Topic: A Day With Miss Night - by flagcatcher (Furry)



A Day With Miss Night
by flagcatcher

Night finally left her bedroom, after what had felt like hours. For anyone else, waking up wasn't a chore; roll over, tap the alarm off, and slap some clothes on. But Night was a phalli-girl. Smooth skin, bit leathery but rather supple, covered her body, and subtle veins criss-crossed across her flesh. Given her lack of fur, and her huge, meaty finned tail, one would peg her as an odd shark and leave it at that. Even with those long pointed ears and the rather... Phallic taper of her face, along with the lack of nostrils. But it was much more complicated than her peculiar appearance.

Every day, Night woke up with a colossal case of morning wood. In fact, she often woke up with a smack of her head against the ceiling, because her neck was the shaft of her dick! And with her head being her, well, dickhead, that meant a proportionately huge amount of shaft to go with it. Several feet of length, to be exact, and that was only when she was just getting warmed up. That's right; when her shaft-neck was longer than the rest of her body, she was merely sporting a half-chub, at best!

So the first order of business was always to rub one out, else she'd literally never be able to walk out the door, lest she stumble around with her head swinging out and throbbing several feet past the rest of her. But it gets worse: eight hours of sleep meant that her tits were always heavy and huge with a fat load of cum, way past their usual beach-ball size and easily reaching levels of heft and size that'd put wrecking balls to shame. So not only was her room flooded a few times a day, several inches deep with spunk sourced fresh from her tits, but she can't count how many times she'd punched a hole through her ceiling with her hard-on!

But enough of that. Night, softening and sticky, slammed the door shut after walking out of her room, tucking a few towels into the gap between hardwood flooring and the door. Even with the drain she had installed, her morning nut was usually so immense, that the drain wouldn't be able to chug it down in time. As she stepped into her bathroom, she cupped her chin for support, her long neck hadn't fully turned flaccid so there was still plenty of wobbling length and huge globs of cum seeping from her maw, overflowing past her palm. Wasting little time, as there was an important occasion today, she padded into the shower and slammed its glass closed!

'Can't have too much fun today, got places to be! I'll make sure to set it chilly...' Night mused to herself, hesitantly twisting the shower's knob, allowing just a trickle of slightly cool water to sprinkle forth... Right onto her head.

What a mistake. She'd normally let this thing run, slowly dip a few fingers in, take it easy. But as soon as those first droplets splashed across her glans, she shuddered, finding the jolt absolutely electric. As she was still tender, post-climax, she felt particularly sensitive to the cool beads that traced rivulets down her fat glans, stroking her face and feeling delightfully tingly. And with her tenderness, she truly felt the weight of each drop smack her face, able to distinguish each one as the flow was still sparse. The pitter-patter filled her ears, and those sensitive long appendages were stroked by plenty of that water, as well, the stream rinsing off the layers of oozing cum all over her head.

It was refreshing, and she shuddered, feeling the chill set in, then shrinkage. Her neck receded, even a little shorter than normal, that dick-neck flaccid enough to show the creases at the base, the excess skin bunching up. Her fat knockers were a little tingly, with how the water stroked over her stiff nipples, erecting them at the same time that it softened the rest of her. How odd!

Her hands trembled a little from the cold, as the rest of her body shook with the shivers. It was nearly a teeth-chattering cold, but fortunately she had no teeth to grit. Still, her hands worked quickly, swiping across her breasts and feeling her taut skin, nice and snug thanks to the chill, before rolling up her neck and scrubbing off some of the residual spunk with her palms. Steadily working her way upwards, she was soon touching the edge of her glans, gasping out as it was the most sensitive part of her cock! Trying to make this quick only made this more stimulating, but fortunately the cold suppressed her erection. Night splashed her face with handfuls of water a few times, and with that, much of her cum-coating had been rinsed off.

Grabbing a bar of soap with one hand, she went to work on the rest of herself, scrubbing with a little less enthusiasm as the other hand dialed up the temp enough to be bearable. The rest of Night was voluptuous, quite apt given her huge rack! One hand held onto one of her wide-set hips whereas the other stroked the soapy bar across her ample ass, lathering up quite nicely. There was one big upside about being hairless, it was super easy to clean herself!

But it hadn’t always been this way.



Night ran fingers through her dark hair, her large fuzzy white ears listening in for any sign that she was up next. It was some kind of experimental trial using the gene-modifying serum known as TENDR (Temporary Endocrine Nucleic Dioxide Re-Schlongilizer). To layfolk like her, the whole thing sounded equal parts scary and exciting, as it promised to revolutionize medicine! Sure, there had been reports about some 0.1% of test subjects having adverse reactions… But Night had weighed the risks. See, she had no serious condition that’d warrant the procedure, in fact she was perfectly healthy, which made her an ideal test subject!

Rather, Night had always wanted to be a dickgirl. That is, she wanted a big ol’ swinging slab of cock between her legs, even if it’d only be temporary. She just figured dicks were so neat, it’d be nice to have one of her own. So she spent the entirety of last night filling up her search history with big dicks! Canine, equine, feline, the chimera just wanted to make absolutely sure she didn’t have buyer’s remorse later. It was a hard decision, but by the end, she finally decided on getting an equine cock.

Oh, and she did her due diligence with regards to TENDR itself. Why, she spent five minutes looking up crispy and grilled chicken tenders!
“Miss Night! Room 2B!”

A voice called out, and so, Night’s tail thumped excitedly against her seat. The lady rose from her chair, padding across the checkerboard tiles and between sterile walls. She wasn’t entirely sure where Room 2B was, but she paced through the same doorway where the other patients went, and squinted at several doors and their labels, passing them by.

“Room 2A… Room 2α… Room 2B!” The chimera chirped, swinging open the door and finding herself surprised by the furnishings.

The room was way spacious and had more square footage than a small apartment. The floors were slightly inclined towards drains at the other end of the room, while there was only a single plastic examination chair at the center. A single cabinet lay at one corner, while most of the walls were glass… These were probably one-way mirrors for prying eyes.

“Hello, Miss Night! Sorry, we--I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon!” The doctor turned slowly to regard the chimera, offering a blue-glove that protruded from a white sleeve. His other hand clutched some documentation, and he had the look of a sandy-furred canine… Maybe a fennec, sand fox, or coyote.

The chimera was a little startled, as he was turned around and his pale lab coat didn’t exactly stick out amongst all the white. “Oh, hey doc!” She gave him a light handshake and then reached into her pocket, fishing out a stack of papers that she carefully unfolded like origami. Her palpable excitement returned, as she presented each page to the doctor, flipping through them as she spoke. It was over a dozen printouts of gratuitous horsecock!

“I thought about it, and I was thinking, it’d have to be a horse cock. I’d like at least a foot of length, medial ring around a quarter of the distance from the base to tip, y’know I was thinking a flare diameter of–”

The doctor interjected, shaking his hand dismissively and chuckling it off. “Ma’am, these are still the clinical trials. We’re nowhere near that exact, yet. Typically, you’ll grow the appropriate cock of your species. We’re going to try and activate your unexpressed male genes, which will produce the proteins and hormones that kick start the process. Along with the initial culture of stem cells–”

Night flicked her wrist, a little disappointed. “Alright, I’ll settle for any cock, really. But you said male genes, can’t you express the female genes or something? I’d much rather have a female penis.” The chimera remarked, having trotted over to the examination chair and plopped onto it with an exhale.

Her examiner returned to his cabinet, easing it open and reaching into there, the solution was already prepared, so he only had to tinker with a syringe. As he filled the injector with the concoction, he tilted a brow at her very specific concern.
“Ma’am, uh, it really doesn’t work that way. Your, uh, chromosomes–” The doctor gestured, but found himself interrupted again!

“Wha? But the texture’s way different! Well, hit me up with two doses, then. If I can’t have anything else, I’d like it to at least be big.” Night implored, having already rolled up her sleeve, she was more than ready to take her dose.

But the researcher tapped the syringe just to make sure it worked, he still had a few more details to sort out. Placing the injector down, the man picked up his clipboard and documents, flipping over to Night’s details. He ran his finger over her age, sex, and so on, adding as an aside. “Miss Night, please. It’d only be safe to give you the minimum dose. You can expect to develop a five inch penis over the course of three months. You’ve obviously seen too many internet ads if you think you can grow two feet in two minutes or something.”

The chimera bit her lip. Five inches? Three months? Her dreams had been crushed, right then and there. She exhaled deeply, sank in her seat, and could see the doctor thought nothing of it. Night considered whether she’d bother going through this now, well… At least there’d be a fat paycheck at the end.

The researcher casually reached into the cabinet, pulling out a plastic-sealed medical gown, and tossing it in the chimera’s direction. Night caught it, rolling her eyes, here she had thought she’d skip wearing one of these. They never fit!

Reluctantly, the woman eased out of her seat, unbuttoning her jeans and letting them drop. This revealed her absolutely wide hips, along with those melons for rear cheeks, flanking either side of her fuzzy shark tail. Only a tight thong hugged her crotch, flossing her plump labia and drawing the eyes to the woman’s deep violet, scaly, and ridged underbelly. Night hesitated a little, her gaze lowered to the fabric snug up against her fat pussy, wondering whether she’d need to strip -totally- bare… For science, of course. In the meantime, she grasped the hem of her shirt and peeled it off of herself, struggling to do so as her huge sweater-puppies were tightly packed in there! But with what was nearly an audible -thwump-, her bra-clad tits flopped free, allowing her veritable globs of tit-flesh to settle in their cups.

Night tossed her top aside, hands adjusting her absurdly large bra, as the researcher was caught staring wide-eyed for a moment there, before returning to his notes. “Oh, uh, you can keep those on, well, underneath.” He gestured, trying to keep his cool. “So you’re a chimera… Of what, exactly?” The researcher scribbled, and Night shrugged her shoulders.

“Shark…? Bit of something foxy, I think. Did I mention shark?” She eyed him for approval.

“Uhm, okay… So, Miss Night, on your intake form… For weight, you uh, just scribbled a bunch of question marks. You do realize we need that information for proper dosage, right?

The hybrid woman pulled the thin gown over herself, preening herself as he asked.
“I don’t know, it’s hard to even get an accurate weight. See, my tits hang all the way over here, and my tail extends all the way back there.” Night motioned in every which way. “And they only make scales this big, so yeah. No clue.”

The researcher scribbled even more onto his notes. Then, he hesitated. “Hm, I have a lot of, uh, incomplete information here. We might need to reschedule or cancel. Let me see if I can get an override from the Head Researcher, though. Please be patient, I’ll be right back…”

He assured, but his expression betrayed that things were not looking good in terms of her procedure. The door shut with a loud thud, and Night felt anxious. Each second felt like an hour, and she was sure that she’d be rejected. Then her eyes narrowed on to–the syringe. In his haste, he left it sitting right there on its base, waiting to be used.

The chimera rose and walked towards it, pausing for a while as she waited to see if any alarms or other nonsense would ring, or anyone would charge back in and stop her–She was surprised, however, that there was no examiner behind the reflected glass to notice her shenanigans. Felt like the test really was just… Canceled!

She took the needle in hand, getting over any reservations about the sting, she tried to focus on what it’d be like to have a huge dick. No bones about it, her thoughts immediately went to the size, the sensation, fuck… Night would probably call out sick for the next week if this ended up working, because she imagined jerking off all day! Who knows, maybe she could have a promising career as a pornstar if this ended up working… It felt like her life could be utterly changed, if she just seized this moment.

A second later, Night plunged the syringe in her arm, thumb pushing the plunger as hard as she could muster, emptying the entire needle’s contents into herself. It stung a little, moreover, she could feel the solution flowing through her vein, feeling hot as the concoction surged through her blood. Once she pulled it free, she reeled with disbelief, tossing the needle onto the ground as she was astonished… There really wasn’t a drop left.

For a while, she felt nothing more than the warmth of the concoction flowing through her arms, her legs, her core… The vein in her arm where it entered was particularly pronounced, throbbing visibly. Besides that, her hands were shaky from residual adrenaline, and she worried about whether she’d have trouble. I mean, they were going to inject her with it anyway, right? The worst they could do was charge her for the dose…

But she didn’t have more time to relish this, because the door eased back open and revealed the researcher from before, his ears shot up as he saw the chimera, then came closer, only to see the empty needle. “Whuh–You, you took the whole dose!?” The man spoke incredulously.

Night inched back, her hand clutched over the injection point on her other arm, feeling the throbs beneath her palm. She shrugged while the intense pulsing at the point of injection seemed to spread, radiating throughout her entire arm.
Her heartbeat rose, her pulse rising ‘til her heart was threatening to escape her chest! It wasn’t just the rush of the situation… Night felt hot, it all felt too warm and uncomfortable to bear, never mind her clothing. So, totally heedless of the doctor’s stare, the woman reached back and untied her loose gown's knot, allowing the fabric to slide right off of her body! In mere seconds, this once more revealed the shiny black flesh of her nipples, and the lady exhaled with relief. Her increasingly sensitive skin no longer chafed under every rub of that thin fabric against her scales, but to her own surprise and that of the doctor, the woman was changing far more visibly.

The deep purple of her scaly underbelly was fading while her fur and scales were somehow receding. Each exposed inch was showing increasingly pale and shiny flesh, the smooth texture not staying so for long, as her veins bulged towards the surface. With the ridges of her underbelly smoothing over and her hue fading towards that creamy white flesh, quite like the white of her fur color, the uniformity was broken by those criss-crossing, chaotic networks of overlapping veins. They were swelling out rapidly, pulsing violently beneath her skin as though they tried to escape her.

One could see the rhythmic writhing of those webs across her body, pulsing in unison with each other, as the initial vascularity at just her arm spread far beyond that... It was like the solution itself could be seen pushing through the blood vessels of her shoulder, breasts, abdomen, and beyond. Given how hot Night was feeling right now, her blood pressure was probably skyrocketing...

"Y-you're... It's out of control--Why, you look like you're going to explode!" The researcher piped up, finally working up the courage to speak in light of the catastrophic and awe-inspiring changes that were wracking Night's body, right before his eyes. He'd never seen such a severe reaction to the serum, and had to prop himself up against the counter, trying to contain his shock. He was still on the clock, however, and pulled out his notepad, hastily jotting down notes.

"Haaahnnnnff... Wh-wha... Y-You're not gunna d-do something!?" The chimera rasped out, practically spitting, as she was starting to drool copiously. Fluids were oozing down her chin, and she was struggling to catch her breath, stepping back slowly from the table and collapsing back onto the examination chair. Here, she exhaled deeply, for this too was much to bear. Laying down like this, her breasts felt like absolute anchors, their remarkable heft only becoming more pronounced. She had no clue, but inside, the glands of her breasts were rapidly mutating. Rather than producing milk, those glands were forming into rudimentary testicles, deep within the core of her fat tit-flesh and expanding, growing to further enlarge her tits themselves.

The lumps were swiftly past fist-sized and in fact eclipsed the size of bowling balls, all within the span of a minute, noisily stretching out her flesh and making her tits strain to contain the added mass and volume. The fat of her tits really had to spread in order to make room for her enlarging testes, which would soon be the size her tits once were, and in turn, would make her breasts over twice their ordinary beach-ball size. All the while, those testicles were busily producing cups worth of precum at a time, warming up as they were accumulating sperm to make a proper cumshot in due time!

The doctor muttered, "Maximum rate of expansion looks to be around 1 Liter per second... Subject looks to be expelling excess pre-ejaculate already..." And after writing that bit down, his hand swinging violently in his haste to jot down every detail, he finally replied, "It might be safer to act once your situation is... Stabilized, your body's already at high-stress, don't want to agitate this any further. Let's see how this evolves..."

Night was outraged, but she was struggling to even think that, or think much of anything besides the intense sensation of her body rippling with the changes. Much less, audibly complain beyond her groans. As she was producing so much spunk, those breasts were forcing that excess to spill two ways... First, it was clear the existing tract to her nipples still worked, because her enlarged, pulsating nipples were leaking runny precum with the steady splatter of a halfway turned faucet. But worse, somehow there was a connection right to... Her throat. Every helping of precum spewed into her gullet, giving her no choice but to spit up cups worth of the stuff at a time.

Speaking of her throat, she couldn't help but notice how it was elongating... Her entire neck was actually lengthening, pushing out with inch after inch of new flesh. This was what caught her most by surprise, as by the time she realized, the doctor had become several inches shorter from her perspective! And with that, every inch was veinier than the last, those same winding coils pushing through her neck and to her chin, never pressing beyond the edges of her head despite how her neck subtly changed in other ways. Her neck was thicker, curved upwards, and bulged at the underbelly, more and more resembling the shape of a fat... Cock! The moment Night saw her reflection in the distance, her neck already over two feet long, she sputtered out, loud and clear.

"I'm turning into a cock!?"

By this point, the doctor had backed far away from the chimera, taking his remaining notes at a cautionary distance, right beside the door. He tilted a brow, figuring it was apt. "Well, the correct term would be phallus, but, yes. To think of it, it looks like it's causing a systemic phallic alteration as to just a localized phallic protuberance. Certainly related to the dose..."

But that was falling on deaf ears, for Night was too distracted with the swelling and throbbing of her entire body to fully process what he said. She was aching with a rising need she never felt before. The pulsing through her body seemed to concentrate towards her neck, and then her face, with her phallic neck expanding and twitching vigorously, each time sending intense twinges of sensation through her body, she was now feeling something more than tightening and swelling... A heightened sensitivity that became beyond just sensitive, she was now erogenous!

Once Night reached up to touch her neck, she gasped with a splurt of precum escaping her maw, finding that it felt rather heavenly to touch herself. With all the fur gone from her face, her snout itself swelled up and expanded, losing its distinct and tapered femme shape to become notably plump.
In fact, the shape of her head streamlined, her hair having fallen off and so, left her head smooth, shiny... Increasingly like the plump and glossy glans of a cock! She even lost her nostrils as her nose sealed over, while she had to pant for breath through her maw, struggling for oxygen…

"Glrrrf, mmmhhmrrrmph..." Night spewed noisily, her elongated neck leaving her helpless in her attempts to cup her face, what with all the excess and thickening pre-nut splattering down her glans. Her eyes were rolling back with rising pleasure, and her look towards the researcher was pleading, but he ignored her gaze, too focused on the rest of her and these very interesting reactions! There was even some noise down the halls, as Night briefly figured there were other researchers sitting down to take a closer look, behind the one-way glass that surrounded the room.

With the peaking pleasure, pressure, and heat throughout her body, the chimera was unable to hold out, not any longer. Her eyes were bulging with the need to release, driving her so wild that she gave no warning. Seizing up on the exam chair, throwing herself back and causing her huge breast-balls to flop over and slap herself, those orbs tensed up and pulled tight to her chest, clenching to release gallons of cum all at once. The seed roiled through the barrel of her huge length of cock-neck, for by now her neck was over three feet long, pushing on four, and extended well beyond the chair, her straining and swollen, darker head pointed right towards the wall's mirrors. Aghast at her own reflection, how she looked like a fat throbbing cock with eyes and ears, that still didn't slow the rippling advance of her cum one bit.

Huge bulges of cum visibly pushed through the underbelly of her cock-neck, flowing to her head and ejecting from her maw with incredible force. With pulse after pulse, the chimera's whole neck and head jerked mightily, and she gurgled between each splash of cum, twitching out over a dozen ropes of cum that streaked across the entire wall! The back-splatter flew several feet, and Night wasn't able to restrain herself, trying to lift herself up and resist the reflexive twitching of her climax. All this did was make her huge cock-head and shaft-neck swing around, flinging those chaotic clumps of seed across plenty more of the room, and those drains were sure put to work! Though it was only a few minutes, it felt like an hour for Night, and with her whole body convulsing with the throes of climax, by the time it was all over, she was too exhausted to move.

With the last rivulets of cum flowing down her snout, her chest heaved for air, as several figures obscured the sterile room's bright light. They loomed over her, examining her closely. Looks like that wasn't going to be the only test…



Feeling squeaky clean, Night strolled out of her bathroom, right back to her bedroom with a hose in hand. As she paced into her room, she casually hosed down the floor and plenty more, spraying away the residual spunk from earlier. Once that was over, she turned towards her closet and pulled the door open, revealing her wardrobe which she mused over.

‘It’s been a while since my last date… Ah, that was a real catastrophe… I don’t know, I guess I should wear something casual and bright…’ She figured, as she slid around garments on the rack.

A tight-fitting latex suit, no… Too sweaty. Plus, last time, it really made the veins pop!

A micro-bikini… Nah, too revealing… Night already had enough attention, besides she’d never want to look too lewd, right?

Oh… A flower dress, an eye-pleasing contrast of white and yellow, it’d be perfect… And it’d hide any troublesome cum-stains!

The phalli-girl pulled the hanger off her rack, handling the fabric carefully while discarding the hanger and draping the dress over herself. One hand handled the collar of her dress, as the other fiddled around with her large and protruding ears, tucking them past the collar and then slowly, carefully pressing her shaft-head beyond the tight opening.
Her phallic head pushed through the snug neckhole, the soft cotton drawing across her glans’ sensitive edge before it settled atop her shoulders. With a murmur, Night pulled the hem of the dress downwards, admiring herself in the mirror as the fabric billowed over her impressive curves. Fortunately she had plenty of loose clothing, not just for her large boob-balls, but also her wide-set hips! She found bras to be quite pointless, it was impossible to get them in her size… And they chafed against her huge nipples, anyway. So, the phalli-girl applied the finishing touch… Tightening the sash around her waist, better complementing the forms of her figure. But not too tight, she didn’t want to engorge herself due to a lack of circulation.

“Perf!” She remarked, turning around before the mirror and making sure nothing was amiss. Too bad she forgot to put on any panties… Hopefully that wouldn’t bite her in the ass later.

Now, the phalli-girl strolled over towards her door, fetching her purse and slipping on some sandals, patting herself down and looking a bit quizzical, just making absolutely sure she hadn’t forgotten something. ‘I’ll just grab a bite to eat later, gotta do some grocery shopping before the date, anyway…’ Night assured herself, unlocking the door and perking up before heading to her car. It was a sporty little convertible, a vibrant shade of red, hence why she called it her ‘red rocket’! The sunroof proved super convenient whenever things became too… Veiny, and the interior was a very pleasant-feeling leather. She buckled up and pumped the gas…


Night pulled up next to the supermarket, parking into a conveniently close spot reserved for the hyper-endowed. She eased out of her car, full of pep as she entered the building. The first thing she did was pick up a basket and trot down the aisles… Night had no need for a cart, as she already picked up her 55-gallon barrel of lube yesterday. It only took a few minutes before her ears stood up straight and her eyes lit up, as she paced a little more hurriedly towards Aisle 69.

“Oh, BOGO on Hyperion Sextuple-XL condoms…” She muttered aloud, trying to not make her destination or hurry too obvious, but she was genuinely concerned they’d run out, like the last sale.

Once she came around the corner, the phalli-girl was equal parts relieved and anxious. Relieved, because the shelf had a few more boxes left, ripe for the taking. Anxious, because there was only one other person in the aisle, a woman even more endowed than herself in the bust department, and she was very much blocking that shelf. Not even on purpose, the other lady’s rack was simply so massive that it obstructed the entire self of pleasurable protection!

She seemed to be some kind of wolf, with a short and wagging tail, drawing the eyes towards her yoga pants, which squeezed the contours of those thighs so tightly! But what was truly absurd was the size of her breasts, restrained by a neon-pink sports bra, just barely managing to support those heaving knockers. Those tits would put any cliche about watermelons or beach balls to shame; by volume, each was probably bigger than the wolf herself!

Night hesitated, and for the better part of a minute, she stood there and gawked at the woman, hoping she’d finish whatever business she had with the shelf and move on. It took nearly all of the phalli-girl’s willpower to not pop a boner at that moment, what with those giant mounds wobbling around with each of the fat-tittied woman’s motions.

The canine lingered, tapping her chin with a claw as she seemed utterly clueless. “Oh, Sextuple, is that uh, six or seven times…” She pulled one of the oversized boxes out, turning it over and inspecting it, as though the writing was arcane. “Ah, screw it, I’m just gonna call my boyfriend…” The female added, inching back just a little to rummage a hand through her cleavage and fish around for her phone. And so, she was spending a whole minute fiddling around, paw palming around her tits beneath the fabric, making those jaw-dropping tits ripple all the more violently.

It became too much for poor Night to handle, and so the dick-girl decided to make a move at last… She carefully stepped closer, trying her utmost to be ignored, soon within inches of the over-endowed wolf and shakily extending her arm… Her fingers were so agonizingly close to a box of those monster-sized condoms, but she started to grow hard with how she just barely grazed those tits beside her. There was palpable tension in the air, as Night wordlessly reached and stiffened, while the wolf widened her eyes as the phallic girl encroached onto the periphery of her sight, at first blinking with surprise… And then realizing her eyes did not deceive her.

Night’s neck had grown several inches in the span of a few seconds, and already started to bristle with veins. With her heightening tension, the dick-girl could feel her neck thrumming with her rising pulse. As she was already taller than the wolf, this made her dick-head and shaft-neck hang over a foot above and beside the perplexed wolf’s head–For a split second, the wolf, who probably had dick on her mind most of the time, mistook this for a giant dick hanging near her face–Which, was pretty apt! But it was enough to make the wolf gasp, and the canine’s startled sound was enough to throw an anxious, embarrassed and straining phalli-girl off-balance.

The dick-girl’s hand swiped at air, and she toppled over, having balanced so precariously to reach that shelf! Totally by accident, she threw herself onto the incredibly busty woman in the process, sending the two to the ground. The hapless wolf thumped onto the cold tiling first, smarting a little, moments before Night piled on top of her, the dickgirl chimera’s much firmer tits flattening the wolf’s own pair. Fortunately for Night, the woman beneath her absorbed the impact of the small fall, as finally Night’s own stiff, engorged shaft-neck swung through the air. See, the chimera’s shaft-neck had plenty of weight and inertia behind it, so that half-hard dick swiped through the air with a loud ‘FWHOOP’ before impacting the wolf’s face with a fleshy SLAP so loud, the entire supermarket could hear it!

The wolf girl shrieked, both from the sting of an absolutely tremendous cockslap to her face and the shock of the experience itself. Her phone had been sent flying out of her hand and the splash of precum from Night’s maw had soaked onto her face, matting her cheeks with just one helping of the runny stuff, as well as ruining her makeup. Her mascara streaked, and her hands stumbled to get some kind of hold on the ground, already trying to wedge herself out from beneath Night!

“Oh, s-sorry!” Night stammered out, while the canine was spitting up precum. The wolf girl’s brows furrowed as she looked up at the chimera and her towering dick-head, because Night’s shaft-neck was already halfway towards hardness, protruding several feet beyond her shoulders. It was a whole lot to behold, and that huge dick cast a shadow over the canine. Even now, the veins on Night’s shaft-neck were thicker than fingers, pulsing visibly and looking incredibly obscene!

“Whuhh–Are–Are you the dickhead girl!?” The wolf blurted out in disbelief, still quite shaken by the experience.

Night, for her part, clumsily pushed herself off, flopping back and onto her ass, trying to sit upright despite the heft of her long neck bobbling around. With each inch of size, every bit more of erection, her blood was pooling into her neck and head, filling her ears with the sound of her own pulse, and making her face unbearably hot! Within no time, Night’s neck was longer than any giraffe-lady’s, just soft enough to let her neck arch a little, drooping from sheer heft. Despite her building shame, she was arching proudly like a tower of cock!

The dick-woman’s gaze was towards the ceiling, and she was quite disoriented. “I-I guess, I don’t know a-any other ones!”

“Geez… You made a mess all over me.” The wolf muttered, propping herself up onto one arm, her other hand swiping across her clothed breasts and flinging some of the globs of precum off of her top. This caused the lupine’s massive knockers to spring around, just about tempting poor Night as the cock-girl tried to prop up her increasingly heavy shaft-neck. The chimera was finding it harder to even see the smaller woman, now that her rapidly expanding cock-neck was over four–five–six(!?) feet long, but those huge tits easily drew her eye! With the dick-girl’s thoughts clouded by compounding horniness, a real feedback loop of lust, she was finding it hard to consider anything besides the wolf woman’s titanic tits. In fact, the canine lady’s own words were falling on deaf ears, because Night kept thinking about sliding her head between those tantalizing tits and thrusting away.

The dickgirl’s lusty, lidded gaze did not go unnoticed, as the canine’s initial shock and mild disgust turned towards fear and concern, for she glanced up at Night and saw her dickneck hanging way higher, looming higher than the shelves! The chimera sure looked dazed, and there was an audible tearing sound as the dress was starting to yield, for Night’s bust enlarged, tit-balls also expanding with arousal. With how absolutely massive the phalli-girl was becoming, the canine slowly crawled back and dismayed, “Holy shit… She’s–She’s getting huge! Somebody call the manager!”

That cry rang so loudly, it reached half the store, and eventually anyone that bothered looking up could now see an incredibly long dick towering closer and closer to the ceiling, the dickgirl’s head wobbling unsteadily as she wearily gazed down over most of the store. Night’s neck was getting so -tight- that she could barely move it, the skin stretching so snug over her achingly hard flesh.

Every one of her motions at ground-level, however minute, caused her neck to pendulously swing several feet at a time, for now the overburdened chimera was reaching her full-mast size… Ten feet of dick-neck length! And whenever her cock-neck twitched, she nearly shuddered, her body trembling with a rising and destructive need, just one convulsion of her cock-length causing her head high-above to swing around like an out-of-control crane! Night’s face was burning up with heat as she felt each powerful throb flow from her chest to her head, and then back down again, the full erection making her naked glans all the more sensitive.

All the way up here, she could feel the draft from the air conditioning, pursing her dick-lips as she nearly touched the store’s ceiling with her ears. With each moment, she was losing the strength to support her cock’s colossal weight with just her hands and neck muscles, her face showing her strain as by now over a dozen patrons were pointing and gawking at her. There was a whole lot of commotion, though Night could barely hear it, as the sheer obscenity caused such an uproar. The female wolf had fled the scene by now, because now it looked like Night was going to cause some serious property damage.

With the next involuntary twitch of her colossal cock, Night gasped; her ten feet of proportionately-girth cock jerked in the air, first swinging upwards, then swooping downwards, promptly impacting the aisle in front of her with a fleshy THUD! Were it not bolted down, the aisle itself would’ve surely been toppled over, but the impact of her massive cock-mass alone was enough to send dozens of items rolling off the other side of the aisle, loud enough that she could hear a few things shatter despite her thrumming pulse. A display of candy bars several aisles over even flipped over, and now there was a whole lot of faint stomping as concerned shoppers scattered away from her.

‘Oh fuck, I really am making a mess…’ Night thought, only briefly between her all-consuming thoughts of fucking tits and tight holes. The fact she soaked that wolf earlier didn’t even register as making a mess, really, not with how much spunk she produced with just her pre-nut! But this degree of property damage… Night was really starting to blush.

Each moment, the chimera grew all the more weary, the desire to climax overcoming any reservations she had left at this point, what with her dick-neck fully engorged for all to see. Trying to reign in her cock felt futile, because as she turned a little to try and smack her skyscraper cock down to ground-level, she misjudged her angle, making her destructive dick-neck bash the other aisle. Anything not nailed down tumbled onto the ground, falling right off the shelves and making sure any hapless employee had at least an hour’s worth of work ahead of them. It stung a little to hit the aisles this hard, but somehow, Night’s flesh was so hard right now, it felt like it could crumple steel!

No sensation could compare to the most dominant, rising sensation of all. That dick-aching, cock-twitching, burning need to climax. So much precum was flowing with all the force of a hose, pumping right from her overburdened breasts which piled onto the cool tiles, lightening her tit-nuts’ load. All that pre-seed, nowhere near the output of her real climax, was arcing from her maw like a fountain, pulses of the runny fluids spewing past pursed lips and onto the ground.
The woman’s tits were gurgling and churning, struggling to produce precum at the rate she depleted the watery fluids, the swinging of her unwieldy cock-neck causing the whole mess to sprinkle everywhere. Anyone clueless enough to still not notice all the yelling and running would’ve been quite confused, because it was just like the sprinkler system had been activated!

Night gurgled noisily, her fingers digging against the base of her cock-neck, not trying to bother to hold this monster back, not anymore… She was stroking her base, trying to relieve herself at last, consequences be damned. It was only a few minutes but it felt like an eternity to the overburdened and lusty cock-girl, her palms rolling over the taut flesh of her girth. Feeling the heat beneath her fingers, how her dick was practically radiating warmth, almost certainly making the whole market a degree or two hotter in the process. Beneath her leathery dick-skin, she felt her pulse thrum through the gigantic veins, which were now larger than her wrists, and the core of her cock was so achingly hard and hot! Even the dick-woman’s tail was painfully stiff and veiny, knocking the goodies off an entire shelf behind herself, and she couldn’t care less.

“G-gonna… Bust!” She sputtered, between the spewing arcs of precum from her maw, way up higher than anyone else could hear, and too low amongst all the ruckus… No one would be able to hear her warning.

Moments later, Night let loose. The cock-chimera convulsed again and again, each time making her body ripple with the throes of a powerful climax. Her dickneck jerked around several feet at a time, swinging wildly through the air and threatening to send any unlucky passerby flying with a single dickslap! Her maw pulsed forth thick creamy ropes of fresh spunk, the seed hitting the ground like torrential rain. The biggest clumps of cum struck with the force of gigantic water balloons, sending hot white drops of cum in every direction. At least a handful of those unlucky and awestruck to remain were hit directly by the blasts of cum, but no aisle was left unflooded by the tremendous output. Even for an experienced cock like her, the orgasmic pleasure was too much to handle… Night felt faint, just about passing out as the whole ordeal left her utterly spent…


When she came to, her softened cock-neck had hit the ground already with a fleshy THWAP, splattering the countless puddles of cum beneath herself. The woman’s sprawling dick was only somewhat softer, so nearly ten feet of half-soft cock length extended across the aisle, leaving the dick-girl briefly confused as she gazed back at her shoulders all the way over there. Her dress had split apart at the bust, allowing her huge titty balls to spill out beneath herself, spread across the floor and sagging from their heft. Night spat up mouthfuls of her own cum, trying to pick herself up but finding it impossible, the floor too slippery to get a good footing. She realized it’d take the better part of a day to clean this up. Once she noticed a trio of managers assembled near her, Night was thankful she had good insurance.


After a lot of explaining and paperwork, Night finally walked out of the building, her dismay compounded. Not only was that going to affect her monthly rate again, but her dress was totally ruined! The only thing that held it together was the sash at her waist. And for all that trouble, she never even bought her groceries. But there was at least something to look forward to today, her date. Even if she was probably going to be late.

To think, she gave herself plenty of time in advance, but as usual, she was going to have to speed the rest of the way there. Once she climbed into her car, she took a deep breath, practicing zen. There was still plenty of time left in the day… This could be a really good day, for all she knew! Once she pulled out of the lot and began the dullery of driving, the real challenge began. The chimera was trying her utmost to keep eyes on the road and banish any thoughts of sexy, stacked wolves.

She was totally thinking of moving out of town, now that just about everyone knew her as the ‘dickhead girl’. Mind you, it was apt, but… Kinda embarrassing? It didn’t quite click with Night that this had to do with her weekly shenanigans… Clearly, this was all because it was a small town.

Night smacked her head. She knew she should’ve taken the gig in the big city, when she had the chance.

Anyway, she pulled up to the address, settling her car next to the restaurant before climbing out and taking a proper gander at the place. It was a sushi bar that opened just a couple of weeks ago, and the chimera was excited to give it a try. In her eagerness, she took a couple of steps before she realized that her breasts were swinging around, totally unsupported and freely bouncing with her stride. The evening’s air was cool, stroking the leathery flesh of her breast-balls and making her huff out.

‘Fuck, my top, uhh…’ The dick-girl hurriedly stepped back into her car, hastily rummaging around and snatching her jacket. She slid her arms through the sleeves and fastened the last few buttons, still offering generous cleavage but not quite exposing her nipples. It was an awkward combination of clothes, for sure, but the slight chill of the evening might’ve been enough of an excuse.

In no time, she was right in front of the establishment’s door, and took a moment to compose herself. Night adjusted her collar in the glass’s reflection, psyching herself up. This guy sounded super nice on the phone, and he came across as quite kinky! He could very well be the one she’d been waiting for.

As she waltzed through the place, she appreciated the authentic-looking furnishings, even curiously glancing over some interesting bonsai arrangements. She was able to head right through, venturing onto the dining area and scanning her gaze over for… Ah, it was him!

A handsome equine, fingers patiently steepled together. Like most any horse, he was of a rather large stature and built physique. His tawny fur was kept trim, and the silky slacks along with his button-up shirt gave him a serious air. Absolutely sure the man in question was her date, Night carefully padded over to him, coming around the corner and standing right beside his table. She stood, her fingers laid over the tablecover while her huge, smooth sharktail swished behind her. “Hello, are you Andrew…?” The hybrid woman asked, her tongue a smidge nervous as her gaze met his.

The horse tilted his gaze up, his initial reaction was, well, shock! His eyes were wide with surprise, and he jerked slightly, quite perplexed by the woman’s appearance. As they met eyes, the first thing he noticed was the odd, shiny phallic appearance of her head! Then, his gaze lowered, as he composed himself, “Uhh, yeah, I’m Andrew. And you must be…” He scooted back in his seat, half-contemplating whether to bail from what felt like an increasingly awkward situation.
His gaze darted halfway back towards Night’s own, which happened to let his stare linger on her enormous rack for a while–It was mostly because eye contact was kind of awkward, but on the other hand, she did have a nice rack.

The chimera’s large ears flicked, as she realized… Oh fuck, she never did get around to updating her profile pic, huh? This was an awkward situation indeed. She opened her maw, struggling to find something to say, but she only managed to sputter. Then, she made a motion of rubbing her face; not actually rubbing it, for it wasn’t the best opportunity to pop a boner, not right now.

“Oh, erm, I’m… Night. Camera adds ten pounds and all that, haha. Uh…” The chimera trailed off, as silence took over. The horse grinned slightly, gaze still averted, as he finally pulled his phone free and took a brief glance at the time.

The chimera felt awful about the situation, of course, but on the other hand, he wasn’t exactly running away. Night spoke up a little more loudly, “So, may I…?”

There was hesitation, but the horse nodded. As Night pulled back her seat and settled into it, chafing a little due to the small size of her accommodations, and her large frame, the horse stirred a little in his seat. He laid his hands out on the table, gaze returning towards Night’s.

“So, uh, how do you like the look of it, Night? Worth the wait? You said you were super excited to try it out–When it opened.” The horse meandered, eyes alternating between the chimera’s own violet eyes and the menu. Now he seemed much more like the nervous one, for he was finding it hard to glance away from the peculiar hybrid. After being initially perturbed by the chimera’s smooth, glossy, phallic features, well… The most captivating part of her right now, was her bust, which was clearly unsupported, and so let her huge nipples bulge against the fabric of her top. Especially with how her rack hung over the table, so much heft that her breast-balls were just about sprawled over the tablecover.

Meanwhile, Night drew her finger over the menu, contemplating her options while clueless as to any of the horse’s intentions. She figured he was politely attempting conversation; Night felt crushed that he totally wasn’t into her, but she had come all this way, and she still wanted to try the place out. “Yeah, pretty neat and authentic. Sushi’s actually really easy for me to eat, so it was a pretty welcome addition.” The cock-girl remarked, propping her leaning shaft-head up with one hand. Her gaze drifted back to the horse’s, pretty much inevitable given the length of her neck, which put her head in the male’s space.

The horse adjusted his posture, leaning back a little given the woman’s rather large shaft-head hovering mere inches away from his face. He figured himself pretty heterosexual, so he remained leery about a huge–Cock, dangling around in front of his face. Not to knock on her at all, she was pretty cute, as far as cocks go. Or cock-girls. Well, he seemed to be lost in thought for a moment there, as he idly remarked, “It must be a strict diet…”

Night chuckled, “Surprisingly not… I can digest just fine, just can’t really, well, chew!” Her maw relaxed a little more open with that last comment, drawing attention to her distinct lack of teeth. “Though I’ve been told I should stick to, uhm, fluids…” The chimera’s gaze narrowed, and with the tilt of her head, she gave the horse a sidelong look.

Andrew now tensed in his seat, finding this was getting rather forward, but not in an unwelcome way. The stallion carefully reached out, stroking a few of his fingertips over the woman’s snout, tracing very delicately over her cock-head. The heat of her face was remarkable, as was the smooth texture, for it felt like her skin was already stretched pretty taut with half an erection. Like she was at a permanent half-chub, at least!

The male’s touch drew a crooning sound from the chimera, and this was already looking like a rather inappropriate display in public. The horse traced his fingertip down the edge of her head, stroking where her glans met her shaft-neck’s underbelly, so as to gently tease the woman. No surprise, Night was getting thicker and longer, her head flaring out with more girth and warmth while at least a few inches burgeoned forth, stretching out her neck.

Moments later, the horse released, having just stopped himself from jerking her off right in front of all the other patrons. Night, on the other hand, exhaled deeply, a heated huff that showed just how pent up she was becoming, her gaze half-lidded as even after his fingers had parted from his face, she continued to swell out several more inches!

“Maybe, uh, something a little more subtle, what do ya think?” The horse stammered, and to that, the dick-girl pulled back and out of her seat.

“Yeah, don’t worry… I’ll make it worth your while.~” Night assured, voice holding a sultry lilt as she eased out of her seat and then beneath the table, crawling beneath the cover and finding this was now a much more private affair. The hardening cock-girl was increasingly unable to restrain herself, her neck extending by a few inches per minute, surging out with erection, and she wasn’t even trying to excite herself. Her hands reached for her neck, gripping around her swelling girth and trying to literally get a hold on herself… Didn’t want to flub this up already!

Her eyes fixated onto the male’s slacks, spying that sizable equine girth which already produced quite the bulge beneath the fabric. Precum was seeping from her maw as she was just about salivating at the prospect of having that fat horsecock to herself, the knelt woman inching a little closer. She released her neck and let her huge swinging length of cock-neck dangle around, her impressive slab of cock hovering mere inches away from the stallion’s own. With her fingers first splayed across his knees, it wasn’t long until she was fumbling with her fingertips near his crotch, her wobbly and cumbersome cock-neck extending beyond and beside his crotch area. At this rate, her bulbous snout might protrude past the cover!

“Errfff, lil’ help down here?” Night sputtered out, so very embarrassed, but hand-eye coordination didn’t come easy when your neck was all the way over there! In response, the horse scanned his gaze over the restaurant, finding no particular eyes on himself, so he obliged.
Andrew loosened up his buttons and drew down his fly, dropping his pants halfway down, along with his boxers. This let his horse-sized cock and fat nuts flop into the open, that impressive spire of equine cock towering at over two feet in length, and those nuts… They were as big as fists! It was definitely one of the largest cocks she’d witnessed in person, except of course, her own.

“Thanks…” She muttered out, a little hesitation as she didn’t expect quite this level of jaw-dropping size, and the fact she’d never really, well, sucked a dick after her transformation… Well, she wasn’t even sure how this would really work! So she followed her instinct… With her hands gripping firmly onto those knees, bracing herself, she forced her shoulders forward and so, let her cockhead push towards him in one smooth stroke. Her maw was relaxed and wide open, allowing his huge cock to plunge into her mouth, stuffing the chimera’s own cumslit. There was a loud squelch as that shaft stuffed her muzzle, immediately bulging out her cheeks and more severely, her neck.

The dick-girl’s cock-throat stretched obscenely with the size and shape of the invading cock, swabbing deep into her gullet and making her oozing precum froth up and ooze down her chin. Several inches of his cock wedged inside of her, spreading out her tight depths as she flexed her inner walls, those contractions really milking the stallion’s fat dick. Inside, it felt like velvet grasping his member, much tighter than a pussy could muster, that inner lining rippling down the length of his cock quite like a seizing throat… Because it was!

It all drew pleasured groans and chuffs from the horse, who seized the edge of the table. He was pacing his breaths as the vicious sucking worked over his cock, having never received a blowjob this sloppy and absurdly lewd and noisy before! It was so loud that a couple heads turned his way, but worse, once the waitress finally sauntered over to take his order, he was panting and wordless.

“Uhfff… I–I, th-the, the sashiiiiimi…” Andrew blurted out, his face hot and flushed, just about sweating as the bewildered waitress stood by and watched him strain.

Meanwhile, Night closed her eyes, craning her head closer and letting that dick stuff deeper into her maw, reaching hitherto unfelt depths of her cumhole! The chimera’s face was burning up with erection and lust, delighting in the equine dick’s heady taste and how full it made her feel. The squeeze of that flare dragging between her inner walls felt delightful, and countless sticky bridges of precum and increasingly, cum, clung between both cocks. As the chimera flexed her throat, she swallowed a spurt of fresh equine precum, drinking it down and letting it pool inside of her along with plenty of her own swallowed prejizz. But with each swallow, the dick-girl became all the more painfully hard and overburdened!

Her shaft-neck continued to engorge, way beyond any sensible size, at once forcing her maw deeper onto the cock she swallowed, and yet pushing the rest of her body farther away. Her hands had to release his legs, the woman wrapping her arms around the bolted base of the table, trying her best to hold on. The increasing pressure behind her girthy neck forced that swallowing, squelching maw to wrap over more and more of his dick, fresh inches of cock-neck expanding just to swallow the horse’s girth. In fact, once she was starting to approach the base, his chair itself was getting pushed back from the steady nudge of her head against him!

With his chair nearly tipping over, Andrew slipped his hand beneath the cover, his hand grasping onto Night’s swollen, sultry-hot cockhead and stroking, trying to calm her down or otherwise reign her in, not wanting to get knocked out of his seat. But this worsened the situation, drawing a loud and throaty moan from Night, vibrating along the length of his shaft and her cock. It was plainly audible to the waitress, who had been cluelessly waiting for the man to finally place his order. “Yes, sir? Sashimi with…?”

Andrew gritted his teeth, his cock tensing and throbbing angrily, but nowhere near as fiercely as Night’s entire cock-girth throbbed around his cock! Even though the horse had a sizable slab of cock length, every inch had been buried past the dick-girl’s pursed lips, sucked dry for every drop he had to spare. By now it was too much to bear, the horse giving up any pretense of holding back now… He sank into his seat and hissed out, a most powerful whinny following as he let loose. His quivering nuts jumped, seizing to his crotch and letting his cum pour right out. Seed gushed from his cock and sprayed deep into the cock-girl’s gulping gullet, and not a moment too soon.

Night reflexively swallowed every drop, drinking down the potent seed and delighting in the strong, salty, and bitter flavors. It felt like cups worth of hot cum poured into her cumslit, flowing into her belly and satisfying her appetite; which was good, because she just realized she forgot breakfast! As each pulse drained into her, she was finding herself low on breath, her breasts meanwhile seizing and throbbing ferociously, threatening to unload themselves. Poor Night had been so worked up; swallowing that thick load was a delectable treat, but her own breast-nuts had to unload, and there was going to be a whole lotta force behind them.

“Gluhhh, mmph…” The hybrid gurgled, struggling to breathe with that cock wedged so deep inside of her. She seized up, her breasts leaping up right before unloading, gallons worth of cum roiling forth and ejecting from her maw with the force of a hose. The stallion’s own cock was swiftly expelled, letting his spent cock slap his own belly before she spewed torrents of dick-girl spunk all over him, at point-blank. The force was enough to tip over his seat, sending the hapless male tumbling over and aghast. Seed rippled forth, arcing across the entire restaurant with nothing to block the flow, so much torrential force that the cum splattered across the opposite wall! Night’s throbbing, twitching cock-head peeked way beyond the table-cover, leaving nothing to the imagination as the whole restaurant could now gawk at her emptying her balls all over the place, giving a fresh spunk drizzle to several platters in the way of her tremendous cumshot!

“Oh, heavens!” The waitress interjected, among the raucous uproar of many dissatisfied patrons. Meanwhile, stunned and absolutely soaked with spunk, Andrew piped up while sprawled out on the ground. “Sh-she’ll have the California rolls. To go.”