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This story takes place in the same universe as One in a Billion, with mutant humans existing in society, with more extreme mutants being very rare.

Featuring June and Katy.

Part One:
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Part Two (Full Uncensored Version):

Part Three (Full Uncensored Version):


Re: Trillion to One - by HeiLeeJoe and Sophiie93

Trillion to One
Part 1


New York
April 8, 2134 C.E.

On a beautiful, sunny, early Friday afternoon, the light above the inner city made way for the residents to enjoy a perfect day. Almost nothing could ruin the moment of peace among the town.

Until a heavy pair of sighs sounded off through the calm breeze.

"I can't understand why my parents are so afraid of me showing my body," a voice said to the air. "It isn't their problem anyway," replied another, very similar voice. "The one ashamed should be me..." "...and I don't really care what people think."

Katy was one of the rarest mutants of all. Truly one of a kind. Likely the first ever to have five different heads, all part of a singular, connected consciousness. Two heads on her shoulders, and three heads each on three separate tails. Not to mention her eight arms and eight boobs. No one came close. She stood out like tree in a desert.

Society in the 22nd century had change dramatically since the age of mutations. More and more did humanity shift into ever stranger anatomies. Even though regular humans are the vast majority of the population, there are those that roam among the people, trying to fit in as equals.

But often times it's hard to find someone to be with. The more extreme the mutant, the smaller the market is for true love. Many normal humans have grown accepting of mutants. Sure, there are small portions of the world stuck in the past of bigotry and prejudice, but society has largely seen the need for change. Mutants deserve the love and respect as any other person.

Even so, Katy had her fair share of hardships. Especially when it came to relationships. Having five heads wasn't easy. Trying to balance that out with most people who only had one head was next to impossible. She did try her hand at dating apps, but it was rare to find any who had two, or even three, heads who where interested in her.

She didn't give up though. She still had time to settle down while she was still young. Which brought her into updating her wardrobe and looking her best. Over the years she experimented with outfits to fit a new style every week to gauge the response of those around her. It was her subtle way of attracting people to her, hoping to expand her reach.

Katy eventually started going out more often, much to the displeasure of her parents. They were still overly protective and strict about her life. Her shift into more casual and open expression concerned them to the point of setting rules on what she should and should not do. Katy grew annoyed by their restrictions that she began to rebel against their wishes for the sake of her desires.

She got so fed up one day with their controlling nature that she decided leave the house and go for a walk. She needed some fresh air and get away from her tiny bubble at home. It left her with nothing but the shirt on her back and a gloomy mood.

Well, it was more a blouse than a shirt. And she had short shorts and sandals to welcome the spring season. She strolled to the nearest park to clear her head and assess her life so far.

Katy often thought to herself. She even talked to herself. Why wouldn't she? Five heads is more than enough to listen to herself talking to herself while two heads kiss herself.

She shook her head and snapped out of a trance. Such ideas can sometimes put her in that state. Her body was too much to handle sometimes. Eventually found a seat on a park bench and relaxed comfortably by herself. Despite her many heads, her mind can get quite lonely.

Several people walked to and fro, enjoying their own strolls through the park. Almost all of them glanced at her. Some longer than others. The sound of voices also echoed from many different angles. One would be shocked to see a rather extreme look mutant sitting by herself on a park bench, musing to herself, with herself, talking to herself, using five different heads.

Katy pouted, wondering what the rest of her day would entail. She didn't want to go back home and have her parents shout at her for the clothes she was wearing. She wore barely enough to cover herself, and orange button blouse with eight short sleeves for her shoulders Her eight arms were relaxed by her sides, fighting for space and touching each other. Her eight breasts formed four visible cleavages, where really noticeable thanks to their above average sizes. The two heads on her shoulders laid against each other as she closed those four eyes while she looked around with two tail heads. The last head checked her phone. Katy leaned back and lost in her own thoughts, many thought, as she looked around casually. It wasn't hard for her to have all her heads busy with something.

Suddenly, one of her pair of eyes caught something that made all other heads turn. Katy thought that she was the only extreme mutant around, but she realized how wrong she was when she saw a four, five... no, six legged girl walking towards her. She wasn't able to hide her surprise as all five heads stared at her as she got closer and closer. Her eight arms hugged her torso and she breathed deeply.

Her heart was fluttering violently.

- - -

[One hour earlier]

Elsewhere, a young mutant tried on many different clothes at the local thrift shop for mutants. They had all kinds of outfits for different body types, ranging from mild to rare. She saw some pants fit for taurs, as well as bras that hold breasts bigger than beach balls. Then there was her choices. She didn't have many since she was one of the more extreme mutants, which was rare even for this place. There was pants for futas, but she couldn't really find pants for triple futas. June looked at her self in the mirror with her four eyes and glared at the tight pants she tried on each of three pairs of legs. The configuration of her lower body left a lot to the imagination when it came to designing clothes, but it seems like she'll have to improvise and stitch the regular 2-legged pants together to fit her wide hips of six legs. Not to mention her packages, which took more space in the pants bulges than she was hoping. Maybe she'll get more comfortable when she wears them more. June made her purchase of several pair of futa pants and some regular tees and made her way back home to work on stitching them together.

All it took was a few hours to successfully put her tailoring skills to work using her fourteen fingers to craft custom made, three-wide jean pants with comfy bulges for her privates. Funny enough, her 'privates' weren't that private when everyone can see just how huge her bulges were. It's as if she stuff footballs down her pants. Sometimes June felt embarrassed with how big they look, but over time she learned to get used to it. In fact, her number one thing to do in working on her confidence was to take a stroll out in public to show off a little body positivity. The 22nd century was surely shaping up to be more tolerant of mutants now that the human race has begun evolving beyond expectation. Now that mutant rights are being more normalized, it was time she show her pride in herself. June left her house and walked casually to the nearest park to get some fresh air. Her unusual stride of six legs was quite the sight to see, and even turned some heads. But that's not what most people were looking at. She exactly what they were looking at. And June kinda liked it.

June stretched her two arms and yawned. She was a bit tired from all that work on her clothes earlier that she wanted a nap. Usually she took naps during the day after her daily... releases... that often gave her the rest she needs to function. She was strong though. She could get through this. Looking around the park, there weren't a whole lot of mutants out and about. And practically no mutants as extreme as her. Usually the occasional woman with long elf ears, or men with tails, or girls with four arms. Nothing too special. That was until she saw someone... or rather... three... four... five someones sitting on a bench not far from her, all looking at her, mesmerized. June looked away for a second, then back, noticing the excessive amount of arms the women had. It was hard to tell when she was trying to be modest and not staring at them like a creep. She slowed her stride and walked past them, secretly wanting to talk to them, but was too shy to approach. It was very rare to encounter another rare tier mutant for which she had no experience meeting. So June simply walked to a nearby tree and so some more stretches and relax under the shade of its leaves.

- - -

Katy was still trying to hide her curiosity, without much luck. Her three tail heads were tracking that extreme mutant that whole time. She had big breasts, four beautiful eyes and six side by side legs. It was something she had never seen before and she knew there was still more details to know. She saw her walking towards the three and resting there. For some minutes she tried to get distracted, cleaning her mind of that mutant but one of her heads were literally all the time checking the tree from where she can see many of the girl's legs resting below. She wasn't able to hold herself anymore so she stood up and walked towards the tree, coming from behind. She poked out with her shoulders heads first, using her right one to speak as she wave with one of her many right hands.

"H-Hello... sorry if I came in so suddenly..." Katy stuttered with her top two heads.

June heard the pleasant voice above her head as she lay on the lush grass near the base of a tree. The glare of the sun blinded her at first, but under the shadow of a branch, there was a cute face... err... faces looking at her. She perked up and saw the same mutant with five heads staring down at her. The meant a closer look at what she missed from her time on that bench.

Absolutely stacked rows of boobs. Eight in total. As well as the previous eight arms to go with that. It was then that she found out that three of the five heads were connected to long, thick tails attached to her lower back. The outfit she wore was cute as well

"Oh! Uh... hello! Can I help you girls?" June replied back

Katy smiled with her faces, seeing four cute eyes looking at her without rejection. “Oh... sorry...” “...I was just wondering...” “do you...” A new head appears from her side and continued speaking, "...I just noticed you are a very extreme mutant..." "...no offense..." said another tail, "Wow, you have a lot of legs."

June thought it was both strange and amusing that she was approached by a multi-headed woman (women?) as hot and erotic as them. She closed her eyes and shook her head to rid herself of the horny thoughts that often plagued her mind, infecting her thoughts like nobody's business. She sat herself up and looked at the two heads on their shoulders, then another head on a tail next them, then the other head, then the other off to the side, all staring at her with wonder on their faces. Of course, their words also confirmed that they were interested in her body.

"Oh, uh, thank you." June said softly. She bent each of her knees separately, and subtly tried to hide how big her bulges were. Considering how hot she (they?) were, she was constantly resisting the urge to get hard right in front of her (them?). But June was almost never in control of her hidden cocks. "I do have more legs than most." June smiled awkwardly.

Of course the size of the bulges of this girl were immediately noticed by the many eyes of Katy, but she tried to not say a word about it. She know better than nobody how hard it can be to have an extreme mutant body. She even had her own problems controlling five brains at once and not saying what just cross in one of her many minds. She walked closer showing her entire figure with detail and lean towards the girl. Still using one head at the time she keep speaking.

"Oh... definitely, I never saw a mutant with six legs before..." "...they look so cool! I bet you are really balanced..." "...for me my extra parts put a lot of weight on my legs..." she uses her lowermost right hand to touch her right leg. "Mind if I sit here with you?"

June blinked her four eyes and smiled. "I don't mind," she responded in kind, almost automatically, scooting over a little to make room for the them, even though there was more than enough space under the tree. It was a simple instinct because of the wide range of her hips that usually took up so much space. She couldn't fit into regular chairs and almost exclusively used benches. Except this time the bench was occupied by the very same mutant that was sitting down next to her. She didn't immediately make eye contact with them. Her lower pair of eyes focused down at her seven-fingered hands, while her top eyes enjoyed the flickering of sunlight peeking through the leaves. She wanted to say something to the mutant, but didn't know what. Despite her extreme body, making new friends wasn't her strong suit. "Nice day out, isn't it?" June spoke passively.

Katy slowly sat down, using all her eyes to carefully make herself comfortable. She smiled with all her heads and forgot to mention she is only one person and not five. She turns two heads towards the girl, noticing the seven fingered hand that in movement she wasn't able to count the fingers. She noticed those four eyes of hers were moving in different direction.

"Ohh..." she got distracted by this girl's words. "Oh, yes it's perfect for a relaxing day at the park." She still looks amazed of this girl eyes. "I wasn't expecting to find a mutant as extreme as me..." "...I'm kinda glad to not be the only one..." "...your eyes are so cool by the way." She smiled warmly to this girl, trying to not make her feel uncomfortable.

June blushed and looked away for a second. Her top pair of eyes could help but steal a peek at the lovely mutant, trying to be subtle about her mannerisms. She was good at hiding her emotions, but not her lust. Which, to be frank, was the real danger here. If she were to lose control in a public place like this, things won't look pretty. Not for her self-esteem anyway. So she was razor sharp on suppressing her urges for the luxury of a simple conversation with another mutant like her. However, it was only a matter of time until her mental restraint would break. June smiled after a moment to catch her breath and responded. "Thank you. I agree, the park is where I like to go for some fresh air and peace. I didn't expect to see a tier 4 mutant either."

Katy noticed how this mutant avoided the answer about her body. She moved all of her tail heads down and sighed knowing how weird that could be to jump straight into questions. As far as the girl was concerned, she was just a random person that asked about her extremely mutant body. She glanced up with all her heads, enjoying the light that comes in between the leaves.

"I don't come here that often..." "...but I think I should, is a really cool place..." "...and not being the only tier 4 mutant helps to don't feel alone." She pouts with all five faces.

June was quiet for a moment, trying to regain her bearings. Her overactive libido and creeping urges were rising with ever second that passed while the presence of a beautiful mutant like them. She gulped and faced the five faces of the girls again.

"It is a cool place. I come here all the time. I haven't seen you around before, are you new here?" she asked politely.

Just one of the multiple tail heads turned to look at her in the eyes. All her other faces were scanning the surroundings to check that nobody was too nosy. "Oh, no... I'm not new here. I live five streets down." Katy pointed to the north with two of her right hands and continued speaking with only that tail. "I have never seen you before either, or I would definitely remember." A few chuckles came through. "I just don't go out that often." Her smiles fade somewhat, but then return a moment later. "Luckily, it seems that out of everyone's sights over here."

June agrees with a nod. She holds out a hand—a seven finger hand—for a proper greeting. "Nice to meet you all. My name is June." She said softly, sitting up more against the tree and crossed her three pair of legs, causing her bulges to fit snugly between them. "I like meeting new people. Even better when they're high tier mutants like yourselves."

Katy's top right hand immediately shakes Jane's hand, her big heart skipping a beat from the lovely feeling of a hand with that many fingers. She smiles with all her faces. "Oh same!" "I'm always happy to meet other mutants..." "...it's a pleasure Jane...” “I'm Katherine..." "...but you can call me Katy..." "...and no worries...” “I control all five of my heads." She swapped constantly from one head to the other.

June was confused for a moment. She looked between each of the five heads, three of which constantly keeping their eyes on her body. "Oh. Oh! Y-you mean... you're... just one person?" June asked gleefully, trying to keep track of the tail heads that continued to wiggle around in different places like an excited cat. Not to say she was one, but her body language spoke volumes.

This should get interesting.

"Yeah!" "One mind for all of these." Katy gestured towards her body and noticed how June's eyes were trying to track her tail heads, so she made them stop. "Sorry, I tend to move my tails a lot..." "...I know they can distract,” she said with the heads on her shoulders. "I just move them when I'm excited. I still can't believe I'm not the only extreme mutant around here."

"I can't believe it either," June said while facing more towards the five-headed girl. For some odd reason, she became more comfortable when talking to someone who can relate to her experience. Especially when that someone is a beautiful mutant with so many brains to control at once. June had always been fascinated by that fact. This was her chance to learn more about it. "I'm excited that you're excited. But what do you mean I'm not the only extreme mutant around here? Don't you have friends or family that like you?" She asked, tilting her head slightly, leaning on her arm.

Katy shook all her heads at once. "No." "I'm the only mutant in my whole family." "Nobody else has even an extra finger." She replied with her three tail heads, while the rest showed sadness. "They aren't used to me and my body and they think I should hide it..." "...I even had a discussion with my mom about it...” “...because I want to use clothes like this." She points to herself with six of her hands while the last two tug in her outfit.

June had taken note of her cute orange top and short shorts, as well as the rainbow armband—or in this case, neckband—around one of her tail heads. She didn't want to comment on it until it was relevant, so this was the perfect time. "I love your style," she said happily. "Very cool and casual. I don't know how anyone can say otherwise." June was genuinely marveled by her adorable outfit, but also wondered what kind of person would think her clothes aren't amazing. Her mother must not approve of her wardrobe.

All five faces of Katy turns toward June. She didn't care anymore if someone was looking at them. Her faces blushed softly, she wasn't used to get compliments. "Oh." "Really?" "You think so?" Two pairs of her eyes scanned June's body as the rest stare at those four beautiful eyes. "Your style is really good too!" She giggled. "Well, there really isn't anybody like us to compare clothes to."

June blushed as well, but tried hard not to show it. She bit her lip and laughed along. "I know, right? There aren't many of us around to form a cool little club for fashion." June didn't know which head to look at the most. They all had the same emerald green eyes, the same cute face, and the same short brown hair. It was hard to believe each smiling face was the same Katy no matter which one she addressed. Quite a weird situation, but no doubt a wonderful experience.

Katy giggled with all her heads at once. She moved her three heads towards her lap, resting them one beside the other and fighting for space. Many of her hands started to rub and comb the heads hair as two of them are so close to touch their lips together, just staring at each other in the eyes. One head of her shoulders stare at the tail heads as the other keeps looking to June. "Are you the only mutant in your family too?"

"Yup." June replied quickly. Her seven-fingered hands rubbed her inner two knees as she smiled. "But my parents love me for who I am. They know how hard it is for someone like me to go through life. It's a good thing people are just starting to get used to more extreme mutants." June darted her two pairs of eyes at a separate head, trading off which head of Katherine's to look at. Her gaze mostly settled on the two heads on her shoulders, not wanting to be too rude staring too long at her three tail heads, which were never in the same place all the time. The way she easily moved each tail independently was something to behold.

"Oh I see. My parents love me too.” “But they are overprotecting me. They are afraid that society treat me bad for being like this, but they don't know that I don't care what people think.” “That's why I like to wear clothes like this." "I'm really proud of my body." She inspects June's deep expression. "I bet you are like me, with those beautiful four eyes."

June had a hard trying to focus on each head that spoke. The voices bounces around from every angle, forcing her to move her head in rapid succession so as to not come across as rude. But she managed to understand what Katy was talking about.

"Thanks!" June grinned, licking her lips and raising a hand to her quad eyes. "Having more eyes has it's uses, I'm sure you relate. It's pretty fun to play with them." She demonstrated by circling her hand around and moving her two pair of eyes separately to focus on its position. She even brought it between the gap of her line of sight for each pair and looked up and down at the same time to see the top and bottom of her seven-fingered hand in sync.

“Oh, I bet!” “I think it works different for me." She lift a tail head as an example, pointing to it with several hands and moving the eyes around. "I have a brain per each pair of eyes” “I don't know how it must feel to have four eyes in one head. Does your images overlap?" Katy looked excited to know more about June's body.

Jane rubbed her chin. "Hm, I don't really know how to describe it. Maybe it's like when normal people close one eye, they can still see, but their perception is diminished. That's what it feels like to me. When I try to use one pair of eyes, everything feels weird, like things lose their depth. Having four eyes just makes everything more vibrant and lively, ya know?" Her explanation wasn't the best, but she gave it her best. She hadn't needed to tell someone else about her eyes besides her doctor and her parents. Also, total strangers will comment on her four eyes, sometimes as an insult, but never really cared beyond that. "It's nothing compared to ten eyes though! That must feel so trippy! And awesome." June blushed at the end, showing an abundance of glee in public, more than usual.

"A-Amazing?" One of Katy's hand moved to her chest in surprise. She wanted so much to know more about June. Two of her tails glanced to each other "Thank you!" "But you win in quality over quantity." She chuckled with three mouths and lifted three left hands. "You say the perception is increased but..." she then moved both hands in front of Jane, then spread them in opposite directions, making June follow each hand with a pair of eyes. "How you see the hands now?"

June blinked twice over, smiling all the way as she played along. "You're right. But you have more hands than just those two. That's even more amazing!" Jane glanced down at her own measly hands. Just the two. Unlike Katy with freaking eight! Unbelievable. She licked her lips with two separate tongues and then blushed. "I guess we're both weird."

Katy giggle with all her heads "Just two hands?" "But you have seven fingers on each hand." One of Katy tails floated very close to June's right hand, staring at her fingers. "And you also have six legs! That must be amazing..." "...meanwhile, look at me..." "...I have to carry all of this on two legs." One pair of eyes catches June's tongues "Oh! I... wow." "Is your tongue split?" Katy's heart was beating so fast with pure excitement.

June quickly pulled her two tongues back into her mouth, embarrassed. "Oh, um, n-no, they're just really long." She nibbled her lower lip and smiled. "They, um, they're easier to hide, despite how long they are, unlike my legs and my... you know... other things..." She gestured down with her head, winking with her two right eyes. It was her way of saying it without actually saying it. Hopefully Katy got the idea. "My legs are more of a hassle then they're worth sometimes. At least you don't have to buy so many pairs of shoes." On each of the June's pair of feet were off-matching styles of shoes in different colors. It was her way of expressing herself.

Katy acted innocent, but she knew perfectly what was June gesturing at. She kept peeking down there all this time with at least one head, being careful of not being  too caught up in staring. "Easy to hide, but really adorable!" "And even more if they are long" She chuckles with all her heads. "Maybe I don't need to buy many pair of shoes, but I can't express multiple styles at once like you can." "Still, I can have five different hairstyles." She brushed one of her tail-heads using two hands to grab hold her chin and hair. She quickly made a pony tail before letting it flow out. "But, meh, combing five heads is a major pain."

"I see what you mean. Your hair is lovely, no matter what style." June smirked. She then pondered for a second. "So if you don't go out often, what brings you to the park today?" She asked politely, trying not to come across as nosy.

"Umm..." Katy croaked with all her heads, looking away as she rubbed one of her main noses with a finger "I may have had a fight with my mom..." "...she wanted me to go out with bigger clothes that hide my body..." "...so people don't freak out..." she sighed and nervously strokes her hair. "I mean, she's a good mom. She just hates when people stare too long at her daughter."

June scoffed and glanced around the park. A few normal people were out and about, walking by with mixed, yet mild, expressions of intrigue when they looked their way. "Really? Doesn't seem like many people are that bothered with you," she said. "Or me for that matter. Regular folks are more tolerant than you think. And even when you run into the kinds that aren't, you just shrug it off and move on." June waved aimlessly in the air to show Katy. "I'm sure your mom will come around if she just saw how supportive people can be."

Katy looked away with all her heads, memories coming back to her. "Yeah, you may be right, but I remember in school I was called Hydra Girl." She barely noticed she gave more clues about her past to a stranger than anyone before, and the fact that she born this way. "But I'm glad I meet someone that can understand." "My tails tend to scare people often.” “They compare them with snakes."

"I think they're cute," June uttered almost by accident. Then she blushed. "U-um... I mean you're cu-- uh, I-I mean your tails... tail heads... are nice." She tried to brush it off as a misspeak, but for a moment there, she revealed something of a fixation with Katy's multiple heads. Five was so many that she wondered if it's a world record for amount of heads for a mutant. If so, she hit the jackpot. But June would never say that out loud, yet. Katy isn't some science experiment. She's a person just like anyone else, with her own feelings and desires. It continued to amaze her how a single girl can handle so many brains to herself.

All Katy's heads blushed immediately. She moved all her tails in surprise and then smiled with all five mouths. "I wasn't expecting to be seen like that." "I'm honored." "And more so when it comes from a beautiful girl like you." Her warm voice revealed more and more about her true thoughts without any filter. "Here, you can touch them if you want." She moved her three tails together in front of June, offering them proudly.

June hesitated and shook her head. "N-no I couldn't possibly... you know... it will look weird. I don't know if I should." She gulped and looked around the park. Even though they were relatively obscured by the tree, people would walk by and glance their way. Her hands rubbed together in anticipation of touching Katy's tail heads, but remained steadfast in her doubts. "I don't think here is the best place to do that." June paused, thinking for a moment about what to do next. Then she had an idea. "Would my house sound better?"

The two heads between Katy's shoulders smirked. "Come on." "They are just heads" "A gentle pat is enough." She ended with her middle tail head as she chuckled with the rest of them. "If you do it, I will accept the invitation." Her right head looked towards June's legs, wondering how she may walk with that configuration. Her own thoughts made that head smile.

June paused to take a conscious breath. When she saw the sincerity in all ten of Katy's eyes, she put her hand forward and brushed her seven fingers over the hair of one of the tail heads. It was tricky to keep in mind that she was touching Katy herself since she inhabited all five heads as the sole mind. But were the three tail heads somehow less dominant since they weren't on her shoulders? "Your hair is pretty smooth," she uttered softly. June tried not to overdo the head pat, attempting to avoid looking as if she was treating her tail heads like pet animals. So she quickly retracted her hand and grinned. "They're more than just heads. They are you. And you are them."

The head June touched closed its eyes and enjoy the seven fingers on her hair. The other two heads at her side were just looking and blushing deeply. When June looked to Katy's two main heads she found Katy's expression were like someone that is receiving a good massage on the back.

"Thank you!" "It takes me a good hour to take care of all my head's hair." "Even using all my arms at once can get confusing." The tail head June retreated closer to Kate's main heads as two hands grabbed it from her chin to softly pat the top. "Of course, all five heads are me, but these ones are easy to pet. I don't need to lean down with my whole body." The tails said. "I just wanted to know how that unique hand feels." She winked at the girl and raised another tail head closer to Jane's face, getting the attention of a pair of her eyes. "So, you said something about going somewhere?"

"Oh, right, um..." June shuffled around a bit to shake off the shivers in her many legs from patting Katy and noticed her bulges pulse slightly bigger. Nothing too obvious, but she definitely felt them start to awaken by the very feeling of being in the other woman's presence. She cleared her throat. "Why don't we head out of the park for now. I'm starting to feel weird with all these people staring at us." She stood up completed and plated her six feet on the grass, getting a move on. She also stretched her arms out wide after sitting down for so long.

Katy nodded with all five heads and stand up with June, arching her back and stretching her many arms in different directions. Adding up all those different angles made her boobs appear even bigger. Even her tails were stretching in ways nobody thought possible, showing how long they were out in the open. "Ahh, so relaxing here!" "Let's head out." One of her tails looked down to her pocket and one hand took out her phone. "Can I have your number, June?"

June fetched her phone from her pocket. The tight jeans custom made for her wide hips hugged her hourglass figure to the limit, making her butts feel more pronounced as she ached her back. "Only if you give me yours too," she giggled, reciting her phone number. During the exchange, she noticed a few of her heads glancing up and down her body as if mentally undressing her. June blushed subtly, knowing exactly what the multi-headed girl was thinking. "Excellent," she began after finishing up the pleasantries. She gestured with her head, "Come on, I'll show you the way. It's not every day I get to bring someone home with me." She smirked while she strolled in her typical method of walking with each pair of legs in sync with the others. "Sorry if I'm being too pushy."

All the heads of Katy showed a very happy and warm expression as she received June's phone number. She hold her phone close in her chest like is some kind of valuable treasure as she focused two tails to interact with June. "Oh, believe me, I will happily go anywhere with you. Don't worry about bring pushy." Katy was as excited as June. She always had a pair of eyes fixated on June's body, not wanting to miss an inch. How she moves, how she reacts, the ways she walks with six legs, the ways her two pair of eyes focus in different things. All the little details were making Katy's heart race. She just walked at her side, following beside her. "Wow... walking with six legs must be really fun!" she said, chuckling.

June wiggle a hand aimlessly. "Eh, it's not as great as it looks," she replied honestly. "It's more hassle than it's worth." She noticed Katy's many face display a mix of odd emotions. She quickly shook her head. "O-oh but sometimes it can be fun, like showing off my style, which goes well my figure." Along the way, her top pair of eyes sneak a peek at one of Katy's tail heads every so often, seeing she kept trading off which head to ogle her with. June smirked. "You like what you see back there?"

The tail immediately look away, ashamed for being noticed "Oh... sorry..." "It's just that sometimes I just follow my instincts with my tails” “And I was just...” “...watching." She said with her main two heads, deeply flushed. She then continued in an almost whispered voice. "Y-you look great." "And even if you think you don't, I think your legs are amazing." Katy still had one or two pairs of eyes constantly focused on June's wide form. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's on your mind?" June said as they walked from the park to her neighborhood not far from there. She knew the area well and casually took the route she always took on leisure days like this. It was a calm and beautiful part of the suburbs, a relative paradise for those who loved the blend of nature and city.

Katy's head were naturally looking in all directions. It was clear that it would be really hard to walk towards the five headed mutant without her noticing. Her two main heads were red and excited. "I... uh..." "Sorry, you don't have to answer if you don't want to." "But, I noticed some bulges on your pants” “D-do you have, you know, 'those' there?"

June slowed her step for a brief second. It was obvious the question caught her off guard. At first she didn't know what to say, thinking of different lines to dodge the question. She knew it would come up eventually, but didn't expect it this early. She pouted softly and smiled. "Oh... these?" She gestured to her three crotches and huge pouches between them. June decided to have a little fun. "What do you think they are?" She winked playfully at Katy with both right eyes.

Katy gasped with all her heads, then each one looked in different directions with different expressions. It was clear that each brain was making its own conclusion, until her main right head broke the silence. "Certainly they aren't human heads like this right?" she patted one of her tail heads that she used to continue speaking. "Let's say if they were heads like mine, would you have more brains than me?" she winked back, trying to use the joke to make June feel more comfortable.

June laughed along with her, understanding the joke. "Now that I think about it, I think I would beat you in number of brains if they were all heads." Her giggles ultimately translated in more quirky banter; the kind of banter that she usually engaged with among good friends. "Maybe seven heads, including this one, would be a new world record. Ya know what I mean?" She pointed to her own head, then counted the hidden members between her crotches, counting them all on just one hand. It gave Katy a hint at what she was packing, but didn't want to outright say it, letting the five-headed girl to work it out. June wanted to keep herself respectful or else she'd trigger the slowly growing meat to grow under her jeans and accelerate out of control.

Each one of Katy's tails smirked as she blushed with her main heads "Wow! That's indeed a world record!" "I bet it would feel amazing to have those many heads." She winked as she keep walking at June's side. "In my case there is nothing more hidden..." "...I can't really hide so much with my clothes..." she said cupping her lowest pair of breasts. One of her heads is staring at June's hand. "Your hands looks amazing by the way.” “How many fingers you have on them?" She already knew the answer, but wanted to conform with conversation. And also to distract that she was still staring at her hips as they strolled down the street.

June rubbed her hands together. Several of her fingers pinched and kneaded her knuckles. "Seven per hand," she replied, almost hesitantly. "Sadly that isn't a world record. I've heard of people with eight or nine fingers per hand. Some even with extra thumbs on each side." June shrugged like it was no big deal, but to her it was some kind of jealously that she didn't have the most fingers of any mutant around. More extremes exist in the world. And yet, the most extreme mutant overall was right beside her, checking her body out with several heads. It was amusing. And, quite frankly, cute.

"Oh! Still, seven per hand is way more than me." Katy said, looking at her own eight hands. Her comment was ironic considering that she had forty fingers in total.

June craned her head to the side and looked directly at her shoulder heads. "Anything else you're curious about?"

As soon as she heard June's question, she immediately responded with three of her heads. "Your tongues!" "How many you have?" "You can move them independently?"

June licked her lips with a tongue. Then the second one. Then one more. "I have three, actually," she said after pulling back into her mouth. She gulped as if she was embarrassed. "I know it's a bit much. Not a lot of people know about it because I mostly use two for things like licking ice cream or cleaning my lips of food crumbs." June showed her the three tongues again, this time more clearly. Each one wiggled in separate directions until they settled side by side in her mouth. "They're also longer then you see there. I can stretch them out to my neck whenever I want."

All five Katy's faces went red. The five pair of eyes were staring at June's three tongues "Oh... wow!" "...that is impressive..." "...amazing..." "...and hot." She said with brutal honesty, then realized shaking her heads. "OH! I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to say that." "Is just... wow, they look really cool." She moved a tail in front of her and stuck out her tongue with that mouth as she keep speaking with the rest. "I only have one per mouth." "But I bet having them all in a single mouth must be so cool!" She chuckled and continued her playful interrogation. "And how it feels for you when they touch each other?" "Is like kissing yourself?"

June was practically grinning the whole time Katy went on and on about her tongues. Apparently it touched her soft spot in a way that she could relate, but also enough for her to reveal her true thoughts out in the open, as if she didn't want to say them out loud. June heard ever word the girl said and kept it all in mind for later.

"Not like... kissing myself... no." She shook her head lightly. "They don't feel any different than fingers on a hand, except more sensitive. Much more sensitive." June looked at some of Katy's heads, smirking. "You would know what it's like to kiss yourself, wouldn't you? Do you do it a lot?"

Katy nodded with every word of June as she explained her how her tongues work. Until the big question came up. She blushed with all her heads "I... w-well... yes, of course..." "I can kiss myself..." "...twice..." "...and still have a head free..." Her three tails moved in front of her with a big smile, then one rose up and reached June's ear, whispering. "If you are curious, I can show you when we get there." Katy winked with the rest of her heads at the same time.

A profound shiver shot down her spine and awoke something inside her that was had been dormant for a while now. June felt her hefty bulges lurch forward and strain her jeans as soon as she felt the sensual breath of Katy in her ear. The many voices from the same girl all around her filled her great lust. June immediately reacted by trying the hide her growing crotches, but didn't have enough hands. She gulped and stuttered out a meager response.

"U-uh, sure." June struggled to keep it together, but she was losing that battle for her body, failing to control her arousal from shooting sky high. Each second brought several heartbeats, thus filling her half dozen shafts with more and more pleasure. They weren't quite rock hard yet, fortunately. Her pants still held back their full size from being exposed.

"F-follow me," she said with a tense expression. "Quickly."


Re: Trillion to One - by HeiLeeJoe and Sophiie93

Trillion to One
Part 2


Katy's reaction was to catch up to June's new pace on their way to her house. She was excited, and even horny, by just seeing the girl's body. Her four eyes, her multiple legs, her tongues, everything was demanding her to explore her form in detail. However, June's fast breathing and desperation made Katy worry.

"Are you okay?" She grabbed June's left arm with three of her right, thinking she was on the verge fainting. "Let's hurry. Are we far? You don't look so--" She stopped when one head saw June's bulges getting bigger. She just smirked and helped June to keep walking, even pressing her right breasts against June's arm.

June nodded her head furiously and hummed. "Y-yeah, yea, yes, I-I'm okay..." she replied, obviously flustered. Her body was sweating under her clothes despite the cool weather outside, demanding her to rip them off once she got home. But with Katy here, she couldn't just strip naked in front of her without getting properly acquainted, no matter how beautiful she was. Yes, Katy was the pinnacle of extreme mutant multi, but that didn't mean she had free reign. June finally reached her house, and thanks to Katy's help, she was able to make it time before she couldn't take it anymore. As soon as they entered the front door, June ran to her bathroom and shut the door, leaving Katy behind in the hallway, alone.

Katy understood what was happening. She was so horny just by interacting with June, that she was just barely able to control her breathing. She waited in the living room for June. "Okay. Katy, you have to relax." One of her tails said to herself. "You need to clear all your thoughts." Another tail replied, trying to clear her mind pf all the hot details of June's sexy mutant body. She didn't want to, but she couldn't get too aroused about a stranger in her own house. It felt so weird. She managed to control herself thanks to the five brains working as a team. She walked towards the bathroom door and knocked softly.

“June?” “I'm sorry.” “I will be here if you need company.” “I know that dealing with our bodies is an adventure by itself” “I understand you and I will not judge okay?" Her kind tone made the air less awkward. "I will sit in the living room and wait. Take your time."

Distinct grunting could be heard from inside June's bathroom. Something about the faint noise of damp footsteps still made its way to the hallway, enough for anyone to hear. June herself was having a hard time keeping herself together. With the raging boners gladly thumping against her stomachs, as well as each other. It was a miracle she had the strength to reply.

"I'm s-sorry, Katy." Her muffled voice came through the door. "I just... c-c-can't control myself sometimes. Y-you... are..." June trailed off, not wanting to revealed her true feelings, as horny as they might be. "I-it's just... your body... is... ...unnff..." She couldn't finish that thought as the stimulation of self pleasure rocked her into submission, gripping her body with unimaginable bliss.

Katy was about to walk away from the door, but paused when June spoke. She didn't turn around fully, but her three tails glanced back at the bathroom door with pouts. The floated closer to the door, putting all the heads against it to hear with more detail.

"My body is causing you this?" "Do you see me in that way?" After a short silence she sighed with relief. "I'm glad I'm not the only one." "Take your time, I will wait for you out here." She iterated the last part in a low voice, but just enough for June to hear it. "And save something for me okay?"

There was a short silence after Katy's words. What she said only fueled June's frantic scramble for relief. She couldn't think about anything else but the wildest of fantasies playing out in her head. All of them included the five-headed girl just outside her room. While it wasn't weird to think about someone when masturbating, it was unusual to have that same someone also occupying the same house. The rational part of her thought it was wrong to think about Katy in the moment, but her lust fought to give her as much pleasure as possible.

And ultimately, lust won.

Already on her third orgasm, June was only halfway done from rubbing out her pent up loads. She never thought her exceptional libido could get any stronger, but she was sorely mistaken. June continued to grunt incoherently with her back against the door and ropes of creamy white seed all over the place. And yet, she wasn't able to get her boners to go down fast enough. Every new thought of Katy brought extra arousal to put her right back where she started.

Katy sat on the closest chair to the bathroom. The whole room was silent and five pairs of ears allowed her to hear way better than any other human. She heard the grunts of June, the door trembling with her movements, she was even able to hear June's heavy breathing with each splatter. She stared keenly at the door with many heads, all while her libido was shot up when imagining what was happening on the other side. She even moved two tails to her left side, away from the bathroom door and pat them with two of her left hands. She was so horny that she wasn't able to avoid kissing her tail heads together. As soon as her lips locked, a wave of pleasure traveled all along Katy's body. She focused on the door and moved the third tail closer to the door.

"Are you okay there June? Do you need to talk? I'm worried for you," she said in an obviously lustful tone.

"I-I'm... umm..." June tried to speak but another climax gripped her body, stealing her breath. Once that eventually subsided”after minutes of shooting nearly a half gallon of potent seed”she found her voice again. "Y-yes dear” Oh! Um, I mean, yes I'm o-okay, Katy."

Finally, after an intense train of orgasms, each as strong as the last, she was calm enough to talk. Her six legs were too numb to move, but she relaxed against the door, clutching her chest with a hand. Her fingers encircled the nipple-mouths on her boobs, inserting one finger after the other into her lips, breathing puffs of burning arousal. She licked the drool coming from her mouths. A savory taste. Slimy and sweet. While she craned her head back, her bottom pair of eyes glanced at her boners, having still not gone flaccid, even after all that cumming. She was more aroused than she thought.

"S-sorry for the inconvenience, Katy. This happens all the time. But your body... um... is sorta the most sexy thing I've seen in all my life." In June's hazy thoughts, she wasn't aware of what she said until it was too late.

Katy can't avoid chuckling at June's words. "Oh, you really think my body is that good?" her muffled voice came through. "I'm still curious about yours." She was worried about frightening June with her playful tone, but she also knew that June was honest enough about her body condition that it wouldn't make a difference. "Why you don't come out here and we can see each others bodies?" "You know, for mutant study purposes." She laughed.

June hesitated. Was Katy really inviting her to explore her body? A flood of emotions rushed into her mind, quickly causing her cocks to pulse again, some even leaking fresh precum. While this was a dream come true? Part of her thought it was too good to be true. Could she trust her instincts to do the right thing? Or will her lust take over and cause a chain reaction of bad decisions. 'No, this isn't a bad decision.' Her brain argued. This might be her only chance to truly live up to her potential as an extreme mutant. Her potential being an absolute sex machine. And what better way to do it than with a five-headed, eight-armed woman with four huge pairs of tits. Oh god, just thinking about her again gave her stark shivers.

"O-okay," June managed to say calmly. She stood up, albeit wobbly, and took some towels to wrap around her wide waist. Her pants simply couldn't fit her erections."I'm coming out."

Katy's hearts raced a million miles a second. The anticipation was making her lose her mind. Was she going too fast? Did she made June feel uncomfortable? She knew for a fact that June wasn't shy about herself since her body was the kind that begged to be loved. Also, June wouldn't have reacted in such a way that would make her feel less attracted to her mutation. She stood up firm and waited at the door with all five pairs of eyes fixed on the handle. "Take your time."

As the door opened, it took a moment to process what June saw on the other side. The very sight of Katy's excessive body reinvigorated June's arousal massively. She carefully stepped out of the bathroom, which reeked of her sex. The heavy odor of spent semen flooded out in all directions, engulfing the house with her multi futa musk. With the towels around her waist, they did a terrible job of concealing her foot-long cocks. Damp splotches appeared on the tips of the tents, swaying back and forth as she walked closer to Katy. She smiled awkwardly toward her, having forgotten to put on her shirt, thus exposing Katy to her nipple-mouths.

"H-hi." she cooed, blinking with four eyes and blushing immensely.

The smell inside the bathroom was immediately caught by Katy's five noses. Instead of feeling bad about, she just felt more and more horny. All her eyes scanned every detail of June's body, ignoring her massive erections, both for leaving them for later and for making June feel comfortable. Her jaws fall open as she saw at June's boobs.

"Oh!" "Wow!" She lifted one of her right hands in front of June's left breast, close enough to feel the heat coming from the mouth, but not touching it. "You have mouths here!" "Are they functional?" "Can you talk with them?" One of her free heads licked her own lips in excitement.

June shook her head lightly. "No, I can't talk from them. But I can feel them like any other mouth." She demonstrated by sensually sticking her tongues out. They even smiled, too, making her giggle. "Sorry you had to catch me like this," she said, referring to her highly aroused state. "I have trouble controlling myself at times. That's why I went to the park today. To relax my mind and body." June sighed, blushing harder. “Until I saw you.”

Katy smirked with all five heads, grabbing June's right hand with her second left and resting her upper left on top of it. She played with her seven fingers using ten of her own. "June, you don't have to be embarrassed, if I had your body I'd be so hard right now too." She finished the sentence with a tease as she moved another left hand towards June's left breast, touching the lips with a fingertip. "Do..." she thought for a second before continuing, "Do you want to see what I mentioned before?" her three tails moved between the both of them. "You know..." "...how I..." "...kiss myself?"

June shuddered immensely. Her entire form went into overdrive when the many voices of Katy echoed at her from many places. That, along with her soft, loving touch, practically melted her heart. When the idea of her kissing herself made presented itself, her attempts to suppress her urges broke.

She spontaneously came, drenching the towels in hot, thick pools of semen. However, June's expression remained strong. She didn't even announce that she was cumming. She merely stood there as Katy leaned in closer and closer, and closer. And closer. Five heads, so close to her own, staring at her with intention.

"Y-y-yes please... I-I do..." she stuttered. "Please..."

All five heads of Katy smirked. One pair of eyes noticed how wet the towels became. Her mind went crazy with questions as her brains were thinking of June's body. How does she work? She can have an orgasm and still stay strong? How must it feel for her to cum with all of those together? She was even wondering how many penises were under the towels. She still didn't know. Two of her heads focused on the soaking towels as the other three were showed off her kissing skills.

Moving two tails between her main two heads, she paused briefly to tease June, then moved closer and closer until her foreheads touched. Both tails smiled and looked deep into each others eyes.

"See? This is how I have fun with myself." "I imagine I'm two different girls about to kiss." "But I can see and feel both sides of the show." She finished with a wink as her tails went in for the long awaited kiss. Waves of pleasure engulfed her nerves, which was expressed by her reactions, even one of her main heads bite her own lips in pleasure as the kiss went deeper. "What do you think?"

Even as her first of many orgasms died down, June's cocks were still rock hard. Largely from her body's heightened libido, but also from Katy's playful teases.

"S-s-so hot..." June uttered listlessly. She immediately shook her head and blinked several times out of sync between her four eyes, embarrassed that she said that out loud. "OH... I mean.... wow," she croaked after clearing her throat. June could feel another orgasm coming. She lost count how many she had at this point, as if they blended together. Still, there was a really big climax brewing underneath all of the ongoing pleasure fest currently gripping her body. A really big one. It would take an insane amount of stimulation to reach it, and she knew she couldn't reach it alone. "That's amazing!" June drooled and huffed, six knees quivering, struggling to keep her standing. "Unng-- and y-you still have three heads left."

Katy nodded with her main heads, enjoying the view and reaction of June. She just seemed so flustered. The towel moved with each of her cock spasms. Katy was dying to seeing them, but decided to be patient. As well as tease June a bit further. She moved all eight hands slow toward her, the lower pair touching to middle crotch. She carefully spread out her other hands as a sign of comfort. She waited to see if her movements were too fast, but saw that those four beautiful eyes stared at her without fear. Katy leaned over to reach for June's nipple mouths, feeling the heat coming from them. A free tail raised behind her, looking at the scene as two hands held onto June's two, seven-fingered hands.

"Can I kiss you?" the tail-head asked politely.

June had been waiting for a moment like this ever since she learned of other extreme mutants. Now with Katy here in front of her, with all her extra parts, it was only natural for them to pursue their desires. Even though they'd just met, it wasn't unusual for hookups to occur as spontaneous as this in a society of mutants. The world was far more open than it was ten years ago.

However, what was extremely unlikely, was for high tier mutants to make contact at random. Let alone the second-highest tier of mutants whose bodies were highly sexual in nature. The astronomical rarity of a two tier 4 mutant couple becoming a romantic and compatible has never happened before. There weren't many mutants of their type living in the world. Tier 5 is only hypothetical, but don't yet exist among the ever changing human race after the scientific advancements and the unexplained explosion of human evolution over the past forty years.

And June was happy for it. More than happy. Her body was as extreme as it gets. She was aware of several other cases with bodies that included multiple legs, multiple arms, and multiple heads. But she never could've predicted to meet another one with so many extras. Katy was quite the complete package. The kind of girl that she could only find in her dreams. And yet, here she was, asking for a kiss with one of her five heads. It was still unbelievable that Katy has FIVE.


All the stimulation that June felt up until that point was self-inflicted. She had a few girlfriends before, even boyfriends. She was no stranger to the touch from others. But they were all normal humans. It was really hard to find a mutant partner with a least an extra pair of arms, and extra leg, or even extra fingers. But Katy blew all of them out of the water. Absolutely gorgeous.

Eight boobs”big ones”constantly bobbing and swaying with every movement made her leak even more. They crowded her chest and were still confined under a cute, tangerine button top. The very thought of seeing Katy naked caused even more throbs from her cocks.

As Katy stepped closer, June gasped when she felt several hands graze over her middle shafts behind the towels, softly petting them like delicate flowers. More hands came up to explore her body. As well as her tail heads, peering from different angles like spectators in her own advances. June wouldn't have it any other way. She responded to her request with a hot, soothing breath. "Yes.... please..."

Katy smirked, she was never been so happy for an answer before. She was feeling horny. More horny than ever in her life. She didn't know if it was the smell of June's musk or just how sexy she was. She leaned down, moving her two main mouths towards June's breasts until both mouths meet hers. Her lips touched slowly as she felt June's nipple lips answering the call.

"Mmmm... is amazing..." Many hands started to move around June's curves, hands, arms, and shoulders. Her three free tails hovered closer, observing June's from different angles, trying to guess how she felt with the double kiss. "So..." "...how is..." "...it?" she swapped from one head to the other so fast that it felt like a single person talking. Her movements made her third and fourth pair of breast to rub June's middle shafts with the towels still on them.

June dropped the towels in the midst of the make out session on her nipple mouths, finally exposing six huge cocks. Due to the extremely wide hips, her six legs were arrange in three pairs of two. Between every other crotch was two erect shafts, roughly a foot long each. The tips leaked constantly, pouring out small spurts of pre. In her passionate kisses with a few of Katy's heads, her cocks revamped their production. Each pair of balls--which accompanied a pair of cocks each”pulsed and filled with more seed, growing bigger with her increased arousal. Feeling Katy's boobs squish against her body put her on a hair trigger, just edging to blow her loads again. June gathered every ounce of energy to hold her oncoming climaxes. Her hands found themselves exploring Katy's back, sliding over her many shoulder blades. Multiple arms touching her everywhere felt so incredible. Just as good as the five heads kissing her all over.

For the first time ever, Katy she felt outnumbered. Six huge and hard cocks surrounded her. She broke the kisses and took a step back to admire June's nude body in full, using all her eyes to her advantage.

"Wow!" "You are perfect!" she said with one head. The others moved behind her while stroking many them with her many hands. She wasted no time unbuttoning her shirt and allowing it to fall away from her eight shoulders, finally exposing all eight breasts to the air. Her eight hands groped and squished and pushed up her own boobs as she smiled with all her heads. "Do you like what you see?"

"Y-yes,” June nodded meekly. “Very much.” She reached forward to grab two of Katy's eight arms, pulling them to her cocks. The touch was enough to cause one cock to start cumming immediately, spitting out weak ropes of fresh cum.

One of Katy's tails curiously moving down like she was trying to see below June's balls "Are there's pussies down there too?" she asked.

June guided Katy's hands under her left and right scrotums with four balls each, putting her fingers over the sensitive lips of her pussies. They were already dripping wet and eager. Meanwhile, June watched with her other pair eyes as Katy groped many of her own boobs, showing how big they really were when pushed together. She moaned faintly, letting out a horny breath. So many arms, so many boobs, and so many heads. The girl was beyond erotic. And with the way she moved, effortlessly controlling every individual part of her exceptional body, it was enough to ignite a strong love for her. Having only seen what she looked like, June couldn't wait to see what she could do.

"Oh... wow..." "...it's even hard to count how many genitals you have..." she said with her main heads walking forward, using her last pair of hands to touch June's middle two dicks and spread them to let her reach the beautiful owner of them. "I wonder how many of them I can trigger at once." Her third pair of hands rested her fingers on the middle dicks, slowly moving up, running all its length. "You have so many sensitive spots."

With June being distracted by the two faces in front of her, she stealthily slipped her tail heads between her many legs. Giving a synced kiss in each of June's pussies as her main heads smirk. "Tasty," she uttered with both at the same time.

June could barely stand straight as a tsunami of ecstasy exploded within her body, causing her moans to grow louder. The feeling intensified when, for the first time ever, all three of her pussies were being stimulated simultaneously. She didn't have enough hands to do it herself, and even the previous hookups with regular humans resulted in hesitation and insecurity.

This time was different. Way different.

Three separate heads, all belonging to the same girl, while two others on her shoulders, each having a purpose to fulfill. Five total mouths to taste more parts that she could accomplish on her own. Her three pairs of dicks started squeezing out thicker and thicker strands of cum, still short of a complete orgasm. June was doing everything she could to prolong her inevitable descent into bliss, thus stealing her voice and forcing only moans to come out.

"Your moaning is so hot." Katy's right main head said as she turned to guide her many arms while the left head continues. "I want to know everything about you, but first I want you to feel good." She fastened her licks as she attended each of June's cocks with its own hand. "Wow, they're all so hard and warm.” “You are wonderful.” “And impressive.” She slowly started stroking her hands over the cocks, teasing the girl even more.

The moans grew deeper and more frequent. June's struggled to say anything while the fires of bliss course through her veins. The unbelievable amount of pleasure overwhelmed her body, but not entirely. June managed to pull Katy to her bedroom and make it to the bed while still entangled in foreplay. To get more comfortable, June lead the charge by throwing her arms around Katy's necks and started kissing one of the two shoulder heads. She traded off each head to satisfy all of her. All the while, her pussies were being eaten out by the three tail heads like no tomorrow. They collapsed on the bed and continued the intimate embrace with renewed passion.

Katy was in an absolute trance. As soon as June's back rested on the bed she felt herself surrounded by six legs that moved around her, embracing her body. She used her hands to touch slowly the many thighs on her reach as she leans her body down, making the two middle cocks press hard between her two last pair of boobs. One of her many hands caught June's right hand and guided it towards Katy pussy.

"Show me." She began with a main head before lifting a tail and whispered to her ear "Show me what those seven fingers can do." Katy slithered the tail down and kissed June's right breast, sharing the taste of her own pussy with her.

June obliged. How could she not? Her hands crawled further and further down her legs upon request, creeping ever closer to the soaking lips of Katy's singular pussy. She felt a little bad for her, however. Just one vagina for all those arms and heads? How does she cope at night? June dug her hands deeper until her fourteen fingers spread her lover's legs apart to reach around the back, squeezing her plump cheeks. Then her right hand explored the treasures galore, slipping one finger after the other inside Katy, moaning greatly under the constant kissing from her many heads.

Everywhere on her body was being touched. So many hands, so many boobs. Rubbing, squishing, stroking. It was beyond heaven. Still, June needed to prove her sexual prowess by continually fingering the slit between Katy's two legs, using ever finger of her hand to feel her slick inner walls. She could barely keep her four eyes open due to the mounting pressure of orgasm rising to the top as the five-headed, eight-armed sexy goddess returned the favor.

Every single head of Katy breathed deep. As soon as June's fingers reached her pussy, she couldn't help but tense up and groan at the onslaught of pleasure. She was enjoying ever second of it. Living the feeling with all five of her brains, like a mix of five different parallel lives that merged into a singular strong experience. Multiple moans escaped from different spots as she kept focusing on touching every single spot of June's body, enjoying the feeling of her skin in her many fingers as much as the heat of those many dicks. She moved one head towards June's ear and whisper. "Do you think you can cum with all of your dicks and pussies for me?"

As if on cue, June gasped loudly. Her entire body was flooded with a deluge of pure white hot ecstasy and whipped her head back. The sheer strength of the monstrous orgasm hit her like a freight train, forcing her arms and legs to lock together on reflex and shake violently. Her hands dropped out of Katy's pussy and instantly grabbed one of her many arms to stabilize herself. Her grip was weak thanks to the slick juices coating her fingers, so June pulled her close to press lips with a shoulder head and thrust her chest against the buffet of boobs. This also brought her groins forward, humping with each individual stroke that she gave. Various hands coaxed her final load for finally burst from her six tips, splattering ropes upon ropes of fresh cum all over the place. Pearly white cream kept spraying from her half-dozen cocks, each shaft belching out more and more semen between their sweat soaked, love drunk, multi mutant bodies. Too many limbs to count.

Pleasure beyond words.

As soon as June's cum started flying around, Katy lifted her tails from June's pussies to get in front of the streams to be showered in the fluids. Two of the tails instantly kissed herself and the free one hurried towards her own pussy, licking the winking lips to make herself cum, too. Her top heads locked in a kiss with June, letting her own three tail heads know just how good a french kiss with a girl that has three tongues can be, as if she was in competition with herself. She moaned heavily for a while until she was completely spent and collapsed on top of June, breaking the kiss.

June's explosive climax lasted for several minutes. Many passionate kisses between each of Katy's heads triggered even stronger bouts of cum to fly everywhere. She even tasted her own seed from Katy's mouths. Mostly from her tail heads, which cycled between her cumming cocks, her quivering pussies, her nipple-mouths, and themselves. Not to mention her original mouth where three long tongues wiggled and writhed around, eager to explore whichever mouth she was kissing at the time. She couldn't really keep track. The thought of the five-headed woman making out with herself also intensified her orgasm even after her spurts of cum started to die down. Moans and huffs echoed throughout the room while the two lovers shared the best moment of their lives. Limbs entangled, cum everywhere, and love in the air. The perfect match for each other.

The minutes felt like hours. All five Katy's heads lifted in front of June, every single one covered in fluids and cum with a huge smile and trying to catch her breath after that intense sensation. She leaned back to sit in the bed in front of June, admiring her body as her many arms rest at her side. Her tails wiggled behind her happily as she started speaking still covered in fluids.

"Well, that was intense." She chuckled. "Definitely. Our bodies together is so hot!" "How it felt in your side?"

June could hardly make a noise, let alone speak coherently. The aftershocks of the nuclear orgasm coursing through her veins left her completely exhausted. Her arms and legs went limp, and her six cocks eventually softened while still firing off the last ropes of cum. Her three long tongues rolled out of her mouth as she gasped for air. Each heavy breath helped her calm down. When she was well enough to see clearly again, so too did her voice. She bit her lower lip and smiled.

"That felt so good." She said, giggling. "I've never cum that much before."

Katy giggled happily with all her heads, so proud of being able to handle this many cocks and pussies at once. She licked her lips with her tail heads. "Oh believe me, I'm glad, too.” “Each one of your vaginas were so good!" "I still feel the taste in some of my mouths." She raised one of her hands towards June's right breast, encircling her mouth with a fingertip. "With that much action, I wasn't able to see in detail your body. Do these mouths have only one tongue? Or are they like your head mouth?"

Katy was still covered in fluids, but enjoying exploring June's body with several happy grins. Her many arms moved naturally as her many heads look at June from many different places at once. Incredible.

With strands of spunk still dripping from everywhere; the walls, the sheets, and their bodies, June was proud of her performance. Having her nipple mouths simultaneously kissed for the first time ever really heightened the experience. She stuck her tongues out of each mouth to show Katy.

"Yup, just one each. But I can't talk from them, sadly." June's nipple-mouths mimicked the motion of speech, but nothing came out of them. "Nor can I eat with them. I'm glad I got to use them the way they were meant to used." She finally had the energy to lean up and prop her body over the edge of the bed while Katy watched.

June encircled her nipple mouths with sensual teases using her fingers. "Kissing you."


Re: Trillion to One - by HeiLeeJoe and Sophiie93

Trillion to One
Part 3


Katy was loving every single movement of June's nipple mouths. They could do everything except talk, like pouting, licking, and biting her lower lip. But by far her favorite expression were simple smiles. She was totally love with every detail, and even matched her own lips to play with June. At the mere mention of a kiss, she perked up.

"I have enough heads for having your mouths busy all the time." She snapped her fingers as if she was ordering her servants to move, calling over her tails to come from behind her. They immediately went in for kisses both of the boobs while her main heads looked deep into her four eyes. "You like that?" "It feels really good, doesn't it?" The third tail showed up from behind as more hands crawled over June's thighs. "Tell me more. I want to know everything about your body! I need to know, what is it is like to have six legs? Are you skilled with them?"

June rolled her head around as small pockets of pleasure reignited in her body, causing her cocks to grow hard again. Not fully, but the continued stroking and kissing from Katy's crowd of arms and heads stirred her arousal once again. Maybe she had enough for another round. For now, June responded to her questions as to the best of her ability.

"Yes. I've had them all my life, so I know how to get around. I don't think about it too much." She looked up into Katy's eyes, switching between the faces of her two shoulder heads.

"Well, you should think about it, because they look so great!" Katy swiveled her heads to opposite sides observing the legs around her. She also noticed the cocks getting erect again at the corner of her eye. Even the small talk about each of their bodies was just as good as the sex. She used many hands to graze the four outer legs, while she rested other hands between the two middle legs. "You'll have to show me sometime.” “Not with your hands.” “But with your hips.” “Show me what your extra legs can do."

“I will. Soon.” June replied, but moved on to her most pressing curiosities. "It must be hard to control five heads at once."

"Controlling five heads is..." Katy paused for a moment, formulating her thoughts among all brains. "It's easier than you would imagine." Her two tails stopped kissing June's breasts and raised above her sides to continue her explanation. "I can focus each on one a task and just forget about it, the brain on them will take the decisions and keep going as I can use my other four brains to whatever I want to." She rubs one of her tails cheeks. Her tone was also making it obvious how horny she was. "Meanwhile, I get all the senses in my mind at the same time."

June loved seeing Katy's heads move so effortlessly. And the more they did, the more turned on she got. Despite having several orgasms already, including a big one that left her body in a bliss-fueled paralysis for a few minutes, she still had room for more. She put on a good show by displaying her three pairs of legs in different arrangements, constantly shifting between one pose to another. She even raised her legs high enough for Katy to see her vaginas. Dripping and ready. June's long voluptuous legs crowded her lower body, but her expert movements proved her skills with them.

"Think you can use them to sense something else?" She teased, brushing fourteen fingers over her drooling nipple-mouths. She bit her lower lips in anticipation, quietly moaning as her huge cocks slapped her stomach. "Don't be shy. I'm sure you'll find something you like."

All of Katy eyes followed each movement of June's legs. She had never been this wooed before, and was enjoying every second of it. Her many hands gave each thigh a gentle stroke, even teasing her pussies in the process. At June's request she looked down to check the mouths for an intimate approach.

“I would gladly do it.” “Over.” “...and over...” “...and over...” “...and over again.” She moved her two main heads closer, locking lips with them. She wiggled all her tails up and down, performing her 'sisters' act in front of June. "Hey girls look! Sister took my breasts." "That's not fair!" "Right? What about her?” One head referred to another. “Why does she get the softness around her face." The three tails argued, rubbing her cheeks together, moving closer towards June. "You have a tongue for each of us,” one head pleaded while the others winked. "Can you handle us?" "Please?"

June was surprised by this new act of being 'sisters'. It was quite charming. Calling herself 'us' aroused her even more as eight arms and five heads explore even more of her body in creative ways. When the tail heads came over to meet her four eyes, she saw them lick their lips eagerly and beg attention. She gleefully obliged with a four way kiss, diving in to taste all of their mouths at once while using one tongue for each head. So much coordination went into entangling them between three different mouths. Her hands wrapped around the girl's back and pulled her close, squishing her eight boobs over her chest. They served as soft, warm barriers between their bodies. She didn't want those eight lovely tits to go overlooked. June was doing her best to feel every part of Katy's sexy body, but simply didn't have enough arms to match her excessive form.

Katy started sliding each of her hands under, around, and across June's legs to surround her body. Thighs as far as the eyes can see. And thicker than oatmeal. She made space to rub her palms all over her skin, massaging her indiscriminately for maximum reach. The intense contact was intense and the pose made June's dicks hard, aiming directly towards Katy's body. She just let the tips of each throb against different spots; some on her boobs, some between them, against her shoulders, or trapped in her elbows. There was just dicks everywhere.

And Katy loved it.

Meanwhile, June was in her own world of pleasure. In fact, she was in heaven. Everything about Katy hit all the right places. Hands and heads everywhere to touch and stroke and rub and kiss. Expert motions on all fronts dominated the deep, dense horde of limbs. The bliss was immeasurable. Her body ravaged by pleasure. Nothing but lust and desire. She was getting close yet again, holding in another climax until she was ready to give it all. She needed more. The two of them hugged and cuddled until June to the bright idea of shoving her middle cocks inside her enthusiastic lover. Her bulbous cockheads teased Katy for so long that it was time to show her how great she can use them, and still have four others to spare.

All of Katy's eyes opened in surprise at the feeling of June's cocks. They was definitely huge, but their raw size was deceiving. They felt far bigger than they looked. She used her third and last right hands to grab both of the middle dicks, using one of her tails to guide herself while her two main heads stared straight into June's four eyes. She used all other free hands to tease the other cocks, but not quite stroking them yet.

"I'm so glad to have this many hands.” Katy's heads were everywhere, helping her to see what each hand was doing. She slowly aimed the lower middle cock inside her pussy and gently sat on it, letting June fill her wet pussy until it was all the way in. "Whoa! You are huge!" She scampered up a bit to slide June's upper middle cock lower and lower. Katy didn't move at all after that. She didn't need to. The next course of action came naturally, as if she was born for this.

"So how does it feels to have nine genitals?" Katy said. "And to be inside and outside me at the same time?"She pushed softly on one of the free cocks a finger.

June huffed the moment her middle two cocks felt the tight pussy clamping down hard as she leaked copiously from all her cocks simultaneously. The stimulation itself almost made her cum prematurely. Again.

“More than you know,” she replied with a sly grin.

To this day, she has yet to met another mutant who could fuck all her members at the same time. Even with all her extras, Katy could only two. However, her three tail heads, eight hands, and eight boobs more than made up for it. June was over the moon and back as her hips started pumping away, moving with great rhythm and pace. She wasn't quite experienced with sex, let alone sex this amazing.

All of Katy's voices served to heighten her arousal, giving her more reason to pick up the pace. Many pairs of eyes and mouths all to herself, vying for attention. And the best part was that Katy was an crowd of one, enjoying the sex as much as she was. They were past foreplay and went going all in.

"I-I need you.. unnnffff..." June panted hard. She reached out for the two shoulder heads to come close. "All of you."

All of Katy heads breathed deeply with each movement of June's hips, enjoying every thrust and twitch of the cock inside her pussy and between her stacked tits. "Oh, you will have all of me, all the time." She was a master of sex, even when it was her first experience with another mutant. “Anytime.”

She surrounded June's shoulders with her top pair of arms, pulling her face towards the top pairs of breasts, making every other pair to press hard against their bodies. "I love the feeling of you." Katy said while focusing her main heads on kissing and teasing June. She used her free heads to find the best spots to cuddle and assigned two hands per brain gave to stroke all the throbbing dicks with precision.

At this point June was too lost in the tsunami of sensations to really grasp what was going on. So many hands, heads, and boobs bouncing against her collection of cocks. Sweeping fantasies swirled in her mind with unbelievable passion, fueling her arousal exponentially. Along with the immense pressure of such a huge woman atop her, it only heightened the pleasure. Having her huge shafts inside and outside of Katy, some being stroked, others being engulfed, was the very definition of heaven. Her four eyes could barely stay open as the stunning peaks arousal and bliss constantly breaking through her all time records. Her seven-fingered hands struggled to find something to grab a hold of, often thrashing between many limbs.

Feeling the length of Katy's back gave her more sense of the depth that aligned her elongated torso. While not much bigger than a regular human, it was slightly longer to accommodate the extra pairs of arms, as well as match them with shoulder blades. It was surprising how well defined her skin felt.

Still, the little details were overshadowed by the sheer unadulterated sensory overload that attacked every fiber of her being. She was getting close again. So close. It was far too late to turn back now. By no means was June a virgin, but by god was this the first time anyone was able to take her entire length. And yet, four other cocks still lie unfilled.

Which were all immediately wrapped with several delicate hands, all belonging to the same woman. Her moans came from several different places, echoing around the room like she was listening to a naughty porno in surround sound. Yet she was the star. It didn't take long for June to come back to reality. All she could say before the final climax was a prior warning with a waning moan.

"I-I-I'm c-cummi... uunnggff..."

Katy heard June's words echo in all her brains. It was the thing she'd been waiting for since they got started. "From all of them?" "Go ahead." "Don't hold up.” “Give it to me!” “Give it all to me!” She screamed. Loud grunts were all that followed as excessive panting escaped her many mouths. Katy's legs trembled violently under a blistering orgasm from her pussy, not waiting a single second to overtake every inch of her body.

June truly gave it her all. Six separate loads from six different cocks fired off at the same time once her orgasm hit with full force. Stronger than any she's had before, the sheer ecstasy wrecked her ability to think straight while her dicks flexed with each multi-second cumshot. The outer four shafts throbbed spuriously as they sprayed herself and the bed with white hot ropes of creamy love. Her two middle cocks, however, filled Katy to the brim, flooding her womb beyond capacity. Both rods pounded in and out as they came more and more, seeding Katy all the cum she could give.

It literally couldn't get any better than this.

This almost felt like a dream. Katy wondered if she really was asleep in her own bed at home, and this was just all in her heads. Her five heads. Yet, the ongoing sensations were far greater than a typical lucid dream. The perception from five separate brains let her know about every single detail of her experience with June. So far, it's been out of this world.

Katy felt her whole body being showered in cum while her insides overflowed with June's unending loads. Her own orgasm dropped hard, enough to make her bend back fast as all five heads shrieked with pleasure and legs trembled. Her hole body never felt this good before.

“Y-You are amazing!” All five heads say in total sync, moving to face Kate and leaning in. With every mouth, Katy kissed June's head and neck in multiple places at once.

Eventually, after several intense minutes, the height of June's intense climax finally faded. Still, many aftershocks ravaged her body in the moments following. She wasn't yet aware of how much she came. It was more than ever before. The sheer passionate love made the orgasm feel so much better, down to her bones, and through every inch of her six legs and six cocks. Her nipple mouths were drooling and her four eyes rolled to the back of her head.

June collapsed on the bed from the overwhelming pleasure as a smile plastered across her face. Faint groans accompanied the last of her loads, occasionally spurting off tiny strands of post-cum. Katy's extreme beauty was beyond just her body, but also her heads. The way she guided June through sex from five distinct voices was the cherry on top. With the pearly white spunk all over those eight arms and eight boobs, there was no better sight on earth than a mutant who could look and kiss and lick and talk from many angles. She returned a kiss for one of Katy's shoulder heads.

"You really came a lot!" The four other heads kept talking while she made out with June. "This is so much and I love it." "All my body is covered and feels warm!" "Are you okay? It wasn't too much?" Katy couldn't get enough. She enjoyed every second. Love making is supposed to me a special occasion among partners, but no one else could make her feel so good as June did. For the first time ever, she was able to occupy all her hands and heads at once. "Now relax." She used all eight hands to rub and massage June's curves. "How are you feeling now?"

June simply grinned. Her regular mouth and nipple mouths caught her breath. She stayed very still to ride out the waning tides going on within her body. All six cocks had finally softened by this point, but the lingering euphoria rebounding in her head made her eyes roll back. She loved the way Katy spoke to her from many different heads as if five different women were giving her all the attention. But knowing Katy was just one girl sharing five separate brains, the answer to her questions were easy.

"I feel amazing," she replied. "I never came so much in my life.”

“Oh I bet you did.” Katy continued to act normally, ignoring the fact that she was drenched with cum from her body. She was totally soaked in fluids, but her heads and arms took a more relaxed pose. "And what happens if you cum with some of them taking turns?" she ask in curiosity. Her fascination for mutants was really hard to hide. Her left tail head leaned in to June's breast, kissing it softly.

June hummed faintly and smirked off to the side. "Oh, it's not as satisfying as all of them at once," she said. "It's really hard to get them to cum at the same time, but I fail a lot." She reached out and pulled Katy in for another smooch on her cheeks. "You're the first to help me do it. You're so amazing." June didn't know how else to express her gratitude other than a stroking her hair with her seven-fingered hands. She knew the right spots to touch.

"Ohh I see." Katy smiled wide, still holding the kiss with June's breast mouth. With one pair of eyes, she looked at that head and pat herself. "It seems that my body fits perfectly with yours." "Those dicks of yours are amazing." Her many hands rubbed June's legs. "And your legs too!" she said, clearly in love with them, and then leaned back to sit on her butt. Her tails adjusted to sustain the kiss. "So, is it your turn? Are you curious of my body?"

June smiles warmly. "More than curious." Her hands slide down her sides passing many different shoulders to caress her curvy hips. Despite only having two legs for all of her other goods, they didn't go unchecked. June wasn't quite used to being in this position. Her fantasies were usually tame in comparison to most people, but to have another mutant girl as cute and sexy as Katy riding on top of her, nothing was more perfect than seeing her five faces return the favor. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. No one has ever made my dicks more hard that you have. I still can't get over how much of you there is."

Katy giggled with all her tails as she spoke with great sincerity. "And the girl with six huge dicks tells me that?" She winked with one face and closed the gap with another head. "All of me is happy to be here now." She bent back to stretches all her arms in different directions. "Should we take a shower to clean all this mess?"

"Let's do that." June quickly nodded her head.

She got up off the bed and realigns her legs to straighten them out. They began to get a little sore from all that sex, so the best course of action was to stretch out their limbs. No wonder it felt so good, looking at her body caked in layers of her own seed impressed even herself. Thankfully, she shared it all with a mutant so unique and lustful as her. So what better way to keep it going than to shower with a five-headed, eight-armed girl like Katy.

"There's more where that came from," June teased, winking under a grin. "If you stay here with me a bit longer."

All of Katy faces blushed with those words as she stood up. Four of her hands went towards her chest. "More?" "Oh." "I want to stay for days here now." "Mutants with multiple genitals are amazing!" She walked to June's side, hugging her with all four right arms. Her tail heads appeared from the right of June's head while the two main heads look at her, smiling. "Will we fit in the shower?" "Together we have so many limbs."

"Of course we will." June said gleefully. "I have a bathroom custom made for my special body. There's more than enough room for both of us." She checked out Katy's many arms and heads again, admiring her exemplary form. No matter the circumstance, the sheer volume of anatomy being shared by just a single woman exceed her wildest dreams. When she opened the bathroom door, inside revealed a spacious interior complete with two sinks, several mirrors, and a shiny, marble floor. It felt like it was made for royalty. However, the most important feature was the shower. It was absolutely huge; ten feet high, same across, and twelve feet wide with a double shower head system that could point in any direction. She gestured Katy to step inside. "After you."

Katy looked to every detail in the bathroom. She was surprised to find someone with a bigger bathroom than hers. "I will be sure the water is okay." She let the water run and checked the temperature while her three tails admired the outside the shower. "This bathroom is amazing." "It seems we can really fit inside." "But I don't mind to cuddle a bit." She winked as her two main heads checked everything inside until one mouth said, "Okay, I think it's perfect now."

June joined her in the shower and closed the sliding door as the glass began to fog up from the steamy water. Her body was still recovering from the best sex ever, which was good enough to keep her libido in check. She didn't much energy left for another round right away and needed a quick break. For now, cuddling would do wonders. But first, they needed to get cleaned up.

"Is it okay if I wash your body?" She asked politely, blushing from all the semen dripping off her arms and boobs.

"Oh please!" All of Katy's heads gave June smug looks. "Go ahead." “Gladly.” She spread her eight arms and her tails, as well as her two legs. June was able to see exactly where Katy's tail were attached for the first time. "After you do, I will show you how fast eight hands can clean a body."

June grabbed the shampoo and luffa from the rack and poured it on. She made sure it was nice and bubbly before scrubbing Katy down. She started with her back, which gave her a close up view of the unique shape of her eight shoulder blades that populated her bulky frame. Just imagining what it must feel like to have control of so many arms gave her shivers. To feel every part of them as they bundled against each other, to have each pair resting atop the others, and to move them independently. Unreal. Once she got down to Katy's tails, she slowed her motions. She wanted to be careful of that crucial area knowing three heads were attached. "Is it really sensitive down here?"

One of the tails moved down closer to the base and closed flickered, enjoying June's constant brushing. "They're just like usual necks, but three of them. The base is very sturdy so don't worry about hurting me." She then lifted that same tail and gave June a soft kiss in her right boob mouth.

June proceeds to clean every part of Katy's three long tails, from base to chin. She made sure to be gentle with her strokes. It still gave her chills whenever she felt the entire length of her tails. They had to be at least four feet long, each. Maybe five. They were so flexible that June couldn't stop thinking how amazing they must feel. Only then did it occur to her to ask a weird question.

"Do you eat from these heads?"

"Oh yes!” Katy's tails smiled. “I can eat normally with each of my heads." "And breathe too." "Every single one is fully functional." Her shoulders shrugged as her eight hands touched her chest. Like a snake, she slithered one of her tails around June's right arm, about to embrace its prey. She pressed herself tight for a more solid grip. “Still, my tails are way fun to use.” “I can move and look in every angle.” “Anywhere and everywhere I want.” “Which covers all blind spots around me, without even using my two main heads."

"Amazing." June continued to scrub down her back and her legs. When she was finished with that, she stood up and started padding her necks, including the space between her heads. It fascinated her that both of the independent heads were also the same woman who shared two equally bright smiles while watching her body being cleaned. June blushed deeply when their eyes made contact again, insisting on washing her many rows of boobs herself. Their soft jiggles and wobbles were so enticing that it almost distracted from the job.

June refrained from getting hard on the spot. She skimmed the vertical and horizontal cleavages, whose inherent sexual nature and enchanting roundness were enough to get her cocks half-chubbed again. She cleared her throat, trying to wish away her awkward mannerisms.

"I love you body so much, it just makes me want to... mmnnffff..." June grunted as some of her cocks twitched involuntarily. They still weren't fully hard, but the added intimacy greatly heightened her sensitivity.

Katy's two main heads watched June work patiently. "I'm sorry for having too many breasts." "It takes a while to wash all of them." Her tails definitely noticed the reaction of some of her cocks. She uses her four lower hands to grab one of the hardest ones. "Now that we can clean everything easily." A tail head showed up from below. "Why don't I show you all my skills on a single one of your dicks?" Her non speaking head then licked its lips. "I want to see how the rest of your cocks react."

The idea excited June. A glowing expression showed as much. "O-okay." She waited until all the soapy bubbles dripped of Katy and turned off the water. "But, we don't have any lube... except, maybe, this conditioner."

Only one of the tails looked at the bottle and picked it up. She brought it towards her and used a different hand to open it. Meanwhile the other six hands were busy playing with the middle top cock of June. She stepped closer, making the tip of the cock rub her lowest pair of breasts without needing to get on her knees.

June gasped at the immediate touch. Her outer four cocks jumped upon contact, as if they felt it directly. She was practically drooling at the sight of Katy's shiny wet body, in all its extraordinary glory, and instantly straightened her back. Her four eyes fluttered when scores of arousal rushed to her brain again.

Katy spread conditioner on June's cock to make everything feel much better. All she cared about now satisfying the big cock in her hands. She moved all three tails towards the shaft and added the last two free hands in on the party. All eight hands started to stroke the thick, throbbing girth as her tails kissed the tip, licked the veins, and sucked her balls.

With her back pressed against the wall, June had a hard time keeping still. Her legs melted while Katy put her arms, heads, and boobs to good use. But with her towering frame looming over, and extra legs to support herself with, June remained upright. But it wouldn't be long until her limbs turned to mush. The pleasure was so intense that her free cocks throbbed violently that the bottom ones kept bumping into the top ones, causing a further feedback loop of constant bounces that slapped her wide midriff.

"So? How does it feel?" One of the main heads said turning to look June's face and enjoying her range of expressions. She moved all her tails and hands faster, putting the tip of the cock between her third pair of breasts and accidentally forcing the lower cock between the fourth pair.

June struggled to find the words, but stuck it out. "S-s-so good... unhnngfff..." The bliss was beyond measure. So many points of touch, so many soft strokes, so much erotic flesh. All giving one single cock the attention like none other. With the exception of her lower dick getting in on the action, Katy ignored that to focus on the top one, pushing the bounds of what was possible.

Katy suddenly stopped, releasing the twitching shaft. She squatted down to give a lewd kiss on both of June's breasts using her main heads. One of the tails rose up, still reaching the face of her new lover.

"I will use my five mouths now." She whispered, giving June a fast kiss on the lips before sliding down again. Then there was the upper middle cock of June, fully erect in front of all five of Katy's heads. She relaxed her many arms and lean in, her main heads kissing the tip and two of her tails liking the sides while the free one uses her eyes to guide every head to the proper places, licking any free space she had in sight.

It took a lot of willpower for June not to scream her heart out as soon as the orgy broke out. She came instantly. Her top cock fired off load after load, thick rope after thick rope of fresh seed. Her quad balls worked overtime to deliver all the good it had to offer, giving more and more as the spurts went on and on. While cumming, it was a miracle that the other cocks”including the one just below it”did not cum in unison. There still needed to be a trigger for them to join in, but Katy was smart to not touch them yet. June kept her own hands away from her cocks too. They grabbed hold of Katy's shoulder heads as the five-headed girl went to town, feeling five different lips and tongues suckle and kiss her top middle cock.

Katy enjoyed every second of it. She was horny out of mind. As soon as June came with her middle top cock she lift all of her hands and retrieved her many mouths. She stood up and giggled.

"Wow!" "You can definitely cum with just one!" "That must feel amazing." "A strong orgasm without losing your sanity." The words of all her heads overlapped . She really sounded like a whole party of girls talking. She hugged June's shoulders with her upper pair of arms as she held her seven-fingered hand with her second pair. Both of Katy eyes stared lovingly at the wonder woman before her. June's upper eyes looked at one head while the lower pair at the other. "You can really look at my eyes." "All of them."

All three tails finally went looking for a free cock to suck. She chose the right lower one and move the three heads closer, still distracting June and not letting her know until the three mouths reach them.




Katy then kissed June on the lips and engulfed each tail mouths on a shaft.

June suddenly came from those cocks. She'd been so on edge that her pent up urges were too much to hold back and started firing off more seed. "Unnfnff...fuck..." Her eyes blinked uncontrollably in the midst of new orgasms. The other two cocks remained dormant, ready to blow at a moments notice. But only if provoked. June tried to look into Katy's eyes, but it was increasingly hard while having herself a second, third, and fourth climax in a row.

All she could simply do was moan deeply. Having all of Katy's heads actively participate in the party of two heightened the feeling. Deep, genuine love was brewing to the surface. June could sense it. It was an odd feeling, one she hasn't felt in a long time. But this time was better. Way better. And who else to share it with than a mutant as sexy and colorful as her.

As soon as June came, Katy's three heads swallowed what they could, but it was too much. She recoiled back and dodged the cum flying straight at her. Four heads appeared in front of June's face as all Katy's arms embrace her body. Her eight breasts jiggled all over the place as her heads moaned.

"You know..." "...I'm licking my own pussy as I speak..." "...it feels really good," she cooed, explaining what the other head was doing. "I wonder what would happen if I tease you to the limit." Her third pair of hands reached June's breast mounts and put two fingers inside them as her four heads attacks with kisses and licks all around June's head and neck.

June felt like she was in heaven. And Katy was the angel bringing her there. With all the kisses and nibbles going on all around her, it was still amazing that Katy had another head to spare for herself. With both girls enjoying themselves to the fullest extent, June was the most subservient. Every part of her was loved. Her six legs. Her six cocks. Her two nipple mouths atop two modest boobs. And, of course, her three tongues, finding every possible way to use them. As Katy's body pressed firmly against hers, spikes of pleasure ran throughout her entire body. Her next few orgasms fired off shortly thereafter, putting June on the brink of another full body climax. Those were so rare that only a special mutant can bring her to that state. And yet, she's already had two of them today.

Time to cap it all off with a third.

Katy started feeling the thick ropes hitting her from so many directions. It was a paradise, and she was feeling extremely horny. She keep stimulating June, and as soon as the cocks around her stopped cumming she moved all eight hands to the middle top cock of June, knowing is the one that came first. She started touching from every angle and even moved her three tails towards that cock. She wanted to know if the time since that orgasm will put that cock ready again. She turned around and hold the wall with her upper arms. She turned her shoulder heads above her shoulders to look at June as all three tail heads moved closer to her own butt, even resting one against one of her cheeks. Her last pair or arms spread her ass while the third pair came from between her legs and spread her single pussy lips.

"Can you do it again inside me?"

Even though June was starting to feel a little exhausted from the constant stimulation of her cocks and multiple orgasms, it still felt too good. And when the opportunity to feel even better came up, she went for it.

"Ready?" June asked rhetorically. She already knew the answer, but just wanted to prepare herself for the inevitable deluge of pleasure once her top middle cock slipped inside Katy again. She thrust her wide hips forward, causing all her crotches to follow. Her outer cocks humped the air at the same time her center groin slammed deep inside Katy. Her arms wrapped around her crowded back, gripping so many shoulders to pull Katy in close with each thrust. The immediate sensation was out of this world. And it wasn't the only thing she could use during the sex. “Uggfff...” June stammered the way through her request for more. “I n-need... your... hnnggg...”

All three Kate's tails sprouted up like daisies in front of June, smiling and flushed. "You need what?" "My many heads?" "You want this mouths on yours?" the tails spoke as her original heads were moaning in sync with each thrust.

June simply nodded. Her enthusiastic moans confirmed as much when she started kissing her tail heads when they came up to meet her. She traded kiss after kiss, giving each head the love and attention they deserved while Katy watched herself doing it. The whole ordeal made June cum again, but this time from her bottom middle cock that was hot dogging Katy's ass cheeks while her top cocks stuffed her pussy over and over again.

Katy did nothing but wail with her drooling mouths. Every movement made her hands change places. She felt June cum again.

"Oh! Yes!" "You feel amazing!" "Your body...” “...is awesome..." "...give it all to me!" The voices echoed from all the sides, making it feel like they were surrounded tons of girls.

June redoubled her efforts when she heard Katy's voices. Her encouragement fueled the desire to pump her will all her love. She groaned and snarled with haste, shifting her balance to compensate for the thrusts of each outer pair of legs and cocks exposed to the air, oozing profusely all over the shower. She pounded away at Katy's tight snatch, feeling every hyper sensitive spot inside her to induce more and more pleasure. It was rough since she didn't have much practice, but having already done it once before barely an hour earlier, June refined her technique to further satisfy Katy's needs. She was nearing another set of orgasms and warned her of the oncoming storm. "Get r-ready. Here I cum."

All of Katy mouths were in perfect sync. Her whole body trembled as she felt the cocks ignite with powerful jets of fresh, hot baby batter. The two shoulder heads turned inward and kissed each other for the first time today, while her tails did a three way kiss. She tried to extend her own ongoing orgasm as much possible in the midst of a warm shower of seed.

June quivered violently as her whole body suddenly jerked from an explosive orgasm so great that it jolted her back involuntarily. Her middle crotch pounded deep within Katy when her cocks started pumping load after load into her. The other cocks followed suit by spurting hot, sticky ropes of fresh cream all over the many hands stroking them. They painted the shower walls in thick, pearly strands, adding to the growing pools of cum at their feet. June gasped and leaned forward to regain her balance, as well as direct her pleasure towards her middle cock, which was experiencing the most pleasure out of all of them. Her wide hands gripped Katy's back and her nipple-mouths suckled her middle tits as she thrust herself harder onto the eight-armed woman. Those three tail heads and two shoulders heads provided an extra boost to her productivity by further arousing her sensitive organs. Such arousal fed her desire to fill her up. June didn't want to stop cumming until she was fully drained.

And Katy didn't want her to stop either. She moved all her eight arms in perfect sync to grab June breasts, back, hands, and wide hips. He shoulder heads rocked back and forth, hair string out of place, fizzling out of control. Her many eyes squinted, focusing on anything that was a part of June.

"H-How can you... have this many orgasms..." "...and don't faint?" "I can barely stop...” “...myself to going crazy with just one pussy..." she pleaded under heavy moans, speech patterns falling out of sync again.

June was barely able to get a word in as her orgasms raged on. By now her climaxes have been winding down, but still going strong after several minutes of continuous cumming. She looked right in Katy's right eyes, then her left.

"I-i-it feels s-so amazing. It wouldn't f-feel good if I w-wasn't awake." She threw her head back and her tongue rolled out of her mouth, both pairs of eyes fluttering under constant pleasure. Her left and right pairs of cocks had stopped firing off their loads, but the middle ones gushed out several more hot streams until they too were spent. Eventually all six of her cocks went soft, some still leaking excess.

Once the side cocks went flaccid, all of Katy's eight hands went back to June's middle cocks to wash them off with spare water. "I-I could do this for hours." "I love it!" Her three tails surrounded June's head from every angle. She grabbed her hand and led it to her own crotch. "My pussy is always welcome." "For any of your cocks." "Anytime." "You are the best sexual experience I ever had." All her heads got back in sync, kissing June's lips, neck, and rosy red cheeks. "I'm addicted to you now."

June leaned back against the wall with a wide grin on her face and a deep blush. She closed her four eyes in bliss.

In love.

Pure, unwavering love.

She had nearly forgotten they were taking a shower. She had sprayed every wall, every tile, even the ceiling in her cum. So much that it overwhelmed the amount of water coming from the shower, it would take forever to clean. But, she had Katy to help with that. She chuckled.

"Anytime. For you." She whispered next to one of Katy's tail heads. "Anytime." June took a moment to catch her breath and glanced down at the mess. "How about we finally get cleaned up? Maybe then I can help with your addiction."