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Not Quite As Planned

By Syntaxerror37 for Tala.Grovehorn

Dr Jennifer Lindemann showed her ID to the gate guard. She knew this was going to be a serious assignment when the sub-machine gun wielding guard brought out a fingerprint scanner to confirm her identity.

“Thank you, ma’am.” He said after confirming she was who she claimed to be. “Your assigned parking space is number 137. Please be sure to only park in that spot moving forward.”

“One thirty-seven, got it.” She said as she clipped her government ID card back onto her lanyard.

“The shuttle should be arriving soon. It will take you to the facility.” “Thanks, have a good day.”
Jennifer drove to the spot. It was actually a pretty good spot, close by to the shuttle stop and not too far from the gate. She had been told not to bring any bags or outside electronics so she slipped her phone into the glove box and locked up her car.

Jennifer took a moment to check herself out in the visor mirror before she got out of the car. She might be here for her brains, but it was always important to make a good first impression. Her dark brown shoulder length straight hair was pulled back with a simple brown leather hairband. Jennifer’s bright blue eyes scanned her face for any stray crumbs from breakfast before she got out of the car. She was dressed in black slacks and a simple modest floral button-down blouse. Jennifer was never too fancy at the job since she would spend most of her time in a lab coat anyway. She was of an average height and avoided heels whenever possible, opting for flats most days.

Jennifer hurried over to the shuttle stop. There were several people already waiting on the shuttle. They all seemed to be quiet, only greeting her with some nods. Before long, the shuttle arrived and they boarded the small bus. The parking lot was a bit removed from the facility so she had time to think about just what this hew assignment could be about.

I wonder what it will be this time? The last time I got fingerprinted at the gate it was for that soldier boost drug. I wonder how the trials for that are proceeding. Gerald was pretty tight lipped even more than usual about the assignment when we met a week ago. He said I would be read-in on it once I got here. Even given my specialties, that doesn’t really narrow it down all that much. All I know for sure is it is for research not development. That suits me fine, I find researching strange substances far more interesting than developing them.

The bus pulled into the side of what looked like a nondescript warehouse. Plain gray walls about three stories tall, dotted with cameras around the perimeter. This was par for the course when it came to the projects she tended to work on. The more out in the open government labs could look fancy with glass walls and actual landscaping. But the really interesting research and development happened in locations like this. A heavy garage door closed behind them before the driver opened the door to the shuttle bus. Armed guards were posted just inside the doors she noticed to further obscure how important the facility actually was. After another ID check at the door, Jennifer entered the facility. Inside it looked more like a standard research facility, with clean sterile walls and floors. She was escorted to the site director’s office.

“Dr Lindemann, welcome.” Director Graham stood up from behind his desk and shook her hand firmly. “Glad we were able to finally get a hold of you.”

“I was getting bored in my downtime anyway.” Jennifer smiled. “So, I take it this must be important since Gerald is a stickler for us taking our entire break between projects.”

“He is anal about that, isn’t he?” The director chuckled as they took their seats.

“Gerald just worries about burnout. He doesn’t want to end up losing talented scientists because of it, especially fully vetted ones. But as for me, I’m happier in a lab than relaxing on a beach.”

“Yes, your reputation precedes you. And we are going to need that dedication because we need results as soon as possible in this case.” He pushed over a manila folder towards her.

Jennifer opened the folder and quickly began to scan the pages as the director continued to brief her.

“One of our teams recently came across substance #2705-1978 during a raid on a pharmaceutical company.”

“Oh?” Jennifer didn’t even look up from the partially redacted papers she was looking over.

“Unfortunately the data on the substance was destroyed.” Director Graham sighed. “They had thermite charges on the data rack to protect it.”

“I can see how that would leave the data unrecoverable.” She looked up from the folder. Do we have any information from the personnel working with it?”

“Minimal, and we are unsure how much can even be trusted as accurate. We are still trying to track down any off-site storage but so far we have nothing.”

“Interesting,” Jennifer closed the folder, “so I’m going in almost blind.”

The director tilted his head slightly. “Is that a problem?” “Honestly, it’s exciting.” She smiled. “When can I get started?”
Director Graham chuckled. “As soon as we get you through the site orientation, you can begin your work.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Jennifer smiled as she stood up.
Most of the facility was what Jennifer expected, and she was quite happy with the set up in her lab. What was a surprise was the animal pens. Jennifer expected mice, rats, even pigs. The fact that they had cows, sheep, and horses was a bit of a surprise to her.

"Wow, it's almost a farm here." Jennifer looked around at the pair of corals set up for the two horses in residence.

"Yeah." Brian McDougall chuckled. "Some of the staff call me 'Old McDonald' because of it. I did, in fact, grow up on a farm. I did 4H and everything. I originally planned to be a vet, but I couldn't get into a veterinary program."

"I'm sorry." Jennifer said sympathetically.

"Don't be. This is a lot more interesting of a job, and the pay and benefits are great." "I bet, I always loved horses." She gently stroked the neck of a bay colored stallion.
Brian placed a hand on his hip. "Do I need to remind you not to get attached to lab animals?"

"Oh please, I'm a professional. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate a fine animal like this big boy. Besides, I saw you treating the pigs to some marshmallows when I came in."

Brian sighed softly. "I make sure they have a good life while here and well taken care of, but ultimately I have to expect they won’t be leaving here."

The stallion seemed to like her a great deal, leaning into her touches and nuzzling her. "Am I allowed to come and visit?"

Brian just gave up. "I think everyone is cleared to be in the pens, other than the isolation pens in the back. However, I would prefer that you not interact with the animals unsupervised. This guy can hurt you without trying too, the mare as well."

"Perfect, I can accept that." She gave the horse a gentle scratch. "I'll be sure to drop in and visit you, Rusty."

The horse nickered softly in reply.
Her first day ended, and as expected, Jennifer did not get any research done. She was issued an on-site phone. It looked at first like a relic as it was styled like an old bar style cellphone, but it ran over a local network and it was heavily encrypted. Jennifer advised to keep it on her at all times while at the facility, but to not remove it from the grounds.

She stopped by to see Brian and Rusty before heading home for the day. Jennifer tried to go to bed early, but laid awake in her bed, excited for this project.

The next day she went immediately to her lab to get started. Jennifer reviewed the data that had been extracted from the people working on what they called ‘Project Amalgam’ which produced what was now known as substance #2705-1978 as a result. The lead researchers were either not present or died in the firefight. In Jennifer’s opinion that was a little sloppy, but she wasn’t about to criticize a black ops group out loud. That never ends well. From the captured research assistants there were varying reports of what they were working on. One claimed it was some kind of cancer treatment, Another was convinced it was some kind of mutagen right out of a cartoon, but the rest seemed to believe it was a bio-enhancing agent of some kind.

Jennifer glanced from her workstation to the containment chamber. I can see why I was brought on given my work with developing that soldier boost drug. I wonder, what name they will end up going with for it? I still like my suggestion of G.I. Gilgamesh. But anyway, I need to focus on this.

A basic chemical work up of substance #2705-1978 had been completed, but the results bothered her. Jennifer didn’t doubt the numbers exactly, in fact they had run the test three times with the same results on their end. However, they didn’t fully add up to what was sitting in the containment chamber, like there was something in there that was somehow avoiding detection. More in depth tests and analysis would be needed and she immediately made notes on the battery she would want completed.

In the meantime Jennifer wanted to take a closer look personally at substance #2705-1978. Following containment procedures she extracted a small sample and placed it under a high power microscope. As she zoomed in, Jennifer was surprised at what she saw. The green substance seemed to be moving around on its own, almost as if searching for something. This was quite curious as there was no cellular structure in the substance.

Oh, I wonder if there is some kind of nanotechnology involved. Not my specialty, but I know there has been some talk of utilizing them in bio-enhancers. I’ll need to fire up the electron microscope if I’m going to poke around for that.

After getting everything set up and a sample loaded Jennifer spent over an hour visually inspecting the sample for any signs of nanotech, but found nothing. Leaning back on her chair she contemplated what was going on.

Just what is making you move? Whoever made you must have been an amazing scientist.

Jennifer compiled her notes so far on her workstation as she tried to think up more tests to run. She turned back to the data she had been provided on substance #2705-1978, but in her opinion all that was left was sketchy at best. There were claims from one of the captured researchers about ancient relics being involved. They swore up and down that there was a supernatural component to substance #2705-1978. There was even a note from the interrogators that they were convinced that the individual was convinced of this fact, regardless of its actual validity. That made Jennifer roll her eyes.

Extra terrestrial origins I would believe, but ancient magic? Give me a break. She shook her head and continued with her research.

Knowing that substance #2705-1978 was somehow able to move on its own, Jennifer wanted to test what it was seeking out. She quickly reviewed the containment protocols to make sure they were both sufficient and that her experiment wouldn’t violate any.

I don't think I need to update the containment protocols; they're more than sufficient. I wonder what stimuli will attract or repulse the substance?

Jennifer spent some time working out a test procedure for the sample. It did not seem interested in either water, food, heat, cold, light or darkness. What the sample did seem interested in was the doctor herself. It seemed to move closer to her if she was relatively close to the test chamber.

This calls for a new experiment. I'm going to need some mice.

She reset the test chamber to run this new experiment. The substance was attracted to the mouse, following after the rodent as it moved about around a container with a sample.

So, it is attracted to lifeforms. I could see how that would be advantageous in a bio-enhancer. I wonder what will happen with two mice?

She placed a second mouse in the chamber. As they scurried around she observed it seemed to move towards whichever mouse was closer at the time. As she was observing the mice and the sample, something unexpected happened. One of the mice charged at the container holding the #2705-1978. It jarred the lid enough that some of the substance escaped.

"That was unexpected…" she said softly aloud but continued to watch what would happen.

A tiny bit of the green substance landed on the mouse's white fur. The mouse dashed around away from the container. Jennifer kept a close watch to see if anything would happen to the mice.

Nothing seemed to happen until the exposed mouse came in contact with the other mouse. At first Jennifer thought they were fighting, but upon closer inspection she realized the mice were starting to, lacking any other way to describe it, join together. She watched with fascination as the exposed mouse seemed to be absorbed into the other mouse. Unsurprisingly, the mass of the mouse increased as it grew larger. But then it began to grow a third pair of legs. The body continued to shift, as if it was evolving into a hexapod rodent as she watched.

She immediately checked her equipment to make sure this had been recorded, and she breathed a sigh of relief that it was.

I better call Brian, I'm going to need an isolation cage.
"What did you just say? They fused together?" Director Graham said as he watched the unintentional test subject gobble up food pellets.

"It would appear that substance #2705-1978 triggers what I like to call a chimeric reaction, at least with the two lab mice. I still need to run tests and dissect the resultant chimera, but you saw the video." She said, tapping on the screen.

"So that one research assistant didn't go crazy during interrogation…" the director shook his head. "I suppose that report should be entered into the file.”

Jennifer raised an eyebrow. “You included the ancient relic guy but not the ‘it fuses lifeforms together’ guy?”

“You’d be surprised what gets dug up sometimes.” Director Graham shrugged. “Anyway, what the hell were they thinking with this stuff?"

"On that, I have a theory. This might have been intended to assist with transplant surgeries. Imagine if you could fully integrate a donor organ into a host body in a matter of seconds with little to no fear of rejection. That sounds right up a pharmaceutical company's alley."

"That does sound like a possibility. But we still have no idea how it does this?"

"If you know any wizards I should contact for consolation, please let me know.” Jennifer smirked slightly. "I've already outlining some additional tests I want to run on #2705-1978 to figure out more about its molecular structure. I'm also hoping that study of subject one point five will give some answers as well.

The director raised an eyebrow. "One point five?"

"Given subjects one and two are now a single organism, it was the only nomenclature that I think fit."

He sighed deeply. "It bothers me on some level that it makes sense. Get those tests set up immediately, they have top priority and if anyone says otherwise send them to me. In the meantime I want you to run several more tests on this chimeric reaction as you called it."

"I'll start the tests tomorrow, for now I'll get the samples ready for testing before I head home for the night.
Jennifer worked late in her lab, prepping samples of substance #2705-1978 for various kinds of material tests and analysis. Isolated in her windowless lab she was unaware of just how late it was and that most of the staff had already left for the day. She was starting to feel a bit drained after her eventful day and paused while closing the containment chamber to yawn. With her eyes closed in the middle of the long yawn she didn’t see a small drop of the substance roll out onto the cuff of her lab coat. Jennifer returned to her workstation, adding a few more things to her notes before saving and logging out.

As she shut down the lab for the night she started to feel less tired and more energetic. She shrugged it off as just getting her second wind. Jennifer gathered her things and saw an apple she had saved from her lunch.

I bet Rusty would enjoy this. She smiled and started to make her way, not to the exit but to the animal pens. I didn’t get a chance to stop by today, and it would be a shame to not say hi.
Jennifer’s ID allowed her access to the animal pens. She looked around but didn’t see anyone there. “Hello? Brian?” Oh, he must have already gone home.

Rusty heard a familiar voice and trotted over in his coral to be next to her.

I know Brian said not to be alone with the animals, but I’ll just give Rusty the apple and head on out. “Hey there, Rusty, I’ve got an apple for you.” she held out the apple with one hand, while gently stroking his neck with the other.

Jennifer was smiling as she spent time with the stallion, but suddenly something felt wrong. Her hand was stuck against Rusty’s neck. She turned to see what was going on and saw her hand sink into the horse. Jennifer let out a scream when she saw what was happening. This spooked Rusty slightly and he pulled back quickly, dragging Jennifer over the fence and into his coral.

“Oh god! I must have been exposed! But how? Oh god!” She reached for her phone with her free hand.

Jennifer managed to get the phone out of the pocket, but with Rusty pulling her around she lost her grip on it and it fell to the hay covered floor. As she tried to get back up on her feet, she felt almost overcome with a burning heat. Jennifer was sweltering in the climate controlled room as her body reacted to the substance. Jennifer wasn’t even thinking about the situation, all she could do was try to strip down one handed. She kicked off her shoes while she fumbled with her slacks, trying to push them down. Jennifer did anything she could to expose her skin to more air. She wrenched her free arm out of her lab coat and nearly popped the buttons off her blouse trying to get it open. Her hand, still fully inside the stallion, seemed to slide down inside his body, and she was now attached to the shoulder of the animal. It was then that Rusty started to help the human to undress. He grabbed at the lab coat still hanging off her arm and tore it free. Jennifer even felt the need to push down her panties and Rusty snapped her bra free from her chest.

Jennifer panted, now free of her clothes. Her body still felt warm, but it was bearable at least. It was at this point her rational mind started to kick back into gear.

What…what am I doing? Why did I strip…oh god, what am I doing now?

Jennifer’s felt compelled to move her body. She was now past Rusty’s shoulder and she started to slide down underneath the stallion. Jennifer reached up with her free hand and felt it sink readily into the other side of his body. There was a tingle that shot down her arm and right up to her brain. She gasped at the strange sensation. Jennifer felt a sudden calmness wash over her. She couldn’t explain it, almost like she had been injected with some kind of drug. Her breathing slowed and her pulse stopped racing.

Why am I not scared? Jennifer wondered as she slid lower on his body. Rusty doesn't feel frightened either he feels…something else. How do I know that? Are we growing more connected? Oh! He’s…he’s aroused!

She realized this when she felt the head of his dark brown cock pressing up against her rear. The massive shaft pushed into her body, not penetrating her exactly, more like how her hand had sunk into his flesh. Despite the nature of it entering her body, it was still an arousing experience for Jennifer. She moaned and wriggled as she felt the cock fusing into her body. She could feel her insides shifting and being absorbed into Rusty. It wasn’t painful, it felt oddly satisfying. The thoughts of mounting mares and plunging into them started to filter into her mind.

Why am I thinking of such things? Are they on Rusty’s mind? We, I mean him…or is it we? Whatever, I just want to fuck so bad!

As she lost herself to such thoughts, Jennifer’s arms vanished into Rusty’s body. Her now armless torso bounced freely, now supported by just her legs and the cock she was seemingly melting into.

Out of Jennifer’s line of sight, Rusty was going through his own set of changes. His neck seemed to flatten and grow wider. Then below his head a pair of buds formed. Slowly these fleshy buds grew. Stretching out as bones formed and attached to a changing skeleton inside of Rusty. Soon the tips started to divide and grow into fingers. As the muscles and nerves grew into place the arms were pulled in tight, the small hands closing into fists as they continued to grow. As more of Jennifer’s body was absorbed into Rusty, his neck started to resemble a human torso. The arms clicked into place as the bay fur on his neck started to fall away leaving a pale white skin behind, matching Jennifer’s skin tone. Then a pair of breasts started to form between Rusty’s arms on his new upper chest as they disappeared from Jennifer’s. The rest of the upper torso took on a more feminine shape as ribs popped into place.

Jennifer was rapidly losing her human shape. Most of her skeleton dissolved away to nothing. Her body rounded out as she took on the cylindrical shape of a horse cock. Jennifer’s legs were rapidly shrinking away, she was now nothing more than a shaft with a vaguely human face. Her body continued to contract, losing more of her mass to feed Rusty’s transformation. It was almost as if Jennifer was just an oversized novelty condom stretched over a horse cock. She still wasn’t scared, in fact she was enjoying her transformation. Jennifer's skin was replacing the dark brown flesh of Rusty’s cock, matching the skin tone on the upper torso. Her skin was also now laced with sensitive nerves, all of which were firing pleasantly.

It feels so good…I want to just, I want to just cum…

As Jennifer’s legs disappeared, Rusty felt a strange sensation in his gut and something changing on his rear below his anus. He swished his tail back and forth as slowly an opening formed. Letting out a soft whinny an equine vagina formed, connecting to the new internal organs supplied by Jennifer. Rusty was now just as much a mare as he or she was a stallion.

Jennifer’s eyes closed slowly as her face started to flatten out. Her nose vanished as her open mouth took on the role of the urethra. She let out a final sigh as she embraced her new life as a horse cock completely. As much as she was reduced to just a reproductive organ there was still an awareness within her. She could feel the rest of the new chimeric body, even if she wasn’t in charge of it. It was comforting in a way, being a part of something bigger, but her mind, such as it was, was preoccupied by the need to climax.

As Jennifer assumed her new role, Rusty’s head became the focus of the remaining transformation. Their muzzle shrunk back into their face. Rusty’s eyes blinked as they shifted to a shade of blue more like Jennifer’s had been, and moved to be forward facing. Their mane remained, even growing slightly longer as it cascaded down past their new upper shoulders. It seemed the only equine feature remaining on their upper torso was a pair of equine ears that twitched around as a new more human-like neck took shape to support the head.

Rusty’s ears folded back and their eyes went wide as they felt a rush of intelligence and knowledge pouring into their brain. As if this wasn’t enough the climax building up in the cock that had once been Jennifer was too much. The new centaur reared up and cried out loudly as

ropes of hot white cum fired out of their new and improved cock. Rusty took a moment after settling back down on their feet.

“What am I?” the centaur spoke, trying out their new voice. “Who am I? Rusty? That’s the name she gave me. They walked slowly over towards a polished metal surface and inspected their upper body. Rusty’s face resembled Jennifer’s, not an exact copy but close, like a daughter.
Taking in the rest of their torso they smiled. “I’m something new, something beautiful. Stallion, mare, and a little woman as well I suppose.” She ran her hand over her bare chest.

“But as wonderful as I am, I will need a mate.” she felt a twitch in her cock, as if it was weighing in on it. “Yes, I know you want to have some fun, Jennifer, I want to mount up too.” she swayed her tail over her rear. “And be mounted in turn. She looked over to the other coral and saw the dun-colored mare that had also been acquired for the facility.

“Hmmm, it wouldn’t be right to mount her, she’s just an animal, and not being in season I doubt she’d be interested.” Rusty got a disappointed feeling from her cock as it slipped back into it’s sheath. “That’s not my fault.” She walked back over to the scattered and torn clothes Jennifer had been wearing before they merged. “Hmmm…” Rusty carefully lowered herself down. She poked around and pulled Jennifer’s ID badge off from its lanyard. “If I could be made by accident, we should be able to reproduce the effect. All I need is more of, what was it?
Substance #2705-1978, yes. I’m sure we could make a few friends. The one who cares, or rather cared for us, Brian. He always comes in early. If I’m ready for him, perhaps I can recreate this unplanned experiment with the mare.” Rusty picked up the hair band that had fallen off of Jenifer’s head and used it to push her own hair into place. “How does that sound, Jennifer, want to make some more centaurs to play with?”

Rusty took the splash of precum from her cock as a yes.

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