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The following entries were voluntarily given to the local M.I.U. (Metamorphic Investigation Unit) and is currently used as training for new recruits in the areas of transformation detection and prevention.  The pages herein are available for public viewing.  The diary provided recounts in detail the victim, Hannah Goode, and her transformation via an unknown provider.

    -          Via the M.I.U. of Sumplis County, Washington

June 12th, 2015

Today’s the day!  I am finally going to start my workout schedule in earnest!  I’ve got a menu planned out, I have trainings planed five days a week, and I got a bunch of neat workout gear to get me in the mindset.  This is it!  I am finally going to become one of those fit girls, the athletic ones!  It’s my third year of college and I still look like a string bean, but no more!  No!  Hannah Goode is finally going to get the body she desires!

June 13th, 2015

Okay, so working out is harder than I thought.  Maybe staying inside and playing videogames all day is NOT the way to prepare for a new exercise regimen.  I only finished half of my run.  And then, I could only lift the ten pound free weights at the gym…  I guess I need to be patient as I work out…

June 20th, 2015

So far I have managed to hit every day in my schedule, but it’s really hard to keep it up.  It don’t feel like I’ve gained any mass.  I drink the protein shakes and eat the right food but I think all I’m doing is gaining weight, even with my fast metabolism.  Shit.

June 27th, 2015

Ugh, I HATE going to the gym.  Every time I go in, it feels like everyone is judging me for being so limp and weak.  All the other guys and girls there look like they belong, while I sit on one of the machines and struggle to do reps.  Even worse, I saw one of the transformees in the gym today.  She was apparently on the volleyball team at school, and when I saw her she had no mouth, but a pussy there instead!  A pussy!  She didn’t even to try to hide it, geez!  What made it bad, though, was that all the guys and some of the girls were ogling her and she just lapped it up.  Ugh…

June 30st, 2015

The gym’s been filling with more transformed people since that girl started showing up.  It’s insane!  I mean, I was in the showers, and this one girl stepped in a couple feet away from me, she was short and cute; that is until she turned around.  She had this massive penis jutting from her groin, like someone had glued it there!  It actually dragged on the floor.  Her balls weren’t much better.  I think they were larger than her head…

Anyways, as for me, I have made a little progress.  Yay.  But, it’s so slow.  I kind of, sort of thought about asking around if anyone knew about some better supplements to kick my exercise into high gear, you know?  Like, not steroids but definitely stronger than the muscle powder stuff.

I’ll ask around tomorrow.

July 5th, 2015

Yes!  So, one of the girls, this weird buff looking chick with a bunch of odd tattoos, she corners me in the locker room late last night.  At first I was freaked out, and who wouldn’t with some punk rock looking chick nearly ambushing them at night?  Anyways, she told me she knew I was asking around about some less than savory supplements.  I tried to lie to her be she wouldn’t let up.  Eventually I admitted to wanting something to bulk me up.  She smiled, a really creepy smile actually, and handed me this bag of - I shit you not - snails.  Freaking snails, and they were really weird looking too.  Their skin was pure white and their shells looked like… well they looked like the heads of dicks.  I asked why the hell I would want some snails but she told me they were a powerful enhancer.  She said if I didn’t believe her, then how did I explain her toned physique?  I told her, rightly so, that she was full of it.  She laughed a little and placed the bag in my hand.  More or less she told me that I should try at least one.  I would feel the effects immediately and if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have to buy them from her.

So I figured, why the hell not?  I have one of the creepy dead bugs sitting on my desk right now.  She said best way to eat them was to fry them up with garlic.  Hides the taste.

July 6th, 2015

Holy fuck!  They work.  The snails work really well.  I cooked up the one she gave me and ate it before going to the gym.  I felt the effect almost immediately.  I felt strong, energetic and aroused all at the same time.  Once I got to the gym I hit the weights like I never had before, and I did so many reps I thought my arms and legs would fall off.  The funny part is that during all of this I got really horny.

When I was done, I made it to the locker room just in time for me to open a stall and masturbate furiously.  I was so embarrassed after that, doing something so lewd in a public restroom.

The woman from last night was waiting for me when I got out.  She had a knowing smile on her face.  She held the bag up in front of me, dangling like you would a treat for a puppy.  I was a little miffed at her taunting, but I needed those snails.  Ended up using all of my game money to buy the bag of a dozen or so snails.  She told me to just eat them all at once.  The effect would run its course through my body over about a month or so.  She also assured me that the, uh, arousal would only occur during workouts because muscle something or another I wasn’t paying attention.  Anyways, I have the weird little snails hidden in my desk and waiting for me to finish them off.  Ooooh I am so excited for tomorrow.

July 7th, 2015

I nearly pissed myself after eating all of the snails.  Ugh, I came so hard that I fell off of the dining room chair.  Those things packed a wallop in numbers.  Thankfully I had the day off so I hit my routine like never before.  I ran to the lake and bake three times, then did squats until my thighs burned.  I finally did pushups at the end and finished in the showers… in more ways than one.

July 12th, 2015

The results are incredible!

I am starting to think there was some kind of transformative thing in those snails that she gave me, because not only has my body become toned, but I have started growing taller!  I stopped growing three years ago, and now I am nearly 5’11”, so something is obviously up.  However, I guess I don’t really mind it.  In fact, I actually really like it.  This feeling of power I never had, this confidence in my raw sexuality that I only found in my new, what’s the word…. Amazonian!  MY new Amazonian body!  I can only hope I keep on growing.  I wanna be like the Amazon from Dragon’s Crown… yeah, that would be neat.

July 23rd, 2015

Well, I certainly got my wish.  I look like some kind of Amazonian playboy; my breasts are huge E-cups, my body is toned and cut, and I am almost seven freaking feet tall.  However, none of my clothes fit anymore.  Not a single one.  I tried putting on some of my panties and they just ripped in half when I flexed.  Same with several of my bras and shirts.  I had to ask my, err, heavier friend Samantha to lend me some of her baggy sweats so I could go shop for some new clothes.  Oh man, the look on her face when she saw my new body for the first time, ha!  Priceless.  Not like my new clothes though…  Ugh, guess I’m gonna skip a couple of pc sales while I get a new wardrobe.

July 30th, 2015

Okay, so I have been trying something out.  I stopped going to the gym and ate whatever I wanted, because I had to see something.  I noticed it on days when I had work so long I couldn’t exercise.  It would seem that even when messing with my routine, I was still gaining muscle and growing.  Now I am a week in and I am still at the current peek I was in my last journal entry.  Hmm.

August 10th, 2015

School is starting up again.  Also, my theory proved true.  I haven’t done any training in nearly two weeks and I am still in top shape.  I even grew another inch, although I hope that was it. I can’t afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe, again!

August 15th, 2015

OK, so I think the growing might be over, but it could be too soon to tell.  I started going to the gym again, but not exactly to work out.  I have found that I am becoming… attracted to girls.  I mean, I was sort of curious before, but now it’s almost all I think about.  Girls, and their soft skin, pretty lips, how their butts feel so nice under your- (the entry ends in a sentence that has been entirely scribbled out)

August 20th, 2015

Everyone at the college was blown away by my new image.  My friends asked me what happened, and I managed to make up some crap about a late growth spurt.  I’m sure some of them suspect my change was transformative, but I don’t really care.  Also, I lost my cool at the gym this morning and cornered that girl with the pussy mouth.  I just couldn’t help it, watching her pussy lips move as she talked on her phone.  I ended up pushing her against the locker, using my larger build and my larger breasts to pin her to her locker.  I, uh, kissed her ‘lips’, unfortunately before I realized what I was doing.  I thought she was gonna scream, but instead she ‘kissed’ me back.

I think it was an hour later when I left the gym.

August 22nd, 2015

So I’ve become sort of popular with the transformed ladies at the gym.  Stephanie, that’s the name of the girl with the vagina on her face, introduced me to her circle of changed women.  One of the girls, Jane, she almost always seeks me out after her workouts.  She’s this cute little hermaphrodite girl, blonde hair, green eyes, and a penis that she had to tuck in between her breasts when she isn’t using it.  The reason she’s always looking for me is so far, I’m the only person tall enough to take her to the hilt.  I should note, being a large muscled woman, that it would appear my own vagina decided to grow as well.  I only noticed this recently, but my clit is nearly the size of a grape and my lips were large enough to swallow my hand easily when I attempted it, then returned to being tight once I was done.

I wonder if I’m becoming a pervert.

August 25th, 2015

I don’t think the changes are over yet.  In fact, I think my Amazonian body was only the beginning, or even just a side effect.  This morning, when I went to take a shower, there were two odd lumps above my vagina, about three inches above my hood with an identical lump on either side.  I poked one and drew my hand back immediately.  It was painful and sensitive.  I almost went to a doctor right there and then, but I don’t know what’s going to happen if I tell them I took some transformative crap.

Of other note, I think I am starting to lose my sense of taste and smell.  I had some coffee this morning and all I could taste was bitter, and I could barely detect its aroma.  The same was true of lunch and dinner.

August 26th, 2015

Holy shit, the lumps above my vagina were eyes!  Freaking. Eyes.

It’s insane!  I mean, shit, I’m actually writing this with my panties off and my journal in front of my pussy just to see if I could do it.  MY lower eyes, as I will refer to them from here on out I think, look exactly the same as my original pair.  No vision defects or anything, I can see perfectly fine.  However, when I first opened them this morning, I was super disoriented for a while.  Two sets of vision is weird as hell.  Felt like a chameleon, looking two ways at once.

Figured it out though, and now I just have to close one set to use the other.  Feels weird having a pair of eyes shut in my underwear though.  Hopefully this is all that happens to me.

August 28th, 2015

Oh man, this just keeps getting weirder.  This morning, when I was brushing my teeth, this milky discharge came out of the front of my tongue.  I immediately spit it out because I knew what it was, thanks to Jane. It was cum!  What the fuck!?

When I opened my mouth, I could see some of the stuff still drizzling from the tip of my tongue, which itself had become a little deformed.  The end was flared up a bit and there was a slit on the tip.  I am not dumb enough to realize what is happening, although apparently stupid enough to by shady drugs from some random person I don’t know.  My tongue is becoming a penis and I am not sure what to do.  There is this little knot of fear growing in my stomach, but at the same time I am kind of excited.  Something about all of this, the changes, makes me really interested in what is next.  I think I’ll still hold off on visiting the doctor.

September 1st, 2015

My tongue is completely a penis, including a small pair of testicles that move around in my lower jaw.  I keep my mouth closed all the time in public.  I only open it for Stephanie and the girls now.  Stephanie reaaaaalllly likes it.

I’m grateful for them, truly.  I was feeling panicked up until I confessed to them was happening.  The first thing they did was hug me, some of the unwillingly changed women hugged me a little harder.  The second thing they did was have me report to the hospital immediately.

After an initial run of tests, they declared me safe for the public.  I wasn’t contagious or anything, but they couldn’t conclude what my changes might be.  None of my symptoms fit any of the usual suspects, so I was told to report anything strange.  Ha, I had to laugh.

September 4th, 2015

I think I need glasses.  My upper vision is getting blurry, but thankfully my lower set of eyes can see just fine, if not even better.  I find myself lowering my pants down a little when I am walking and need to read the street signs, or when I can’t read a menu in a restaurant.  People usually don’t notice as they a more occupied with the real she-hulk aspect of my body.  I don’t mind.

I do mind the worsening vision.  My fear is I might have to use my lower eyes ALL the time.  It sounds kind of kinky though.

September 7th, 2015

Visions gotten worse, and now my cock tongue is beginning to grow so large it permanently sticks out of my mouth.  To add on some more strangeness, it feels like there is an ever present lump in my throat.   Seemingly related, there is this faint line around the middle of my neck. Oh, and my nipples are widening!  I seriously have no idea what is going on anymore, but I have decided to take two weeks off from school and work.

September 8th, 2015

I think the transformations are speeding up.  My nipples seem to have widened considerably while also growing much larger and, uh, plumper.  They feel really soft…

Another thing, I am writing this with on my bed naked, book between my legs because I cannot see for shit with my upper eyes.  Nearly totally blind up there and it sort of pisses me off.  Can’t talk either, my cock tongue is almost a foot long and those huge balls spill out over my lower lip.  I can’t feel my teeth up there anymore, probably gone.  Also, I can’t see it too well from down here, but the line around my neck feels more pronounced, and oddly pleasurable.  Even as I am writing this, I am rubbing my neck.  I should stop, but it feels so good…

September 11th, 2015

So my nipples are apparently mouths.  I guess.  They sure look like a mouths.  They have big soft lips, tongues and a full set of teeth.  I can talk from them two, even at the same time.  It’s actually kind of cool, like there’s two of me in the room or something.  As for my head, it feels sort of numb.  When I touch t, it’s like it’s almost like it’s not a part of me anymore.  I find myself subconsciously pushing on my neck.  The craziest thing is I think I can feel it moving.

September 12th, 2015

Eating with my nipples is fun!  I can have two foods at once without it tasting gross, or down two beers in one go.  I find my muscular body can handle a lot of booze and food, which is good as I love feeding my breasts.  Eating doesn’t just taste good anymore, it feels good too.  Best part is, no matter how much I eat, my body stays in its toned body builder shape.  Only thing that sort of sucks is going to the bathroom is a lot more awkward when your vision is at the level of the toilet seat.  I usually close my eyes.

Speaking of, navigating with my lowers eyes has become almost second nature.  I can get around anywhere just fine, although I am pretty sure I won’t be able to drive again.  So, I have taken to using the bus and cabs to get around.  Actually save me a lot of money.

On another note, my persistent neck touching has found another change.  There are two large lumps erupting from the base of my neck.  Not sure what they are yet.

September 14th, 2015

They’re balls.  Pretty sure of that after I whacked them accidentally.  Ouch…

September 15th, 2015

Oh my god, it’s gone!  Like, actually and completely gone!  What the hell happened to my head?

As I am writing this, it is ten in the morning and my fucking head is gone, but not without leaving something even weirder behind.  When I woke up, there was this clear sticky stuff all me and the bed.  It turned into a trail and led out of my opened window.  I still don’t know what that means, but when I got up to brush my nipples mouths’ teeth this morning, there was a head of a different kind between my shoulders.  Instead of my sunny auburn reflection in the mirror, there was a penis that was nearly as thick and as long as my forearm, with testicles the size of apples sitting atop my body like a phallic conqueror.  I screamed without thinking, rousing my neighbors across the way.

(Second entry recorded later the same day)

Okay, time for my regular entry.  I guess my head is a penis now, and boy is it a doozy.  At first I was scared of this thing, but it just feels so good!  Better than my head had been previously, being numb and whatnot.  Never thought I would masturbate through lunch AND dinner.  Jacking off my new head and playing with my huge pussy for eight hours has made me a little hungry… God I am starving.  Maybe I’ll tuck my dick in between my breast and pretend I am one of those headless girls?  Then maybe I can go grab something to go fro down the street.  probably have to wear a hoodie too...

September 16th

Got a weird text from Stephanie, asking if my body was okay.  Found it weird that she would specify my body and not me as a person.  Asked her why and she sent me a picture.  Nearly pissed myself when I saw it.  Stephanie was sitting on her bed with something in her lap.  It was, apparently my head, although it was far removed from what it looked like before.  The eyes and nose had disappeared from my face, and in their place my grown to a monstrous size and took up nearly the entirety of my face.  Peeking out from my huge mouth was my penis tongue, although this too was greatly enlarged, almost two feet, and seemed to have become prehensile as it was wrapped around Stephanie’s wrist.  Beneath that, my neck was gone.  Instead, a pussy had grown under my head, and it was massive.  It reached from the jaw to the back of my head, and the lips were large and wet.  My head sort of looked like, well, a snail.

I called her and had her bring my head back.  I forewarned her I would look a little different too.  When she arrived, rather than shock, Stephanie seemed rather excited at my hyper sexualized body.  She stroked my chiseled abdomen as she took what had been my head out of her backpack.  The mouth smiled at me and blew a kiss.  When I reached for it, the penis shot out and wrapped around my wrist.  Stephanie told me this means ‘she’ likes me.  I told her she could keep it.  As aroused as I had become, I couldn’t fathom keeping whatever sex creature my head had become in my house.

Stephanie seemed glad enough to take her though.  She even gleefully gave me a glimpse of the new trio of penis she had replaced her lower vagina with and told me she would take good care of her.

November 4th, 2015

Wow, it has been a while since I have written in this thing.  So, yeah, life is going well.  I have a girlfriend now, Chelsea’s her name.  She’s one of those dick neck infected people and it just so happens her change was a pussy under her head and penis out of her shoulders.  Sometimes I push her head onto the penis between my shoulders and let her pretend she’s a really fit girl.  It doesn’t work too well though, my penis neck is far too long for her to fit her head down on.

My head has been living contentedly with Stephanie and we still keep in touch.  She lends the snail thing to the other girls in her group when their urges are too great, and the head is only too happy to oblige.  It seems to live off of sexual fluids, something Stephanie’s friends are only too willing to provide.  And as for Stephanie herself, she has kept on transforming further and further.  Last time I saw her she had grown another head, this one with a penis for a mouth, and had had two extra sets of arms grown.

As work, I had to quit, but the school is letting me attend as part of its transformative action plan.  My family is pretty supportive of me and Chelsea, more or less.  I still go to the gym every now and then, but more often than not I find myself helping out others come to terms with their transformations.  I’m also doing a lot more art, although the monitor needs to be lowered when I want to use my tablet, what with my lowered vison and all.

As for the public, I tend to keep my penis tucked into my bra, sandwiched between my large breasts.  This usually works, although I have on more than one occasion accidentally cum from this and I end up not wearing those clothes again.  Anyways, I don’t really feel like I need this diary anymore.  My life is pretty neat, and kinky as hell!  I still wonder what ever happened to that tattooed woman from before…


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