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Making new friends

Roberta and Robertina had gotten hungry after all and had parted company with the others in search of something to eat. As they had no need to be bedridden in their rooms they had access to the cafeteria of mutant hospital staff. The two sat together at a table and while they ate another mutant approached them saying "All tables are occupied. You wouldn't mind if I sat with you, would you?"

The pair of lizard girls looked at the mutant and saw that it was a humantaur, who wore a large dress that covered most of her body. The dress didn't have a collar and contained a large bulge between her shoulders, as well as an opening at the back where her long neck, which was attached above her ass, would come out.

"Yes you can." Roberta and Robertine said together

The newly arrived mutant thanked them, placed her tray on the table and could separate two stools for her to sit on. When she sat down she ended up putting her weight off her balls. "I still haven't got used to having balls, it's a nuisance when I sit on them." she said as she readjusted

"I understand what you mean. There are times when I forget that I have breasts now and I feel strange about their weight." Roberta said

"So you were a man before your mutation. Welcome to the female side. You were even lucky to find someone with a mutation like yours, even though you only differ from each other by your color." the humantaur said

"In fact the two of us were originally one person. My name is Robertina and before me Roberta and I were a man named Robert." the white lizard girls said

"Were you the same person? What a surprise. I'm Lara, a simple employee at a clothing store." the humantaur said

Once they introduced themselves to each other the trio continued talking and getting to know each other as they ate. In the meantime Samantha joined them carrying a lunch box with her. "Hi, I see you've made a new friend." she said

"We were talking, about our mutations and wondering what impact this will have on our futures." Roberta said

"Excellent. It's always good to make new friends. By the way, I hope you can still eat more, I was thinking and I wanted to try my eggs, but I fried too many and I can't handle it. Would you like to try it too?" Samantha said

"I want to try it. Looks like my stomach got bigger after my mutation and the same amount of food isn't enough." Robertine said

"Of course, the same amount of food is not enough. Remember you're two people now, it's only natural that you need twice as much food." Samantha said

"You are right." Roberta said then turned to the humantaur saying "And you, Lara, will you want to try my sister's eggs too?"

"I'm going to try some, I also underestimated the amount of food needed for my new body." Lara said

"Excellent. Those who have already eaten say they are great. Anything if you want more just ask, I produce a lot of them. And by the way, here comes another one." Samantha said and laid another egg.

They continued their conversation throughout the meal, including praising Samantha's eggs, and after they were finished they continued talking as they walked around the hospital.

Soon Lara started to feel horny and her dicks got hard, with what was between her shoulders stretching the dress. "I'm sorry I'm not used to my new hormones yet. My room is close by so I'm going to fix it," she said.

*Roberta and Robertine go with Lara to her room


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Finding Pleasure as Mutants

"If you want, I would be happy to help you out." offered Robertine

"Count me in as well." added Roberta.

"I'll have to pass, I promised Tammy that we would watch a movie after I ate, you three have fun though." Samantha winked at Lara as she turned and began walking back to her room, leaving Lara alone with the two lizard women.

Lara was a bit nervous at first, but still manged to lead her two soon-to-be lovers to her room. Unfortunately, the human-taur had very little experience with sex, let alone sex with her mutant body. The twin lizard women however, seemed to have already figured out what they wanted to do. The two of them worked together and quickly removed Lara's dress before lifting her and throwing her onto the bed. Both women then climbed over her and took positions above both of her erect cocks, Robertine above the one between her back legs and Roberta over the one between her shoulders.

Lara's vision blurred for a moment as both women speared themselves on her cocks, taking their full fifteen inch lengths in a single motion. Both of them then began to ride their chosen cock,

Lara unable to do anything other than pant with lust as the mixture of heat and cold radiating from the women briefly overstimulated her brain.. Eventually her thoughts straightened themselves out and she noticed both women's cocks bouncing in time with their hips. Wanting to do more than just lay back and let her lovers do all the work, Lara reached up with her arms and began two-handedly stroking Roberta's cock, while snaking her head around Robertine so she could begin sucking the cock of the white scaled woman.

The heat from Robertine and the cold from Roberta soon meet in the centre of Lara's body, creating a whole new sensation, as if both women were fighting for dominance over Lara's body. The feelings of the two battling temperatures ended in a draw when Lara came, filling both women with her seed, as the black-scaled lizards cum splattered warmly against her lower body and the white-scaled lizards chilly cum filled her mouth.


In the next room over, Taylor was laying back against the wall behind her bed, furiously stroking one cock from each of her crotches with one set of arms while the other pair worked itself over her quintet of breasts.

The elf-like woman had heard the sounds from next door through her wall and after being unable to tune them out, began to masturbate while listening to the three women fucking each other. She hadn't had a chance to explore her new body sexually before, due to being evacuated and brought to the hospital shortly after her transformation, and was only now realizing how frustrating it was to have not enough hands to please all of her sensitive spots. Even if she were to somehow stroke three cocks at a time with one hand, that would still leave only two hands left for her five breasts and two pussies. She was currently rotating between her different parts, but all that seemed to be accomplishing was edging her even harder than when she focused on only a few at a time.

Defeated, Taylor slumped against the wall, both her faces twisted into a sexually frustrated scowl. According to the doctor that examined her it was common for people who develop multiple heads to also have each one contain separate consciousnesses, but that wasn't the case for her, she retained full awareness from both her heads despite each one having it's own brain. Because of this, Taylor was completely alone as her lust smouldered, unable to get herself off despite the passionate sounds of sex coming from behind her, but also to horny to want to go find someone to assist her with her problem.

This frustrating situation was made all the more shameful because she had, only a short while ago, turned down her friends Kayla and Kelly's offer to share a room with them, thinking at the time that she would rather not have to deal with the fused women's messy orgasms. Her other friends, Steffany and Vicky, meanwhile had wanted a room to themselves so they could pick up where they left off in the apartment.

With the sounds of sex seemingly not ending anytime soon, Taylor decided to try one more time to get off, this time by focusing on only one part of her at a time. She arbitrarily chose the leftmost cock on her right crotch and began to jack it off with her bottom left hand. Like before she felt her orgasm building, but instead of plateauing off like her other attempts, this one kept building higher and higher the familiar feeling from when she masturbated before becoming a mutant telling her that she was close. Her balls tightened and she threw back both her heads and cried with pleasure as she came, several shots of cum arcing out the cock and onto the bed.

As Taylor came down off her orgasm, she realized that her remaining genitals still ached with lust, but with her new strategy she began jacking off the next cock in the line. Each orgasm was just as potent as the best orgasms she had back before her mutation, but now she got to experience them back to back. When she finished with her last cock, she moved onto her left pussy, finding that her orgasm with it was somehow even more intense and quickly moving on to her other one.

By the time she finished, Taylor had reduced herself to a drooling mess, her eight back-to-back orgasms having satisfied her beyond anything she felt as a normal person. Her reverie was broken however, when someone slammed their fist against the wall behind her.

“Hey, Keep it down in there!”

*Follow Margeret as she waits in her room


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Margaret's lie and the intruder at the hospital.

Margaret was despondent in her room, despondent over her situation as she had become totally unable to live independently. She didn't want to worry others, so she had lied when she said the doctor had given her hopes that she could learn to deflate, but actually that was impossible. The truth was, she was filled with helium gas, but the gas inside her had become a vital part of her and that she would die if she was deflated anyway. She even hid the lust she was feeling despite not being able to reach her own genitals.

As Margaret floated alone on the ceiling of her room the door opened and a man entered, one who also caught her attention for not being a mutant. After the man closed the door and looked at her, just then she recognized him as another teacher who taught at the same school as her.

"Paul, what are you doing here? You know this area of the hospital is isolated. We don't even have authorization to receive visitors." Margaret said

"I know, but I had to come. When I heard that you had been one of the victims of the outbreak and could not go back to school, I was afraid of not being able to see you anymore so I had to come. The hospital staff wouldn't let me in, so I sneaked in." Paul said

"But why? We are co-workers and, well, we can say we are good friends." Margaret said

"Yes, we are friends, but I didn't get a chance to tell you how I really feel." Paul said, took a small box from his pocket and opened it, showing a pair of rings inside "I saved money and finally managed to buy, but I was unsure to say, but I have to at least try. Margaret, I really love you, will you agree to marry me?"

Margaret blushed, totally surprised that the last thing she expected in the situation she found herself in was someone entering her room and asking to marry her. When she finally regained the words she said "I... I'm really flattered to know how you feel about me, but look at me now, I'm a mutant and due to my mutation I'm just going to make work for you. You won't want to live with me like this, will you?"

"I don't care if you're a mutant or not, I want to live with you. If I need to make you feel better then I become a mutant too." Paul said

"Please do not do that. Please forget me. You can find someone better than me to make you happy." Margaret said against her own feelings, as she never imagined that Paul had such strong feelings for her. She really wanted to accept the marriage proposal, but she did not want to become a burden in his life. Much less she wanted him to become a mutant because of her, even with a desire to transform him that she knew was caused by Mutation Liquid on her.

Paul, upon hearing the answer, simply took off his clothes.

"What do you think you are doing?" Margaret asked

Margaret did not expect him to be able to perceive how she felt, this made her happier and increased her willingness to accept his marriage proposal. "I admit, I was glad you asked me to marry you despite my mutation, but look at me, I'm totally useless. I can't do anything but float around, for everything else I depend on others. All I would do for you would be to wait for you to take care of all my needs, this way I'm only going to cause you more trouble." she said

"I don't mind having to do everything for you. It's at those times that you need someone around the most and if it isn't me, it will be someone else." Paul said, took Margaret's cock and pulled her down, making them face to face "Now answer me honestly, do you accept to become my wife?"

"If you are willing to be by my side even though you are a balloon that does nothing but float then I accept to marry you." Margaret said

"Great, that's what I wanted to hear. Now I can do this without any regrets." Paul said, then he released Margaret, letting her float back to the ceiling, and put the tip of her cock in his mouth.

"Wait a minute, what are you doing?" Margaret asked

"I said I would help you with whatever you needed, and I know mutations make a person's libido increase a lot. I'm sure you need help with this right now." Paul said

"But then I'll contaminate you and make you a mutant too. I haven't finished the treatment yet to stop being contagious." Margaret said

"If you're the one who infects me I don't mind becoming a mutant either." Paul said and started, hugging Margaret's cock and sucking the tip, not stopping even with her continuing to insist that he didn't need to be made a mutant for her. He continued until Margaret moaned loudly, indicating that she was going to come, thus trapping his mouth on her urethra to ensure that, even if only at the beginning, he would swallow her cum.

"I said you don't need to do this. Mutations are totally unpredictable, what if you get worse than me?" Margaret said

"Don't worry I won't blame you for anything. This is a risk I decided to take on my own." Paul said and let go of Margaret's cock, only to see that his mutation had already started. As soon as he let go of his fiancée's dick, it didn't take distance, which made him realize that his dick had been absorbed by the long member.

"What's the problem Paul? Why don't you let go of my cock?" Margaret asked

"I just can't. My mutation has already started and I'm merging with your cock." Paul said when the cock his legs started to be absorbed by Margaret's cock, at the same time the tip of the member was absorbed by his chest. Soon his entire bottom half had been absorbed by the cock while his top half absorbed the cock.

Paul had just become the tip of the new bride's dick, but the transformation is not over. All the shaft thickened, tripling its diameter, while the part of Paul that continued human lost its whole hair, his muscles lost definition, his face became feminine and F-Cup breasts grew in his chest. The last part of the mutation took place at the other end of the dick, where Margaret regained her legs between her feet and the rest of her body, along with that her ballsack grew, giving way to a second pair of testicles that came down.

Margaret watched with great surprise that she now had a cocktaur between her legs, as the end of the shaft instead of the reddish tip she had the upper half of a woman's body, which until recently was the man who just asked her in marriage. She also noticed that she started to descend towards the ground, soon being able to stand on the ground again.

"Now we can be together forever." Paul, now Paula, said

"That's good. We were also very lucky, I don't need to be just floating anymore, now I can waaaaoooohhhh..." Margaret said taking a step forward, only to realize that she was still a balloon and still very light, so when she put her foot back on the ground she ended up pushing her whole body into the air, all to slowly get back to the ground again.

Paula, realizing that she had full control over the dick's movements, approached Margartet saying "It looks like the extra weight gained with your new legs and your new ball bar is enough for you not to float, but we're still too light to act normally."

"At least it's better than before, thanks dear." Margaret said, trying to hug and kiss Paula, but she couldn't do it, she was hugged by the tip of her dick.

The two kissed and Paula started to drool a lot, she realized then that it was precum that was filling her mouth. "Mmmm... Is it me or you who's horny?" she asked

"Mmmm... Is it me or you who's horny?" Margaret said to her dick-fiancée.

*Follow Kayla and Kelly as they search for a potential partner


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Finding Someone Big Enough

Kayla and Kelly had been searching for someone to fuck for close to twenty minutes, and while there were most certainly plenty of people willing to have sex with the fused duo, they were looking for a partner with specific attributes. Since Kelly had become a living cock-tail, she wanted to find someone that she could properly penetrate. Unfortunately, Kelly was massive by cock standards and even amongst the various mutants currently staying in the hotel they had yet found someone with a large enough hole to take her close to two foot thick body. Even when they went to the wing of the hotel designed for giant mutants, they saw no one who looked large enough.

As they continued their search, Kelly noticed a door left slightly ajar as Kayla walked them down the hall. She extended her snake-body over and peaked through the crack. Upon seeing what was inside she immediately wrapped herself around in front of Kayla to stop her.

“What is it Kelly?” questioned the horse-legged demoness

“I think I just found someone big enough to take me” answered Kelly, pointing towards the open door.

Her curiosity peaked, Kayla looked through the door to see what her tail-cock was talking about. Inside was a woman with the body of an orange and white furred fox in place of her legs. Her lower body had six legs however, with an extra pair of fore legs placed between her front and back pair, making her tauric body twice as long as it would be “normally”. She was laying on the floor with her six legs underneath her staring at something out of sight, presumably the rooms TV, on the opposite wall. She had nine voluminous fox tails swishing about behind her, and underneath them sat a plump pussy, clearly soaked with pent up lust. The most important thing about this woman however, was she was huge. Even kneeling she was more than twice Kayla's height, making her at least eighteen feet tall standing, possibly even more. There was no doubt in either of the fused women's minds: this mutant would be able to fit Kelly inside her.

Their minds made up, Kayla knocked on the door as she pushed it open, alerting the rooms occupant to their presence.

“Hello there, my name is Kayla and the woman attached to my butt is Kelly, we happened to catch a glimpse of you through your half-open door and were taken by your beauty.” greeted Kayla

“Eh?” yelped the fox-taur, turning off the TV before the intruders could see what she was watching, “O-oh uh, I'm Gwen, nice to meet you two.”

“We actually noticed that you look a little pent up, so we were wondering if you wanted to 'blow off some steam' with us?” asked Kelly.

“Yeah, I-I'm really horny right now, but as you can see, I'm to large for even your monster cock to feel good for either of us.” replied Gwen, indicating the three-foot horse cock standing erect between Kayla's legs.

“Don't worry, I might not look like it, but I'm actually a cock myself, and we've been looking for someone big enough to take me.”

“W-what, Y-your a c-cock?!” stammered Gwen, before her eyes suddenly took on a desperate look, “Alright, please shove yourself inside me, ever since I got so big there's been nothing I could do to satisfy myself and it's all just been building up all day!”

Without hesitation, Kayla jogged over to Gwen's backside with her horse legs and turned herself around so Kelly would have full access to the giantess's drooling entrance. Kelly, already feeling her mouth fill with pre, lunged into the woman's pussy and began wriggling her way as deep as possible. Gwen let out a cry as her insides clenched down on Kelly's body, slowing the cock-woman's progress as she made her way towards the fox-taur's womb.

As Kelly went deeper and deeper inside, Kayla found herself being forced closer and closer to Gwen's plush rear. Once the demoness was close enough, Gwen began to rub her nine fox tails sensually against Kayla's body, taking care to give her horse-cock and nipples extra attention.

After several minutes of effort, Kelly had reached her limit, Kayla's rear was now pressed directly against Gwen's outer lips. While disappointed that she couldn't make it all the way inside the double-taur, Kelly elected to make the most of her current position by rubbing Gwen's insides with her entire body, sending strange and erotic sensations through her lovers body. The feeling of having something- no, someone inside her was too much for Gwen to take, her insides camping down on Kelly even harder than before. It wasn't much longer before Kayla and Kelly reached their limit, Kelly's breasts heaved as they pumped their load through the cock-woman's mouth, while Kayla shot her cream across the floor of Gwen's room, much of it also hitting the taur's tail and soaking into their fur. The three woman all collapsed, Gwen laying her human half onto her lower back, Kayla dropping onto her butt as her head came to rest against the base of Kelly's body while the cock-woman simply let her body go limp while still inside Gwen's pussy.

*Follow one or more of the other mutants as they seek out a sexual partner or partners


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Miranda and Kaia find a 'new' friend

Miranda walked around the hospital looking at the size of the damage wrought by the Mutation Liquid that contaminated the food at the fast food outlet where she worked. Not only she and Kaia were wondering how this could have happened. At one point they saw a woman sitting in the corner who kept looking at them. For a mutant she was very beautiful and could pass for a normal woman if not for the extra parts on her body.

The woman had 8 G-cup breasts arranged in four pairs one above the other, it was possible to see through the clothes something that tied the lowest breasts and the second pairfrom top to bottom to those just above them. Her torso was longer than usual to accommodate all her breasts and four pairs of arms she had. She also had 4 legs, one pair behind the other, however she was not a taur. There was a tent formed in her skirt, which by the way it was formed in a way that was possible to see that she had two dicks and they were both hard, but paying attention to her movements, Miranda and Kaia realized that it was not only her legs that she had in double, but her hips too, and by the movement she must have at least one more dick on her rear crotch back and she was fucking herself.

"Hey Miranda, do you think she is interested in us?" Kaia asked

"I'm not sure, but she doesn't stop staring at us." Miranda said just as the woman took a bite out of her lower lip, holding back a moan as she clearly orgasmed, with two spots where part of her cum went through the material of her skirt.

"Anyway I got interested in her. Do you think she would like to have sex with us?" Kaia said

"Maybe. Let's go ask her." Miranda said and approached the mutant who had just come saying "Hi, my bodymate and I noticed that you were keeping an eye on us. Were you attracted to us?"

"Yes I was. I couldn't help but masturbate." the woman said

"I knew it. If we hadn't been affected this way by the mutation we would probably have been offended by the harassment, but now we love it. Would you really like to have sex with us instead of just looking?" Kaia said

"Would you... would you really be willing to do it?" the woman asked, the dicks under her skirt getting hard again. the dicks under her skirt getting hard again.

"Trust me, we also get horny to see you masturbating. Although it felt more like you were having sex with yourself." Miranda said

"It's one of the perks of having a body like this." The woman said lifting her skirt and allowing Miranda and Kaia to see. As the eel girl imagined, her body split at the waist, so she had two bottom halves behind each other, and at the moment she had her front ass sitting on her rear lap. She had two 8 inch hard dicks in her front crotch and, separating her twin ballsacks, they saw a pussy being penetrated by the rear crotch dick, which was much bigger than the pair in the front.

"Great, let's go to my room, there shouldn't be anyone right now." Miranda said

The mutants went to the room, which Miranda locked from the inside after they entered. They wasted no time, the woman quickly undressed her clothes allowing them to see that none of her eight breasts had nipples, instead half of them had dicks and the other half had pussies, the lumps between them were the dick- nipples fucking the pussy-nipples of the breasts just above them. The woman with several limbs lay down on the bed, took her rear cock from her frontal pussy and said "You can choose any of my cocks you want."

"We want your frontal crotch ccks, both at once." Miranda and Kaia said together, moving closer and joining the twin cocks before making them enter their shared pussy. They then wrapped their eel tail around the woman who fucked them while Kaia sucked one of her dick-nipples.

While they were having sex they hadn't realized that someone else had seen them, followed them and was entering the room. Izzy was taking advantage of her body entirely made of cum and entered the room by going under the door. She continued watching for a minute before using the new trick she just learned. She split her body into eight shapeless masses of cum, climbing onto the bed and with two of them began to move in and out of the eight-armed mutant's rear pussy and asshole.

"What is it?" the woman asked

Miranda looked and saw the other masses of cum moving and, knowing what it was, said "Don't worry, it's just my friend Izzy who joined us."

"But how did she get in? Wait, I can't see anyone, is she by any chance invisible?" the woman said

"That's not it. Thanks to her mutation now her entire body is made of shit, the locked door is not an impediment for her to enter. And there are some pieces of it coming closer to you there." Kaia said

The mutant woman looked and saw six puddles of cum she had not noticed before moving towards her, one of which formed a female head made of cum.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you." Izzy said

"I wouldn't mind, I was just caught off guard." the onknown woman said

"Excellent." Izzy said and her head was back to just a puddle, with that she moved the remaining parts of her body and followed in and out, fucking both assholes and all the eight-armed mutant's pussies at the same time.

Feeling the conjoined eel girls reach their orgasm and having the cumgirl fuck all her holes at the same time didn't help at all and the woman didn't resist, reaching the most intense orgasm since her mutation.

Once the orgasms ended Izzy took on her humanoid form again. "Glad I saw you guys while I was going to meet Gemma and I followed you, it was a great experience."

"I also joined in, I was hoping to have sex only with Miranda and her bodymate, but it was much better with the cumgirl arrival." the woman said

"Wait a minute, how do you know my name if I never told you?" Miranda asked

"It's easy, I've known you longer than you think." the woman said

"But I've never seen you before." Miranda said

"You're pretty much the same before your change, at least your face is unchanged, but in my case I'm not surprised you don't recognize me, I've changed a lot. I'm your boss George at the fast food place, although I'm now known as Georgia" the woman said

"Which? Never that I would recognize you. Never would I have imagined that chubby, ugly old man would become such a beautiful woman." Miranda said

"I really was really ugly and fat, maybe that's why I never got a girlfriend. Imagine my surprise when I changed and then when I learned that several of my customers had become mutants too." Georgia said

*Follow Rebecca as she deals with her new form


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Learning to Love Dependence

Rebecca was not having a very good day. After she mutated she had been evacuated from her building and watched as the medical team tore off an entire wall to get one of her tenets out, since they had grown gargantuan assets and had been the source of the cum that infect not only her, but a dozen of her other tenets and their guests. The fact that she would be given generous financial assistance to fix the damages did little to lessen the frustration at her predicament.

Her examination at the hospital was just as bad, the doctor telling her that she would most likely need a caretaker to assist her now that she lacked arms. This diagnosis was the final blow that broke her, as Rebecca was always proud of how she had managed to live independently after graduation. Due to the lack of staff at the hospital however, she was still sent to the hotel with a note to inform the staff their that she needed to be assigned a caregiver. In a moment of defiance to her fate, Rebecca threw the note, which had been placed in her mouth, into the bushes before she crawled into to hotel. Determined to find a way to take care of herself despite her lack of arms, the slug-taur got a single room and began finding a way to manipulate objects. After lots of practice, she had managed to use her three-foot long cock-tongue to grab a pen and write a few messy words.

By the time Rebecca had managed that however, a few hours had passed and she could no longer ignore her growing hunger. After a much to long crawl to the buffet hall, which was luckily still open so newly arriving mutants could get something to eat, Rebecca encountered another problem: she was short. Since her slug body was parallel to the ground, her head was less than three feet off the floor, making most tables designed for average height people taller than her. Of course since this hotel was designed to accommodate people of varying forms, there were special stools to allow short guests to reach the buffet tables, even ones with ramps that Rebecca could comfortably crawl up, but moving one of these stools over with her tongue, which was much weaker than her arms were, would be a challenge. With a long and awkward struggle, which made Rebecca glad that very few people were around at this time of night, she managed to pull a ramped stool up to the buffet table. When she crawled up the ramp however, the enormity of her task truly dawned on her. Just to get herself something to eat, she would need to grab a plate, put the food on it and then carry it all over to a table, all with her single clumsy cock-tongue. The fact that even something as simple as feeding herself was now a herculean task due to her body caused Rebecca to despair.

As Rebecca stood in silence in front of the buffet, barely holding back her tears, two other mutants approached her. One was a woman with reptilian limbs and membrane wings, while the other was a woman with cat-like features, as well as horns and a strangely thick tail. They wore matching grey T-shirts and track pants altered to fit the particulars of their anatomy. The two woman saw Rebecca's downcast face and approached her.

“Hey cutie, need a bit of help?” asked the feline woman. When Rebecca didn't respond, she shot a serious look over at her friend and the wyvern-woman grabbed a plate and began filling it with food from the buffet. As her friend worked, the cat-girl grabbed Rebecca around her stomach, between her middle and lower pair of breasts, and lifted her over to a seat at one of the normal sized tables. Shortly after that her friend arrived with a plate covered in food and placed it in front of Rebecca before both woman sat down on either side of the slug-taur.

“My names Steffany, and this here is Vicky, you look like your having a bad day so why don't you let us take care of you for a bit.” Rebecca made to refuse the feline woman's offer, but found her open mouth being stuffed with some kind of savoury appetizer.

“Just forget about your problems for a moment and let yourself get fed by two beautiful women” purred Steffany, already holding another bite-sized appetizer in her hand.

Steffany's words finally caused Rebecca to break, she began to openly sob as she let the two woman take turns feeding her more of the appetizers. Once she was satisfied, she began to tell the two kind women her story, about how she was now unable to take care of herself and how worthless she now felt. Steffany and Vicky simply sat and listened to her rant, letting her work through her emotions without interfering. When she had finished, the two woman looked at each other and came a a silent agreement.

“Would you like to join us in our room for some 'stress relief' Rebecca?” offered Vicky, her inflection leaving no room to misinterpret her meaning.

Before her mutation, Rebecca would have never considered sleeping with another woman, let alone two, but right now she was desperate for something to distract her from her woes and sex with two hot woman seemed like a very good distraction.

Once she agreed to their offer, the two women wasted no time in bringing her to their room, Steffany holding her in a bridal carry as she marched down the hall. Steffany gently laid her passenger down on the rooms only bed before she and Vicky stripped down naked, revealing the manitcore-woman's ten-inch barbed cock and hefty balls. As Rebecca took in her soon-to-be lover's naked bodies, her cock-tongue began to grow hard in her mouth, extending to it's full three-foot length and rendering the slug-taur unable to speak without her words becoming muffled.

Without another word, the two women crawled onto the bed and began getting Rebecca ready for them. Steffany parted Rebecca's lower breasts and began licking at her pussy while Vicky coated her hands in lube and stroked the slug-taur's cock-tongue from tip to base. This foreplay continued for a while longer before all three women were ready for the main event. Vicky stood up and guided Rebecca's cock into her pussy, the wyvern-woman slowly working herself down towards Rebecca's face. Steffany meanwhile, had found a good angle and eagerly thrust her feline cock into Rebecca's waiting slit. Rebecca's two lovers quickly got into steady rhythm, Steffany thrusting her cock while Vicky pushed herself further down. After several minutes of this, Vicky finally had all of Rebecca's cock inside her, the still slightly flexible appendage curled up inside her 4'11'' frame. As Rebecca found the wyvern-woman's push ass pressed against her face, she reached her limit and came from both her cock and pussy simultaneously, causing both her lovers to climax soon after.

As all three women lay together, recovering from their lovemaking, Vicky made a surpising offer.

“Me and Stef were gonna go on a date once we got out of quarantine, how would you like to join us Rebecca?”

Rebecca thought about how she would need to be cared for for the rest of her life, how their would always be things she simply couldn't do anymore. At first she hated this, losing her independence was something Rebecca feared more than anything else, but if these two were the ones giving her that assistance, maybe she could accept living like this.

“I would love to” she replied.

*Follow Samantha as she hangs out with Tammy


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The calm before the storm.

A week had passed since they had been quarantined and halfway through their treatment to stop being infectious. The medical team had successfully received the nearly 200 people who became mutants during the outbreak.

Samantha, Roberta and Robertine were talking to their parents by video call, reassuring them about what had happened to them and saying they couldn't wait to leave the hospital and resume their lives as normal as they could. In the meantime the lizard girls went through more detailed examinations, so Roberta found out that the different color of her fuck was just aesthetic, and that the heat was due to a substance totally unknown to science mixed with her fuck, which fooled the body that came in contact making the same feel that it was hotter than it actually was. In Robertine's there was a similar substance, but it had the opposite effect, so whoever touched her felt her fucking cold even if she wasn't really at a low temperature.

Gemma and Izzy became closer than ever, especially after their subsequent exams Gemma learned that she still had her uterus, but without having a pussy the only one able to reach and get her pregnant when she decides to be a mother was Izzy herself, who would need to leave a small part of her in there.

Sophia and Flora became very good friends with Janet, and with that the trio planned to work together on Flora's youtube channel.

Margaret was learning to walk with her extremely light body. Her family had a big surprise when they saw her and Paula as the cocktaur between her legs, which was scolded by the doctor when she had her appointment. Even dividing the body they were already planning their wedding.

Izzy's parents also became closer than before and were planning a second honeymoon after they were released.

Naomi learned to like more of what she had become. Over the past week she befriends a girl who a girl who had had her vagina between her legs replaced by three dicks, and had a few dozen tails, each with a pussy at their spherical tips.

Miranda decided that she was going to change her course to medicine, to let Kaia follow her dream even though she was part of her body. After she revealed this Gemma managed to introduce them to the nurse lamia she met when she arrived at the hospital, who as she had a similar body form became very good friends with the conjoined eel girls.

Tammy was forced to move to a different city, which had been developed especially for those who became giants.

With the situation under control, the alert in the city had been removed and people had resumed their normal life, but they did not imagine that the outbreak had been purposely stopped by someone and that this person was still on the loose.

Already on the eve of the quarantined mutants being released, already totally incapable of infecting anyone, when the hospital was informed of a new outbreak, this time with more victims than the previous one, was occurring.

*Where did the new outbreak occur?
In a high school


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Final exams cancelled

Due to the outbreak a few days earlier the final exams of the year at Hyland College had been postponed by a week. In another day of exams Stella welcomed lunchtime, so she could rest her head a bit. Like most of the college's students and faculty, she ate lunch in the college's cafeteria before relaxing for a while on the lawns. The girl was relaxing when she started to feel horny, she tried to ignore and focus her thoughts on the exams to come, but her hornyness only increased.

It didn't take long for Stella to realize that she wouldn't be able to get rid of this feeling so easily and if things continued like this she wouldn't be able to concentrate on her exams. She then decided to go to the nearest bathroom, where she would masturbate in hiding.

On her way to the school building Stella stopped when she heard some muffled sounds, which piqued her curiosity and she followed the sound to see where it came from, she came to some trees on the side of the building that had some bushes around, among which she found Kelly, a girl from a different class from her who she only knew the name of.

Kelly was naked and masturbating, she had even put her panties inside her own mouth in an attempt to muffle her moans, but that hadn't been enough and she could still be heard.

Stella knew that under normal conditions she would be disgusted by the scene, but she found herself strangely attracted to the naked girl. She realized how awkward the situation was, mainly because she had never had any kind of attraction to other girls, but even that wasn't enough to stop her from approaching Kelly and bending down in front of her, taking her hand out of the way and lickingher pussy, much to the girl's surprise.

"You are Stella aren't you? What do you think you are doing?" Kelly asked

"I do not know either. I'm really horny and the desire is just too strong." Stella said, with a movement taking off her skirt and panties

Kelly understood the situation as she was also feeling strangely turned on. She then didn't resist, even after Stella took off all the rest of her clothes.

Amidst the excitement the two girls hugged each other with one arm and kissed, while with their free hands they fingered each other's pussy, thus making each other reach her orgasm.

Stella, thinking a little more clearly now, had just had an orgasm together with another girl, the most intense one she could remember. She realized that Kelly had had an experience similar to hers. She remembered that lunch time should be ending and that she should get ready and go back to the classroom to take the tests, but trying to release Kelly she couldn't. She and the other girl felt a tug as she tried to pull away and the two almost lost their balance.

"Why did you pull me this way Stella?" Kelly asked

"I didn't pull, but I can't let go of you...but what the hell is this?" Stella said surprised to notice that the left arm not only her left shoulder had merged with Kelly's right, but her arm on that side had been totally absorbed by the other girl's body.

"What is the problem?" Kelly asked, still not realizing what had happened

"Look closer, we merged." Stella said

"What?" Kelly said and looked into the space between them, finally seeing the fused part of their bodies, only to realize that both bodies were still fusing with each other. The girls watched as Stella's left leg and Kelly's right leg were absorbed into their own bodies, only to have their hips merged into one.

Stella and Kelly now shared a single body, which held their heads between their shoulders, their wider chest housed their four breasts in a single row, and in their shared crotch, between their legs, were both girls's vaginas.

"I think I know what's going on, we were victims of Mutation Liquid." Kelly said

"Are you talking about the person responsible for the outbrake that happened a few weeks ago? But none of the victims came near the school since the insidente, as far as I know they are all quarantined to this day." Stella said

"I know that, but judging by what's going on I can't think of another possibility. The problem is how we were contaminated." Kelly said

Their conversation was interrupted when they felt one last change taking place, their clits lengthened as both vaginas sealed and vanished, leaving no trace of their existence, then their grown clits thickened and were practically covered in skin, becoming a pair of 9 inch dicks. The finishing touch was the smooth skin underneath loosening into two empty ballsacks, which were quickly filled with a pair of golf-ball-sized testicles in each.

Stella and Kelly, due to the new hormones in their bodies, got really horny again. Realizing that each only had control over their side of the body they took their hard cocks and jacked off, soon having their first shared male orgasm.

"This is hard to believe, we became mutants. Now we won't be able to take the finals." Stella said

"It's not just the exams. Now we'll be bonded together for the rest of our lives and we don't even know what caused it." Kelly said

"I actually have a hunch about how we got infected, but I'm still not sure. Maybe it was the cafeteria food that was contaminated." Stella said

"Hey, I ate the cafeteria food too. If that's the problem I don't think there will be any more tests today." Kelly said

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