... the curfew..."
“Sam, I came all this way and I haven't seen anyone on the street. I'll know how to get back without anyone seeing me, don't worry."

Eva pulled out dark clothes for him that she found and encouraged him to get dressed quickly.
"Hurry up, Sam, for God's sake."
Sam looked at her, still not entirely convinced. But the risk Eva had taken by going to her house in the middle of the night meant that at least she was afraid that something might happen. And what if she was right?

"OK, alright. We'll see what I tell my parents tomorrow morning. I'm going to need to explain lot of things for giving them this scare "
"We'll think about it at home, don't worry"

Both quietly slipped out the window, climbing down the tree, closing the window behind them. Reaching the street, Eva led him through the streets, ducking from time to time to check that no one was lurking around. About halfway down a dark alley, Sam stopped.
"What are you doing? hurry up!"
Eva said nervously
"Wait... I got a little dizzy..." Sam leaned against the wall, his head starting to spin.
"You have to exercise more, Sam, lately you've been doing too much sedentary life"
A few seconds later, Sam closed his eyes in intense pain.
"Sam.. what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"
But Sam didn't answer. He fell to his knees on the ground, his hands on his head
“Eva... I don't feel very well. Everything spins me…”
Eve started to freak out. Sam's body begins to shake, as if he has a fever.
“Shit, Sam… Sam!! what's wrong?? not here for God's sake, let's go home, run!"

But Sam couldn't move. He looked at Eva very scared, and in a matter of two seconds, his eyes went blank and he dropped like a sandbag to the ground. Her body continued to tremble. Eva feared that it was an epileptic seizure. She grabbed Sam and lifted his head, hoping he wouldn't swallow her own tongue. She was terrified.

"Sam!! wake up, dammit!! do not do this to me!! Sam!!”
But Sam wouldn't stop shaking. Eva felt his body getting hotter, and then, just in front of her eyes, Sam's body began to change. His face seemed to be changing, his torso seemed to deflate, his butt swelling up…

"Shit! shit shit!! Sam, you're mutating right now!! Wake up for God's sake!!” Eva was so scared that she started to cry in panic. But Sam's tremors wouldn't stop, she had to put him down. Seeing how his clothes began to be tight and marking his flesh, she released the buttons and tried to undress him, seeing that his rear grew backwards at a rate totally out of all logic.
Sam's face changed his features, his torso shrank, and his chest began to swell. Eva completely undresses him. The rational part that still remained, told him that if he was going to mutate right there, he would have to be naked or his clothes could do him a lot of damage. She managed to get it all off, in time to see his body reshape itself in an unnatural way.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.17
by Modulokss

Eva couldn't believe what she was seeing:
Sam's face had become feminized, his hair had grown out a bit, she looked like a woman! His torso had also shrunk, and his chest swelled, developing in a short time not two, but 6 breasts, which seemed to never stop growing! they reached the size of Maya's breasts, and yet they continued to grow a little more. All the flesh pressed together taking up Sam's entire torso. Large dark female nipples formed on all 6 of her breasts.

At the same time his butt was growing. It looked like a computer animation, but it was real. A second torso was formed after her butt, and from the end a hip two bulges were born, and just in a few minutes became two extra legs. He was a humantaur!! Eva was excited to see the result. He was gorgeous! But the changes did not stop there.

This new torso also developed another six breasts, which grew to exceed his previous breasts in size. Also with big dark nipples, even longer than before. But the changes had not stopped. Sam's entire body was still shaking. And from between his rear legs, two lumps began to grow, like two cylinders that extended more and more. Eva, drying her tears, was able to understand that those things were going to turn into two tremendous penises. At the same time, what Eva assumed to be the testicles began to form. But as they swelled up more and more, Eva saw that they didn't look like testicles. Four small lumps formed as well, and the way this bag of meat lay on the ground had nothing to do with human testicles. Eva herself remembered other mutations that she had already seen, and only after a couple of minutes she was able to verify that it had indeed turned into a huge udder.

But his original penis, between his original legs, began to shrink, his testicles deflated and receded into his own body, as a peculiar shape formed in his skin. Within seconds, Eva found that Sam had developed a vagina between his front legs.

Eva experienced the most traumatic and at the same time incredible situation of her life. Her friend had surely mutated at the worst possible moment. Finally the message was right, and it seems that there wasn't possible to do anything. But on the other hand, to be witness to a mutation like that completely blew her mind. It was one of the most beautiful mutations she had ever seen!

But a few minutes later, Eva stopped fantasizing. Sam's body stopped shaking, and he lay limp on the ground, with only his shoes on his front legs. From the adjacent street Eva heard the noise of a car, which brought her back to her situation suddenly.
“Shit, we have to get out of here, right now!!”
Eva took Sam by his shoulders, and tried to bring him to regain consciousness.
"Sam! Sam!! Wake up!! We have to get out of here!"
But Sam didn't wake up. For a couple of minutes Eva tried to get Sam to regain consciousness, and finally Sam began to open his eyes.
"Sam! Sam!! up! hurry!”
Sam looked at her with half-closed eyes. As if he was still under the effects of anesthesia, he looked at her as if in a trance, saying nothing.
"Sam!! In the name of God! Raise!!"
Eva tried to force him, Sam seemed a little more aware and tried to get up, but his rear body was limp on the ground pulling him. Sam didn't seem to understand anything, he turned to see what was holding him back. But he seemed drugged. He didn't understand anything. Then his back legs moved a bit. Eva left Sam standing, leaning against the wall, and tried to lift his horizontal torso, leaving both back legs standing as well. It seemed that even in a state of semi consciousness her own instincts helped her perform basic functions. However, Sam didn't say a word. What's more, even standing up he closed his eyes looking like he was going to fall unconscious again.

Sam! Sam!! don't sleep, we have to get out of here!"
Eva took him by the shoulders, and tried to encourage him to walk. And it seemed to work. His head bobbed from side to side, all of his breasts danced chaotically, even his penis dragged on the floor.

"Shit, I can't go like this, he'll end up hurting himself!" Eva didn't know what to do, this situation was beyond her. She grabbed Sam's penises and tried to hold them while she helped him walk on 4 legs. Sam was drooling a little but he managed to walk, tripping over almost everything even between all four of his legs. And the movement of his 12 breasts didn't help either.

In a very painful way they managed to get out of the alley. But at that rate it would take about 2 hours to get to Eva's house.
"shit!! what do I do now??" Then she realized. Rob's house was halfway between hers and Sam's. They would arrive in less time, but it would be more risky, since they were busier streets, but it was 4 in the morning. He had to risk it!.

Eve headed with Sam dragged through the streets. Her back legs were trying to walk but she was dragging most of the time Eva held Sam by the shoulders, while her hand held her two large and long penises.

Eva would not remember a more compromising, dangerous and desperate situation in all her life.

Half an hour later, what seemed like a bloody eternity to Eva, they reached the street outside Rob's house. Eva thanked heaven she hadn't run into any patrols. It seems she was going to get it. Reaching the door, she pounded on it violently. A few minutes later, Rob half opened the door, wearing his pijamas, but with his lower body naked. With a sleepy face and totally missed he said.

“Eva… What are you doing here at this hour? You know you can't go outside, right?"
"Rob, do the goddamn favor of opening the door and letting us in!"
When he opened the door completely, he saw what Eva had on top of him, and very shocked he withdrew a little.
“what… what is that?? Who is she? she is a mutant!! is.. is she dead??”
“Rob!! Getaway right now!!”
Eva quickly entered her house, stunned Rob did not understand anything. Who was that girl? Because she was naked And why did Eva bring her to her house at this hour?
“Please close the door!!” Eva said entering the living room of her house and leaving Sam's body on the sofa.
"Do you want to explain to me what you are doing with a mutant at this time of night in full curfew..." she couldn't finish the sentence.
“It's Sam!! He just mutated right now!!”
"WHAT???" Rob couldn't believe it, but when he looked at her face, he realized that the features did indeed look like Sam's. She looked like Sam's little sister indeed, if she had had one. “no... it can't be, like... how did it happen? why .. and how has he become .. into that ?? Is she now a girl??”

There were too many questions.
"Rob, please calm down, I've been through hell to get here" Eva collapsed exhausted on Rob's sofa. Sam seemed to fall back unconscious on the couch.
After catching some breath, she turned to Rob and began to tell him everything that had happened in a nutshell. Including the strange emails.
Rob listened carefully, and was literally blown away by the story. But he got angry with Eva for having kept the mail from them.

"So... you knew what was going to happen and you didn't say anything??"
“Not exactly like that, Rob. I couldn't be 100% sure that something like this was going to happen. When Maya mutated, I ignored her, she seemed spammy, and I didn't get to associate one thing with the other. When I received the mail from ROB, I called you! remember? but you hadn't mutated yet. Who would have thought that it could become a warning that you would mutate in a few hours? When I received Sam's, I no longer had any doubts. But I've come too late" Eva's eyes began to moisten "not a single day goes by that I don't regret not having done something... Especially knowing how much you have suffered because of the mutations." Eva was really sorry and sad. She fully understood that Rob and the others were angry with her. And when Maya knew all this, she would surely stop talking to her.

“Eve… calm down. I didn't want to make you feel bad. You should have told us, yes. Although seeing what has happened, it seems to me that little would have changed. Surely we would not have believed you. I honestly think the mutations would have happened anyway. You have tried to avoid it with Sam and it has not been possible. You shouldn't feel guilty."

Eva looked at him as tears streamed down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry" Eva burst into tears. But Rob crawled up to her and with her six arms hugged her.
"Calm down, Eve. Nothing really happens. It wasn't your fault" He waited for Eva to calm down a bit "But... is there anything else you should tell us?"
Should she just confess her true obsession? her devotion to mutants? the illegal collection of it? her relationship with Alex? her true desire to be able to become like them one day?
“No… Rob, this is it…” Eva didn't have the courage to show her true self to more people. It had been too much for today.

Sam was still unconscious, asleep on the sofa, and Rob and Eva wondered what they should do now.
“Should we call the authorities?” Rob asked
“They will accuse us of having violated curfew and confinement. They don't mess around with nonsense, you know that" Eva said.
“Yeah, but, Sam has mutated, according to the protocols he can be highly contagious, right? And if he infects you?
“It's a possibility…” Eva said excitedly, although she tried to avoid showing joy “but I have to take the risk. If they find out, they can lock me up. No, it's best to stay here. When he wakes up, Sam will make up an excuse for his parents, like we had to come take care of you, for example, before curfew. And in the morning we will call the authorities, saying that he has mutated. I think that's the best thing to do."

Rob scratched his chin thoughtfully.
"you are right”
They both looked at Sam, still unconscious on the couch.
“My goodness, her mutation is… very drastic too. He has become a girl…” Rob was freaking out. The two watched curiously the details of her mutation. The huge breasts, the two giant penises, the udder on her hindquarters…

In fact, Rob was a little nervous, uneasy, as he made gestures with his lower hands to try and prevent a possible erection of his original penis.
"So what do we do now?" Rob asked
"We'll wait for him to wake up. We have to be there to support him, you know how traumatic a spontaneous mutation can be”
“Yes… I know very well” Rob said looking at his “tail”. At that moment he realized that he had it uncovered without her sock. But well, it didn't matter. Eva had already seen everything there really was.

A couple of hours later, Sam begun to move on the couch. He squeezed his eyes shut as it looked like he was trying to wake up. He slowly began to move his arms and rubbed his eyes, then stretched. Opening them, he saw that Rob and Eva were next to him, with very strange faces.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.18
by Modulokss

“What… What are you doing here? what... What happened? I feel very strange… ”The first thing Sam noticed was that his voice had changed. Little by little new sensations came to him, especially some pain, discomfort. As if he had woken up from a hangover.
"Sam, Sam! look at me…” Eva said “I need you not to freak out… you have suffered… a mutation…”

Sam made a scared face, and then looked down, seeing that indeed 6 huge breasts were hanging from his torso. Then he looked back, and saw how on the sofa there was a torso attached to his ass, whose legs hung over the sofa, from between these the penises came out, and attached to his butt, a huge ball of meat rested there.

"What... What happened to me? what the hell happened to me??" Sam said very scared.
“Don't worry, man, it wasn't very radical. You have mutated, but it hasn't been that bad, really." Rob said
"Sam, It's important that you do not freak out too much, calm down, really. Your mutation has not been one of the bad ones, believe me”

Sam didn't dare move much. He was beginning to feel a body that wasn't him, especially his lower body. His face expressed irrational fear, and he looked himself up and down, not daring to move.
“No… no… it can't be. But... When did it happen? and why me?? Eva! you…” He began to remember. "The mail! We were going to your house… then… I don't remember anything else!”
“Right, you passed out and started mutating in the middle of the street. I brought you to Rob's house as I could"

Sam looked at Eva, then at Rob, still without understanding anything.
“But… my body… What is this, breasts?? I have… ”he was counting with his hands without daring to touch“ Six ??? but they are... my god, I have six huge breasts! And… what is this behind here?? because I have another person stuck to my ass??”
“Sam, you are now a humantaur, that torso is yours. Don't you feel it?"
“human… Taurus?? what the hell is that?? And why do I have this voice? and what are those things?"

Little by little Eva tried to explain to him what he had become. She even held a mirror up to him so he could see his new face. He was very shocked to have lost his penis, and even more, to have had it replaced with a vagina.

He tried to get up, but his legs shook and he fell back onto the couch. All of his breasts danced chaotically bouncing off each other, which greatly disconcerted him. Then Sam collapsed. He covered his face in shame and began to cry.

"What am I going to do now?? What am I going to tell my parents?
“Sam, calm down, we'll help you. As with Rob and Maya, we will be with you. Everything will be fine”
"Nope! it's not going to work out. I'm a girl now! with a… a lot of breasts! and what is that behind there? that meatball??”
"I think...it's a...you know...udder," Eva said carefully.
“An udder?? What am I, a fucking cow??” Sam was very angry with the situation. Eva and Rob let him get used to the idea little by little. They knew it was going to be difficult.

Slowly Sam calmed down with Eva's help. Rob sat on another sofa, while fatigue was taking its toll on him, until he finally fell asleep. Eva, too excited with what she had just experienced to be sleepy, stayed with Sam talking to him, reassuring him and making him see how pretty her face was, and how slender and shapely her body was now. Within the mutated, the taurus human was one of her favorite forms.

She encouraged him to try to walk, it was perhaps the most important thing. He managed to get to her feet, but then he noticed a large amount of meat hanging off him. His twelve breasts, his two penises… his udder.

“Why do I have an udder, Eva? I don't understand!" He said, trying to look back. "is it functional? is it a real cow udder??”
Eva approached and tried to lift her to offer her a better point of view. Sam could see the teats then, all four of them, fat and long. But it didn't have the texture of a cow. It was human skin, as if it were a human breast shaped like a giant udder. Sam freaked out.
But then he noticed his two penises on the floor.

“And what am I going to do with these? I'm going to drag them everywhere?"
"Easy, Sam. We can make a kind of bra for them. We will think about it later. You now should focus on trying to walk”

The rest of the night was spent by the two of them learning to walk. Sam was making fast progress. Eva searched through Rob's closets, until she found his clothes before the mutation. As she could, she made some arrangements, she gave him shoes, which Rob evidently was not going to use anymore, and with some towels she made a kind of clothing that covered the most erotic parts of him. Practically all of them. She even tied his penis to his torso so they wouldn't dangle.

Sam still hadn't gotten used to the fact that he had changed so much. Or that he was really a woman now, more or less. He was still very shocked by what had happened, and he was simply focused on learning to walk again, this time with four legs.

By dawn, Sam was already able to stand and clumsily walk on his own. It was quite an achievement. Eva encouraged him and little by little he was coming to terms with what had happened to him.

"Okay, I think we should call the authorities now" Eva said.
"Now?? but… what are we going to say? We've broken curfew, how can we justify being here?"
“We should say that we have had to come here to take care of Rob, after all it is a permitted reason, but of course, not during curfew, that is why we have waited until it was after 6am. We will say that you changed just half an hour ago, shortly after arriving, and that I accompanied you.” Eva explained.
“Wow, well thought out.” Sam was surprised at Eva's improvisational ability.

Eva called the authorities, she almost knew her number by heart. And just in half an hour, they came just like they did before with Rob. Same tests, same treatment, except that the test was only done on Eva. Her transmissibility result, to Eva's disappointment, was negative.

Then the worst thing would come, telling Sam's parents, who showed up at Rob's house, using the excuse that Eva, Sam and Rob had already planned. Sam's mother was very affected, and his father almost speechless when he saw the great change that his son had undergone. With the ambulance, they took him to his house to proceed to the rigorous quarantine.

Once everything calmed down, Eva stayed with Rob. "So, instead of being alone at home I can stay here...and I have the excuse of having to take care of Rob." He thanked her for not being alone in these troubled times. As soon as they could, the 4 connected by videoconference to update Maya on what had happened, since she slept peacefully while Eva had one of the worst nights of her life.

Eva explained everything that had happened with detail. She was terribly embarrassed that she hadn't told them about the emails, even though no one had believed it at the time. Maya felt a little outraged, especially since she was the first to mutate, and it was a very hard experience for her. But Eva's feeling of guilt touched her.

“I can't be mad at you, Eva, not after what you've done for us. Look, we have all mutated, and you have been there with each one to help us in everything. Even if you had known the mail was a warning, or even if you had told us…” Maya said.

"... you could have done nothing  about it" Rob finished the sentence.
“Yes, it's true” Sam said “besides, you tried to avoid mine, taking a great risk. If we had been caught in the middle of the street, instead of at home, we would be in the dungeon.”

Eva bowed her head, and heartily thanked how good they were with her.
A true roller coaster of emotions invaded Eva at that moment. She felt grateful for her friends, for forgiving her, but also frustrated that she was the ONLY one who hadn't mutated yet. Why?? What is so special about me? She thought with rage.

The four friends had developed a strong bond. They kept talking about the general situation, even sharing details of their own mutations. Sam was still shocked by what had happened to him, but seeing how Maya and Rob normalized the situation helped him cope much better. He even confessed that he looked "pretty" in the mirror, which sparked everyone's laughter. Surely the mutation itself had created a kind of bond between them, at least they all came to that conclusion.

But it was clear that nothing would separate them from now on.
"Well, I haven't mutated yet..." Eva said with a little sorrow
"Eva, we are locked up because the mutagen is out of control, honestly, I don't think you can get rid of it" Rob said.

Eva wanted to sound excited, because it was what was expected of her, but in reality she sounded tremendously sad and frustrated. Maya knew how to interpret Eva's gesture well.
“Anyway, like I told you, if it hadn't been for you, we wouldn't be talking here right now. You are a part of this more than any of us.”

Again, the confirmation of the 3 friends moved Eva that she began to cry in front of them.

The total confinement continued the following days with the population very scared. The cases continued to increase, as it was estimated that it would take about 10 days to start noticing the effects of the restrictive measures. By then, 12% of the population had been affected to varying degrees. The numbers were really scary.

Eva devoured the news and was aware of any upgrade. She couldn't leave the house and she didn't have much else to do except continue chatting with her friends. She wishes she could go visit them, but with Rob's mom already with him, she had no excuse to go take care of Rob. And she was alone at home, so she also devoured massive amounts of her own stuff.

She even drew pictures of her friends, including Sam, to her own delight. She was obsessed with their mutations, of all the ones she had seen, those of their friends were the most sensual, although perhaps it was because she could enjoy them in live.

She also told Alex about the Sam mutation, and how she was a witness of a spontaneous mutation. She described the scene to him with hair and traces, leaving his friend amazed at the story. Then they commented on what the mutation consists of, to which Alex was visibly attracted.

"My three friends are the ones who have mutated" Eva began to say "And I... I live in the same city, I frequented the same environments, but I have not been affected. I was even with Sam in his mutation…” Eva seemed very frustrated and about to cry.

Alex did not know how to comfort her. She hadn't told her friends this, for obvious reasons, but his desire to mutate, in any way, was what she wanted most in life. She had fantasized about a thousand and one different ways she could transform, and they all seemed great to her.

“Sometimes genetics can be capricious, Eva. Don't torture yourself. Perhaps fate has prepared something special for you."
"Or maybe I don't change in life..." she said between tears

Alex was quite sad. He knew Eva well enough to know that she really wanted. And deep down it hurt him to see her so depressed. More for the fact that in front of her friends she couldn't show this feeling that tormented her.

Alex disconnected, and a few hours later Eva continued to get lost in her "little" obsession, with her material and her drawings, wondering why she had not mutated, and if she would also receive an email with the word EVA.

But that same night, what she received was not exactly the email she expected. It was an email, with similar spam announcements. Seeing it made her heart skip a beat, but there was no text like before, just an address and a time. This really scared her. She looked for the location on the map, it was an access road to a picnic area on the side of the mountain that was on the outskirts of the city. Right at the Jumpville viewpoint. And the appointment was that same night in just 2 hours!

“And Alex has already disconnected?? shit, what do I do? and if it is dangerous? if they were warnings, it might be trying to help her, but what if they were threats? were they going to coerce her? would they threaten him? maybe it was the mafia? damn it…” Thousands of options ran through her head, while her heart beat like a locomotive.

She finally made the decision to go. She needed answers. And she needed them now. She couldn't wait for anyone's approval. She was the only one involved, and she needed to finish this alone. Perhaps what has happened to her friends has been partly her fault for not knowing how to act when she had to, but this time she was not going to have the same thing happen to her.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.19
by Modulokss

Eva prepared well. Dark clothes, her mother's car, a fake nursing home work permit in the name of her mother's company, and she couldn't help but take some pepper spray just in case. You never know!

She took the car, and driving very carefully, she went around the city avoiding the big avenues so as not to attract too much attention. At that time the truth is that the city seemed completely deserted. It was quite shocking.

At a traffic light she crossed into the opposite lane with a patrol car. Her heart froze. Her foot in her clutch was shaking like a leaf. She expected the worst, but curiously, the car followed her path without paying much attention to her. Surely the emergency services of the hospitals will also have to return home at this time, right? she thought justifying herself.

She finally reached the outskirts, where she was less probable to find anyone. She arrived about 100 meters from the viewpoint, and parked in the same ditch, at the entrance to a private land, where the car was not very visible. Slowly, she walked the last meters to have a privileged view of the area without having to expose herself. Pepper spray in one hand, the other trembling with fear, she crept closer, until she reached the gazebo.

There, at the viewpoint, leaning on the railing as if enjoying the scenery, there was a man, about 30 years old, distracted as if waiting for something. It couldn't be anyone else. Who at this hour and in these circumstances was going to be here "enjoying" the landscape? Before getting closer, Eva took a good look checking that there were no other cars or people, and once she verified that this person was alone, she approached from behind, and said:
“Did you summon me here?”

The person turned to stare at her. She had never seen this man before, but somehow, her gaze conveyed a certain familiarity. She began to approach slowly, to which Eva said:
"Who... who are you... why have you summoned me here?"
The man stood up, stretched out his arms, and said:
“Eve… I am… Alex”
Eva had to pick up the can of pepper spray that dropped on the floor in shock.
“I hope that this spray is not for me…” He said half jokingly.
“No!... I mean... I didn't know who had summoned me... but... Alex? Are you really? what... what are you doing here??”
Eva began to link everything that had happened during this time.
"Yes, Eva, it's me"
"But... you have quoted me here, it means that you sent me the email, therefore... you sent me the other emails!" Eva was beginning to feel a rising anger inside her.
“And all this time, you've been cheating on me?? Were you really warning me that my friends were going to mutate?? How the hell did you know? What do you have to do with all this???” Eva screamed with rage.
Alex could barely raise his hands to ask her for a bit of calm.
"Eva... if you calm down, I'll try to explain..."
"It will be better if you have a convincing explanation, because I swear I just want to empty this spray in your eyes!!"

Alex, keeping his distance from her, invited her to sit on the bench in the gazebo. He began to explain:
“You see, now I am in a situation where I can tell you all this, and later you will understand.
Logically, my name is not Alex. I work in a private research laboratory, on a project that, like many other pharmaceutical companies, is trying to understand mutations, although what they really want is to be able to control them in order to get hold of the lucrative business of cures, and of course body modifications.

At first I was an idealist, I wanted to save the world and all that, so little by little I got involved in the project, and when I realized what was really happening, I was so involved that by then it was too late.

We had almost unlimited funds to do whatever we wanted, buy the most expensive equipment, but the only things we didn't have was test subjects. In addition, my job was to organize the genetic sequences to "in theory" decide the scope and purpose of the mutation. But only 5% of the cases ended as planned. Mutation has always been totally uncontrollable.
I must say that what you know about me is totally true. I have always been very obsessed with body modifications. You already know that. So I've really been working on the project of a lifetime. And because of that obsession I have overlooked many things that I regret.

As I said, what we lacked were the test subjects, so the directors of the company made a decision, and with ironclad contracts they forced us to be part of the new plan.

We contacted a so-called "human resources" company, which would supply us with testing personnel. Of course, what was not said openly was that this company was part of a criminal network, experts in women trafficking, arms trafficking and drug cartels.

And the testing staff were just random people around the world who were given the experimental serum in a way that could never be associated with our lab. Because of the lack of knowledge about the transmissibility of the mutation, we could do whatever we wanted, since there was no scientific way to prove that it had been an intentional mutation”

At this point Eva's eyes were full of tears. She was about to throw a punch at him. But Alex saw the expression and continued:
“Wait, let me finish and you can pepper spray me, really.
The point is that almost by chance, we came across a characteristic DNA sequence that seemed to inhibit the genetic changes caused by the mutation. Specifically on chromosomes 4 and 37. In this way, subjects who had this particular sequence were somehow immune to the mutagen. But this genetic characteristic only occurs in one out of every 1,000,000 individuals. Our “human resources” company was able to go through… shall we say creatively, the medical records of over 300 hospitals around the world. Obtaining only 3 people whose DNA tests confirmed this alteration of chromosomes 4 and 37.

I was in charge of tracking down one of these subjects. We had to investigate the environment of these three cases, in order to corroborate that these alterations were genuine, that they were not a product of the environment, such as food, pollution, diseases, etc... So they made us study their customs, habits, etc... including his genealogy. Once its environment has been studied, we would extract a DNA sequence to submit it to study and be able to isolate it... well, the rest is very complicated.

The fact is that the person assigned to me, well, I had to contact her, and gradually get to know her better. I tracked his browsing history and saw what his hobbies were.”
Alex paused and looked directly at Eva, who could hardly believe what she was hearing.
“And it turned out that that girl had more in common with me than anyone until now. And that's when I realized that she was perhaps the most special person I had ever met."

Eva stuttered under great pressure.
“I… I am… one of those 3 cases? Do I have the gene that makes me immune to mutations? Tears were already falling down Eva's cheeks without any control “And you contacted me to investigate? to get a DNA sample? and how did you plan to do it? Are you going to kidnap me? Damn son of a bitch!!” Eva got up and went to punch him, but Alex saw it coming and was able to get away from her.

"Eva! quiet!! please, I know you don't want to hear this, but let me finish, please, I need you to listen to me!" Alex said, visibly affected. Eva turned around and leaned on the balcony railing. It was a big blow that she had to assimilate, just one of the 3 people in the whole world who are not going to mutate in her life... it couldn't be true.

“As I got to know you on the forums, I knew that your passion for mutations was genuine, and almost as obsessive as mine. At that point, I was already beginning to be sickened by how the company was resorting to increasingly unethical practices. So I decided to make a plan, for which I needed your help.

I began to send you classified material on the mutations that our company supposedly caused "naturally", but in reality, it was the HR company that organized the "contamination" of the environment. I saw how receptive you were, so I kept sending you material, which you have been storing, I am sure, on a hard drive in a safe place, so that no one discovers it.”

“So you were really the secret contact, right? fucking lying bastard…” Eva was very angry.
“Yes, obviously I couldn't reveal my source. If the company found out I'd revealed my true identity to you, I'd be dead right now.

The thing is that coincidentally, one of our subjects, in your city, somehow avoided the "quarantine" and for some reason, the mutation managed to spread, forming an uncontrolled situation. The company, instead of warning and trying to contain the outbreak, took advantage of the situation to increase the range of study. In fact, the outbreak right now is out of control.

Nevertheless, the study with you continued. They had you monitored, and decided to mutate your environment to check the true effectiveness of your genetic condition. That's when I tried to warn you. That's why I had to code and encrypt the messages, even myself could be under surveillance without knowing it. They could be monitoring my own communications. But I think you were not able to avoid it. I had to try it!."

“So you mutated my friends?? I don't know if you become aware of everything you've done. You are a bastard. My friend almost suffered a trauma for life, you have left Rob without legs !!” Eve screamed.

“The mutation has been random. In addition, the decision was made much higher up. No matter how much I had opposed it, nothing would have changed. But I swear to you, not a day goes by that I don't regret what happened. I know it's not going to change anything, but I didn't mean for it to come to this. Maybe that's why I'm telling you... I can't take it anymore. I need to do something about it."

"I think you've done more than enough" said Eva bluntly.

“Eva, the next phase of the study has already begun. They have verified that your genetic alteration is not the result of your environment, it is genuine in you. And they have proven that it is effective. Your genetic sequence is immune to mutations. Whoever manages to synthesize the protein that generates this sequence will achieve immunization. An incredible fortune is at stake. Imagine it. You are the most important person in the world right now, and no one knows about it except in my lab."

"What do you mean?" Eva said starting to get scared

“That the experimentation phase begins with you. Surely in two weeks they will be ready to analyze your DNA. By then they will request your presence in the laboratories, voluntarily, or else by force. And believe me they can do it."

“Are you a bastard? are they going to kidnap me???”

"That is his intention, but as I told you, I am here to prevent it."

“And how are you supposed to do it??”

Alejandro took out from under the bench a black briefcase, it had a lock with a password and it seemed quite robust. His face became much more serious and worried.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.20
by Modulokss

“In this briefcase I have gathered enough documentation both on paper and on a USB to unmask most of the corruption plot of my company. Especially the relations with the network of criminal organizations to spread the mutagen.
There are also some vials with enough mutagen charge to randomly mutate more than 10 people.

These vials are the most important. A simple clinical test will clearly show that my company is behind the so-called random mutations, as they all leave a small trace of a protein in the blood for three to four months.

Without these vials, it is possible that they can defend themselves with some legal stratagem, bribery etc... That's where my plan started shortly after I met you. You have enough evidence on your hard drive for there to be a popular accusation by all those affected. You cannot lose those photos, in the metadata of each one there is the history of each case. Thousands of cases of mutates who shouldn't have been affected, and if they know the truth, they could organize and do a lot of damage to the company. Inside the briefcase there are instructions on how to make all this material public. You have to be careful, the company has many international contacts, and if it falls into the wrong hands, they will destroy all the evidence”

Eva was literally freaking out right now
“But… if the company goes down, what will happen to you?”
“I am already doomed. I've been part of this from the beginning. I have no hope for myself, I already assumed for a long time that this is my only chance to do something right in my life. I just want justice to be done.” Alexander smiled warmly.

Eva's countenance began to change. Her anger began to subside, but more tears streamed down her face.
"But... then..." she tried to take in everything he had told him. But Alex anticipated:
“Eva, please, I need you to believe me. I initially contacted you purely out of professional interest, but after only 4 conversations with you, I realized that you were the most special person I had ever met. You have been the reason I get up every day. My goal each month was to collect the images that you might like the most, and I enjoyed making you happy with them. You were the one who opened my mind and it was when they altered your environment, mutating your friends that I understood that I had to do something. I consider my own sacrifice a more than fair payment for the time I have enjoyed with you.”

Eva was already crying uncontrollably. The situation had completely turned around. From a monumental anger, she began to see Alex as a hero, a tragic martyr who was going to sacrifice himself for an ideal. Alex took the briefcase and handed it to Eva

“Please promise me that you will follow the instructions. I don't know how much time we have. Maybe in a week or two they'll come for you. And not only that, managers are out of control. They don't give a shit if they mutate the whole city, as long as they have more test subjects. They will have carte blanche, and as long as they manage to decipher the behavior of the mutagen, they will be unstoppable. This has to be stopped, and only you can do it.”

Alex got up, took her hands and looked into her eyes that were full of tears
"You will do it?"
"Yes... but... don't go..." Eva said.
"I can't stay, I have to go"
"Why?? Let's hand this over and run! let's both go, I'll help you escape!”
"You don't understand. The company has contacts in many places. They'll eventually find me, and what's worse, they'll find you. There is no other option, believe me.”

Alex released Eva's hand, turned around and looked into her eyes. He smiled at her, and slowly began to walk towards the road. They both knew that they might never see each other again.

Eva stood there, briefcase in hand, crying uncontrollably as the first rays of light peeked over the mountains. Alex was gone, and she was now alone with an immense responsibility.
She stayed in the gazebo, watching the sunrise, thinking, thinking and thinking again. Trying to understand the implications of everything Alex had told him: how his life was in danger, the sincerity he has shown, the sacrifice he was going to make... but what surprised her the most is the idea of Alex disappearing. He was going to destroy her for the rest of her life.

What was happening to her? Did she really care that much? he had cheated on her for so long, but really, from the beginning he wanted to help her? Will it be true? No, she couldn't allow such a person to disappear from her life. Only when you are about to lose something, you understand how muchg you need it. And she needed him more than she cared to admit! She had to do something!

The feeling of anguish, of sadness began to change into rage, rage at a criminal enterprise that was playing with the lives of people. One thing is to admire mutations, and quite another to provoke them indiscriminately, breaking thousands of lives. Those bastards had to pay for what they had done, but Alex… she couldn't let him go down like that.

She kept turning all the possibilities over in his head, and then, suddenly, she grabbed the briefcase and ran out to his car. She quickly drove around a couple of checkpoints almost suicidally to his own house. When she arrived, locked himself in, lowered the blinds, locked the door, and stayed in the living room, looking at the briefcase in the middle of the table.

Upon opening it, she found that there were indeed 10 vials of liquids of different colors. Each one had a series of stickers with the code 2B-1H7. Then a folder with a bunch of papers, and a couple of USB sticks. On the lid of the briefcase, a handwritten page.

On this sheet were written the instructions that she had to follow. With plenty of details regarding contacts and how to proceed, phone numbers, media addresses, what material to deliver to each… Alejandro had planned everything very meticulously.

At the end of all these instructions, he put:
“I sincerely hope that you achieve your desire. I'll always be with you. Who loves you: Alex.”
His eyes moistened again as she stared into the briefcase. His head boiled with thoughts. She saw the vials again, and began to think.

“Everyone has mutated, but I am the only one who has not and will not. Of all those who have mutated, I am the only one who has wanted to do so. That's not fair! Why does destiny reserve this fate for me? Why??"

She stared at the vials. A dozen wishes flashed through her mind as she felt mentally unstable. But then she remembered the first time she thought about having two extra arms. Of what she felt when the pandemic began, of the emotion that it came to his city, of how close she had been to the possibility of mutating when her friends did, and then the jug of cold water with her bloody genetics.

Then, suddenly, as if in a fit of anger, she took off her blouse, throwing it violently on the floor. Then she took off his shoes and pants. Her bra and panties, and once she was totally naked, she sat in the chair, took one of the vials, and injected it into her arm.
"So a gene that prevents me from mutating... let's see if it is so"

She took the second vial, and injected that too.
Then the third, and the fourth. She started to feel dizzy, but she kept injecting more. So until she counted 8 empty vials, then her head began to spin wildly, and almost suddenly, she passed out on the living room floor.

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Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.21
by Modulokss

What happened? I feel strange… Why don't I feel anything? Where am I? I cannot see anything…I can't move…Am I dead?
How did I get here? I was at my house, I remember that, but I came from the street… Alex! It's true… the briefcase… so I… shit! I remember the vials. I injected them all, and... I don't remember anything else.

So am I dead? or am I in a coma? Hello?? Can someone hear me??

How can anyone hear me? but I can think, I can remember, I'm still me, right? I just don't feel anything. Oh, will I have mutated in the end? I'm supposed to be immune, but of course, if I'm dead or in a coma...

How much time must have passed? Wait! I notice... something... or someone? I think I'm not alone. Can anyone hear me?? Hear me?? me??
I'm hearing echo in my own head!! but... I have a strange feeling, I feel that there is someone else here...

Ugh, I'm starting to feel something, I'm getting dizzy, I'm starting to feel… pain? where? It's very strange, I feel pain but I don't know where. I still can't move!! What is happening to me? Where am I?? Shit, why did I do that crazy thing??

What was that? I heard a noise! a car? the engine of a car! yes.. a car has gone through the next street! I'm not dead then? oof, what is that? That clarity… where does that light come from? how annoying it is... it blinds me, what the hell...”

Then Eva opened her eyes only to see that a ray of light hit her right in her eyes. But she still couldn't move.
"I can see! I see what is that? a lamp? Wait, it's my lamp! I am looking at the ceiling of my living room. I'm in my living room! Of course! I passed out in my own salon, just when I got my injections. I'm still here, I'm alive, thank goodness!
But... of course, the clarity, that damn sunbeam is hitting me directly in the eyes. Ugh, my head hurts a lot, but… I can't move. I must have suffered from some kind of poisoning, dammit…”
Eva blinked a little. Within a few minutes she was able to open her eyes, although she had a hard time focusing clearly.
“What time should it be? How long have I been unconscious? I'm so thirsty, I feel like the worst of my hangovers and my head hurts."
“I have to try to move, but I can't, because I don't feel anything from the neck down?? I have to try to get up.
Mmmmm!! I think I can move my neck! Let's see??
Mmmmm!! Yes! I can move it! What… who is that?? Who are those??”

Eva saw on both sides of her what looked like two girls lying down, but she only saw them from above.

"Why are there two people lying next to me? I can't see them well. And what the hell are those things…”
Eva said referring to two large lumps of meat that rested on her chest
"Oh my God!! Are they breasts? but… damn! won't let me look further! I have finally mutated!! I have huge breasts!! Yes!! But have I mutated something else? I have to try to get up. I feel how my strength returns. Come on, Eva. Up!!"

After a few moments of gathering strength, Eva managed to bring her torso upright. She had her eyes closed as she became motion sick. She felt very weak, and a tingling went down her spine. She still didn't feel anything from the waist down. So in that position, she opened her eyes again, although she was still having a hard time focusing.
"What the hell…???"

Still dizzy and dazed, she was so disoriented that she didn't quite understand what she was looking at. She only saw body parts everywhere. Legs, giant breasts, arms, heads… a scene straight out of a B-rated horror movie. She began to panic. But even more when she tried to get up and she couldn't because her legs didn't respond to her. The two people that she had on her sides moved a little, as if they wanted to wake up. Eva was genuinely scared, and when she looked down and saw her waist fuse with some kind of even larger base of flesh, her brain collapsed. She began to scream desperately, the horrible feeling of being trapped in a foreign body was making her panic, but when the torso next to her stood up, she looked at her and started screaming too, she completely lost control, and started screaming of real terror. She literally passed out.

My God, what happened? What am I doing here again? It's dark again. Oh shit, I passed out. I remember being trapped in a foreign body... and... another person next to me who had the same thing happen to me. What a nightmare…although…wait a sec.
I feel…my god, I'm starting to feel things…I feel cold, but from places I don't recognize…there are…there are too many! I feel… a lot of new things! What the hell is going on…? I have mutated, that is clear, but how…??? I'm scared!! Mum!! Dad!! Where are you??"

Eva started to cry like a little girl, but then she started to reason, and the rational part of her brain started to take over.
Wait...this is what you've been wanting. Why are you afraid now? You have spent your whole life wanting to be different, you wanted your body to change radically. Maybe now that you've got it, are you going to be afraid?

But I feel too many strange things! What if I'm a monster? What if I am disabled?
There's only one way to find out, right? You have to be strong, you can't be impressed. You have seen thousands of different mutations. Come on Eva, no matter what happens, I'm sure everything will be fine!!”

Eva tried to convince herself to find the courage to open her eyes and see exactly what had happened, because when she opened them for the first time she didn't even know what she was seeing.

She slowly opened her eyes again and began to try to reason out the sensations she was feeling. She was lying on something soft and warm, but she also felt like she was lying on herself. Focusing her gaze she saw the wall of her living room, but turning her head to the other side, the shock of her chilled her. She saw herself! Or at least a girl exactly like her, glasses and all, asleep.

"My God! She has gigantic breasts! And what are those nipples?
She looked further down, and realized with some panic that indeed her waist was attached to some sort of even larger body, and the girl next to her was too! But as she had promised herself, she tried to remain calm. She got up in a vertical position, but when she moved her arms she noticed something very different, when she verified that 4 hands appeared in front of her eyes, totally skillful.
“4 arms!! it's... it's amazing!”

A mixture of excitement and fear washed over her in the form of a shiver. She was finally mutating, but it wasn't how she had imagined it would be. It was one thing to wish for it and quite another to experience it live!
She tried to get up to better observe that copy of hers, already a little calmer, and on the other side she saw another torso, also attached to the same base. There were three girls in total, all just like her!

What she had seen before she passed out wasn't a hallucination, but she... she remembered having two girls on each side, didn't she?? Under the sight of her noticing something also strange
“3 breasts??? I have three boobs, and huge ones too!! Wow!! but… where am I supported? Why is this so soft?

She looked around her a bit, and she saw that her torso was attached to a base, surrounded by more flesh. Large bags of meat hung like flower petals around the three girls, who seemed linked at her waist.

“We are one body!! I have… I have two Siamese sisters!!” She said very upset again “My God my God!! This has been my mutation? I will have to share my body with 2 more girls?? but who are they?"

Still very scared, but trying to control herself, she reached out a finger to check if they were sleeping. She touched the shoulder of her central torso, but she was surprised to notice how she touched herself. The fear began to turn into curiosity, since the signals that reached her brain could not be understood in any way.

She caressed his cheek and kept noticing as if she was caressing herself. She then she put a finger in her eye, above the glasses

She complained about hurting herself. Instinctively the hands of that torso went to cover her eyes, and scratch.
"Shit!! It's me!!" For the first time it was heard in stereo. The central torso rose while she herself, who was on the left, watched in astonishment as she saw herself in another body.

"No, it can not be!!"
Both torsos looked at each other and raised their hands to caress each other's faces, while at the same time they said:
"I have... I have two torsos... but I'm still... me??"

Perceiving two different images from different points of view, Eva felt very overwhelmed. But it seemed that her two brains could process the information separately, although consciously she was still alone. It was the strangest feeling she had ever felt!

But then with the central torso she looked to her right, seeing the other torso still lying down, while with the left torso she noticed that the central one also had 4 arms, and only 2 breasts, not three like her, but of a disproportionate size, and with strange nipples.

“And then the other girl…” She said with the central torso. She caressed her cheek repeating the same sensory cascade, opening her eyes and rising as well. Three different visions, three perceptions of reality, mixed in a single consciousness. Now she was totally in shock.
"Okay, Eva, don't freak out, you have to recover!" She said with her right torso, as she began to hyperventilate.

"You have to analyze this... rationally..." she ended up saying with her central torso.
With her right torso under her gaze, and she said:
“Wow! 6 breasts!! and four arms!”

"And... they're not nipples!" She continued with her left torso, bringing her hand closer to the nipples of her central torso. "Can I...?" She ask absurdly
"Shit, if it's me, why am I asking myself for permission??" She answered with her central torso. Then, with all four of her arms, she lifted her left breast, and oriented it so that she could examine it with her left torso. She took the extra long nipple and checked what it really was.

“Are they… penises??? I have Dicknipples!! the famous
Dicknipples!!” She said with the right torso without looking at the scene. At the same time that torso was looking at her six breasts with all 4 hands. The three torsos were a tangle of arms and breasts looking at each other, examining each other using all arms at once.

"My God! they are mouths!” She said with his left torso examining the two central breasts.
Eva began to change fear and anxiety for emotion when she realized that she had mutated in an incredible way. Three torsos! She had three torsos, all of her! and also, with incredible breasts!
Then all three torsos stopped, and at once looked down. Indeed they were lying before in something soft and fluffy, because in reality those meat bags, she could identify them as breasts too, but of an enormous size!!

Taking a closer look, she was able to notice that the base where her three torsos met was actually a torso itself, but huge! from the bust of this torso is where she and her three torsos grew from, and instead of 2 breasts proportional in size, 8 in total grew around her chest! That's why she was so soft, she was lying on top of herself resting on her own... breasts!
"Damn, I look like a fractal of myself!"


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.22
by Modulokss

Eva couldn't see below, those breasts took up a lot of room. As she was discovering her own body, she was associating the feelings to what she was seeing. The self discovery for the first time was an incredible experience! The fear was almost completely gone, especially when she realized that right now, she had surely become the most extreme mutant in the world! But there was still more…

She couldn't see what was under her giant breasts in front of her, but her two side torsos looked to either side, revealing 3 huge legs on each side. This mega torso rested on top of another even larger body, and these legs were supporting her directly in the ground.
"Holy God! Is that mine too??”

Taking a good look at those legs, she was able to identify the sensations and her brains instinctively worked to associate the commands, and finally she was able to move them. Those legs had a second knee, giving them a rather alien look, but when she was able to focus on one in particular, she discovered that they could be moved with almost superhuman flexibility. Although in a still very clumsy way.

"But... I don't have feet??"
Sure enough, she didn't realize, but her legs instead of feet had hands proportionally the size of the big legs. She brought his hand close to her left torso, watching her and touching her even a little fearfully. But indeed it was also her body. Meanwhile, the central torso also leaned to the side for a better look. She was surprised at how high she was off the ground. In fact, there was barely 4 or 5 cm to the ceiling, and his house was big. But looking down, she noticed between each of the 3 side legs, there was something quite peculiar hanging. His right torso confirmed that the same thing was happening on the other side as well.
"And this... can't be penises, they're too... big!"

But her own leg folded in on itself and she caressed one of those things, feeling a peculiar sensation. She had never felt one, but she was surprised at how big they were. And even more, she began to be aware of the touch between them, she noticed the weight of the testicles, the heat they transmitted to the thighs of her legs... and above all she saw that she had three in each groin, making a total of 12!!

Her heart was beating wildly. All she was seeing for the first time was going to be her body, she couldn't believe that finally she had not only mutated, but that she had done it in a brutal way!! Maybe too much??

A strange sensation appeared in what she assumed would be the front of her body. The three torsos looked at each other as if looking for answers, but logically she didn't get any, only a dizzying sensation of looking at two opposite mirrors. She became disconcerted. So she closed all six of her eyes, and she tried to focus on that feeling. She looked familiar to him, but she seemed tremendously augmented.

So she opened her eyes again, but this time she felt disoriented as she found herself almost at ground level, looking at the wall in front of her. Bewildered, she began to look around, and right behind her she saw a huge body surrounded by giant breasts, but seen from below. She had a hard time, but she managed to self-identify herself, but she didn't understand what she was doing now she was down there. Until she was looking down, and seeing the lower part of this great torso, and where her two front legs were born. Despite being puzzled, she was able to identify the front crotch, which was very wide, and how there were two of the largest vaginas she had ever seen!

“Two vaginas!! and that size! but... but how can I see myself from here??”
She was so stunned that she did not realize that between the two vaginas, the central lip was extended in an unnatural way, in a kind of tentacle. She assumed that her vision came from there, but she had a hard time understanding. Then, concentrating again, she used her front two legs to push her front two large breasts apart, so that the three torsos of hers above all of her could see what was below.

Indeed, that tentacle ended in a head, just like hers, a perfect clone of Eva, but in a totally unreal posture.
“Why the hell do I have a head down there???”
She was starting to get more and more surreal, if that wasn't already enough.
This new head, she tried to look closely and try to identify and associate feelings with what she was seeing. The vaginas, the legs, the breasts, the… arms???

She almost by chance noticed that two arms grew on the sides of each vagina.
“Do I have arms here too??” She said she managed to identify and move them as well.
“Shit… I think this is too much…” she started to say getting scared again. Her body was huge! She had too many additions! it was too extreme! Why would she inject so many vials? she had gotten out of control! And it wasn't over yet?
Sure enough, as her head uncovered her twin vaginas, her central torso tried to go 180º to check the back of your body, at the end of her legs.

"fuck!! This body is still going on, it never ends!!”
Indeed, attached to his hind legs, two large bulges stood out above everything. Two huge bags of meat, they looked like breasts, but they had a strange shape, and she could make out 4 large cylinders growing from them.

“Udders???” She said she without believing it
"It can't be, I'm sure it's something else"
But the sensations were confirming it, although she didn't want to believe it. She had reached a point where everything was too much! It has passed!! she was beginning to get scared that his body was indeed too radical in all respects!

But between the two udders his body still continued, in the form of two long tails. These came out of the room and their ends had been hidden in the entrance hall. So she couldn't see them.

But the feelings she had, told her that something else was hiding behind it. And she was sure that it was not going to be something very normal! Eva's burden was already bordering on her madness.

Her three torsos moved nervously almost chaotically, looking everywhere, being aware of three... no! four different sensory centers! her heads inspected and observed the details of her body. But then suddenly, almost without realizing it, she noticed that she could open her eyes. "But... if I already have my eyes open?"

But as she opened them, a new image appeared in her already confused mind. And she saw the hallway!
"But I'm not there!!" Totally overwhelmed, her brain made a great effort to understand: Another head?? She was able to direct her concentration on this new sensation, and her consciousness "traveled" to this new position, noticing that indeed, she had another head, which meant that her body reached the hallway. The tail! Indeed, turning her head she saw that it grew on top of a kind of giant tentacle that turned the door that led to the living room, where her body was supposed to be.

She looked down, and from both sides of her tail, 4 more arms grew, which she also felt and was able to move. But it was on top of two big balls of meat! more breasts?? they look more like testicles, but it couldn't be... could it?

The end of this tail did indeed look like a gigantic penis, of Rob's own proportions, only it was completely hidden in her skin. Her head was right above her birth. This was bordering on the grotesque!
Scared and not quite sure how to react to this, she looked to the side of her and saw a second tail.
"Shit, it's true, my butt grew two tails!"

She refocused on the sensations and managed to identify them. The end this time was different. Well, a lot of penises, long and flaccid, grew from the end, as if it were a whip with 7 tails.

Eva kept freaking out. All of her sensations now came to him at once. She felt so many things and so overwhelming that she stopped concentrating and began to be aware of 5 points of view at the same time, hearing from 5 different places, the touch of dozens of members, some very sensitive, sexual organs, limbs, arms, the weight of the parts of her body, the tingling of some rubbing against each other… their heads looked everywhere like crazy, she was starting to go crazy! Then suddenly, she closed all her eyes, and with all her mouths at once, she screamed!

She needed to nip the sensory escalation in the bud, sort out her mind, and be able to understand herself! Still with her eyes closed, breathed deeply, in 5 places at once... she could feel them, but again, the rational part of her came out of her to her aid.

"Okay, calm down, let's go step by step. You can concentrate, only in one area. You have to know yourself well. This is your body now, it's what you wanted, so I don't want to get hysterical. Open your eyes, only one head"

Opening her eyes, just two, she saw in her central torso again. She saw again the spectacle that was now her body, but she concentrated again, and noticed how her consciousness could be centered only in one head and "move" it where she wanted, although it required a lot of concentration.

She looked around her again. She could feel every part of what she saw, she was still very overwhelmed. She looked down, and raised all four of her arms. She concentrated on these sensations, but her extra arms copied the movement of the originals, she was unable to move them independently.

Like someone trying to fly a Boeing 747 for the first time without any training, she looked around with no idea how to start. Her body, so big and full of limbs everywhere, was going to be completely useless if she wasn't able to control it. This fact obscured her initial sense of excitement at being transformed. Frustration and fear began to take possession of Eva.

She stared at her new six powerful legs, and tried to move them. She could barely move them a bit, yet the movement was chaotic and frustrating.
The legs on the same side repeated the same movements at the same time. It was impossible to coordinate well! She could barely identify among so many members which one she wanted to move.

“This is too much, will I stay like this forever? I'm trapped in a body so big that it's impossible to move!!”
Tears ran down her cheeks again. Her mutation wish had turned into a nightmare. The situation was getting out of hand again, especially when she started thinking about all the consequences of what she had done.

“My parents are going to kill me when they see me… Shit… I hadn't realized, they're going to freak out! and my friends, and…everyone!! And the authorities? if they discover me they will know about the vials, then I will have a serious problem! Will I go to jail?"

She said, half crying as her anxiety grew. She felt that this was going to be a punishment for wanting to go against her own nature. "You screwed up but good" she said to herself. She no longer knew what to do. But she couldn't stay there forever, she needed help!

As she could, she managed to pick up the shirt that she had thrown on the ground, and put it on the central torso that was the one she could best control. She had to make holes for her extra arms, and she was absurdly tight with her new breasts. In fact these peeked out the bottom. But that didn't matter now. She placed her laptop over her breasts, tilting her torso back a bit, and prepared to call her friends.


Re: Eva: Modulokss' Story

Eva Pt.23
by Modulokss

"Guys! are you all there…??” Eva asked once the three were connected. Eva had oriented the camera so that she could only be seen from the shoulders up, and she had tried to wipe away her tears, but she still had red eyes and a tired look “Sam! Are you OK??" She was so nervous that she didn't want to face what had happened.

“Yeah…well, you know what it's all about. I'm having a hard time getting used to it, but my parents are very supportive, they make everything a little easier” Sam replied. It was still very strange for them to see and hear a delicate young woman.

"Eva, what's wrong with you? you look horrible” Maya asked.
“Have you gone to a party and you haven't told us? You seem to have a brutal hangover” said Rob.

"I… I don't know how to tell you this, but…" Eva began stammering. Her head had too many worries, but she had to rationalize them: Alex, his evil company, the mutation of his friends, and now his own mutation... But she couldn't drop it all at once, she had to go little by little.
"I have mutated" she said suddenly.
The three friends stared with wide eyes.

“How… how have you mutated??” Maya said surprised "What happened to you??" "But are you okay? how has it been?” The three asked almost at the same time
"OK OK!! I'm... I'm... I'm not okay. It has been… too much!” Eva looked down and began to collapse again. She began to cry.

"But Eva! damn, tell us what happened to you?? It's very serious??"
Maya expected the worst.
“I… nothing hurts, I mean, I'm physically fine. But my mutation has been… too extreme! I can't explain it here, but I don't know what to do, I don't even know how to move!! I do not want to be alone!"
Eva cried inconsolably. She had fallen apart. She needed to explode with her friends.
"Okay, let's do something. I think I can take my van and pick you up, we're going to Eva's house” Rob said.
“But how are we going to go? Remember that there is confinement, we cannot go out!” Said Sam
“if it is justified, yes, buy food, go to the pharmacy...”
“And how are you going to drive? you have no legs!”
"but I have 6 arms, I think I can reach the pedals"
“Rob is right. We have to go.” Maya was very worried about Eva. She had to go with her no matter what. But she tried to reassure Eva:
“Eva, we'll be right there. Don't worry. Everything will be fine!”

But Eva was not so convinced. In fact, as soon as she ended the call, she looked at herself again and began to regret it. If she, who had always had a fascination with mutants, saw herself as an extreme monster, what would her friends think of her? What will Maya think, how much did her own transformation impact her?
But she had no choice, she couldn't do anything on her own, she needed help. Also, she was terribly thirsty, and she didn't even know how to move to go to the kitchen. She was not clear that she could fit through the door. But indeed the initial impact was going to be too great. She had to do something!.

As she could, she tried to "activate" her tail, with her head and all 4 arms, and very clumsily, she reached for the living room curtains to rip them off, and pull them over her. That way she would at least cover herself up, minimizing the initial shock. She also covered the two left and right torsos of her.

Just when she finished "cleaning up" there was a knock at the door. Shit! she didn't realize, she had to open the door… how was she going to do it? The logical thing was to use her tail, but the impact…

"What the hell... they're going to see me anyway!"
Her tail was very long, she barely moved it, more dragging with her arms than using her muscles, until she reached the door. Then she opened it.
What her friends saw was a huge penis, with testicles and everything, crowned by Eva's head, holding herself in 4 arms. The 3 of them jumped back in shock. Eva then lowered her head very embarrassed

"I am sorry!! I couldn't open the door any other way. Come in… and please, I just ask you not to get scared and run away”
Eva's tail began to move clumsily down the entrance hall until it disappeared into the living room. Eva was a nervous wreck. How would they react?

The three friends looked at each other, not understanding anything, but they followed the strange snake until they entered the room. There was a huge mass covered by a lot of fabrics. From this mass came the tail that they had just seen, and crowning it, was Eva... another Eva! with four arms and huge breasts, but covered by cloth.

"EVA???" All 3 said at the same time.
"But... if you are... who is it... how..." No one understood anything.
"It's me... it's still... it's me" Eva said embarrassed from the heights on her original torso. “I already told you that my mutation has been very extreme. I have… different heads, as you have been able to observe”
“But, I don't understand, is it still you? isn't she a clone, or someone else?"
Eva tried to jump from one head to the other. It was impossible for him to do it with both at the same time
"Yes... it's very frustrating and difficult, but I'm still here and
there. I get dizzy every time I change, it changes my whole perception and…”
Maya interrupted her
“My God, Eva! but… but are you okay? what else are you hiding under there??” She said when she saw that there were things that moved under the blankets
“I covered myself so as not to scare you too much. You know I've always been fascinated by mutants, but this scares even me..."
The three withdrew a little, they were somewhat afraid of what was hiding under there. If Eva had two heads of her own, anything could happen.
"I'm going... I'm going to discover little by little, do you think it's okay...?"

The three of them swallowed hard, bracing themselves for the worst.
Then Eva changed to her right torso, and with her hands removed the blanket that covered it, uncovering her torso with 6 breasts.

“Another Eva??” Said Sam
Eva nodded that head. The others stared at a fixed point, it was very noticeable when Eva put them in "standby mode" while her consciousness changed from one to another.
Maya covered her mouth, too shocked to speak. They looked at the breasts, at the mouths instead of the nipples, and how they stuck out their tongues in a slightly sensual and involuntary way.

"So it's still you!" Rob still couldn't believe it. "But this is physically impossible!"
“Believe me, it is possible, otherwise how do you explain this?”
And then her left torso came out from under her blanket showing her three breasts and her four arms.

The three of them were speechless. Four heads for one person! They were still speechless, because his eyes were seeing things his brain could barely understand. Eva noticed and stopped for a moment to give her friends a break.
"Are you... are you okay?" I ask worried
The three nodded without saying a word.
"I can stop here... although there is still... more." Eve warned.
"Much more??" Said Maya scared

Eva then dropped the fabric revealing the breasts that encircled her main torso. Rob and Sam's eyes widened, turning excited all of a sudden. The two shifted uncomfortably, as if their customary clothing suddenly bothered them.

But although they were still standing there, as if paralyzed, Eva considered that if they had gotten this far without running away, she could undress completely little by little, in case someone got scared. Seeing that her friends were watching the scene with some curiosity, she continued to drop the blanket. She withdrew it completely, finally showing her lower body, legs, vaginas, penises, head... udders, tails... everything.

The three of them flopped onto the sofa in their own way. For some minutes they were looking without understanding anything, trying to understand what the hell had happened to Eva, and how it was possible for a person to mutate in such a radical way!

"A...are you alright...?" Eva said with the head of her vagina, gesturing with her arms.
Rob shook his head trying to understand, without much success.
Indeed it had been too much. Eva began to think that it had been a mistake. All three were visibly traumatized. Despite having mutated, what had happened to Eva was beyond any limit that a human brain could assimilate. Eva started to cry again, realizing what a huge mistake she had made, since the reaction of her friends was the last thing she needed.
But it was Maya who tried to snap out of her shock.

“Okay…okay…let's face this…all together. Eva, we are going to be with you… the first thing will be to call the authorities to…”
But Eva didn't let him finish the sentence
"NO!! we can't call anyone!"

Eva had already thought about that possibility, but if they found out about the vials then everything would get much worse. “I… I dare not tell anyone, not yet. I'm not ready!"
"But the tests they have to do..." Sam said.

"What is going to happen if I'm contagious? you have already mutated, I am not going to do anything to you. Also, apart from… all of this, I don't really feel any kind of pain. Just a great tiredness, but… please, don't call anyone, or tell anyone. Not yet!" Eve kept crying.
“Okay…no…we won't tell anyone. But… what can we do then?” Rob asked.
"I do not know yet! I just know that it's not my body and I can't do anything with it. I don't know how to… handle it. And I don't know if I'll get it one day!" The frustration manifested itself with more tears.

“Okay Eve, calm down. We will help you. And we will do what you say.”
“Thanks… I just… need… help, for the basics I guess. And maybe to… clean myself up a bit, I don't see myself capable of doing anything!” It was obvious that Eva was tremendously embarrassed to have to ask for something so basic. But the three understood perfectly, since they had already been through something similar.

"Don't worry, you can count on us. Despite the confinement, we will manage to come visit you and help you with whatever you need” Maya showed the initiative, since Rob and Sam were still visibly shocked, they did not stop looking at the infinite details of Eva's body. Going through a trauma like her transformation, Maya was able to feel
a special empathy for Eva, and despite the radical mutation, under all those changes was her dear friend.

“Okay, let's do one thing, Rob and Sam, go home, I'm staying with Eva today. I'll let you know when she needs to go out or needs you to go to the supermarket."
Rob and Sam snapped out of their reverie, and nodded to Maya.
"Okay... okay... of course" They said at the same time.

Eva, seeing that Maya took control of the situation, remained a little calmer. Rob and Sam said good-bye to her, wishing her luck, and left the house. Eva and Maya had been left alone.

Maya re-entered the living room, and went over Eva's body from top to bottom, putting a hand on her head.
"For the love of God, Eva... Look, I thought your ideal mutation would be very radical, but I think this tops it all..."
Eva felt embarrassed again, throwing her hands to her face. She nodded without saying anything.
"Okay, don't worry... I... I don't know where to start, I mean... what do you need?"
"Well... right now I'm terribly thirsty, but I can't go into the kitchen... in fact, I can't leave the living room, only to the street, although I'm not sure if it will fit through the double entrance door either"
"Sure count on me"
Maya went to the kitchen, and came back with a glass of water. But she didn't know what to do with him.
“Where… who… who do I give it to?” She asked, puzzled. Her original torso was 2 meters tall, she wasn't quite tall, but there were more heads available "Are you supposed to be able to drink anywhere?" Maya couldn't believe that she was seriously asking such a question.
"I do not know! I have no idea…let me try”

She concentrated and tried to move her head into her vagina, which was closest to Maya. With a gesture with her hands, she invited her to come closer and pass the glass to him. Maya approached with some reluctance, as she was approaching the two most gigantic vaginas she had ever seen. Eva took the glass, and the long prehensile neck that supported her head moved closer to him, downing the contents in a single gulp.
“Yes, I can drink around here! but I am much thirstier… I think you should bring a couple of bottles”

Maya was quite surprised to see how this head was still Eva, with her gestures, her voice... she went back to the kitchen, returning with three 2-liter bottles of water with her four arms.
“Will this be enough?” she asked her.

The hands in her vagina picked up a bottle, while her left torso reached down, to pick up the other two.
"Maya... here..." Eva said, trying to get her attention, since Maya hadn't noticed her gesture. Surprised, she gave that torso the two bottles. As the vagina emptied the bottle, her right and left torsos emptied the other two bottles, almost in sync. And while this was happening, the central torso spoke with Maya.

"You don't know how thirsty I was...thank you very much!"
“You're… you're welcome” Maya said “Can I… can I do anything else for you…?”
“I am also very hungry. What if we order some pizzas? Like 4 or 5…?” Eve said.
“4 or 5?? Are you crazy??"
"I am very hungry! I guess I have to feed all… all this!” She said again, embarrassed.
"Okay okay, don't worry, I'll order 5 pizzas, you're right."

Maya called the pizzeria and made the order. When she hung up, she stared at Eva again, making an uncomfortable silence. Maya was also overwhelmed by the sight of Eva's body. Different contradictory sensations crossed her mind.
“Maya…” Eva said looking at her with two heads at the same time “If this gets over you, I'll understand, really. If you just leave me the pizzas, I can manage myself…”
"No!.. no, why do you say that?" Maya asked distractedly.
"I see you, uncomfortable, to be honest"
“Let's see… you're impressive, Eva… you know how my mutation affected me, I just think how it should be for you. But after how much you helped me, the minI can do is to be here with you.”
But Maya was also going through a contradictory situation. On the one hand she felt overwhelmed and shocked by the trauma that Eva must be suffering, but on the other, she felt somehow attracted, since her last sexual experiences with her body, the mutants were beginning to cause her a certain interest. And the one she had in front of her was the ultimate expression of her.

"Thank you..." Eva said about bursting into tears.
"But... why are you crying now??"
“It's… for everything! my life is also over, anyone who sees me...everything is over”.
Maya understood that she had to change the subject. She remembered how she went through the exact same situation and how Eva was precisely the one who encouraged her to keep going. Drawing courage from within, she was encouraged to take the initiative.

“Let's see, Eva… everything will be fine, I promise you. The first thing you have to do is learn to handle yourself. I am sure that once you control your own body, you will feel better. At least that's how you helped me, and look at me now."

“But… How am I going to learn to handle all of this? I am too much in every way”
"Well, let's go in parts, you can't pretend to learn everything
or suddenly. Let's see…"

Maya scratched her chin as she walked around Eva's body, taking a good look at her. She had to help Eva learn to use her own body, trying to apply what she had learned with her own, but this was about 20 times more complex. "How am I going to do it?" Maya thought...