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by Anonymous

   Yoshiko was always the superstitious type. Ghosts, cryptids, angels, demons, worlds beyond the known. They were something she wanted to channel – be it conjuring a lost soul, making elixirs, or constructing arcane instruments… Though no matter how much she seemed to try, the other side seemed beyond her grasp.

Which was why, when she happened upon a dusty cardboard box full of old jewelry hidden in her attic and equipped one of the shabby-looking rings it held in its contents, she couldn’t help but be fascinated when a sixth finger spawned on her hand when she did so.

At first, she wondered if it was some sort of illusion – a light trick, perhaps brought about by some fit of delirium. Thus, with her other hand, she began to prod at it. Between her middle and ring finger it sat, a comfortable middle ground in length betwixt the two other digits, and as the fingers of her left hand descended onto its soft, newly born skin, she found it was equal in sensitivity as well – just from touching it slightly, Yoshiko twitched. Even if it was a simple finger, the sensation of a brand new extremity popping out from nowhere still brought upon her an alien feeling… mentally, more so than physically.

A quick gripping of her right hand demonstrated that, not only did it perceive touch, its control was tied to Yoshiko as well. All six fingers in her right hand were able to clench down, perfectly on her command. Releasing it, Yoshiko then wiggled the sixth finger around, which she was completely capable of as well.

There was no doubt about it, then. Yoshiko had grown a sixth finger. She went to adjust the ring on her right hand with her left hand, only to quickly notice that her left hand, too, had been granted a sixth finger. Testing it about similarly to her other, she discovered that it, too, was treated as a new extremity of hers – and completely hers.

An odd intent coming over her, Yoshiko turned back to the box. Though she had only glanced at it earlier before haphazardly trying on a ring out of boredom, she now found herself scrutinizing the contents quite thoroughly. Circular earrings. Plain-looking chain necklaces. Undecorated bracelets gold in color. And a large, large pile of rings.

Before satisfying her thirst to delve herself deep into the artifacts of this box, Yoshiko slipped the ring she wore off, quickly discovering that the fingers it had spawned earlier quickly disappeared as soon as the jewelry was extricated off her body. What felt like a quick flash zapped in her brain as well, something Yoshiko could only assume was the brain hurriedly un-adjusting to her sudden onset of polydactyly. She had assumed the action would have caused her to fall under some form of phantom limb syndrome, but that didn’t appear to be the case. The associations in her brain were gone quickly as they had magically appeared, and materialized just as fast when Yoshiko slipped the ring back on, along with the instantaneous growth of the same, middle-length finger on the knuckle of Yoshiko’s hand.

Transferring the box to her room, Yoshiko set it down in the middle of the floor, sitting down before it, and taking a deep breath. Bringing it here was, she assumed, notably easier than it would be usually, due to her two additional fingers – though she wasn’t sure how exactly that might aid in her strength.

She was partly curious how this crate of mystical jewelry came to be, anyhow… there wasn’t a culture in the world that hailed gems bringing about new limbs in their bearer, none that she knew of. Perhaps it was just an indeterminate box that happened to be felled with a curse? Or an old drawer, full of keepsakes belonging to a witch? But in any case, Yoshiko wasn’t about to learn which option it might be if she didn’t go about and actually test it further.

And so, of course, she plucked out another ring from the box, placing it again on her ring finger. She blinked, awaiting some immediate effect… but not recognizing any changes. She pat around her body, fingers crawling down her torso, searching for some sort, any sort of change in her genetic makeup, unable to find any. Dissatisfied, she, again, lowered a hand into the crate to bear more of its garments, before stopping herself.

If these truly were capable of altering her body in such severe ways as adding another digit to her hand, then perhaps it would stand to reason that not every change it was capable of should be innately physical. Yoshiko tried to breathe out a sigh of her worries, only to hear it come out… quite loud. It was as if she heard parts of the noise she wasn’t even supposed to. The faintness of the small wind dying out, descending into particles of mist, and eventually fading back into the still air of the room. The entire life and death of a simple breath, audible to her.

She blew out once more, able to hear it birth and dissipate again. The odd sensation caused her to recoil a bit, passing a hand through her hair, until it brushed against something that she wasn’t familiar with. A flexible, uncalloused cartilage. Yoshiko felt the inside of it, only to be met with a small digging noise letting itself be known to her mind, protruding into her head with little tact.

Another ear. She had grown another ear. Taking another hand to her left side, she found that, like with the extra fingers, the effect was symmetrical on her body, manifesting a matching ear on the given side.

So that explained it. Exponentially improved recognition of frequency was bound to accompany a one-hundred percent increase in the amount of ears one had. Yoshiko sighed again. Not out of any need, more a sense of relief – though she didn’t know how she might describe what she felt relief from. Once again she heard her breath enter the atmosphere down to the tiniest of detail. It was quite possibly something she would never grow used to.

Yoshiko again went to grab a ring, and again stopped herself from doing so. A sudden realization dawned on her. That being, she was currently wearing clothes. Nothing fancy, of course – a simple t-shirt and sweatpants. Since it was her day off, she didn’t plan on dressing to impress – but it was still of slight concern, in case these garments of jewelry caused some sort of morph that ripped a tear in any of these clothes. Yoshiko preemptively doffed the garments, stripping down to her underwear.

In addition, Yoshiko thought that she might require a mirror soon, in the case that yet another morph took place that she was not quick to recognize. The nature of her almost-nakedness aided in this, in the case that any of her transformations affected parts of her body that were formerly suppressed by the clothing. To her luck, the interior of her closet contained one, past a small mess of clothes, shoes, and various arcane trinkets – albeit, ones that paled in comparison of paranormal potency to these primeval pearls. Finally, having pushed all of those aside, she found herself ready to test the rings’ power once more.

Dipping her hand in – her increased hearing led to her comprehending a more defined rattling of the box's trinkets as she shoveled a pile of them out – she pulled out yet another ring which, as soon as she was turned to face her reflection in the mirror, was placed down upon her right ring finger, along with the two others she had on.

As soon as she did, she noticed a sudden increase in her field of view. Looking at the mirror, Yoshiko was able to observe that she had, in fact, obtained two more eyes – one above each of her original pair, on her forehead. Her eyebrows seemed to be raised to accommodate for the additions as well.

Yoshiko stood closer to the mirror. The irises in her new eyes were both light pinkish in color, same as her other ones. She blinked a couple times, confirming that all four of them blinked in time with each other as well. Ultimately, she was a little disappointed that another set of eyes didn't give her hawk-like vision, like another pair of ears did with the hearing of a bat, but she supposed it made sense. She tried pointing her finger out and raising it skyward, and her vision managed to see it until her hand was nearly past her head.

It was an interesting change, certainly… but now, Yoshiko was starting to wish for something more radical. Fingers, ears, and eyes were becoming window dressing to her. What extreme shifts were these parts really capable of?

She went to the box for another ring, before stopping herself. There was a great abundance of them, yes… But maybe any of the other old jewels would offer something more?

So, instead, Yoshiko grabbed a bracelet from the pile, and, readying herself in the mirror, slipped it onto her wrist.

Instantly, she was met with a pair of arms bursting out from her sides, accompanying her first pair.

Yoshiko was a bit taken aback, to say the least. Although the change was near instantaneous, it wasn't quite fast enough to escape her reaction times, so she still felt the feeling of new muscles being stretched, even as her head created new connections in her brain to accommodate for the limbs. She looked at the new arms, eyeing them down with her 20-20-20-20 vision, astounded at the feeling of how… natural they felt. Every transformation up until now had also felt quite natural, of course, but an extra set of arms was just so… extraordinary. More so than any small additions of ears or eyes could be. Yoshiko looked at her new set of fingers – six each hand, to match her others – twirling them about like spinning around a new dress. She brought her original pair of arms to feel down the brand-new, pristine limbs, an odd sense of euphoria being generated from the motion.

Yoshiko looked to the mirror once more. She attempted a pose with her sextuplet of limbs, one set of hands on her hips, another lifted seductively. Even if she, admittedly, looked somewhat dopey with her many sets of sensory organs, there was still something so… alluring about it all. In a sense, she wanted to feel down her own body…

But, before that…

Once more, Yoshiko looked to the box of jewelry. Not bothering to be picky, she seized whatever trinkets her four arms got their hands on, and immediately got to work equipping herself. With the addition of a necklace, a bracelet, and two more rings joining her arsenal, Yoshiko watched in anticipation as changes erupted out of her. Namely, four of them.

The first change was the addition of two more nice, supple breasts on her torso. They had grown under her first pair, obviously causing them to pass by the security of the inside of her bra, but they, like many of her other changes, were comparable in size and shape to her originals – although, her new leftmost breast had a small mole painted directly below its accompanying nipple.

The second, much smaller in comparison, was felt inside her mouth – that is to say, the addition of a second tongue. It was attended by the feeling her mouth had grown slightly crowded, but, strangely, Yoshiko managed to adjust. What she did not immediately adjust to, however, was the feeling of tasting her own tongue. As one sat under the other, it began to absorb the flavor of the other… and, despite what one may think, it was strangely piquant. A slight strawberry flavor, as if Yoshiko was constantly giving herself a kiss.

Going down, the third was a change to her feet. Her toes were given further form, expanding and lengthening beyond the size of normal toes. They became flexible as well – Yoshiko noticed joints appearing within their midst, and, alongside her big toe shifting to the slide, flexed them once more, realizing they had become dexterous – as much so as the fingers on her hand might be.

The final, and certainly most radical change, was an entirely new appendage – not a copy, and not an extension, of anything preexisting. A fleshy, pliable limb seemed to extend down Yoshiko's spine and out from her back. With a tuft of hair accompanying the end, it grew into what seemed to be a tail – almost resemblant of the kind some other mammals had, large at the base, shrinking down into a sharp tip. It looked to be flexible for its full length as well - its full length being that of nearly three fourths her body length.

The first thing that she came to test was, of course, the tail. She could flick and thrash it around in any manner she desired, waving around the large wand behind her. A foreign feeling, no doubt, but at the same time, one that was so hypnotic. Simply swishing it about was enough to get Yoshiko excited. Out of curiosity, she decided to bring its tip to the box, and found that it was able to pick up a ring, so it had a semblance of prehensibility. A welcome feature, if not a slightly odd one.

Following that, Yoshiko lifted up a foot behind her, adjusting the big toe so that it would grip the ring, and brought the foot back in front of her. In all truthfulness, she was quite surprised by the capacity of her foot’s grasping ability – big toe acting like a thumb with the rest of the toes long and flexible enough to substitute for fingers. And even though she stood on one leg, her balance was easily kept by her tail, countering her weight the way a cat might with their own hind.

Her foot’s fingers placed the ring onto that of her left lower hand.

Glancing at the mirror, Yoshiko was quick enough to spot horns growing out from the top of her head, right above her highest pair of ears. They curled slightly as they rose. Yoshiko supposed they were appropriate then – a demonic motif seemed to fit her current appearance.

Yoshiko licked her lips twice over, the tissues on her tongues melding together as they moved past each other. She had been absorbed by the desire to play with this body, get lost in it. She brought both sets of hands to different places; top pair resting on her thighs, bottom holding the back of her head. Somewhat awkward of a position, as both her sets of biceps were nearly colliding, but that did little to subtract from how seductive it looked. The four arms spread themselves on her body, each touch leaving an electrifying aftertaste, causing her to want even more from this villainous transformation. No matter which area of her body she caressed, not a single part left Yoshiko cold – in fact, her body felt as hot as ever now. Her multitude of fingers drifted across her thighs, her quadruplet breasts, her tetrad ears, her quadruplicate eyelashes, and of course, her oh-so-titillating tail.

She brought the hind appendage around her, slithering it across her stomach and down her hips, glissading it until it caught the edge of her panties, which she quickly slid down the rest of her legs, the fingers from her foot pulling it the rest of the way until it was completely off. Teasing herself once more by pressing the median of her tail across her more womanly features, she brought the fifth appendage up her back, allowing it to unhook her bra.

The garment fell, and thus all of her breasts were now exposed with the rest of her body. Breasts which Yoshiko was immediately inclined to massage using her entire foray of forelimbs, sixth finger of each doing much to rub the nipple under its phalange. All the while, she had once again brought her tail between her legs, allowing the fleshy point to travel through the ravine between her quad breasts, and grinding the base of her tail against her nethers. Yoshiko felt her heart pound in her chest. She heard it as well, its drumbeat increasing in rhythm with each passing second. She slithered her tail out from under her, rubbing her vagina all the way as she did, growing ever faster with the caressing of her own four nipples. They were starting to grow quite hard now, matched in intensity with Yoshiko’s scaling breath. If she focused, she could see steam emitting from her mouth, no doubt caused by the incessant copulating occurring within her mouth, her own two tongues wrestling with each other, effusing heat all the while.

Yoshiko was very aroused now. Clenching her fingers together, she began to pinch her teats where they stood, causing a small gasp to erupt out. It was, of course, muffled by the sound of moans as she continued french kissing her own tongue two ways – though Yoshiko could hear it anyway through the capabilities of her four ears. Her groin plenty wet, she brought her tail around once more, placing the tip on its folds, teasing it once more until finally inserting it.

It was almost too much at this point. Her four eyes all rolled back into her head, vision going completely fuzzy from the action. She felt the need to clench down her mouth, but was unable due to her tongues still gorging themselves in each other. Even still, she didn’t lose grip on her nipples, pinching and pulling them as much as she could – with her many other fingers still free to paint circles on her breasts as they pleased.

Her tail entered and exited her womanhood repeatedly, a gush of pleasure rising within yoshiko each time it did either. She was starting to lose her balance at this point. If she was being honest with herself, she was surprised she didn’t earlier, but using the extra mass from her tail, she maintained a somewhat-steady counterbalance to the rest of her body… though her finger-like toes gripping into the ground below her certainly helped.

She was starting to reach the end, though… she could feel it. With her tail entering her at such a rapid pace, her nipples being titillated to high heaven, and her tongues nearly becoming one with each other, Yoshiko felt she was at the pinnacle of it. After one last burst of energy on her part, Yoshiko fell to the floor, tail plunging down, its end covered in Yoshiko’s own fluids. Her two tongues hung out the opening of her mouth; her four ears able to over-perceive her desperate panting.

Her exercise in body modification had been quite strenuous on her, she realized… but even so, she remained curious. And what better way to remain curious, she thought, than by giving herself a fresh start?

Smiling, Yoshiko hugged herself with all of her arms one last time – wrapping her tail across her torso as well – before she began to take one ring off after the other. Soon, she felt her mouth clear up as her number of tongues divided, saw as her field of view decreased when her eyes halved, stumbled slightly as her feet reverted to normal, and noticed as the horns and extras of ears and fingers disappeared from her body. With a lowly sigh, she removed the necklace and two bracelets, watching the rest of her extra assets disappear. Once again, she adjusted quickly, keeping her balance as if her tail were never even there.

She could come back to them another time.

Before she did, she had more transformations she was curious about. By this point, she had begun to notice a pattern – the larger forms of jewelry seemed to bring about a more radical change. While rings only brought about minor things, multiple eyes, ears, tongues – window dressing, as Yoshiko had addressed them previously – the necklaces had wrung entirely new limbs out of the palette that was Yoshiko, her newfound jewelry the paint that created a work out of art out of her simple, humanoid body.

Looking to delve more into such cascades of carnal creativity, Yoshiko drew out another necklace – briefly picturing what sort of change this one could possibly stir, before once again eyeing her reflection in the mirror, and placing it over her collar.

She was met with an extra head directly to her left, occupying the rest of the space on her shoulders.

Yoshiko was, for once, left speechless. Brand new limbs were substantial additions, obviously. As were replicas of existing bodily functions. But an entirely new head was simply something else. Something very distinct, in fact, Yoshiko began to realize as the mental processes from the other head came rushing in through her brain. She began to see out of a new pair of eyes, hear out of new ears, breathe from another mouth. It was as if she was controlling two people at once… it may have been too much for her to handle, had the second head not come with another brain.

Her heart rate, having risen, began to calm as the thoughts from both of her heads circulated between each, conciliating mental processes throughout Yoshiko’s two heads. Connections in the brain being instantly created may have only felt like a small shock to her previously, but the story changed when a separate brain was being manifested.

Yoshiko continued to look at herself – albeit, through both heads. The view of herself repeated through two minds, both heads exact replicas of each other. She started to think through the implications of this, essentially being two whole people, with just one lifeline, and controlling both of them – both sharing a body, feelings, sensation.

Her mind then, of course, turned to playing with herself. Or perhaps, her other self.

“H-hey, sexy,” Yoshiko flirted with one head, looking through both of them at both of her heads. She found herself waiting for a response from the recipient head, whilst in the brain of said head, staring at its opposite awkwardly.

Yoshiko removed the necklace instantly, cutting off all the sensitivity of the other head and returning to normal. That was so lame! Did she really just say that to herself? She couldn’t believe it! She sounded like a geek.

Yosiko groaned, setting the necklace to the side. She’d need some more confidence to start flirting with herself properly. This could, of course, be found with more bodily structures.

She decided to start small. One ring was the first item she decided to pick up for this round – though perhaps referring to it as a ‘round’ of transformations was a bit casual, she remarked to herself. Either way, she inserted her finger into the ring, and, not feeling any immediate difference, looked to the mirror for clarification. It took her a moment to distinguish any differences, but before long, she noticed a pinkish hue had grown on her chin – lips. Yoshiko tried opening it, discovering that the ring had grown her a second mouth.

An odd change. She supposed she had already had two similar to this already – a second mouth on another head, and a second tongue in the same mouth – though those were only comparable to something like this, and not exact. Opening both at the same time, Yoshiko tried seeing what breathing was like using them in tandem, quickly finding that when she inhaled in both, it simply made her suck in breath twice as fast into one diaphragm. When she came back to the necklace from earlier, it would certainly make for a unique kissing experience.

Though, Yoshiko thought, an extra mouth could only make for a good appetizer. To truly impress herself – her other head, specifically – she’d need something a bit more eye-catching.

With a bigger piece of jewelry this time – a golden bracelet, specifically – Yoshiko found herself not even needing to look in the mirror to sense the swift bodily change. Similarly to her tail from earlier, a glob of flesh formed protruding from her rear end, squishing and writhing, until eventually, it formed into a torso-like shape, with obvious back features, as if extending Yoshiko’s own back. Then, Yoshiko’s gluteal muscles, having disappeared as a result of the morph, began to reappear again, at the end of said fleshy mass. With it, came a second pair of legs extending out and reaching towards the ground, eventually reaching with the correlating feet that it had formed. The metamorphosis was not quite complete yet, however, as a long lock of her hair appeared from the new rear end – a new tail, albeit one less monkey-like. Her balance now fully adjusted, Yoshiko looked in awe at what she now controlled.

A second torso, with a corresponding pair of legs arranged like a horse’s would be, along with a simple, mammalian tail – two-parted, one half a string of muscle emerging from her tail bone, the other, a skirt of hair grown around it, once again, similarly to a horse’s. She was essentially a centaur, though with human flesh as a replacement for the equestrian dermis that usually littered the mythical creatures. First horns, and now, some sort of bastardized version of Greek myths… a demonic amalgam she had become, indeed.

Though perhaps not one she had fully realized the potential of. Looking back into the mirror, Yoshiko began to eye down her nude body. From the front, she appeared almost as she did normally, with only a second mouth and the silhouette of more legs taking shape to alter the view. However, her privates, still in between her hips, appeared completely unchanged, despite the change to Yoshiko’s sudden morph into a quadruped.

Then, turning around, Yoshiko’s mirror view was switched to her backside – flicking her tail, Yoshiko brightly displayed to herself her extended buttocks, as well as another set of her privates.

Through this one transformation, Yoshiko had gained a second vagina – one at her front, one at her far behind, concealed by her new equestrian tail. Now this was certainly an enticing prospect… Though Yoshiko still craved for more.

She grabbed two bracelets, looping her arms through both of them as quickly as she could. Once more, her body shifted instantly, appendages of flesh being conjured from her body – this time, two out from her hips, two from her back, and another two from the back on her second torso.

Out from her hips, Yoshiko noticed as the appendages appeared limb-like – until noticing they were limbs, full human hands forming on the end of them. Indeed, she had grown arms out of her hips.

Turning around quickly, Yoshiko was able to spot as the appendages coming out from her backsides were distinctly not human-like, instead, becoming converts, as if on a bird. The sharp joints of the limb then began growing feathers, of all things, Yoshiko watching in awe as her body sprouted real, genuine wings. They were large, too, her wingspan long enough to not be visible completely when she looked in the mirror. Instead, she tried flexing it inward – the motion feeling oddly natural to her, as if it was simply another human limb – allowing her to see it moved inward. It was the same shade of dark navy as her hair, and by extension her tail – despite the angelic undertones of the transformation, the inky shade caused her to appear more as a fallen angel.

Once again, how fitting, Yoshiko thought. The mark of a true demon was an exile from heaven.

Now reunited with her second pair of arms – albeit in a different spot from before – Yoshiko used them to rub her back, their location allowing easy access to touching her second torso. In fact, she was almost able to touch her far-away rump…

Yoshiko stopped herself. Still, she was not satisfied. Her bottom hands, once again in a good position, were easily able to grab jewelry from the box, which she quickly placed on her body.

Yoshiko's body changed in all sorts of ways. Unlike her last grab-bag of jewelry, there were too many to count. Yoshiko was simply too hungry for radical changes. Her buttocks expanded in size. She grew a third tit. Her tongue grew in length. Inside her mouths, she felt her teeth sharpen to the intensity of a knife. In between her other two, she grew another leg – matched by her back pair, now triad, of legs. Her fingers grew to claws. Random patches of skin became encroached with spikes. At points, she thought she felt scales grow.

Yoshiko opened her eyes to the mirror once more, gazing upon her body. Her pupils now a blazing red, her body now enamored with many brackets of jewelry, and her form nowhere near close to humanoid, she could do nothing but gape at her utterly chimeric body, ever pleased, ever excited, and ever impressed with every facet. Her wings being symbolic for her ascent from humanhood, she flapped them all at once, causing a small gust to blow throughout her room. It was time to play.

Her bottom hands went down, massaging her outer thighs, before making their way inward, titillating her middle leg. They continued their journey, and found Yoshiko's nethers once more – though since this set of arms was so close to her crotch, she needed to bend them a little awkwardly. She found that, in between her triplet legs, both crotches sported a wet patch. Assuming this carried over to her back row, this meant Yoshiko had a total of four vaginas.

That said, even just massaging two of them was enough to make Yoshiko stumble. She caused herself to shiver feverently, her rear legs falling to their knees, while her front triad continued standing unsteadily. Already, she had to rely on breathing through both of her mouths for even a chance of remaining stable.

Although she hadn't yet recovered from the internal tremors, she began fingering herself. And, although she believed herself to now be completely demonic in nature, she couldn't help but find herself muttering, “God…” under her breath. The entire experience was quite a lot to go through, her clawed fingers causing two torrents of pleasure shooting through her as if they were spikes of serotonin being sent directly to her brain. It caused her to flap her wings on instinct, the tetrad of giant, angelic limbs throwing gusts out every which way.

As a matter of fact, the gusts blew a certain item Yoshiko had placed to the side, one that when blown emitted a jingling sound throughout the room. With two arms still unoccupied, Yoshiko grabbed the jewelry and placed it over her neck.

Just as last time, some of Yoshiko's senses doubled in their perception, the most grating of which being the second head's eyes giving her a second, completely different point of view from her first. But now, Yoshiko felt more in-control of it – she now recognized its true nature. As with all her other limbs, it was an extension of herself, and her demonic influence. No longer did it feel dissonant. Yoshiko recognized it for what it was: A second head, and a second mind, under her domain.

Her first instinct was to begin kissing herself. As her four pairs of lips smashed together, her lengthy tongues began mingling with each other, both pliable enough to spiral around each other, continually pulling both heads closer, sucking down their shared saliva.

Both pairs of Yoshiko's crimson eyes cracked open to gaze at each other. Though she had originally seen their reflection in her mirror, Yoshiko now saw, up close and corporeal, how truly lustful and intoxicating they were. A bloody red abyss spiraling itself around between her heads – complete with her top pair of arms beginning to hug herself, squeezing her row of three breasts in the process – she inserted her claws into her two holes once more, and saw in real time her eyes fall into the roof of her head. This time, she almost fell completely over, stopped by the sextuplet of limbs holding her up – though that didn't stop her wings from instinctively flapping wildly, as if trying to save her from her tumble. It would have worked, too. Yoshiko flew a few centimeters or so off the ground, before gliding back down.

Yoshiko then began to have an excellent idea. Detaching from kissing herself, her long tongues unhooking, she laid down on her back, before bending her second torso inward, and lowering her rear triad of legs onto her faces.

She then began to eat herself out.

Starting by licking the edges of her yet-untouched back pair of vaginas, Yoshiko’s four long tongues caused herself a torrent of twitches, even though she had barely even started. Her prolonged, nearly prehensile tongues were endlessly teasing as they drew circles of saliva in the spots between her thighs, effortlessly leaving a trail of pleasure in their wake. As they dove in, Yoshiko became absorbed in their slimy bliss, the intense magma of her internals began shifting upward, as if a volcano building pressure before an eruption.

During this, she didn’t cease fingering herself, either; Her lower pair of arms’ ease of access meant indulging in both acts of massaging her sins at the same time was more than manageable. Her claw-like fingers indulged themselves to the highest degree, teasing her innards in various ways with various gestures, from circles, to triangle shapes. And with what seemed like an increased length, they could reach deeper than Yoshiko could with any human form of finger.

Of course, all of this at once was simply mind-melding. Yoshiko might have simply collapsed out of pleasure if her sensations weren’t bouncing between two brains. That isn’t to say she wasn’t convulsing wildy – her wings twitched wildly, gusts once again blowing through the room, clearing the way for Yoshiko’s huge body mass, like Moses parting the red sea. If she were not in such a contracted position, then her wings would have once again forced her to take off. Although Yoshiko, of course, with both of her heads in the clouds, felt she was leaving the mortal plane entirely.

As her tongues and fingers pierced her more and more, her body mantled in its heat, her already crimson scales seemed to turn ever more red. Her devilish form was reaching its climax. This pushed her to masturbate harder, every inch, every morsel of her skin aching from delight, and yet still, pushing for more. Fingers dug into skin, arms dug into skin, her tongues kept digging deeper and deeper, their wet hot mess of forms causing Yoshiko to nearly go blind.

She pushed ever more and, with one final push, the volcano within her body exploded. Yoshiko messed herself with fluids, pale and adherent, littered across her faces and bottom pair of arms.

Yoshiko took a moment to lay down, her two backs resting on the still rug of her room. She thought back to how this started – a sixth finger, a simple extra finger, on her hands.

But the number six three times was often seen as a sign of the Devil, was it not? Indeed, perhaps her transformation had been foreshadowed to herself from the very beginning. Now she was no longer limited to the reaches of man – her reach was now far beyond that of a human. Her maneuverability, unrivaled. Her capabilities… endless.

What was the point of a Devil if not to challenge the heavens above her?

Yoshiko looked outside of her balcony, a wide-open sky waiting above her, clouds parted as if to make way for her entrance.

As the wind blew through her two sets of hair, Yoshiko opened herself up, spreading her wings wide, and with a running start, dove into the sky, the black feathers of immortals transporting her to the places beyond.