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We told Christy about the Halloween idea the next morning, which she loved. She was delighted to hear that Kate was our next pick for joining the herd. Sarah and Christy then told me that it was always Kate's dream to work as a vet, and that she always loved working with animals. "Really we should have thought earlier to check Kate's interest...." Christy had mused.

For the party she suggested that in addition to Barb, obviously, it would be good to invite Peg along too. On the off chance that Kate could be convinced to join there and then.

With that in mind Sarah decided to join Christy that night at work, but only as a spectator. After that Christy brought me outside, where I, with a glove, reluctantly 'harvested' Christy's vial for the show that night.

All day Sarah kept practicing walking around on two legs. She didn't really improve, but she was no worse than three weeks ago. I offered to help her change some more, but she declined. It made sense as any change would probably make her balance worse without practicing any new stance.

By evening time she was confident enough on her "feet" to pull out a daisy yellow sundress, throw it over her head and join us.

It was Christy's transformation shownight that night so we were all eager to get there.

On entry Sarah recieved a warm welcome from Harry, who said he was delighted to see her back and feeling well. He asked about the source of her bulging stomach, but Sarah quickly explained its true origins.

Once inside we saw a table with Kate sitting at it. She was wearing a short blue dress that clung to her small narrow frame. It had a high neck to it, I suspected because her A-cup breasts didn't exactly produce any cleavage when exposed. Something she had been quite conscious of in their dairy queen dayd

She saw us and waved us over excitedly. Sarah carefully navigated the tables until she was beside Kate.

Kate greeted us happily and told us that Barb had a work function and couldn't make it.

I helped Sarah sit down onto a chair beside Kate, and the sat on the other side of Sarah.

  -     --- Our evening was very a pleasant one. All three of us chatted amiably for at least two hours before Christy's show was due to begin. During this time two things happened; one was Kate got well on the way to being drunk, being so small she didn't have much of a tolerance; the other was a good few people were coming up to Sarah asking her if she was well and when was she coming back to work.

Sarah seemed delighted with both of them. After Kate was well on her way, red cheeked and slurring her words, a quick trip to the bar with Sarah was suggested to talk plans.

I had made a space and waited for Sarah to reach the bar.

"Good god Sarah, Kate's a real lightweight." Sarah looked back at the table to watch her Kate drunkenly preen with a small hand mirror.

"Yes she is, always was! You think-mmmoooing what I'm thinking?" She suggested. I nodded, "Take advantage of her loosened state to plant a few seeds? Sarah that sounds really nasty." I feigned mock horror.

Sarah pushed me. "Dmoooon't say it like that. Just ask her ab-moo... ab-mmmooooo." Sarah paused and shook her head and made a few practice vowel sounds, most of them ended up being 'O'. "...a-BOUT becoming a vet."

I agreed and we grabbed our drink and went to sit back down.

Kate greeted us back as I sat and struck up coverstation. "So why did you become a vet Kate?"

With slightly unfocused eyes she made her best response, "I always wanted to help amin... animals ever since I was young." I waited for her to continue. "We had a lovely dog when we grew up, springer spagni-spaniel. Great god. Best girl... but she got sick and died long before she should have. No vet around to help, so I said I'd do it 'nd become a vet. Then just stuck to that."

"That's very admirable, so you love animals?" I suggested. She enthusiastically nodded. "Oh yeah! Love em! They're all so cute. I have a border collie, Max. He's a dote, cheeky though! Always sneaks into the bed once Stephen leaves... he hates that...and the smell of dog...he hates poor Max all around really. And I love the dote, he's so smart..." she trailed off.

"You've a horse as well?" I asked. "Yeah! A colt, Ares. I like horseriding so I bought him a while back abd keep him in stables."

"What's he like? Cheeky too?" I asked.

Kate let out a hearty laugh. "No he's... maj-majestic and calm. Lovely deep brown. Ha, tall dalk and handsome you could say."

"Handsome? You fancy your horse and love your dog" Sarah interjected with a raised evebrow. Kate blushed. "Don't say it like that! Max is my best friend and Ares he... horses are just all muscular and tall... I mean... he's just a horse Sarah... and I'm... look leave it" Kate was blushing furiously

Misson accomplished, seed planted. We also didn't have to continue any more as the lights went down and Christy's show started. Perfect timing.

Kate, still blushing looked up at the stage with the rest of us expectantly.

Christy appeared stage left and strutted her stuff to the table with the vial at centre stage. This was the first time she came out wearing nothing at all. No lycra suit or anything. Her furry back had made wearing anything but loose fitting clothes a nightmare.

With every step her C-cup breasts, jiggled and her udder hopped up and down, making a muff
led slapping sound as it hit her furry crotch. I was pretty damn sexy to be fair.

Looking at the girls I could see that Sarah too was obviously aroused, but mire surprisingly so was Kate. I could see the slight movement as she slid back and forward on her seat.

I looked back in time to the stage to see Christy grab the mic with her three fingered clumsy hands. Settling it she began in a sultry tone.

"Hi everyone! Thanks for coming this week. I hope you all enjoy my show!"

She rubbed her free hand from her upper chest over the hump of her breasts, pausing to twirl one or two of the long sparse hairs growing from her areola.

"I know I enjoy it! I have the best job in the world!"

Her hoof-hand abandoned her breasts and trailed down her stomach to her furry happy trail.

"Every night I get to come up here and show you what I've become." Her hand roamed over her pink swollen udder. "What I am!"

She tugged slowly at one of her teats. "What I was born to be... You all have an animal inside you, you know..." she grunted in pleasure. "Caged... hidden... forgotten... but not me. I know my animal."

She turned around and slowly bent down. Showing us her furry rear and very swollen black lips. Running her hand through her furry rump she continued. "I've let mine out. Three weeks ago I went into heat, I knew finally, 100% what I was; and it feels soooooo goooood! You have no idea"

Slowly her massive hoofy finger circled her winking pucker.

"No worries... no fear... only comfort... and pleasure..."

Her milky juices were beginning to flow and her eyes were lidded. "Every week I look forward to this more than any of you know... that's why I'll start early this week."

Looking over at the girls again I could see Kate was a deep crimson. She was really sliding back and forth now. With one of her hands pressing down one of her small breasts.

Christy walked to centre stage and lifted the vial. "That's why I'm starting with this, this week."

She popped the oversized cork, made for her clumsy hands and raised the vial. Instead of downing it she held it aloft as she dropped to her knees, and then her ass. Leaning back and spreading her legs she flashed her udder and furry crotch at us.

Putting down the mic she used that hand to lift her udder and uceremoniusly stuffed the open end of the vial into her vag. She then leaned back on her back, lifted her legs in the air, and with her asshole winking at us we watched the vial drain.

Once empty she threw away the vial and held a hand over her vagina as she stood up. A lot of cum still ended up flowing out between the gaps of her fingers and plopping onto the ground.

Almost immediately she began gasping. "Oh... Ohhh! OOHHHH GOD! It's coming... *Pant* c'mon! I can feel it... CHANGE ME-E-E-E-E... *gasp*" her shout became a bleat.

I watched in fascination as Christy grabbed her face and began rubbing it when suddenly something hit me. Three weeks. Christy's heat cycle was three weeks. She'd voluntarily put goat cum into herself while in heat. Would she get pregnant now? And how much would she change? She'd changed without doing anything during her last heat.

The latter question was being answered on stage as I noticed that beside Sarah, a very guilty looking Kate had slipped a hand under her blue dress and was fooling around with herself.

Pleasantly surprised with that I turned back to the stage to see that Christy's face was beginning to push forward in narrow muzzle. Her nose had flattened and turned black while her lips had followed suit.  Also her ears had begun to grow larger and flatter, becoming floppy. Slowly hair crept over them too.

Finally when the massive change stopped she was as much goat in the face as Sarah was cow. I was flabberghasted but not as flabberghasted as Christy, composing herself quickly returned to the table, pulled out another vial. Before any of us could react had popped the cork threw herself onto the ground and repeated the procedure.

Cum trailing from her winking pussy she began screaming. "AH! A-A-A-AH! AMA-A-A-AZING. DO I-I-IT. CHANGE ME-E-E-E MORE"

The bleating was audibly affecting her speech now.

I heard a gasp to my right as Kate finally climaxed and slunk down in her seat.

We all watched in awe as Christy's face began pushing out more. Longer and longer it became as Christy's shouts and screams became bleats and bellows. More and more goatlike she sounded as her features disappeared and were replaced with that of a nanny goat.

Bleating she grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them. It was the that I noticed how small they were getting.

By the time they finally stopped shrinking they were no larger than Kate's breasts, while her face was mostly goat.

Panting she bleated out, "Ta-a-a-a-a-nk e-e-e-e-e
fo-o-o-o-r co-o-o-o-ome-e-e-e-e-eee!" The shape of her new face and mouth barely allowed her to speak anymore. Only bleat.

Doing her best to smile with the muscles available to her she leaned forward and got on her hands and knees.

"Se-e-e-e-eee! Thi-e-e-e-ess e-e-es tru me-e-e"

Bleating again loudly her thick tongue stuck out from her hairless muzzle, her black nostrils flared and her eyes glazed over a bit as lust consumed her as, rough hoof fingers or not she began to masturbate on stage.


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"Wow! I never kn-mooo-ew Christy was planning that tooooo-night!" Sarah mused as thunderous applause surrounded us and the goaty Christy blew kisses at the audience with her hoof hands and muzzle. It seemed as though the crowd was well used to dramatic changes by now. " I wonder moooo-where she got the second vial fromoooo?"

As soon as Sarah said it I knew I'd been had when asked to prepare a vial for her. "She got it from me." I admitted, "I didn't know she'd already gotten one from you."

"Very sneaky!" Kate panted from her chair. She looked a bit ruffled at the moment. Her hair was mussed up, as was the bottom of her dress, and her face was still flushed red from her activities.

"I'm a little concerned though Kate. I think she was in heat for the show." I admitted.

"In heat!?!" Kate exclaimed loudly, suddenly animated. "I-I... what if she...???  Guys we'd better check on her!"

I agreed and we all piled after each other, heading for the side door to the changing rooms.

Goaty-Christy made it back to the dressing rooms before us, as when we piled into the room she was already there, admiring herself in her full length mirror.

She was twisting and turning in every which way to get a better look at herself. She kept alternating between stroking her long muzzle and running her hands over her smaller breasts.

While twisting to get a look at herself in profile she noticed the three of us in the room. "He-e-e-e-e-y g-u-u-u-u-u-e-e-e-s" she bleated at us. "Yu-u-u-u-u l-i-i-ke?" She tried to say, pointing at her new goat face.

I had to admit it had such an exotic quality I found it very pleasing, I nodded, as did Kate. It was Sarah though, who spoke, "You're b-moooooo-tiful Christy!" The said in a heartfelt way. "What about your speech Christy? What if you loose it completely, and are you in heat? Is that why you did this?" Kate pressed.

"Fe-e-e-e-lt s-o-o-o-o-o-o g-o-o-o-o-d i-in he-e-e-e-e-et. Kne-e-ew ha-a-ad to do-o-o-o-o-o the-e-e-es." I never thought I'd see a goat blush, there was a first time for everything. Christy turned around and leaned forward, presenting herselves to us.

Up close the smell of her swollen, wet, leaking, goaty vagina made me rock hard. There was no doubt that she was in heat and presenting.

I fought off the feeling to ravage her black lips for the moment as Kate was still questioning her. "Christy!? What if you're pregnant? Do you really want to have... erm... kids?"

Christy bleated unintelligably and humped her hips back and forth. "Y-e-e-e-e-e-sss k-i-i-i-i-i-ds!" She devolved to nonsensical bleating again as Kate turned to us. I could see she was flushed, very affected by this. But commited to play the sensible vet all the same.

"Guys she's addled at the moment. She's in the height of her heat cycle. We need to calm her down and wait for it to pass..." she shouted over Christy's bleats.

"N-a-a-ah! N-o-o-o-o-o! F-fu-u-u-u-uk!!!" Christy bleated dropping to all fours and presenting herself again.

"Why is this time so different to last time?" I asked Kate, "She was very horny then, but not mad?"

Kate thought about it for a few moments. "It may be because this is her first proper heat. The last one may just have been a mild, half-heat, while she hadn't fully gotten into the cycle yet."

That seemed plausible. Kate stepped towards us and whispered. "Guys we should keep her here away from the billy goat today, until she calms down."

"How do we calm her down?" I asked. Sarah and Kate both gave me a 'look'. "Oh, of course..." I mumbled.

"I'll gmoooooo... find Harry then and let him knoooooo-w." Sarah offered before blushingly left the room. "Have fun!!" She said, winking and waving before disappearing through the doorway.

Christy turned her head, blinking and panting she saw Sarah leave. She turned her head to me and bleated again. "E-e-e-e-e-eh! F-fu-u-u-u-uck m-e-e-e-e-e-e!" Turning on all fours she slowly advanced on me. Tongue flicking out occasionally to bleat another unintelligble word.

Kate, unnoticed by Christy in the corner, lingered for a few moments. She looked flushed again and I could see she the look of morbid curiosity in her face that was compelling her to linger. Before I could convince her of anything though she up and scarpered out of the room. Closing the door and audibly locking it behind her.

Now trapped in a room with a horny goat-lady I turned to look at my assailant.

Christy was still on all fours moving towards me, only every fourth bleat or so could be understood, and most of those words were "fuck", "me" or "sex".

I was unable to read much from Christy's unfamiliar animal features as she crawled towards me, it would take time to get used to her new looks. They were quite a jump from the old, dolled-up, girly Christy.

I realised this was going to be a long night, so I took my time disrobing. Neatly taking everything off and folding it. On the dresser.

When I got to my pants, however, Christy, adgitated by the closeness of a penis, lost the run of herself and pounced bleatingly onto me.

Tangled in my half off pants I fell dazed to the floor.

Before I knew it a goaty lady had pinned my legs and arms and was sitting on me. Her square eyed pupils blinked wonderingly at me as she lowered her muzzle towards my face. Black lips parted and from between large white teeth a strong, long, thick looking tongue emerged.

Unused to controlling it, Christy completely missed her mark first time and slobbered all over my cheek. Retracting her tongue she went for a second try.

This time she was more successful, as I felt an unstoppably strong tongue probe at my mouth and beak its way in.

I looked Christy in the eyes past her long muzzle as her thick, different tasting tongue blundered its way through my mouth. I felt the heat and slickness of her goaty vagina sliding along my belly.

Pulling her head back, Christy's tongue left my mouth with a wet slurp. It didn't retreat into her muzzle though. Instead Christy began scooting down my body leaving two slimy trails. One from her slick furry vagina, the other from the flailing tongue flicking from the end of her panting muzzle.

Reaching my boxers Christy snorted through her flared nostrils at the offending garment. "O-o-o-o-o-o-fff" she bellowed in indignation.
Her tongue extended again clumsily and fumbled around the waistband of my boxers. As the warm wet organ burrowed it's way past the waistband Christy extended her black lips and opened her mouth to grab the offensive barricade in her large front teeth.

Pulling back, and not without surprising pain on my part, Christy tore the pants right off me.

Panicking about the safety of my member I warned Christy. "Be careful Christy. Your teeth are sharp!"

She seemed to understand me as she didn't try to give me a blowjob. Instead her flexible thick tongue extended again and she bagan running it all over my hard cock. The rough texture of her tongue, and the clumsiness of it all should have put me off, but as she began wrapping her warm tongue in knots around and around my rock hard cock I began moaning in pleasure.

Seeing that I was getting aroused Christy took the chance to stand in heat again. She turned around and presented herself to me again, vagina winking and contracting.

Figuring that I'd do my best to tire out this randy goat girl I got up to my knees and shuffled towards Christy. I grabbed her by her flanks and guided us together. As soon as my cock slid into her gasping folds she bleated in happiness and humped back against me with enough force that we both ended up sitting on our calves.

Roughly, she grabbed my hand and brought it round front to her udder. She obviously wanted me to give her teats some attention, which I gladly did.

Tugging and squeezing her fat teats made Christy start bleating and rocking back and forth. Hooked now on the feel of her slick vagina I rocked in unison and grunted in pleasure.

Within minutes of this treatment Christy's bleats reached fever pitch. Stiffening up completely she let out one last, stuttering, bleat before falling forward on all fours.

As my still hard penis popped out of her vagina, and her furry rump was on show again. Christy was still panting as I stood to remove my tangled pants.

By the time I finally had them off she had recovered and seemed to be rearing to go again. This time she lay on her back, legs in the air, a more humanlike position compared to last time. Now that she was adopting such a natural human posture, looking up at me with her black, square pupils, nostrils flaring and a small bit of spittle at the corner of her panting mouth, it really struck me how unhuman she looked. Very little of Christy's features remained. I wondered how long it would be until the last of her would go. Or if her mind would slip too? Strangely that idea didn't seem as tragic as I once would have thought. This was Christy's choice, I reasoned, not mine. And she loved every goaty change so far.

Christy must have sensed something through her foggy, lusty haze. As I swore that I could see worry and uncertainty cross her goaty features. Not wanting to dissuage or worry her I found myself surprised at the genuineness of my own words as I said. "You look beautiful Christy. It's a real improvement.

I leant forward as she grabbed me and smooshed her muzzle to my mouth. I felt the probing of her tongue and relented access to my mouth, continuing what was to be a long, long, night of rutting and sweaty, goaty sex.

  -     -----

Having fallen asleep in an embrace I was surprised to wake up cold. Squinting and adjusting to the light I saw Christy sitting in front of the vanity mirror, slowly running her hands over her face. I could tell from the air of calm that she was out of heat.

Anxious to find out her mental state I quietly said "Christy?"

She turned to me with eyes finally free of lust. I could see a shocked and surprised look in her face.

"Christy how do you feel?" I pressed. She drew her fingers along the length of her face. "I we-e-e-e-nt a b-i-i-i-t m-a-a-a-d ye-e-est-e-rday, di-i-i-in't I-I-I-I?"

Her speech was still very impaired. But first impressions were good, since she was back to using whole sentences. "My-y-y fa-a-a-a-ce..." she let that hang there for a moment. "I d-o-o-o-o-nt re-e-eh-EHH... re-e-ecogni-i-ise it..."

She didn't look or sound sad or regretful just unsure again. So, echoing my sentiment from the previous night I said. "I do. I recognise it. It's Christy..." She smiled, as best she could, and with a sparkle of confidence in the corner of her eye stood up, to join me in going home.


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Harry unlocked the dressing room door for us. He complemented Christy's appearance to which she blushed and thanked him.

We found Sarah and Kate playing cards and chatting quietly in the otherwise empty hall. There was a third person playing cards with them, I recognised the dark purple hair, it was Peg.

Coming up on the tired looking group Christy greeted them first, waving sheepishly. "H-a-a-a-a-ai gu-a-a-a-ys! Tha-a-a-a-nks fo-o-or wa-a-a-aiting"

Sarah whipped around and greeted her best friend too. "Christy! Gm-moood morning! You l-oooook, great!"

Christy made a bleating noise that resembled a giggle as she twirled and turned in a very girly way to show herself off.

Peg was next to speak, "Hey, um, Christy..." she was a bit hesitant, " I know we were never friends back in the day. But these two guys clearly really care for you. You seem like a good friend."

"Tha-a-a-ank yo-o-o-ou!" Christy seemed quite surprised at the genuiness of Peg's statement.

Peg continued. "What I want to offer you, if you want, is to try and reverse the curse?"

Sarah looked disapproving at that thought, while Kate just looked anxious and bit her lip.

Christy was taken aback by Pegs offer, and seemed to consider it for a moment. Finally and resolutely she said, "E-e-e-ehm... Th-a-a-a-a-a-nks Pe-e-e-eg, b-u-ut I mea-a-a-a-nt wha-a-a-at I sa-a-a-aid la-a-a-st night..." Christy paused to smile at managing a whole word without bleating. "...m-a-a-ad wi-i-i-th lu-u-u-st o-or no-o-o-ot, I kno-o-o-ow I mea-a-a-a-nt i-it de-e-e-ep do-o-o-own."

Sarah looked delighted at that. Her best friend was still changing with her. Kate exhaled audibly, but otherwise didn't let her emotions show. Peg looked unsure, but understood.

Kate was the next to speak to the changed Christy. "Em... I have a morning after pill for goats Christy. Drove home and back during the night if you want it?".

Christy looked surprised, clearly the thought of getting pregnant while in heat had slipped her mind this morning with everything else going on. Gently she put her hands on her stomach and looked down. "I do-o-o-nt kno-o-o-ow g-u-u-uys... I ne-e-e-ed to-o-o-o thi-i-ink."

Kate continued, "Well do think fast. This only works for a couple of days."

Peg spoke up next. "We spoke about this too. If you think you'll carry to term you should try to be as... goaty... as possible by birth to avoid birthing complications. Especially around your hindquarters... Hip size and shape and all that.

Such in-depth thoughts surprised Christy and she just bleated, "O-o-o-oh. E-e-e-ehm.... gi-i-ive me-e-e-e-e a-a-a d-a-a-ay to-o-o think o-o-on i-it..."

We all nodded in understanding.

  -     ----

The drive home was very quiet. Neither of the two of us wanted to bring up the elephant in the room with Christy, preferring to let her work things out on her own. Sarah looked especially sympathetic, since she had almost been in this position herself.

When we finally got home Sarah, exhausted from staying up all night litterally 'hit the hay'. Christy went into the bedroom by herself to mull things over. And I, very tired too, threw myself down next to my wife.

  -     ---- 

I awoke several hours later to the sound of milk splashing into a bucket. I looked up to see Sarah milking herself. She had retrieved her fake legs, as I saw them beside her. She smiled at me as she saw I had awakened.

"I didn't moooo-want to wake you! You looked exmmmooooo-hausted." I thanked her and took over. Deftly emptying my wife's udder in no time.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully for us. But we couldn't say the same for Christy. We heard her constantly pacing in the bedroom, even after we'd gone to bed for the night.

I could tell something was up with Sarah too, whether it was the thought of the pregnancy, or the change in general, she seemed quite restless.

As she tossed and turned beside me I decided I'd better ask her if she was okay.

It took me a few tries, but eventually I got her to admit that she was jealous of Christy. She said that before, she was always the one leading the transformation charge, the one trying to coax Christy and everyone to join. Now though Christy had overtaken her, becoming the champion of change, a position she coveted.

She bit her lip and looked embarrassed, telling me she knew it was silly to be jealous about something so petty, but that she couldn't help it.

Wordlessly I rose from the hay, kneeling beside Sarah's half muzzle and fished my cock from my pants. Sarah smiled at the site of it stiffening.

"You want to play a bit of catch-up?" I asked Sarah. She grinned widely "D-mooo I!!!"

Propping herself up she opened her mouth and slowly enveloped my cock in her warm muzzle. Gently she began sucking and rubbing her large flat tongue on the underside of my cock.

I moaned at the sensation and bucked my hips. Considering the length of Sarah's muzzle I knew there was no danger of hitting the back of her throat or hurting her.

Slurping and slobbering, Sarah got very into the blowjob, she had also gotten so used to her tongue that she could now perform mouth acrobatics with it. I was unable to hold back even though I'd been drained the night before.

Within a few minutes my balls tingled and my cock jumped as I released jet after jet of sticky salty bull jizz into Sarah's waiting maw.

Smacking her lips she swallowed every last bit. She mmm'd contently as she watched the black and white leathery skin pattern inch its way half a foot past her waist on her sides. I could see that the same happened up her back. Advancing a little further up her spine. Her stomach seemed unaffected.

Sarah smiled happily, "That's pretty moooo-nice! I like it!"

"I like it too! Anytime you want to change you let me know!" I replied.

Sarah smiled deviously and reached down fondling my balls. "Anytime like now maybe?"

I laughed and pounced on my cowgirl Sarah, going for a second round that saw the leathery skin travel another few inches up her sides and back.

  -     ----

We woke the following morning to a knocking at the front door. A little disorientated I went to see who it was. Seeing Kate outside in the cold I moved and let her in.

She greeted me and Sarah and said, "So... where's Christy. Has she made her mind up yet?"

We admitted that we'd seen none of her since we came home the previous morning. Only pacing in the room. We didn't want to push her but understood that this was the last chance to use a morning after pill.

Knocking on her room door Sarah softly said, "Christy, Kate's mmmo....here. Can we com-mooooo... in?"

A muffled "Yea-a-a-a-a-ah..." came from behind the door. Slowly we opened the door and peered inside.

Christy sat crosslegged on the bed. She was buck-naked. Nothing covering her bar the fur that she'd grown. Both of her hoof-hands were resting on her stomach. She smiled at us. I knew already what her decision was, but the question had to be asked all the same.

"So... have you made your mind up Christy?" Kate asked. Christy nodded and rubbed her hairy belly. "Yea-a-a-a-h. I pi-i-i-ick goa-a-a-t!". She bleated again to punctuate her statement and smiled at us.


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More art: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15605573/


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While still crude (it appears to be hastily made), your art has definitely gotten better, especially your skill in drawing different perspectives.  I'm honestly impressed ICarmine,  thanks for all the cool art!


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I can't wait for the next installment!  When is it going to be ready?  Keep up the good work, both of you!


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Hi guys! Apologies about the delay but I've both been on holidays and crazy busy at work the last while.

That said I do have another chapter ready. Thanks again to all those who comment, glad to know there are fans out there.

  -     -------

"You pick goat???" Kate repeated, incredulously.

Christy smiled and nodded, well, she tried to smile anyway, it was a little hard to tell with the muzzle.

What followed was a round of medical questioning by Kate. Bringing up every strange and horrible fact she could to change Christy's mind. She was impressively resolute though, and wouldn't change her decision; she would become as goat like as she needed to be to deliver the kid safely, and if that was fully goat then so be it.

Kate, clearly uncomfortable with her own feelings at this, left soon after; mumbling something about picking up Stephen from the airport.

Once alone Sarah squeeked and clapped her hands together. "Ooh Christy! I'm s-moooo excited for you!" She hefted herself over and heavily sat down beside Christy on the bed. Congratulating her on her choice, i did the same.

Christy bleated a thanks at us and put a hand on her still flat belly. "I ca-a-a-an't wa-a-a-a-ait to be-e-e-e a-a-a ma-a-a-ammy".

Smiling, Sarah and I placed our hands on her belly too, all ontop of each other.

Looks like our family would be growing.


A few hours later, when the sun well on it's way  down the horizon, we were all startled from our activities by the sound of a car hurtling through the valley towards our house.

Startled and alarmed at the potential intruder I jumped up and raced to the window to see who it was.

My unease abated as I recognised the vehicle. It was Kate's. The same one she had left us with mere hours ago.

Now intrigued, I returned to our living room to let the slower moving Sarah know who it was. Absent mindedly chewing grass the way anyone would chew gum she commented. "Huh!? What's Kate doing back so s-oooooon."

Gathering up her fake legs we made our way outside, there we found a naked Christy also waiting, curious to see what was up.

Together we watched Kate's car race towards us until finally, with a screech of tyres, and a spray of gravel, Kate came to a stop in our driveway.

The way she flew out of the car, door slamming behind her, made her look like some sort of fury. She stormed at us, muttering and cursing under her breath. I could see she'd been crying; but whatever had caused that was well hidden behind a mask of pure rage.

"That dirty, fucking, rotten, scumbag!" She raged as she got close enough to us.

Dropping her fake feet and standing up unsteadily, Sarah extended her arms for an embrace, while gently asked, "Kate honmmmooooo...honey, what's happened?"

"That fucking rotter left me is what!!! All those years for nothing! And he stands there with that big titted bitch and tells me to get out! ME!?" Chest heaving and fresh tears welling in her eyes Kate was set to continue her tirade. But before she could Sarah had snaked her arms around her and had pulled her into a comforting embrace.

Kate wailed and raged alternately over the next few minutes while explaining everything. Kate had arrived at the airport to collect Stephen returning from his trip. There she met Stephen... with a new, blond, tall voluptuous Swedish girlfriend in tow...

Some... words... had followed during which she had managed to get Stephen to admit that his many trips to meet his friends were in fact trips to meet this girl, Anna.

Kate was especially enraged that she had bankrolled many of these trips. All in all it sounded like this had been going on for a while, and now that he was back with her in tow he'd demanded Kate leave the house they rented together because it'd be "too awkward" to have her there.

Enraged beyond all reconcilliation at this stage Kate broke from Sarah's hold and stomped back and forth along the gravel path.

"Can you believe his gall!?" She roared. "I've paid most of the rent on that fucking place for that fucking shit..." she paused for a moment eyes glistening and chest heaving with near hyperventilation. A wicked grin crossed her face. I almost felt nervous.

"You guys have Peg's number?" She inquired. It took Sarah a moment to reply. "Yes..."

"Good!" She cackled, almost malevolently. "I think I have a favour to ask of her... a little housewarming gift for that asshole and that bitch! Bitch... perfect!"

Christy, never a fan of Stephen's, laughed a bleating laugh "You-u-u-u  do-o-o-on't me-e-e-e-e-an?"

Kate, rubbing her hands together in a villanesque way cackled again. "Oh yes! I'm going to see how good Peg is at magic!".

The phrase 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' came to mind.

  -     --------

Peg couldn't make it that evening, she was busy; but she did promise to call first thing in the morning. Over the phone she seemed quite sypathetic to Kate's cause; and she did agree to call over, so Kate was quite encouraged as to her plan. This seemed to help her calm down somewhat too.

Before long we found ourselves in the sitting room quietly plotting Stephen and Anna's downfall when Kate began intricately interrogate us on how the curse functioned.

"So let me get this right. Apart from your initial change, you have to want to change at least somewhat to progress..." Kate questioned and Christy bleated that she was correct.

"And as long as you want to change you'll change slowly over time..." she continued to a table of nodding people. "And you can speed up the process by acting like the animal, with contact to the sexual fluids being the fastest way to change." She concluded.

"Mmmmmooooo!" Sarah agreed and nodded her forming muzzle up and down.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed leaning back. "We can't just curse them and run. They'll never change unless they want to."

"We could see if Peg can help us there! Maybe she can alter the way the curse works?" I offered.

Kate nodded and "Mmmm'd" agreement, "I hope so!" She concluded.

Looking over I could see Sarah, sitting quietly but grimacing and rubbing her taut udder. We hadn't milked her since morning with all of the excitement; she must have been in agony.

Kate picked up on the same and winced at Sarah's uncomfort. "Oh Sarah! I'm sorry for keeping ye all occupied, you need to be milked. Don't let me keep you!"

Sarah nodded and tried getting up and failed at the first attempt, her udder weighing her down.

Pausing she smiled. "Kate do ymooooou want to help me get mmoooo-lked?"

Kate smiled back graciously. "Of course Sarah" standing up she clasped forearms with Sarah and hoisted her to her feet. "Lead the way madam cow." She flourished.

  -     ------
We all made our way to the "barn", Sarah on all fours, ass and vagina presenting to all of us. From the winking of her vagina I could see she was excited. So could Kate obviously as she was blushing.

No longer needing the milking contraption with her fake legs attached, Sarah simply parked herself by the stool and bucket and moo'd at us.

Resolutely Kate sat down on the stool and pulled the bucket underneath Sarah's stiff, quivering, teats.

Wrapping her delicate hands around the closest two teats she squeezed and tugged gently, and was rewarded with two jets of milky goodness.

Delighted, Kate enthusiastically began in earnest tugging at her teats. Each tug elicited either a moan, a moo or a sharp intake of breath from Sarah.

With the room soon smelling of milk and Sarah's sex we were all starting to get flustered. Christy was the first to crack as she kneeled down behind Sarah's ass.

With her extended muzzle inches from Sarah's privates she flicked out her strong thick tongue; and was rewarded with a gasp and a glob of Sarah's milky juices.

Rolling it around on her tongue she savoured the taste before leaning forward and sticking her long muzzle into Sarah's acommodating snatch and began tonguing her insides.

Gasping at the sensation Sarah locked eyes with me, I knew what she was asking for and I obliged. Whipping my pants down I released my member and taking position let Sarah take it into her burgeoning muzzle.

We were so busy fucking Sarah from both ends over the next few minutes that we didn notice when Kate had taken all her clothes off. The first I knew is when I looked over and saw a slim petite Korean girl with one hand on her small breast, and the other buried deep in her surprisingly full black forest, moaning away contently.

I climaxed first this time, spilling my seed deep into my wife's mouth, which she happily gulped down.

Moments later the sensations from her immenent change, as well as Christy's work, caused her to spasm in ecstasy and fall over.

Standing back we let her roll heavily over onto her back. From there she lifted her legs in the air and gasped. With horrible crunches we watched her feet distend and stretch some more.

We watched in fascination as her feet stretched out of their paddle shape, and her heel pulled back even further.

By the time they were done changing it was obvious she wouldn't be able to ever put her feet flat on the ground again, even when sitting. She still had movable toes though, and her heel hadn't pulled back far enough to become fully digitgrate yet. I doubted that she would be able to stand on two legs at all with the current set-up.

None of this bothered Sarah of course, who just lifted her "feet" up to inspect them. Wiggling her two toes as much as she could we all saw how much stiffer they had become. "Neat!" She exclaimed, smiling at us.

"Did you like the mmoooooo.... shm-ooow Kate?" She added winking at the blushing Kate; who went further crimson before nodding slowly.

"This madness is clearly infectious!" She half laughed. She had no idea how true that was.


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Hooray, another chapter.

Which means more art: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15860002/


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So...any chance of some "March Madness" here?  I can't wait for the next chapter!


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I'm also missing my DP fix. So I made some more fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16431873/


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I was in a drawing mood, so more DP fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16782714/


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You know, your art is rough, but I really like it.  You get all the proportions almost perfect, and I feel that even that lack of perfection makes the picture better.  I kinda miss when you were tossing out belial transformation pics like candy, those were almost as good as these, though I still think these are better from an artistic standpoint.


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Had some free time, so here is some more DP fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17142050/


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Been a crazy few months for me recently, so writing had to take a back seat for a while. been enjoying all the comments, pictures and activity though!

Had a bit of a writing bug recently so I wrote on a bit. Let's see how long the bug lasts.

Thanks again for all the comments guys. Nice to see it's missed!

Sarah, Christy and I made our nest in the barn that night, while Kate took over the master bedroom. She wasn't exactly gone on the idea of sleeping on straw.

After a restful night and an uneventful milking session the next morning, everyone settled down to wait for Peg to appear.
Our skill at patience wasn't tested for very long, as Peg rang the doorbell shortly after breakfast.

Christy went and answered the door she was clearly no longer scared of Peg. Opening the door she greeted the short plump girl, "Pe-e-e-eg! Good to-o-o-o se-e-e-eee you-u-u-u!"

Peg blushed at the friendly greeting. "Hi Christy. You look well!"

Christy bleated and twirled on the spot, showing herself off, udder flapping in front of her. "So-o-o-o pre-e-e-te-e-e, no-o-o?"

Peg smiled and genuinely said. "You look very pretty Christy. I'm glad you're happy with it." Peg paused a moment and made an intrigued face. She stepped forward and gently placed her hand on Christy's furry lower belly.

"So you've decided then have you?" Christy's muzzle blushed pink. "Ye-e-e-es! Go-o-o-o-at!” Peg put a hand on Christy’s furry shoulder. “Good for you Christy!”

“Now…” Peg said stepping past the beaming Christy, “What was Kate’s emergency.”
Kate, standing in the living room doorway answered, “I think you’d better come inside and sit down.”

We all sat around the couches of the living room. Kate, Peg and I in the centre, going through Kate’s story. Sarah was building a fire in the fireplace to help stave off the chill starting to creep into the days, With only her fake feet to help her move around it was an incredibly slow task, but it kept her busy. Christy just sat cross-legged on the floor, staring up at us and listening. All the while she was absentmindedly playing with her udder and teats.

Finishing up her story and request, Kate leaned back to let Peg digest it. Rather than do that, however, Peg just summarised the whole thing by saying. “So you want me to curse Stephen and this Anna to turn into dogs because he dumped you?”

Kate winced at how Peg had made that sound by saying it so bluntly, but, to all of our surprises she continued with, “Sure… Sounds like a laugh… When do we want to do this?”

We were all shocked and surprised at how blasé Peg was towards it. Peg, sensing our surprise chuckled, “Guys. I’m not exactly some moral authority here. I kidnapped you guys to turn you into cows. I only changed my mind because you’re pretty nice deep down.” She paused. “But Stephen I remember from highschool and we’ve crossed paths since, he’s a scumbag… no offence Kate” Kate held up her hand in a sign of no disagreement. “And this Anna girl I don’t know or care about. I say we go for it!”

“Awesome!” Kate voiced, and then paused, “Wait, what about the curse. They won’t change unless they want to.”

Peg smiled and made a flourish with her hands, “Guys I’m not some one-trick pony! I have far more curses up my sleeve.”

“Blessings mooooore like if they’re mmmoooooo… anything like th-mooo-is curse” Sarah piped up from the back of the room.

Everyone chuckled and Peg continued, “Thanks for letting me know I have some fans.
It turns out that kidnapping two people is easy work when you have magic on your side. It took us less than 2 days to get everything set up and ready.
Harry was recruited to work his magic on our house. A large, spacious live-in basement was 'magiced' into existance. Warding spells were placed on the house and land, as well as ourselves; and Peg spent the next two days getting a potion ready. With a little help from an eager Kate, of course, whenever she wasn't on duty.

The day finally rolled around and we found ourselves driving through town in Christy's van. I drove while Peg and Kate accompanied me. We parked up during the morning outside Kate's old place. It didn't take long before we saw Stephen and Anna leave to go for a morning run.
Once they rounded the corner Kate and I exited the van and confidently entered the house with Kate's spare set of keys.

On the kitchen counter we found a big bottle of cold water, just waiting for them to return from their run. Undoing the cap we dumped the contents of the potion vial into the still water. For a moment it fizzed and turned orange and we worried that it would stay that way. We needn't have worried, however, as it changed back into clear still water just as quickly.

Job done we exited the house and ran back to the van to hide.

Shortly after a sweaty Anna, followed closely by a panting and wheezing Stephen appeared around the corner and jogged back up to their door. Fumbling with keys for a moment they quickly slipped inside.

We gave it another 2 minutes before Kate got out of the van and crossed the road. Just to be on the safe side she shouted through the doorway as she opened it that she was coming to pick up some veterinary textbooks that she needed. She disappeared for a few moments, before re-appearing at the door waving at us to join her.

Five minutes later we were guiding two very bewildered people, who would retain no memory of this event, into a car.
  - ---------
"Wake up Stephen, you dog..."

Stephen moaned in his induced sleep. Tied to a chair in his new basement-home he struggled with his restraints for a few moments. Clearly sensing something was wrong his eyes shot open and he finally regained full consciousness.

"K-kate!" His voice was quavering. He sounded very nervous, "What's going on?" He looked around the furbished room that clearly wasn't his house. "Where am I?" He looked at himself and saw that he was sitting in the chair naked. No doubt he could hear the panting from directly behind him "Kate!!! What is this?!"

Kate loomed over him, her hair loose and curled to fall in dark ringlets around her shoulders, a hint of blusher on her face was complimented with eyeshadow a red lipstick. "Hush". She gentled, putting a manicured finger over his stunned lips.
"Kate, what's going... *gulp*", he had noticed Kate's get-up. She was dressed in just red lacy lingire; small pointy pink nipples visible through the loosely woven fabric.

He began to stammer as Kate slowly sashayed up to him, she hushed him again and gently straddled his lap. Despite himself and despite his confusion he moaned as Kate's soft skin caressed his own.

Placing both her hands on his chest, she leaned in and began licking him gently behind the ear. From our viewing room behind a two-way mirror we could see his eyelids flutter and his eyes roll up in pleasure.

His moans of protest turned to whimpers and then to moans of pleasure as Kate slowly licked her way down his chest, spread his legs and gently cupped his manhood.

"She's pretty g-mmooood at this! Don't you think?" My half-cow wife lowed quietly beside me. Reclining on a large beanbag to give her changing feet a rest she looked flush with excitement. One of her black nailed hands was idly rubbing her bloated belly, while the other tugged with no particular rhythm at one of her upper rubbery teats. A dribble of warm milk ran from that teat, over the taut flesh of her udder and pooled between her legs. Behind her, Peg sat cross-legged on a high-chair watching the unfolding events. I guessed that it was only her presence that prevented Sarah and Christy, who was also there, from openly masturbating.

Back in the room Kate had slid down between Stephen's legs and was now eye-level with his manhood. She was gently kissing and licking the tip while grinning an evil grin that Stephen unfortunately failed to notice.

"Oh god Kate, feel's like I'm gonna explode!" he moaned, writhing in his chair. With a grin Kate's head bobbed back and forth another two times before she released his quivering cock. From our vantage point we could see that the base of his shaft had already swollen in a ball to almost half again it's girth.
This went unnoticed to Stephen as his cock twitched twice before it shot ropes of sticky cum all over his own belly.
Panting as he came down from his hight he looked up again at Kate, who was wiping her mouth, trying the fix her smudged lipstick.
"Kate!? What's going on here? Why are you here? We broke up..."

That was the first thing that got Kate to talk. "Yes... we did break up you prick. Yet you're still willing to sit back and get a no-strings attached blowie off me. You really are a dog Stephen".

Beginning to panic he squirmed and writhed in his chair, "Kate this isn't funny... let me go!... Where's Anna?!" He suddenly remembered her.
Kate shot a wicked grin. "Oh that bitch! She's perfect for you, and don't worry. She's safe. Let me show you!" Kate walked around behind Stephen and slowly turned his chair 180 degrees.

Another chair with a second figure came slowly into view for him. He gasped as he recognised Anna's form slumped forward twitching, long blond hair matted with sweat and spilling forward and covering her face and torso. He also noticed Max, Kate's border collie, with his face nuzzled between her legs, tail wagging frantically.

"What the fuck!?" He exclaimed, frozen in surprise. Kate placed her hands on his shoulders and leant in.

"She's pretty Stephen, I'll give you that. She's also not half as much of a lightweight as you. She's been awake for hours." As if on queue Anna leaned back. Sweat slick hair sticking to her heart shaped face and plump lips. Her eyes were lidded but her pupils were blown wide as she left out a gasp. "Steve!"

Comprehension dawned on her for a moment as she made eye contact with him, until the lapping of the eager dog finally overcame her. Her eyes screwed shut, her generous lips became a white line, her body arched and her toes curled. She held this pose for a few moments until finally, with a shuddering wail she released a ragged breath and slumped back in her seat; with Max scared off by the wail scampering to the corner.
Now that her hair was spread more evenly her torso was more visible. Stuck to her heaving chest, below her ample bosom, blossomed two new breasts, already A-cups by size and nipples taut with arousal.

That was when Stephen really began to freak out.

Behind the glass and to a chorus of "Fuck's" Peg piped up, quite chipper with her handiwork. "That worked exceptionally well! But wait until he notices his own change!"

No sooner had she said it a terrified shout from the room confirmed he had indeed noticed.


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Whew! Glad your back had me worried, loved the latest installment.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Thanks! Good to be back to be honest. Been away from writing for too long


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Back again! Still have that writing bug!

Here's a chapter with a bit of Goaty love. Wouldn't want poor Christy getting left out.

I've been toying with the idea now, to have an odd chapter or two from the point of view of one of the other characters. I don't know it that's something you'd want to see? Or if that would break the immersion? Anyway... on we go!

As Stephen continued to freak out inside the room I was amazed at the job Peg had done.

The room itself was like a mini apartment. It had every amenity you could expect for a studio flat, albeit underground. There was a sleeping area, a dining area, a walled off bathroom and lounging recliners with a TV hooked to a PS4. Anything to keep them amused.

What wasn't noticeable, however, were the wards placed on the room... and on Anna and Stephen themselves. Without being led by one of us they would not be able to leave the room, and even if they did they wouldn't be able to go any further than a 200 meters from the house before they were involuntarily turned around. The magic wards on the building were tight.

The curse that Peg had placed on Anna and Stephen was somewhat different to the curse on Sarah and Christy. It would progress whether or not they wished it to. It's trigger was also not bodily fluids of the animal in question, instead it was simply whenever they had an orgasm.

To help this along Peg had added a long acting aphrodisiac to the mix. Not enough to drive them crazy with lust by any means. That would be no fun. It was just a little boost to heighten their arousal a small bit and build it very slowly over time if ignored. It should make for quite an entertaining watch.
I watched as Kate first stepped behind Anna's chair and undid her cuffs. Anna slid from her chair to the ground. Slowly and in a daze she pulled herself up and over to one of the recliners.
Despite what Kate had said, Anna was still very much feeling the effects of Peg's draught. She may have woken earlier, but she had been drowsy and very dosey since beginning. Hence why she offered no resistance to Max. Peg figured it would wear off soon.

Stephen, on the other hand, was far more animate. A longer sleep and adrenalin had him wide awake, so that when Kate undid his cuffs he jumped out of his seat. At first he looked like he was going to bolt for the door. A pained look came over him as he remained rooted firmly in place. The wards worked.

Next he looked angrily at Kate, at first he looked like he was going to rush her. Kate stiffened in response, but again as fast as it came over him, it went away.

Finally he settled for placing himself between Kate and Anna and helping the latter to her chair, all the while glaring at Kate.
"Those mmm-wards work well Peg!" Sarah exclaimed. Peg did a mini bow and thanked her with a playful flourish.

A moment later, unnoticed, Kate had left the apartment and was entering our side room. Blushing she quickly donned a pink silk robe that was hanging at the back of the door.

“Oh my God you guys!” She covered her mouth with her hands turning scarlet. “Peg I can’t believe that worked!” Peg chuckled a response. “Did you doubt me?”

Crossing the rope of the robe Kate sat gently on one of the stools. “Of course I did. I just still can’t get over that all of this stuff is real. And…” She blushed even more, if that were at all possible, “I got some kick out of watching him squirm.

“It looked like that from here alright” I replied. Kate hid her face in her hands for a few moments, then resurfaced. “So; where do we go from here? I can’t just stay here all day to watch him fall, I have to get back to work.”

“Fear not!” Peg replied, slamming a box that looked like a DVD player. “There are cameras all over the apartment constantly recording. You won’t miss a thing.”

I continued “And I’ll make sure they are well fed and want for nothing. They, and we are safe here… well… apart from the whole turning to dogs thing.”

With a laugh we broke it up for the day and all headed our own ways. Kate and Peg headed home, Sarah donned her legs and waddled outside to go graze a little and get some fresh air, and Kate left for her room to read a book.

I stayed behind for a bit to observe Stephen and Anna. It only took them a minute or two after everyone left to stand up and start taking stock of their predicament. They explored the rooms first, looking for clothes to wear. Since we figured it would be easier for them to get horny when there were no clothes involved, we didn’t furnish them with any.
Giving up they tried the PS4, no doubt hoping that it was connected to the outside world. We were not that stupid and they quickly gave up. Finally sitting still I observed the two of them going over Anna’s changes. First Anna herself began pushing her breasts around, moving her top set out of the way to get a better look, and gently kneading her bottom pair as if to confirm they were real.

Anna beckoned Stephen over to have a feel. He did and commented on how real they felt. Blushing and pausing he turned away. I could see he was sporting a semi, with the bulge at the base of his penis thickening noticeably. Anna wanted to see it and went to reach for him, but he swatted her away angrily and told her to “Leave it!”, before going back to the bed and curling up in a ball facing away from her.

Anna sat down on the chair looking glum. Pulling her knees to her chest and resting her head sideways on them. A few minutes later I could see that Stephen had dozed off

I was about to leave when a gentle knock came on the door behind me and Christy came back in. “Thought you were reading?” I asked. Christy shrugged, her deflated A-cups barely moving as her udder jiggled. “Got bo-o-ored” As she sauntered closer to me a familiar smell tickled my nostrils. I raised an eyebrow. A red tinge appeared on Christy’s ‘cheeks’.

“Horne-e-ey now… looki-i-i-ing at the-e-em change-e-e-e. The-e-e-y in fo-o-o-or so mu-u-u-uch fu-u-un.” Christy stepped closer still. Towering above me her furry navel was level to my face. She leaned in to my ear and whispered. “So-o-o ho-o-rney…”

Shifting in my seat I shuffled off my pants before Christy helped me out of my shirt with her clumsy three fingered hands. Finally free I settled down on my chair again as Christy straddled my legs. Even standing her udder was drooping enough that it was resting on my legs. It felt so warm and soft compared to the cold of the chair on my backside.

Agonisingly slowly Christy moved forward, dragging her udder and teats gently up my legs. Finally, her udder first touched against my throbbing erection, then engulfed it as Christy pressed her stomach right up against my chest. We held this pose for a few moments as I relished the warmth of Christy’s udder pressing up against my member and the softness of her fur on my legs.

Christy nuzzled into my neck, her tongue extending from her muzzle and licking me behind my ear. Like an electric current a pulse shot from my head down my spine to the base of me and my penis throbbed. Slowly and gently, Christy started rocking back and forth, slowly pressing her warm squishy udder against me in pulses. As she clung to me we both started to pant, slowly at first, but speeding up as the pace of Christy’s rocking increased.

Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed out of me as her udder engulfed my penis, but it couldn’t last forever. Planting her feet on the ground and looking directly at me, Christy stood up, put a hand under her legs, hoisted her udder up and over my cock. I took over then, using one hand to guide my turgid cock in search of her goat, black vagina between all of the fur.

Finding it finally, Christy’s legs gave out and she crashed back onto my lap, impaling herself on me. Her udder was now stuck between the two of us, bulging and throbbing with visible veins, it prevented Christy from fully pressing herself against me, though she tried.

Again we began to rock. The gentle motion alternated pressure on either side of my cock and slowly I began edging back to orgasm. Christy too was heading that way as her pants became more irregular and her hoof-fingers dug sharply into my back.

All of a sudden and much earlier than I thought, Christy clenched up and sharply held her breath. I noticed that she didn’t bleat this session due to the gentleness of the whole thing. She seemed more that satisfied though as she melted into me post-coitus, twitching every few seconds from the after-waves.

Not quite done yet, I opened my eyes and held her head too me, looking past it I could see the main screen pointing at Anna sitting on the couch. No longer were her knees against her chest as she sat in a neutral position. She had gotten out of her funk and was now inspecting her new additions as Stephen slept. Without any sound she was pushing her supple and bouncy D-cups out of the way to get a better look at her new row of breasts. She squeezed and prodded them, pinched and tweaked the nipples, and mashed them against her chest. All of this attention to her extra set of breasts must have started to get her horney, as she bit her lip and guiltily looked over at Stephen to check if he was still sleeping.

Leaning back she spread her legs. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes she began coaxing at her slick vagina. It looked so strange seeing a clean, plump, pink human vagina after all this time. Though I definitely preferred my two girl’s, the show was still quite erotic; especially when her other hand started roaming over her other four breasts.

Since she didn't know what the trigger to her curse was, and her eyes were closed in pleasure, she never saw as two dark spots appeared a few inches underneath her second row of breasts. Increasing her pace I began to do the same rocking Christy, and grinding my hip into her as best I could. Seeing the middle of the two dark lumps on her chest pull together to form nipples was enough to send me over the edge as I spent myself in my goaty girl.

Shuddering and sweating from the act I saw as Anna’s toes curled and her teeth bit down into her lip. Unclenching she stood slowly stood up on wobbly legs, steadied herself and wandered over to Stephen. She lay against his back, still not noticing her new additions. Since she never saw the change she still hadn't figured out what the trigger was, which meant that they were due one more free change before things would get a bit more resistant.

That change happened three days later. Later than we would have thought.


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I still have the writing bug, so I wrote some more for your enjoyment. Hope you like it.

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Nothing much happened in those three days besides the routine. Rise early in the morning to milk the cow. Play with the cow. Clean up, especially in the barn. Make breakfast for all. Check up on Anna and Steve. Go for a walk around the countryside with Christy and Sarah. Read a book. Make dinner. Check on Anna and Steve again. Milk the cow. Play with the cow. Rinse and repeat.

I wore a condom all three days whenever Sarah and I were playing around to prevent any large sudden changes. I did see her eyeing up my tied-up used condom at one stage. Licking her lips as if she was looking at a mouth-watering plate of dinner. I began emptying the contents down the sink after that. Sarah was plenty changed for the time being, and I didn't want her to rush, just because Christy was getting ahead.

That said her will to turn into a cow and her actions were clearly keeping the change ticking along. With every passing day I could see her thighs and upper legs thickening and getting stronger. Clearly in anticipation of being able to carry her weight. They were as thicker than mine already. Even with moving on all fours and with her changing legs, she was still able to use a human toilet. Though doable, cleaning herself was a little more difficult to do.

Sarah was still not showering often. Only once a week I would help her clean herself in the large tub. Stripping off the smell of cow musk and sex.

Sarah spent her days either outside wandering around on all fours, using her fake legs and chewing cud, or indoors reading with me and heating up.

Christy finally went back to work during those three nights. And was usually too tired during the day to have any fun time. She just danced on stage those nights. Not having any special shows. Kate and Peg came along with her those nights. Sarah and I staying behind in case anything happened at home.

Kate herself had to work during the day and only got updates on Steve and Anna from Christy during those evening shows. We hadn't seen her at the house since the first night, nor had we seen Peg.

Stephen and Anna were a little bit more resigned to what where they were at this stage too. The awkwardness between the two of them being forcibly naked all the time wore off too. Initially they had wrapped themselves with blankets, but had given up on that after it just became inconvenient. They were chatty and supportive of each other; and Stephen explained to Anna who Kate was. I was the one to bring them their meals, since Sarah and Christy might have been a bit of a shock to them. Their demanding questions got less and less too every day. I imagined it wouldn't be long before they gave up and settled in more.

It was midday when I checked on Stephen and Anna through the two way mirror. I had brought them breakfast earlier, at which point they were still chatty and supportive of each other. Now though I could see that something was amiss...

Both were sitting at opposite ends of the room, facing away from each other, not talking. From their look on the cameras I could see Stephen had a harrowed look on his face, while Anna's brow was furrowed in confusion. Both had their knees pulled up to their chests so that their legs were covering any potential changes.

Excited at the thought of them finally having changed I played back the tapes a bit until I saw them going at it. We had promised to always call Kate if something like this happened, so that's what I did. I left off watching the recording for the time being and went back upstairs to ring Kate.

On answering she excitedly said she'd be over that evening to see the tapes, before taking Christy to work. I then went and found Sarah and Christy to tell them the news. The former I found reading a fiction novel, the latter I found outside near the goat pen brazenly and openly playing with herself.


She didn’t even notice as I approached from behind, granted I wasn’t making any noise. She lay in the soft green grass of slight incline by the side of the goat pen. She faced the tied up billy-goat as he strained against the post he was tied to, red-cock fully out of it’s sheath and bobbing up and down with every jump and bleat to get at Christy.


Christy, for her part, was lying prone on her back with her legs in the air, pink human toes wriggling. One three fingered hand was helping hold her legs up, the other wrapped clumsily around a large, green, cucumber as she beat it into herself frantically with wet slurping sounds. 


What I first thought was a chorus of bleats from Christy to match the billy-goats, became more understandable as I got closer.


“A-a-ah-ah-ah!!! You-u-u want meh-e-e-e-e!! Do-o-on’t you-u-u-u-u! E-e-e-ehh! Se-e-exy. You-u-u-u-u wa-a-ant thi-i-i-is se-e-ex!!!”  Though she was saying things like she was in heat, from the sound of her voice I could tell that Christy wasn’t addled the same way she was when she was in heat. Her voice had far more control and had a hint of playfulness and teasing in it.

I took a step back and perched myself on a thigh high garden wall to watch the show as Christy kept teasing the billy goat.

"Wa-a-a-ant thi-i-i-is??? Wa-a-a-ant thi-i-i-is???" She bleated and giggled before she pulled the cucumber out of her dark snatch with a slurp and a gasp. Rocking forward off her back and onto her knees she extended her goaty hand to the billy and offered him the cucumber. He sniffed it for only a moment, nostrils flaring, before he started frantically licking and nibbling at it.

Christy giggled and pulled back the cucumber again as the billy pulled and pulled against his leash. "Yo-o-o-ou li-i-ike it! I-I-I-I kno-o-ow. *uhh...*"

She leaned back, holding the abused plant to her face. Her black nostrils flared as she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply!

"Re-e-e-eally li-i-ike! Sme-e-e-el bette-e-e-er tha-a-a-an old se-e-elf." Christy paused and "mmm'd" as she ran her hands all over herself, drawing it all in.

"Wa-a-a-s bori-i-i-ing a-a-as huma-a-a-an. No care-e-e-er! No future-e-e-eh! No famile-e-e-e-eh. Now I ha-a-a-ave a-all!"  Discarding her masturbation implement she leaned forward and took the struggling billy's head in her hands, gently stroking him as she soothed.

"Soo-o-o-on wi-i-i-ill be yo-o-o-ours!... Ha-a-a-aving fu-u-u-un wi-i-ith frie-e-e-ends fi-i-i-i-rst!!!" Holding him firmly by the sides of his head Christy stood and guided his muzzle under her dangling udder. She gasped and giggled as he rooted around in her furry underbush. Her udder was comically balancing on the back of his neck and jiggled with every move he made.

He obviously found his mark as she gasped a let out a bleat, her hoof hands grasping the fur on the flanks of his neck.

"Go-o-o-o-od bo-o-o-oy!!!" Christy groaned, gasping and sucking for air through her mostly goaty muzzle, as the sound of slurping emanated from underneath her.

After a few more moments she shut her eyes and began whole body twitches every few seconds, gasping or bleating at each one.

The pace began to quicken before long. Each gasp, each bleat arriving sooner and sooner. She was building to a massive crescendo. But, before the bleating climax, everything stopped. With a groan of frustration we both watched as the billy goat retracted his head from underneath Christy and craned back to begin licking his own quivering red rod.

"C'mo-o-o-o-on!!!" Christy tried to coax him back into licking her. But he was having none of it. He was clearly done being teased.

Christy's furry shoulders slumped as she sighed. "O-o-o-okay... yo-o-o-o-ou tu-u-urn..."

She knelt back down and roughly shoved his head out of the way of his member. He was not impressed and snorted at her, but retracted his retaliation when she leaned in with a grin, extended her long tongue and licked the tip of his shaft.

"Li-i-i-ike?" She asked him. Almost looking like she expected an answer. Realising she clearly wasn't getting one she leaned in and licked again.

"Like-e-e-e!" She bleated again. This time it sounded more like a statement than a question. Holding his shaft in her palm she gently held it. Moving it to the side she turned her head and attention to his massive dangling ballsack. Each ball must have been the size of an engorged peach in that plump shiny black sack.

"Lo-o-o-o-ok yu-u-u-ume-e-e-e!" She bleated as one of her hands snaked its way under her udder to her snatch. She gasped in mild pain and annoyance and retracted her hand quickly. Her half-hoof fingers were clearly too rough for her. She grimaced again before looking at the massive dangling ballsack in front of her. She leaned forward again, tongue snakeing out and tentatively wrapping itself around one plump testicle. Clearly enjoying it she used her flexible tongue to guide the shiny ball towards her muzzle opening. Carefully, she wrapped her lips around the swollen ball and sucked it gently for a few moments.

The billy bleated in approval as she suckled on his sack. After a few moments she released the object from her maw with a soft pop, and panted heavily on it. "Is yu-u-u-ume-e-eee." She gasped. "You-u-u-u ha-a-ave yume-e-e-e."

Panting she leaned in again an began suckling in earnest, rolling the testicle aroung in her mouth like a treat. To add to that she pushed the billy's cock up against his underbelly with her palm and began slowly rubbing it up and down. Happy at all the ministrations the billy goat began bleating in delight.

So the suckling went on for a time. Christy switching from suckling the billy's balls, to licking and slathering his red quivering cock  and back. All the while with approving bleats coming from the billy goat.

During the show I had laid back and began playing with myself. Slowly stroking my slightly pointed cock with every bleat and moan that Christy made. I could see too, that she had begun rocking back and forward, trying to grind her puffy vag off the cool grass. I could tell she was itching for her own relief.

At first I stood up ready to take over and oblige her, before a second, more devious voice told me to hold on and let it play out. To let her see how far she would go.

I didn't have to wait too long before Christy released her hold on the billy's scrotum with a *pop* and a very frustrated groan. Kneeling back on her haunches she tugged at her taut and tender nipples, mulling her options as the billy started getting restless again.

"O-o-kay..." she finally began leaning up again biting her lip with red flushed cheeks. "I ca-a-a-an try-y-y-y...". She turned around. Quivering with excitement at what she was about to do she got on all fours just out of his reach. Her exposed goaty labia driving him wild with desire. "I go-o-o-o-oat, yo-o-o-ou ca-a-a-an try-y-y-y me-e-e-e..."

She began giggling and covered her face with her hand, clearly not believing what she was doing herself, abd began shuffling backwards.

After a few failed jumps from the billy, which ended up in a few gasps of pain from Christy as his hooves raked her sides, she finally backed up far enough for him to mount her. She paused a moment, "I re-e-e-e-ady no-o-o-ow..." she bleated back at him as she shuffled back again and guided his cock to her waiting pussy.

Finally able to release himself the billy began frantically humping Christy as she spread her hands to brace herself against the onslought.

So rapid and needy was his thrusting that she didn't even manage to bleat, only whimper her approval as her long needed release finally flooded over her.

Whimperingly this display continued as the billy frantically humped his conquest, who's hands desperately grasped the grass at her hooftips and who's udder jiggled obscenely with every thrust.

As the billy came to a climax he bleated helplessly on his nanny as she whimpered below him. Draining his massive balls into her he barely noticed as she slid from him to the floor. Long sticky strands of yellow cum connected them for a time before being broken.

As Christy laid there she moaned and watched helplessly as her hands crunched and began reforming. The hoof fingers of her hands spready with each passing second, down from her secind knuckle all the way to her third and final knuckle. Gasping in awe and disbelief she raised her former hands to her face and tried wiggling her two remaining fingers and thumbs.  She could still move all three digits back and forth on each hand freely, though the hoof grown rendered each finger no more good than a grabby claw.

"Ahhh! Ye-e-e-e-esss!!!" She bleated, suddenly enraptured and delighted with her change. "Uh! Ni-i-i-ice!" Struggling with herself she lifted her udder and scooped up some of the cum pooling and flowing out of her pussy on her new proto-hooves.

She raised it to her mouth and exclaimed. "Yo-o-o-ou go-o-o-od!!! Aga-a-ain so-o-on!". Before stuffing it into her mouth and launching herself at the billy's dripping cock to lick every last drop up, revealing too her new wagging, furry, goaty, tail.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

I had gone back inside to rejoin my wife reading before Christy had fully managed to recover. Not wanting to ruin the surprise I said nothing and sat in silence watching the nostrils flare and the flat chest of my sexy cow-wife rise and fall with every breath.

I was still incredibly horny from watching Christy practically loose her hands. My cock strained against my pants as I tried hiding the bulge from Sarah. She hadn't noticed, however, by the time that Christy came in.

She scrabbled at the door for a bit with her hooves, before getting enough of a claw grip to open the back door and making it through to the sitting room. Excitedly, with her udder flapping wildly, she bounded into the room.

"Eh-eh-eh-eeehhh! Sa-a-a-arah lo-o-o-ok!"

She held out her hooves for us to inspect, while wiggling the fully hoof fingers and thumbs as much as possible.

"Oh mooooo-y Christy! Are you mmoooo-kay?" Sarah asked, unsure how Christy was taking loosing her hands.

"Y-e-e-e-ess!" Christy beamed at us, large goaty teeth grinning through her muzzle.
"I ha-a-a-ad fu-u-u-un with bi-ille-e-e-ee!!! Ga-a-a-ave me-e-e-e thi-i-i-is a-and thi-i-i-is!". She showed off her hand before turning around to show us her shapely furred ass, with black cum-stained lips peaking through, and an adorable goat's tail wagging above.

Sarah's proto-muzzle fell open at the sight of the tail. I knew she wanted one too, so having Christy beat her there must have been a surprise. Christy continued, "A-a-and..." she blushed, pausing, "Ha-a-a-a-a-ad se-e-ex wi-ith billeeee!".

She blushed a crimson covering her face with one hoof as Sarah took the other in her hands and gently stroked the fur on the back of her hand. "Ohh mmmmmyyy Christy! Ymmmooouu finally did mooooo-it!" Both girls squealed in delight, "I thmmoo-ought you said mmmooo... you weren't ready y-mmmoooo-et?" Sarah asked.

"A-a-a-am no-o-o-ow... sca-a-a-ared fi-i-i-irst... wa-a-a-a-as ni-i-i-ice! Bille-e-e-e-e goo-o-od!!! Ma-a-a-a-ake me-e-e-e ni-i-ice". Christy flicked her head, ears twitching, suddenly distracted.

We both looked on in wonder. It was fascinating watching her, she was acting more and more animal like with each passing day, even her speech had been deteriorating at quite a rate. I wondered how the change was affecting that, and how much she was willing herself to loose her humanity. It was driving me even more wild with desire. I even started having intrusive daydreams of Sarah in Christy's place. Turning more and more feral, loosing her speech, growing fur... I was incredibly turned on... oh how things change...

Sarah broke me out of my daydream by asking. "What ab-mmooout your sh-oooow Christy?". Christy looked puzzled for a moment until Sarah added. "Y-mouuu can't p-moooole dance with mmmoooo... no hands!?".

Christy looked thoughtfully at her hands for a moment. "I-i-s oka-a-a-ay. C-a-a-a-an st-i-ill da-a-a-ance. The-e-e-ey li-ike me-e-e-e. Ca-a-a-an do-o-o mo-o-o-re."

With a wink she turned her back to us an bent forward, flashing us with her puffy black vag still glistening with goat-gunk and her swollen pulsing asshole with her cute tail standing to attention. All while giving us a strong waft of sweaty goaty sex. "The-e-e-e-y ca-a-a-a-n ha-a-a-ave!" She stuck out her long tongue at us. "Bille-e-e-e be-e-tter tho-ough...".

  -     -------
The rest of the day was far less eventful as the girls spent most of it outside eating. By the time Sarah's evening milking was done Kate had arrived. Wearing a light blue dress that dropped to her knees, yellow pumps and a hint of makeup, Kate looked like she was going for an easy evening.

"How are the subjects doing?" She inquired. She seemed eager and was getting right to the point. I smiled, "Let's not ruin the surprise!"

Kate nodded and headed for the basement steps. She stopped at the doorway, however,
and held onto the frame of the opening with both hands.

Sarah, Christy and I all paused in following her, as silencce descended. Turning around I could see she was blushing and nervous. I raised my eyebrows and made a face to encourage her to speak her mind.

She paused only briefly before spilling, "Guys, II know this might sound weird, but can I watch this alone? I kinda might want to..."

Getting the gist of her embarrassment at masturbating in front of other people I made an "o" shape with my mouth, nodded my understanding and turned to shepherd out Christy and Sarah. Christy bleating objections all the way.

Before she could get to petulant I reminded her that she had to get ready for work.

Christy scanned over herself for a few moment looking at her general state. Her human feet were very muddy from being outside, both her soles and the furry tops of her feet were caked  in it. Lifting her udder out of the way she looked up her relatively hairy legs and to the next patch of fur going from her upper thighs all around and past her crotch. The fur around her black love hole was still matted in goaty cum. 

She frowned, "Ma-a-a-ybe-e-e I-I-I should cle-e-e-e-an?" Looking at her hoof hands she frowned again. I chucked and offered to help clean her up. She smiled at that and accepted the help.

Getting her into the bathtub was no issue with her human feet, she had enough grip not to slide around the place as I washed her up and down. The amount of shampoo I had to use for the furry patches on her feet, thighs, back and shoulders was criminal though. It took three "rinse and repeat" cycles to get everything clean.

All the while during her cleaning Christy gently massaged her swollen pink udder, she would press down on he soft flesh near the top of her udder and slowly push her hoof down towards the tip, swollen flesh rolled before her like a wave, culminating every time with a jiggle of her taut teats.

I tried not to let it get to me as I cleaned and she softly bleated, as I was still blue-balled from all I had seen that day, but it was hard.

Calling a halt to it before I would do something to reset the entire cleaning I helped Christy from the bath and dry off.

Now that she was clean her fur felt surprisingly soft to the touch.

Now in a more presentable state for work I helped an eager Christy into the van and headed off to work.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Long overdue DP fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17809701/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Now that her shower was done and we were on the way to work Christy was behaving herself quite well. We even chatted like two normal "people" as I drove, even if one sounded like they had a massive speech impediment.

By the time we arrived at the secret enterance Christy was starting to get a little antsy again. She fidgeted in the passanger seat, clicking her hoof fingers on the dash. I pulled up and placed a hand on hers to calm her down.

"It'll be fine Christy, they'll love you even if you can't pole dance." It sounded reassuring, and Christy seemed calmer.

Leaning back in her seat and cupped her udder, jiggling it around. "Thi-i-i-ink the-e-e-eyy li-i-ke se-e-e-ex go-o-o-oat me-e-e?"

Interpreting I replied, "Absolutely Christy, guys like all types, and there are plenty that slobber all over you on stage. I'd say they'd jump at the chance."

"Go-o-o-od! Go no-o-o-ow!" With that Christy fumbled with the lock on the van door for a
moment before catching it and hopping out.

After getting in and our usual round of explaining to Harry, Christy went off to the green room. I was tempted to join her there just to keep her company, but I was dying for a pint, so I made my way to the main hall. Getting myself a stout from the bar I found an empty table near the side and sat down.

Over the next hour, as I waited for Christy to come on I noticed something strange. Every time I looked towards the stage door, a girl on one of the tables in the way kept turing around and looking at me. It seemed like every time I looked up this brown haired girl was stareing directly at me.

Feeling uncomfortable I started looking around, trying to give the hint. But this girl was having none of it.

After having gone for a bathroom break after my second pint, I was startled when I came back to find this girl sitting at my table with two pints in-front of her. One stout, one ale. She was wearing a light turquise cardigan with jeans, her shoulders were a bit square looking from the side, and though she was average-thin way the cardigan hung hid any and all curves. Her shiny brown hair was in a neat pony-tail the tickled the back of her light coloured neck.

Moving around to her front I sat down while making eye-contact with her.

She had gray-green eyes and smiled a big smile as I sat down. Approximately mid-20's in age she had large cheeks, that looked like they retained some of their baby fat, and big white teeth that fit her cheeks and smile. Her bottom lip was a little bigger than her top one and sported a faint mole on it in the centre. Her nose was a little small and pointy and faintly freckled, but not massively so. Finally she had a diagonal fringe cut across her fairly large forehead. My stalker, it seemed, was a fairly good looking one. If not as stunning as my Sarah is... was... is!

Sheepishly she pushed the stout across the table towards me. "I saw you drinking this, I hope I got it right with Guinness!" I raised my eyebrow and stared at her, after a moment of awkward silence she tried again. "My name is Caroline" she smiled her big smile again.

I responded this time, "I'm not looking for.." which was as far as I got before she cut me off. "Oh God! I'm sorry, I'm totally not..." she facepalmed and closed her eyes for a moment before gathering herself and starting again. "I know you're Sarah's husband. I'm not trying to seduce you! I'm just here... I'm here about Sarah".

Relaxing down completely I sat back and took the offered pint, sipping it before asking, "What about Sarah?"

Leaning forward Caroline half whispered, "Well, how is she? Is she coming back at all? Is she not well?"

The concern was genuine, but it also had something behind it, a motive. I would play along for the time being. "She's very well, she's not sick at all, her feet have just started changing, that's all. She's finding it hard to stand on two legs so she's using her arms as front legs for a bit to keep her moving. She wouldn't be able to do any bar work"

Caroline's face seemed crestfallen, "Oh... is she never coming back here then?"

I shook my head "Oh God it's nothing like that. It's just the way her feet are right now. Once they turn to hooves properly I'd say she'll learn to balance again... unless her hips shift of course..." I mumbled at the end.

Caroline's mouth opened gaping, "Wow. I never knew she was still changing."

I smiled fondly thinking of all the fun to come, "Oh by God she is! She'll keep changing as long as she wants to. But why the interest in my wife? Do you have a secret cow thing too?" I leaned forward raising an inquisitive eyebrow.

She blushed, I'd gotten something right. "Not a cow but... look here." She pulled down the v-neck of her top exposing her chest and surprisingly, lack of bra. Though again, probably not surprising considering the size of her breasts. Barely A-cups they didn't really fit with the rest of her body. "I thought you weren't trying to seduce me?" I inquired.

Letting go of her top she shook her head, "I'm not, and that's part of the problem. I can't seem to seduce anyone with these." She looked sad, it seemed unfair, she shouldn't have any problems finding someone.

"That's where Sarah comes in. Believe it or not these used to be smaller. I barely had nubs. But one evening after failing to seduce someone again I get smashed on a ridiculous amound of Sarah's white Russians and boom, I wake up with half a cup size bigger".

I was genuinely surprised by this. This was news! "You think Sarah's milk did this?"

She nodded, lips pursed, "It would make sense no? I wanted to try doing it again but the next day Sarah was gone. She hasn't been back since."

"So I guess the reason you're talking to me is because you want to try some more milk to get bigger breasts".

"I..." she looked nervous being put on the spot. "Yes. If Sarah's not coming back in, could I buy some of her milk? I drank at least a litre last time. Could I have 2? I'll pay! I'll give you $100 for it!"

I almost choked, "$100 for milk?"

She nodded, "I'll pay, it's a damn sight cheaper than plastic surgery, or paying some warlock to do it"

I scratched the back of my head. With Christy no-doubt going to be taken out of the earning circuit soon we would need a new income stream. "Erm. Okay I guess. But lets call it $50 for the two litres. $100 feels like I'm robbing you blind. I'll bring it tomorrow".

Caroline beamed, flashing her big white teeth. "Excellent, a deal struck then! Tomorrow!" She raised her glass which I clinked with mine to confirm our dealings.

Caroline stayed for the remainder of that drink, chatting amiably, before eventually returning to her group.

It took a while before Christy appeared from the back, naked from the waist down, fur covering her lower parts. She was wearing a bra, however. Red and lacy she looked uncomfortable in it. Her udder though hung free and jiggled with every step.

She didn't take to the stage though. Instead I saw her make her way to the first table that beconed her over. I couldn't hear what she was saying and her back was turned, so all I saw was her furry firm butt and wagging short tail.

It didn't take long before she motioned to one of the doors leading to the halls and the dressing rooms. Sheepishly she then led a young tall man by the hand and through the back.

20 minutes later that man reappeared looking a little shook, but with a stupid grin on his face. The table he rejoined gave him some friendly abuse, as he sat down. This time when Christy appeared there were a few tables quick off the mark and she started being in high demand.

And that's how the rest of the night went. Every twenty minutes or so Christy would come out, pick a new man, and fuck his brains out in the back. It was amazing thinking about how much stamina she had.

Finally, as the numbers in the hall dwindled away and Christy called it a night.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

The smell in the van on the way home was potent. Christy absolutely reeked if goat sex and musty vagina, it oozed from her pores.

She was also a lot less cogent than on the way in. Hours of almost continuous fucking had addled her again as she sat in the passenger steat, hairy feet up on the dash and her legs spread eagled with her black slick vagina on show. She was panting, thick tongue flicking out and licking her black lips every few seconds.

She was pawing at her vagina to stimulate it as best she could, but with her hooves she couldn't really do it properly. Instead she wimpered and tried her best by mashing her wrists into it with wet slurping sounds.

I was losing my mind. So much had happened in one day, from catching a glimpse of Stephen and Anna early on, to Christy's goat fucking, to watching her parade around seducing people, to this.

The air in the van was like a soup. I could taste her musk at the back of my throat. Each pant and moan made my rock hard cock twitch and threaten to explode, each bleat made me want to stop the van, climb over and fuck her brains out.

The only thing stopping me was the realisation that Christy had been getting far too much attention in the last few days. My cock hungered for sex and rutting, but I wanted my wife, I wanted my cow. I wanted to sink myself in her warm buttery vagina.

So I ignored Christy, I ignored every whimper, every moan, every bleat and the smell of every squirt of her goaty juices.

Somehow managing to make it all the way back to the house without crashing the van I screeched to a stop. I threw the door open and vaulted from the van ignoring Christy fumbling with her door handle.

I could see the light was on in the kitchen as I ran around the side of the house to the front door. I threw it open, dashed inside and tried dropping my pants as I ran. All that managed to do was trip me up and I struggled with my pants on the floor for a moment before kicking them off and scrambling up again.

I burst through the door in the kitchen to find Sarah standing over the kitchen table facing away from me, eating a salad.

She barely had time to turn her head and look pleasantly surprised and my naked bottom half before I was on her.

In a fit of passion I threw Sarah over the table. She squealed as I widened my stance, placing my cock between her cheeks and began rubbing it up and down.

"Wait! Are mmmoooooo... you wearing a condmmmooo-om???" Sarah gasped as I began probing her quickly moistening slit.

"Uh!" I grunted, she was right I was not, but I was so sex starved and horny that I didn't care. I actually got more excited at the thought of me changing Sarah some more.

"Gah!" I stuffed my cock into Sarah's now slick black pussy. "Change Sarah!". I drew back and thrust into her with a wiggle of her udder and a squelch from her vagina. She smiled and turned around, grasping the sides of the table.

"Mmmmooooo! Mmmmake mmme mmmooo... mmore cow then!" She gasped as I began thrusting with a rhythm.

I didn't respond, my mind had gone blank at that stage. Instead I just thrust harder into my moaning wife. I barely lasted a minute before my balls drew up and I spilled my seed inside her.

Rope after rope of creamy cum began filling her as she moaned more and more excitedly.   I grunted as my final spurt left me and exhausted slid from my cow wife and onto a chair nearby.

Feeling me leaving her behind, Sarah turned to face me, holding onto the table behind her to keep her balanced. Her breastless chest was heaving, her eyes wide in joy. A big change was coming and she knew it.

"Aaahhh!!" The first great gasp left her, her knees almost buckled. One of her hands shot to her udder, and grasping a teat it tugged hard, firing a jet of warm creamy milk straight at me. Something about the sight of her writhing in expectant ecstasy turned me on so much I breathed life back into my pointy cock.

"It! God-mmmmooooo! Uh!" She groaned again, chest heaving, as a crunch left her hips. I could see her thighs widen, thicken and shift forward some. Making her stance a little more crouched.

Sarah giggled and 'moo'd' with wide eyes as a second crunch came from her feet. Shifting and lengthening her feet, drawing up her ankle higher and higher.

She gasped and gave a devious smile as she saw my now fully erect cock. With her feet still reshaping she scrabbling forward and dropped on all fours, hands stuffing my cock into her hungry short muzzle.

The onslaught was heavenly. I could feel Sarah moan and vibrate into my cock with every crunch that came from behind her.

This time I didn't even last as long as when I was fucking her from behind. Her feet hadn't even finished re-shaping by the time I came in her hungry maw.

Now utterly spent I slumped down in my chair as my cock popped from Sarah's mouth. My eyes widened when I saw it. Contact with Sarah's transformative juices had re-shaped the head even more. The once bulbuous tip was now far more tapered and went back far further than before. About a third of my length was now taken up with the throbbing pink poker all of it as sensitive as my old tip had been. I was surprised and a little scared, but the amazing feeling of pleasure still pulsing from it overrode the fear very quickly.

Sarah whimpered and moo'd some more kneeling in front of me. She was smiling like a cat that got the canary even as she still twitched from the remnants of her change.

After what seemed like an age of panting Sarah finally caught her breath. With a smile and a grunt she grabbed my knees. Moaning loudly she shifted as one of her legs came forward.

*Clop*. The fully formed cow hoof hit the hardwood beside her resting udder. Sarah smiled at it in amazement. Both of our eyes rose up her proffered leg to admire the change. Her feet had turned fully to cloven cow hooves surrounded by a pelt of short black and white fur, it even the two vestigal black hoof nubbins on the back were there. Her legs had shifted into a fully digitgrate arrangement, with her quad and hamstrings bulging to inhuman size, and her hips widening even more to accomodate her wonderful udder.

She finally lookes like she would be able to carry herself around again. Clearly having the same thought, Sarah held onto my knees tightly and grunted. She got her second leg up, and with rippling thigh muscles she lofted herself up.

Unsteady on her hooves for a few moments with her massive udder hanging pendulously beneath her, she took a few steps to steady herself. Finally she was holding steady, standing legs bent holding her own weight and smiling at me.

"Awesommmoooo!" She exclaimed and giggled.


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Stupendous, my friend!  And I'm excited to see that Sarah's husband is changing again as well!  Hopefully his sex drive will make him less careful, which will change Sarah more, which will change him more, which will change her more...

...can't wait!


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More fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18101370/


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Thanks smile. Loved the last chapter.


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Can't wait can't wait can't WAIT for the next segment/chapter!