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Re: Alien Cock Farm - by Kora (CTF)


The 18 year old sensation, Chell Belphine, prepared herself for her most lucrative stream yet. Upon popular request from thousands of her dedicated patrons, she had purchased the most ambitious dildo she could find, marking each inch as a donation milestone for her viewers. Unknown to her, her broadcast had been picked up by an unseen vessel in orbit above. The ship jammed Chell's stream just as a beam of light poured into the girl's room, pulling her through her opened window, and into the air. As her eyes laid on the hulking frame of metal, her consciousness drifted, rendering her unconscious. When she finally came to, Chell found herself suspended in the center of a room, greeted by the grotesque smell and sounds of sex, but amplified many times over. Alien cocks the size of people adorned the fleshy walls, while repulsive tentacles sucked them down and gulped their seed. The odor of cum reached her nostrils, prompting her to gag, unable to budge from the fleshy tendrils that suspended the now alert and fearful girl.


Re: Alien Cock Farm - by Kora (CTF)


The tendrils suspending Chell pulled the helpless lass near the fleshy wall. Without warning, wriggling masses comprised of goo burst from fleshy pustules, flooding her tight pussy and asshole. Chell shrieked as the substance flooded her innards and creeped along her soft flesh. The goo bonded with her flesh the instant it made contact, reeling and adhering her to the living wall of damp squishy flesh. The tendrils that had been restraining her arms withdrew, allowing Chell to struggle against her captors, only to find separation to be impossible. Before she even realized, her pussy and anus had merged seamlessly with where the goo had erupted from, and her legs had fused into a useless mass incapable of kicking. Chell pressed her arms against the fleshy wall, yanking her hips to and fro, grunting and crying out with each fruitless squirm.


Re: Alien Cock Farm - by Kora (CTF)


As the mutilation of Chell's lower body slowed, she could feel her center of gravity begin to oddly shift into the fleshy mass behind her. The momentary calm allowed her to regain her senses as she swallowed her panic in a desperate attempt to escape. Chell struggled to kick what she thought was her legs, only to find they offered very little leverage against her restraints. The girl looked down and at first was unable to comprehend what the goo had done to her. With each voluntary command was not the movement of legs, but the shifting of a wrinkly bag of flesh that had been weighed down by two generous orbs contained within. Bracing her hands against the wall, Chell thrust her hips forward hoping to break free, only to find that separation was impossible. With each yank of her pelvis, she could feel a tension within the wall of flesh. Worse yet, Chell had become aware of the mass that bound her, able to sense touch as if it was a part of her own body. It then dawned on her that she was not being restrained by the fleshy mass, but rather she had become a part of it, with her torso sticking out of a sheath like opening that had been formed from her melded flesh! Before long, the goo that had mutilated her lower body started oozing up from Chell's sheath, coating her abdomen, breasts, and creeping over her shoulders and down her arms. Instinctively, Chell leaned forward as if trying to somehow pull herself away, only to find herself dangling with all her weight from the fleshy wall as the substance continued its relentless violation of her body. The burning sensation she had felt earlier once again resumed as the goo combined with her flesh, forcibly restraining the girl's arms and pulling her back upright as it threatened to enter her mouth and swallow her face.


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Chell's cries of horror turned into muffled gags as the goo invaded her mouth and pressed down her throat. Fully restrained under the thick substance, the girl could do little to prevent her fate. Her limbs slowly dissolved into her torso as the goo combined with her physique, shaping her into something more phallic than human. Her body continued to burn with alarming need, prompting a tentacle to investigate the newest addition to the fleshy catacombs. Somehow, Chell was aware of the wriggly, slimy appendage, despite no longer having eyes to see or ears to hear. Her arms were long gone, and face almost completely melted away as the last of the mutagenic goop became one with her flesh. Sensing Chell's readiness, the tentacle eased its opening against the elongating tip that was once Chell's face and gently worked its way down her rounding torso. Chell wanted to cry, only to find that her throat had been replaced with a functioning urethra, unable to produce sound. Soft barbs formed along the ridge of Chell's flared skull, providing incomprehensible yet oddly pleasurable stimuli. The warm and moist innards of the tentacle gently massaged the newly formed phallus, its soft flesh coaxing a budding pleasure that gradually coaxed Chell into a state of submission.


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Gripping the giant cock that was once Chell, the tentacle violently pulled back, yanking the new cock's barbs and stimulating the shaft. An incomprehensible surge of pleasure exploded within Chell, and with each thrust and yank of the tentacle, the unfathomable sensation budded more and more. Chell's phallic body heavily pulsed and throbbed in response to being fucked, with thick globs of viscous cum shooting from her former mouth each time the organ pressed against her hilt. With each wad the tentacle coaxed from her, Chell could sense her sanity starting to crumble, her thoughts becoming fragmented, and her sense of self slowly being destroyed. Somehow, deep down, Chell knew her consciousness would be lost forever should she give in, but was unable to resist the insurmountable pleasure that washed over her very being. After many strokes, the tentacle sensed Chell's nearing orgasm, and yanked once more while squeezing the tip of the new cock and pulling the barbs forward, triggering the beginning of an unstoppable orgasm. Chell's cockified body throbbed with destructive force while her urethra pulsed in preparation to ejaculate the copious load within her testicles. The end was near for whatever was left of Chell. She knew the impending orgasm would destroy her, but Chell's fragmented mind could only beg for release and bask in the bliss that had been given to her. With one final violent thrust to the hilt of Chell's phallic body, the former girl erupted in cum, permanently shattering the last of her consciousness.


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The tentacle eased itself back and forth along the length of the newest alien cock to adorn the fleshy wall, gulping up the nutritious seed the organ offered to its masters. For nearly a minute, the wriggling mass of flesh continued sucking down the rich creamy substance, slowly draining the last of the contents from within the shriveling scrotum. Finally, with nothing left to gather, the tentacle retracted itself, allowing the softened cock to audibly slurp free from the tentacle's warm embrace. Fully spent, the cock shriveled and retreated, rolls of flesh folding over the large phallus as it gently nestled into its fleshy sheath. There, within the confines of the fleshy wall, the cock would spend the rest of its days laying in wait while recuperating its seed, eagerly offering its revitalized contents to the next tentacle when ready for milking.


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Love the concept. Been planning a cam-girl story for a while now.