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Malleable Love
by QCups

“Do you really believe her?” Kanan asked, raising an eyebrow to her childhood friend.

“No, you know how Mari is,” Dia acknowledged, looking at the lockers in the changing room. “There is no way she invited us to a summer vacation to a private island without any hidden intentions.”

“I’m surprised you accepted then,” Kanan relaxed a little, taking off her shirt, making her breasts spring a little inside her D-cup bra. She had always been a bit busty, but her athletic figure hid her curves away.

“Ditto,” Dia smiled back at her friend. They didn’t need to say the reasons for accepting such a shady deal.

They simply were in love with the playful blonde.

Sure, she might be too much of a tease and a bit immature for their age, but Mari had always been someone who undisputedly loved her friends. The invite might have been a bit sketchy, but that wasn’t any reason for her lovers to outright decline it.

“So, what do you think she’ll have us do?” Kanan seemed to be in a chatty mood. A rare sight, but there was nothing to do in the meantime, so it made sense she’d start a conversation. Both of them were curious at Mari’s request of meeting them naked in the room next door.

“Chika, You and Ruby are coming here later, so hopefully nothing too silly,” Dia sighed, almost as if she could tell something was going to be wrong.

“Maybe she’ll have us briefly model for her like when we were in the club while the others show up,” Kanan let out a melancholic laugh.

It had been around two years since the three of them graduated, moving on with their lives to pursue their careers. It didn’t sound like a lot of time in the great scheme of things, but it had been hundreds of days since the trio met with each other. It didn’t help that Kanan and Dia were awful at keeping tabs with one another, always blaming technology or their duties as the reason they were apart for so long.

Dia laughed as well, remembering those days fondly. “You are going to show off your dynamite body again, huh?” She asked, looking at Kanan’s prominent abs and chiseled yet slim body.

“And who, pray tell, was the one that gave me that title?” the blue-haired girl challenged her friend with a smirk.

“Was I wrong?” Dia returned the smile as she lifted up her shirt.

Kanan couldn’t help but laugh. “Wow, what happened to the prude Dia I knew?”

The black-haired girl simply shrugged. “I matured while we were out there,”

Kanan gave a quick look at Dia’s body. “You certainly matured,” she commented, noticing how developed her body was now compared to before. She was a bit thicker and plumpier, no longer sporting a purely athletic body.

“Had to find some fun in college.”

“Oh? Any spicy flings?”

“Ugh. Forget about it," the old Dia Kanan remembered. The black-haired beauty quickly removed her clothes and walked towards the door, hoping this would end the conversation.

“She was always a bit of a glass cannon,” Kanan whispered with a playful smile as she unclasped her bra.


Dia was still a bit weary about all this. Sure, she wasn’t new to getting naked for a lover, much less Mari of all people, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off about all this. Why would Mari ask us to come all the way to this island if all she wanted was a threesome? We had those in her house in the past , she asked herself, reminiscing of those days.

The island was beautiful, lustrous and clean. Too clean for Mari, though. Something was off about it. Mari wasn’t one to keep a place like this for herself. Then again, she said it was her vacation home. Dia couldn’t help but laugh at that. This was an entire vacation island.

Shaking her head and hoping it was nothing, she walked to the room Mari asked, feeling the cold in her bare feet and naked body. This better be worth it.

“Jeez, you couldn’t wait for me?” Kanan shouted behind her with faux anger. “Thought you had better manners than that.”

Dia couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Let’s just get going.”

She opened the door, leading the two naked girls to a strange all-white room. Mari stood in the middle, her blonde hair and equally naked body being some of the only color within. A trio of tanning-beds laid there, attached to a strange machine.

“Oh great! You are finally here!” Mari exclaimed in excitement, turning to her friends. “Took you so long,” she added with a teasing smile.

Dia was left speechless when she saw her friend naked once more. Last time the three of them had shared a night of love was around three years ago, and the three had grown quite a bit. Some in more areas than others, and Mari’s penis had benefited the most from the looks of it. The usually reserved girl could feel her thirst increase when she saw the huge horse cock between Mari’s legs. She had to hold herself back from salivating. As the futanari of the group, Mari wasn’t shy about showing off her 12 inches shaft, letting others bask in all its phallic glory. Even though the blonde’s inhuman member was only beginning to emerge from her thick sheathe, The flared head looked hungry, almost as if inviting Dia to suck it just by the way it throbbed. Under it, heavy testicles could be heard churning up seed for later.

That was one of the things about Dia. She was a bit of a prude on the outside, but she was a complete slut when put in front of cock. Mari and Kanan figured it was a result of her being sexually repressed from the image she tried to portray. In any case, she was a complete whore for cock no matter the reason.

“Dia, dear, at least take me out to dinner if you are going to ogle me like that,” Mari teased, briefly covering her girlmeat to play with the girl. Sadly, her elegant hands were not enough to cover the lengthy pillar of flesh, still giving Dia a peek of the now half-erect member.

“Guess she hasn’t had dick in a while,” Kanan commented, looking at how Dia was struggling not to throw herself and suck the cock in front of her. Poor girl was gripping her plump thighs in frustration. Kanan missed seeing Dia like this.

“I-I’m fine…” Dia stuttered, showing she wasn’t fine. Her grip tightened.

“Jeez, Dia. You can suck it later!” Mari moved on, turning towards the machines in the strange room. “I want to first have all of us have a nice tanning session.”

“Tanning? Is this a new kink of yours?” Kanan asked, lifting an eyebrow in a skeptic gesture.

Mari lifted a finger and playfully placed it on her lips. “I just want us tanned and ready to go to the beach. But what if it is?”

Kanan sighed. Typical Mari to completely dodge the question. “C’mon, Dia, let’s get you ready,” she started to walk her cock-dazed friend. It was moments like this that the indigo-haired woman was grateful for her athletic build. Her legs, while not huge, were toned enough to help her support her friend.

“I-I can walk on my own…” Dia argued as she stumbled about, trying to get Kanan to let her go despite her sorry state. Kanan simply ignored the pleas and took her to the nearest pod.

Kanan found them strange for tanning beds. She wasn’t one to get an artificial tan, nor did Numazu have a lot of tanning salons for her to have a proper reference for the machine, but she did know they didn’t look this… alien. It was like something out of a showa era sci-fi film.

The glass seemed too clear and light for the rays, while there seemed to not be any lights or reflectors inside to tan skin. Something was off about them. Still, Kanan decided not to pay this much mind, as she figured this was a new model, or a specialized design for the eccentric girl.

“Just get inside, ok. You can suck Mari’s cock after, ‘kay?” Kanan directed Dia as she helped her climb inside.

“Y-yes… hope this doesn’t take too long…” Dia answered, clearly still way too horny to function properly.

After setting her friend there, Kanan walked to the other machine and climbed inside. She shut her eyes as she also hoped this was a quick procedure.

Before closing her pod, she noticed Mari doing something in the machine connected to the beds. The girl then elegantly climbed on the free pod.

The last thing Kanan remembered was a flash of light and her body burning up.


Dia woke up with a strange sensation all over her body. Last thing she remembered was Mari showing off her massive cock and her cock-thirst taking over her. The blonde girl had mentioned something about tanning, but she didn’t feel like that. Sure, she was still within the strange pod, but she didn’t feel anything odd about her skin, not that she knew what getting a tan felt like.

Her throat burned for a second, reminding her she was promised a cock to suck. Hardly the time for that , she told herself, showing she was still a bit sane under these circumstances. She felt something strange within her, but the darkness of the pod didn’t let her see anything.

Never one to wait, she tried to open the door of the pod, pushing it open and gritting her teeth as she struggled. After a couple seconds, the door popped open, letting the dark-haired woman out. “What the hell Mari?” She asked, frustrated at the strange situation as she climbed out of the machine.

As soon as she did, she noticed something was definitely off. Her balance was completely wrecked, prompting her to fall over as she got used to the new weight of her body. “Wh-what?” She mumbled in confusion, trying to lift herself and noticing the biggest change in her body.

Her breasts are huge. They were triple the size of her head. No wonder she had fallen over. Before she had breasts the size of cantaloupes, but now they were the size of yoga balls.. They stretched as far as she could see, confirming she was now a titty monster. “Nonononononono….” she mumbled in denial, realizing her image of a prim and proper woman was completely shattered now. It was then that she felt something odd about her tits.

Her hands raced towards them, groping them and causing her to moan ever so slightly. Damn. They are way more sensitive now… she noted between gasps and moans. She then felt her nipples grow erect. Like, actually grow erect. “Wh-what?” She gasped in disbelief as her fingers moved to pinch the stiff flesh as she lowered her head to see the oddity. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Not only was she barely able to see under her heaving mounds, but her nipples were now standing at a respectful 8 inches, looking fatter and rougher. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was happening. Her nipples were now dicks. Big and needy dicks, throbbing for action.

Dia started to hyperventilate as her mouth watered. Her desires from before came back, telling her to suck and play with her newly-grown dicks. Her mouth moved before she realized, shoving one of her phallic nipples into her mouth while she instinctively pumped the other one, masturbating away on both ends. She was instantly assaulted by a titanic wave of pleasure, as her sensitive breasts and newly-grown cocks were being played with. She would have moaned if her mouth wasn’t busy sucking herself. Her mind quickly grew addicted to the dopamine, turning her into more of a slut than she already was.

Across the room, the other pods opened, but Dia was so busy pleasuring herself that she didn’t even notice. She had more important matters at hand –literally and figuratively.

Kanan stumped out of her pod, feeling rather strange as well. She felt disoriented, almost as if she was drunk for some reason. Her eyes were blurry from the flash of light that hit her earlier.

She tried to move, extending her arms and gripping her surroundings before making a move. When she secured her location, she tried to step out, but felt two legs move out instead of one. It was then that she noticed her lower body was oddly constrained by the machinery.

Panic took over, forcing her to move out, followed by the sudden realization of why she felt so… peculiar. “Mari? What the hell did you do!?” She shouted, her voice quivering in fearful anticipation.

Bracing for the worst, the young woman looked down at her body. Her eyes widened in shock as she observed the bizarre changes. “N-no way…” she muttered in utter disbelief.

A strange, second spine extended at her hips, making her look like a centaur, except her body still remained human. Her legs were still that of a person, only she had four of them instead of two, all of them attached to a new, second back. It felt incredibly surreal, as she felt her balance had completely shifted to fit her new form. Thankfully for her, the new parts attached to her body were equally as athletic and fit as she was, supporting her properly despite the new weight of it.

Amidst all these changes, Kanan failed to notice that her breasts had grown a bit. She was more preoccupied by the more noticeable changes, after all. Her hands reached to her legs and secondary back, touching them to see if they were real. A shudder confirmed her fears. “Dammit, Mari…” she cursed her friend, hoping there was a way to reverse all of this.

She tried to take a step forward, but her body betrayed her, as her sense of balance had also been completely destroyed. Instead of tumbling forward, Kanan simply crumbled on herself; her four legs, though strong, were not used to movement and supporting her mutated body.

As Kanan fell down, she noticed yet another change on her body. A pained yet pleasurable sensation ran through her as she felt something phallic rubbing against the floor. Her eyes widened as she felt it, throbbing with desire for more. She panicked and tried to move to look at it, but the inexperience with such a bizarre lower half made the task impossible. “M-MARI!!!” She shouted in desperation.

“What’s wrong, dear?” A familiar voice came behind her, followed by light footsteps.

The confused woman turned around to face the voice, ready to give her a piece of her mind for transforming her. Instead, she was left even more dumbfounded than she already was.

Mari stood in front of her, smiling like a Cheshire cat. Not a particularly rare sight, but the rest of her body was different.

Her torso was covered by her breasts. Four breasts, separated in two rows, the ones on top slumping on the bottom ones. As if that wasn’t enough, she had four arms as well, two conjoined from each shoulder. All of them rested at her hips, giving the rich woman a relaxed look. To top it all off, she now had two huge equine cocks, both erect and raring to go.

“W-what the hell did you do to us?” Kanan struggled to speak, her cheeks red. Her question was one out of anger, but her voice showed confusion.

“I just wanted to spice things up a bit,” she shrugs off with an unmoving smile.

“You call this spice up? Y-you turned me into a… a…” Kanan struggled to come with words, pointing at her mutated feet. “You turned me into a sort of centaur!”

“Technically, you are a humataur now–”

“I don’t care about that!” Kanan exploded. “Just change me back!”

“Hmmm, why not have some fun first?” Mari proposed with her trademark smirk, advancing slowly towards the fallen woman. “It can’t be all that bad, right~?”

Kanan could only watch as Mari got closer and closer, bending over to meet her face to face, Mari’s twin erections grazing her body in the process as they grew closer. “What are you–” she was cut off as Mari gave her a passionate, wet kiss. Meanwhile, one of Mari’s hands groped her breast. Muffled protests tried to escape her mouth, but she couldn’t.

For some reason, Kanan liked it.

It just felt… good to be kissed in such a way, while her breasts were played with. She didn’t know it was Mari playing with her new oversensitive body, but that didn’t matter. Kanan wanted more.

She reciprocated the kiss, giving in to her desires. Heat ran through her body as her arousal grew, pumping her newly-grown cock to swell in size. A new instinct ran through her brain, a command so uncharacteristic of her that it had to be part of the new body changes. A hunger to breed took over, pushing her arousal to new levels. Before, she would have denied Mari the opportunity to act upon her, but right now she needed it.

Kanan reciprocated the gesture, kissing Mari back. Their tongues sloppily brushed against one another, pushing them further and further towards ecstasy. One of her hands groped Mari’s breasts, massing it like a horny teen while her other hand caressed one of Mari’s cocks. It felt thicker in her hand, hungrier.

“Oh, is someone enjoying this~?” Mari teased like usual, breaking apart briefly from the kiss and speaking sultrily.

“Shut up and keep making me feel good,” Kanan was quick and to the point, like always.

Slowly but surely, the indigo humantaur started to stand up, her new legs balancing themselves and finding the strength to stand on their own. She didn’t want to keep her mate bent over for a kiss after all. Eventually, she stood over her blonde partner. Now Kanan was the one that needed to bend over slightly to kiss Mari.

“Looks like you are getting used to this new body…” Mari said between kisses, noticing the new height difference between the two. It wasn’t much, but it was certainly something she had to get used to.

Kanan didn’t bother replying. She simply kept giving herself to her passions, feeling the fire within her grow as she kept sloppily kissing her partner. Now that she was standing, she could feel her new genitalia properly, especially since it was throbbing and twitching so much. Her cock was so long that it effortlessly passed her crotch, hovering just below her dripping pussy. She could feel her new horsecock pulse with each of her heartbeats, telling her to impregnate her friend and lover. Her balls, the size of an apple each, were chuck full of new seed, raising her desires even more. Her entire new reproduction system wanted to fuck.

More and more of Mari’s arms caressed Kanan’s body, brushing and groping her entirely. Her penises leaked pre like no tomorrow, also pushing her to action.

“M-Mari…” Kanan spoke as she took a step back. Her voice trembled. “I need you…” she begged while moving her hips back and forth in a rhythmic motion.

Mari blinked at the strange movement of her friend. Then, her face lit up as she comprehended what Kanan needed. “Oh! You need me to relieve you!”


“You should’ve said so sooner~!”

“Just shut up and let me ride you!”


Before Dia knew it, she had already experienced and devoured three of her very own orgasms. But she was still unsatisfied. She felt incomplete, hollow. Masturbation and sucking herself wasn’t enough, she needed a partner. Someone I can stick these on… she fantasized, caressing her dicknipples softly as if to not stimulate them further. They still throbbed and twitched, eager to breed something.

It was then that she heard moaning and grunting in the room.  She had been so intoxicated with her own changes that she had failed to notice anything else. The sounds resembled those of animals in heat, mating as if to preserve their species. The sound of flesh clapping on flesh furthered her thirst, pushing her to see what was happening in the room.

She crawled, hoping not to attract too much attention (and because her legs were a bit tired from too many climaxes), but when she saw the source of the noise, her mouth fell agape.

Jealousy and desire filled her mind as she watched Mari, usually the top of the group thanks to her sizable cock, crawling on all fours and being plowed like a breeding mouth by a four-legged Kanan. Drool dripped from her mouth as she kept watching Kanan’s bitchbreaker piston in and out of Mari’s snatch; her nipples hardening again and recovering from her multiple orgasms from before. I want that… I want to fuck Mari like that too… She fell deeper and deeper for her carnal desires, her imagination picturing the three of them in a never-ending cycle of lust and debauchery.

“Oh, great!” Mari shouted happily between moans, almost as if she was not being rampaged by a massive penis. “Dia is – hahh – awake now!” She used her two left hands to point at the usually reserved girl, demanding attention from Kanan, who simply kept thrusting her hind legs.

Dia’s first instinct was to escape, hide herself from such embarrassment and shameful actions. But she couldn’t.

She wanted to fuck, it was all she wanted. Her body demanded it.

Within paying much thought to her rational mind, Dia hurried towards Mari, and started groping her breasts like the blonde had done to her so many years ago. She played with the plump flesh in a similar way she had done before to her own. Her nipples started to secrete precum before she knew it. “So big…” she admired, feeling entranced by the globes of milk. The blonde girl simply kept moaning away from the sheer pleasure.

Dia couldn’t take her eyes away from all four of Mari’s nipples. They were fatter to fit the bigger size of her bust. They were like marshmallows, sticking out from the huge and dark pink areolae. They seemed so beautiful. So perfect. So alluring. So inviting.

Before any of the girls knew it, Dia was kissing Mari now. Their lips met in a passionate and wet display of affection, but it was all a ploy from the dark-haired sex-addict. In reality, she was simply getting closer to her as she shoved her dicknipples into the other woman’s fat, engorged mammaries. None of them knew if this would work, but they still pushed through, emboldened by their arousal.

To their surprise, both penises fit inside the nipples, opening them and inserting themselves as if they were inside a pussy. Hell, for all Dia knew, she was inside her childhood friend cunt for real. She started to push her chest forward, imitating the movements of passionate thrusting on her upper body.

Mari moaned between the kisses, she loved this. This was what she wanted. For her friends to experience a new height of sex, even if she had to mutate them to experience it. It didn’t help that she was into unconventional bodies and shapes, so this was all right up her alley.

“Are you fucking - gggh - her too?” Kanan grunted, trying to look down at the pair. She couldn’t see them underneath her with her new shape. Her huge breasts didn’t help much, blocking much of her view.

“I’m only thanking her for these changes…” Dia asserted, pushing her tits against the blonde’s, making her squeal in pleasure once more.

Kanan only let out a domineering and calm chuckle. “Ditto,” she said, thrusting more of her horsecock into the kinky heiress.

A choir of lewdness filled the room as all three of them climaxed shortly after. Their bodies were still sensitive after experiencing such changes, hastening their orgasms. Mari, trapped in the middle of both girls, was the one who fell first, as both her upper body and lower body were being penetrated by sizable, virile and unforgiving shafts.

Kanan and Dia were still hungry for more, however. They quietly agreed to keep fucking her friend for all she was worth.


“The maids told us to wait in our rooms, Chika-chan…” Ruby said with a worried tone. She didn’t want the group to get in trouble.

Chika, You and Ruby had arrived at the mysterious island moments ago. They were quickly escorted to their rooms, but the energetic orange-haired girl couldn’t help herself in exploring the expansive mansion around her.

“Relax, Ruby,” Chika dismissed the younger girl’s worries as she walked down the hall. “What’s the worst that can happen? Besides, Mari won’t mind us looking around a little, right?”

“Mari isn’t one to just not greet her friends,” You added, sounding like a bridge between the two other girls. “Maybe she is hiding and is waiting for us to play a prank or something?”

“Oh! Maybe it’s like a scavenger hunt!” Chika’s face brightened as she was hit by what seemed to be a bright idea. If only she knew the reality.

You couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s imagination. She opened a door without realizing it, leading to a strange and sterilized-looking room.

In the middle of the room, three girls were in a puddle of sweat and sexual fluids. It took a second for Chika and her group to recognize them, but there was no mistaking it; they were the older group of Aqours.

They were all naked, not a strange sight given their relationship in the past, but their bodies were different. Changed, mutated.

Mari was in the middle of this, her body now completely different from that of a human. Two identical heads were attached to her torso, which was now covered by four breasts the size of bean bags. Several smaller breasts littered her upper body making it almost impossible to see it properly. Her nipples were now pussy lips, which were being fingered by extra arms and cocks from the other girls. Each side of her body had six arms, a total of twelve, which were busy groping herself and her lovers.

Her physique now extended by her waist, looking as if she had two tummies. One of them was being greedily groped and fingered by a lustful Dia, while the other belonged to a humantaur Kanan. Multiple cocks sprouted from her two lower bodies, all of them being pumped by either her hands or one of her two partners, some of them spilling out of a single sheath; almost as if they had been grouped inside a single cock. Balls as big as beach balls hung from her legs, taut and full of hyper cum. Fattened sperm the size of a water bottle could be seen swimming within, ready to escape the ballsack. Her toes curled as another orgasm fried her brain, both sets of eyes rolling back in ecstacy.

Dia, the most normal-looking of the girls, was passionately kissing Mari while pushing her breasts against Mari’s own bosom. Her tongue seemed fatter and longer whenever she took a step back to moan. Her eyes were filled with lust, not even noticing the other group. She now had four hands, all busy pleasing her partner. Seven fingers seemed to be in each hand, making her perfect for pleasuring the multiple tittycunts on Mari’s chest. Her huge, hardened nipples could be seen momentarily as she pushed them in and out of the blonde’s chest.

Kanan’s body, which seemed stronger and more muscular than before, was difficult to take in completely. Her pussy now sat on a large singular breast dangling from her crotch, dancing to the beat her three sets of hips and legs provided. The incomprehensibly long horsecock between her furthest pair of legs stretched all the way across her body and into one of Mari’s needy cunts. As Kanan readjusts herself, a second mouth where her former asshole sat reveals itself, moaning in pleasure while she grunts and grits her teeth.

None of the girls noticed the new trio at the door, given they were still way too into their passionate desires.

“Guess we can wait in our rooms,” Chika said with a sigh, turning around and walking back.