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Re: The Cthulhu Margarita - by CZs_Imaginarium

The Cthulhu Margarita

Rita slung her overstuffed pack into a corner of the tiny apartment, then walked back to the door and picked up the pile of mail that had accumulated beneath the slot.

It was mostly junk. Store fliers, Chinese food menus, credit card offers... She sifted through and was about to dump it all into the garbage when a sparkly silver envelope caught her eye. The return address was from her hometown in northern Arizona and everything looked hand-written.

Sliding a manicured finger beneath the glittered flap, she pulled out the glitzy card within.

"Hey Fellow Bobcats!" the card read, referencing her old high school mascot.

"10 years, wow! Time sure flies!

I don't know what you've all been up to (holla back Front Side Girls! ;-p), but I was just named this year's #SocialMediaDarling by Superficial Mag! The award comes with a 1-year smartphone sponsorship deal, so it's time for me to make it rain some major $$$!

But what does that mean for you?


Join me in Tahiti for an all-expenses-paid trip to party on my sponsor's yacht! No strings attached. I'm just that kind of gal wink

Just be sure to come with your favorite stories of me to share with our video crew!

I hope to see you all there.

Sunshine heart-hands to everyone!

Your Favorite Homecoming Queen,


The bottom of the card was filled with more hearts, kissy faces and hashtags

Becky... Rita rolled her eyes. Of course it was Becky! Most of those "favorite stories" would probably include rendezvous with the dance squad leader beneath the football bleachers.

Rita chuckled and turned the card over, scanning the party details. It was this weekend!

Checking the postal date, she realized the card must have been delivered the day after she left for her last assignment in Zurich!

She scanned the front of the card again. She hadn't really maintained any friendships or contacts from high school. Most of the kids there had been entitled, privileged pricks. Besides, she had been too focused on her writing and pursuing her dream of becoming an international journalist to be bothered with her old classmates.

But Tahiti was on her bucket list...

Rita grabbed one of the several other packs from the pile in the corner, this one having the word "Tropical" scrawled in black permanent marker across the top.

If she hurried, she could probably use her contacts at the airport to secure a jump seat and get there a day before the crowd!


With a splash, the warm salty water enveloped her, millions of tiny bubbles clearing to betray the beautiful turquoise depths below. Dappled sunlight filtered down, dancing on her copper skin and red one-piece suit as she got her bearings. Taking a deep breath from her regulator, Rita let the stress of her trip melt away as she used her strong thighs to swim deep into the blue expanse.

SCUBA was one of her favorite hobbies and she had been ecstatic to find a small business next to her hotel offering excursions to the nearby reef. Once out on the water, the local man piloting her boat had offered to take her to a rarely seen shipwreck most tourists overlooked. Interest piqued, Rita couldn't resist.

Diving deeper and deeper Rita soon found the wreck, right where the man had said, teetering nose down on the edge of intimidating crevasse. As she swam closer, she noticed something else extraordinarily odd as well.

The shape of it resembled an ancient Grecian transport! It was covered in barnacles and other marine life now, but the curve of the hull and the shape of the oar slots were undeniable. What the hell was something like this doing all the way out here in the South Pacific?

She pulled out her underwater camera to document the amazing find when a tiny glimmer caught her eye. It was coming from somewhere near the ship's helm! Pictures forgotten, she swam closer to find the source of the strange light.

Approaching the deteriorated rail at the rear of the ship, she found a perfectly preserved golden medallion! It was resting peacefully on the rail and contrasted sharply with its surroundings, glittering brightly as the rest of the boat was slowly reclaimed by the ocean. How had such a pristine artifact not been discovered yet?

In awe, Rita touched the medallion, surprised by its warmth and oblivious to the creaking timber around her. Unable to resist, she scooped the oversized coin into her hand and felt suddenly filled with a sense of inexplicable power! But as she brought it closer to admire its beauty, large bubbles and the sounds of crushing wood filled the water around her. The precariously balanced ship was going down!

Filled with panic, Rita quickly slipped the medallion into the top of her swimsuit and swam as quickly as she could up and away from the doomed vessel!

A few hundred feet up, Rita turned back to see the tail end of the ship slip away into the darkness below as a cloud of underwater creatures abandoned their homes in a flurry.

Rita's heart dropped into her stomach.

As the shock of what happened slowly passed, she looked down to where the strange medallion sat nestled in her ample cleavage.

She felt sick with guilt.

Was this trinket really worth destroying such an impressive archeological find?

For a moment she thought the golden disk pulsed softly between her breasts, almost reassuringly.

She was going to need a stiff drink after all this!

Not sure what to do next, Rita turned and began her assent to the boat that brought her here. Hopefully her pilot wouldn't notice what she had done...


Back down in the darkness, a cloud of bubbles arose, revealing a pair of massive glowing eyes watching the tiny human escape back up to its watercraft. Tentacles the size of oak trees slithered up and over the sides of the ravine...


Rita slipped onto one of the stools at the end of the empty bar, hoping to get a little privacy after all the events of the day. Ever since she had taken that medallion from the shipwreck, things had gotten strange.

Upon returning to her hotel, she was informed there had been a leak in her room, and that they would need to move her into another one. But when she went up to get her things, she found her pack was filled with a pool of salty water! Dumping it out, she found the only things left inside were some seashells, seaweed, and a few wiggling starfish.

What had happened to all her stuff??

Deciding it must have been the hotel staff having some fun with her, she simply reported the missing items at the front desk and then left for a quick walk while they prepared her room and replaced her things.

Down on the corner this odd place had caught her eye. Maybe it was the fishbone sign, or the way it was dug down into the ground, but "The Kraken's Lair" seemed like a good place to be left alone for a little while.

Rita pulled the medallion back out from her swimsuit, taking a closer look at it. The brilliant gold surface seemed hardly touched by time, but the engravings around the edges looked ancient. One face of the medal was filled with inscriptions in some ancient tongue she didn't recognize, while the other depicted the visage of some deep-sea creature, framed by a series of undulating tentacles. As she stared at it, she could have sworn they began to move...

"And, what'll you be having?" the busty female barkeep demanded, slamming a hand on the counter and interrupting Rita's concentration.

"I, uh-" Rita faltered. "I uh- don't have any money. I just arrived this morning and the hotel lost all my stuff."

"Well, ain't that just my luck. The one customer I get in here all week, and she doesn't even have any money!" the barkeep huffed, looking around at the empty dive bar before noticing the glimmer from Rita's hands. "What's that you got there?"

She snatched the medallion, flipping it between her fingers before biting the edge.

"Yep," she spat "That's real all right!"

But as she took a closer look at it, her face brightened up into a huge grin.

"Now where did a sexy gal like you come up with a thing like this?"

"I, ah..." Rita scrambled, afraid to mention her fiasco with the ship. "It's- it's an old family heirloom!"

"Oh, really?" the pale barkeep smiled, looking the curvaceous latina up and down. "You're Greek?"

Rita flinched. What did this woman know about the medallion? Did she know about the ship too?

"Uh, yeah... Uh, on my mother's father's side. Twice removed..." Rita blurted

"Well then." the barkeep smiled, flipping the medallion back to Rita. "Let me get you something special... On the house!"

A few moments later the gothic-looking woman presented Rita with an intriguing concoction.

"This is our house special here at The Kraken's Lair." she winked. "Enjoy!"

Rita looked suspiciously at the large margarita glass on the counter in front of her as the woman walked away. It was filled with some sort of neon green drink she had never seen before.

Not sure what to do next, she decided to leave it in the hands of the gods.

With a flick of her thumb, Rita send the medallion spinning in the air before catching it and placing it on the back of her hand.

Opening her fingers, she took a peek....


Bottoms up!

The first sip went down smooth, and the second quickly followed. It was delicious! Rita slowly licked her plump lips, savoring the flavor. It was somewhere between a creamy rum liqueur and a key lime pie. As she closed her eyes and downed the rest of it, the medallion beside her glowed, emitting an indistinguishable pulse of dark energy.

Rita placed the glass back onto the counter, satisfied, then immediately began to feel queasy. Maybe accepting an unknown drink from a strange woman in an empty bar on a remote tropical island hadn't been the best decision!

Rita braced herself against the bar, almost doubling over with the sensations roiling through her abdomen. Where the hell had that woman gone? But as she looked around, something else caught her eye. Where she had left the brilliant golden medallion moments before, now sat a cold lead disk. She flipped it over with her hand. What the hell had happened??

As if in response to her question, she felt a sudden, intense burning in her chest. Pulling back her long cocoa hair she found black markings beginning to appear on her chest! It burned like hot iron as lines were etched into her skin, a familiar design taking shape!

Rita gritted her teeth, unable to stop the supernatural branding, but as the burning subsided, she looked again and realized the design emblazoned on her chest was an exact replica of the face and tentacles from the medallion! The dark visage of the creature stared back at her with glowing eyes.

Then, with a sudden pulse of energy, the back lines turned fiery red and she could feel some unknown presence awaken deep within her!

Dark whispers clouded the back of her mind, mumbling something indistinguishable. Her breasts began to feel inexplicably heavy and the boiling in her tummy dropped lower towards her groin, shifting to a more distinguishable squirming sensation.

Rita panicked and began to completely freak out! She looked for an escape route from this cursed place, but the wooden stairs leading out were now framed by dark, thick tentacles! In fact, all the ornate wooden tentacle carvings along the bar and furniture that had originally added to place's kitschy appeal had started to come to life, writhing and squirming over one another!

The mumblings in her mind had gotten more rhythmic, like some sort of alien chant. A distinct sea breeze tickled her nostrils and ancient memories slipped in and out of her mind.

Suddenly, Rita found herself on an ancient galley, crashing through a tropical storm. Her cloaked brethren stood around her as shirtless men rowed to the beat of the drum. The waves swept high around them, but their mission was too important to turn back now. They had to deliver their cargo!

Rita slipped from her stool, catching herself with one foot. What the hell was that? She looked around, finding herself back in the dark, humid bar.

She rubbed her pounding head, looking up at the mirror behind the bottles of liquor. She squinted, having to do a double-take as she saw her irises had turned lime green while the whites of her eyes had turned completely black! Not only that, but her skin seemed a touch darker, and... purple-ier? Soft purple dots had appeared along her hips and shoulders as well...

By now her swimsuit was struggling to contain her generous tits, a fact corroborated by the throbbing she could feel building behind them. Pulling down one of her shoulder straps, she released a noticeably larger boob from the confines of her swimsuit, trying desperately to relieve the feeling of pressure! Her nipple looked much larger and puffier than she remembered, and both nipples began to itch strangely.

Rita looked around, growing increasingly self-conscious about someone walking in on her like this, but the growing voice in her mind egged her on, assuring her everything was fine.

She reached a hand around, trailing a finger over her swollen nipple. She was surprised by how sensitive it was, the mere act of touching it making her blush! She pulled her suit down further, baring her entire chest to the warm humid air.

As Rita began openly fondling her swelling breasts, she noticed an odd tingling in her fingers. Pulling a hand away for a moment, she watched as flaps of thick skin filled the space between her digits. Turning her hand around she found her manicured nails growing out into little pointed claws! Similar tingling in her other hand and feet announced the arrival of webbing and claws there as well. She wanted to yelp in surprise, but the voice told her no, this was how her hands we supposed to be! And it hadn't been wrong yet...

As she resumed caressing her breasts, she could feel long indentations forming along her nipples in a cross-like pattern. She ran her fingers along the sensitive gullies as the creases pushed deeper into the supple skin of her tits. Meanwhile, the squirming sensations from earlier began to dominate her senses once more, spreading up to her cantaloupe sized bosoms and swirling around deep within her loins.

Suddenly, she felt something thick and warm slip out from her pussy! But instead of becoming frightened, she couldn't help but simply become more even aroused!

The voice deep inside her approved.
She reached a webbed hand down to her nethers, feeling the long, smooth shape of the mass through the crotch of her swimsuit. It reacted to her touch, rubbing the walls of her tunnel as it moved! As this one continued to rub her inner walls, she felt another mound appear, this one exponentially more sensitive than the first! Stroking it through the thick material of her swimsuit felt amazing!

Rita continued rubbing herself, stroking her crotch and nipples freely! The squirming in her breasts intensified, building up like pressure behind a leaky faucet. The pleasure was incredible! The creases in her breasts grew longer, thick flaps of her massive nipples peeking open to reveal an unknown void within. Teasing the rim of this hidden orifice, Rita found it incredibly similar to her pussy; strong, throbbing, and dripping with need!

She plunged a few webbed fingers into her breast, using her other hand to stroke the sensitive mass at her crotch while her quivering sex was filled by the other unknown form!

It all quickly became too much for her to handle and she came like never before! Waves of orgasm coursed through her body, the deep voice inside her head growing louder and more insistent as strange muscles awoke within her!

Rita braced herself against the bar, the once carved oaken tentacles along the edge coming to life and coiling around her wrists, their suckers tickling her amber skin. Several more reached up to her bare breasts, groping and caressing her swollen orbs.

Amidst her throes of orgasm, she felt the sensations in her breasts finally come to a head and she arched her back, moaning loudly for the world to hear! Her nipples peeled open of their own volition, blossoming like thick, sucker-lined flower petals! Warm, clear fluid gushed out, coating her front and filling the air the with smell of sea spray as a pair of thick, purple tentacles burst forth!

Rita slumped forward, the tentacles from the bar supporting her as her nipples opened and closed around the slick appendages now protruding from them. The sensations sent shivers up and down her spine, simultaneously turning her on yet weirding her out at the same time. She stared at the thick, slimy tentacles in shock as they twisted listlessly in the clear, viscous puddle on the counter in front of her. Were those things really hers? Watching them in a sex-addled daze, she soon realized they were beginning to follow her increasingly salacious thoughts! They turned towards the tentacles sprouting from the counter. She couldn't help but wonder... how wonderful would it feel to have those tendrils filling up her nipple holes?!

Acting upon her desires, her nipple tentacles quickly coiled around several from the bar, guiding them up and shoving them into her breasts! Rita groaned. It felt amazing!!

Rita could feel the tentacles moving and twisting within her breasts, the sensitive muscular passages behind her open nipples clenching the suckered intruders. Her nipple tentacles wrapped around them, thickening as they coiled together, rubbing the moist, slimy passages as her nipples pulled them deeper inside. As strange as it was, she couldn't help but bask in the sensations as they pushed her back towards the brink of climax.

A familiar pressure welled up from within her loins, but her hands were still held captive by the living counter top and the tentacles at her breasts were quite preoccupied. Looking down desperately, she was relieved to see the tentacle carvings adorning her stool come to life just as the ones along the bar had.

Sensing their guest's urgent need, a pair of these tendrils quickly slipped around her copper thighs, pulling them open as a third poked and prodded at the squirming forms outlined by the crotch of her tight red swimsuit. The silky material had become fully saturated by the moisture oozing from within as her vagina pounded with lust!

Rubbing the hidden, undulating masses, the tentacle teased Rita mercilessly until her green and black eyes popped open wide, another amplified orgasm descending swiftly down upon her! This tendril quickly wrapped around the damp crotch of her suit, yanking it aside to reveal her altered pussy.

Two thick, sucker-lined flaps of skin and muscle around her slit opened up wide as more clear fluid gushed forth, coating her legs in a warm, salty, ectoplasmic bath. The quivering vaginal tunnel within gripped a thick purple tentacle sprouting from it as another tentacle coming from above her gash pushed its way back up inside her.

The sensations from this one sent Rita through the roof! It felt as though she were being incredibly filled while simultaneously having her clit rubbed and squeezed like never before! It was exhilarating!

Rita rode the orgasmic waves for what felt like hours as her pussy and nipples spasmed over and over, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body! But as it slowly died down, and the wood grain tentacles from the bar and stool slowly extricated themselves from her body, she began to be able to think clearly once more.

Rita held her forehead in one webbed, clawed hand, slowly rubbing her eyes with the other. The deep, unnatural murmuring in her head had finally abated, leaving her mind clear and unfettered for the first time since drinking that strange green cocktail.

Pulling her hands away, Rita tentatively looked down towards her massively warped body...

And smiled.

The deep mumbling began anew, and she welcomed it! It was her master speaking to her! The one who had inscribed his form onto her chest. She looked back down to the tattoo etched above her bosom, now plain black ink once more. Knowledge bubbled up into her mind.

Cthulhu... Yes, that was his name.

She quickly tore away what remained of her swimsuit with her tentacles, looking over her body and taking stock of how he had changed her to his will. Thick, slimy, sucker lined tentacles slid from her impossibly perky FFF breasts that were now topped with thick flowering nipples. Similar muscular petals lifted up from between her thighs, like the jaws of a large spider. Yet the inside of these was much more inviting!

Parting them with a hand she found her moist vagina, still dripping with clear fluid as the smell of sea salt lingered. A pair of tentacles slid out from her pussy, but upon closer inspection she found only one of the two actually came from within her slit. The other had simply replaced her little button of a clit! No wonder it had remained so fantastically sensitive! Rita licked this one softly as it coiled up and around her webbed hand, shivering from the wonderful sensations.

Catching at her reflection in the tentacle framed mirror behind the bar, she realized just how strange she now looked. What would people think of her? Would they call her strange and uncouth? Bizarre and terrifying?

She didn't care.

She was above any human standards of beauty now! They simply couldn't comprehend her anymore.

Yet she knew one thing for certain...

She needed more!!

Rita reached across the bar with an arm, coming up short and knocking a few glasses to the ground in the process. She bapped herself on the forehead. Of, course... Silly her!

Turning her body towards the counter, she shivered as the slimy tentacles in her breasts slipped further out, collecting what she needed. Working partially from memory, and guided by the rumbling inside her mind, she soon had another perfectly crafted lime green margarita.

Time for round two!

"What the hell is going on out he-?" the pale bartender started as she returned from some back room, suddenly catching sight of the changed woman now sitting at her bar!

"Well, well, well!" she smirked. "Aren't you just full of surprises then. Chosen One indeed!"

Rita smiled back, tipping the drink in her direction before downing the entire thing in one go. She set the empty glass on the counter before standing up and walking towards the other woman, her tattoo glowing once more with infernal intent.

"Cthulhu sends his regards." she whispered, pulling the barmaid in close for a passionate kiss. Their breasts pressed tightly together, Rita's tentacles taking the opportunity to coil around other woman's tits in a tender embrace.

Rita could feel more changes welling up within her, the will of Cthulhu shaping her body to its nefarious desires. She had to share his incredible gift!

Rita slipped her clit tentacle up into the waistband of the other woman's skirt, tugging at the elastic.

"You know, if you'd like me naked..." the barmaid whispered, "all you have to do is ask."

"Yes..." Rita grinned, "but I like it better this way!"

Rita stepped back and with a surge of power, another pair of thick tentacles emerged from her breasts! All six of her tendrils quickly tore the woman's dark clothing to tatters.

Rita smiled as she stepped towards her, taking her in as she struggled to pull off the last scraps of her top that still clung to her. Her black lacy bra and panties contrasted so seductively against her creamy white skin! But as sexy as she was, the murmurs in her mind were right...

She could be so much more!

Rita pushed in close to the barmaid, slamming her palms against the wall on either side of her, trapping her with her gaze.

"Are you ready to truly serve the master?" she searched the barmaid's grey eyes with her own black and green ones. "To full submit body and spirit to Cthulhu?"

The other woman braced herself and nodded. "I've been waiting down here in the dark for longer than you can imagine, waiting for the arrival of Cthulhu's Chosen!"

"Very well." Rita closed her eyes and rolled her head, cracking her neck as she felt a tingle in her forehead. "Then let's begin!"

A thin vertical slit appeared in her forehead, and as she reopened her eyes, her third eye opened as well! She could finally see the truth of this place! This was no ordinary dive bar... but simply a front for a gateway to Cthulhu's stronghold! And now, with his vision granted upon her, she could see it was little more than a pit of squirming, writhing tentacles!

Rita pulled the barmaid in for another passionate kiss, bunching the woman's straight black hair up behind her head. Breaking the kiss, Rita stepped back, licking her lips with her long sinuous tongue. Yet as the woman tried to follow, she was stopped short! Glancing up she saw tentacles sprouting from the wall had grabbed hold of her long ebony hair, splaying it out as they weaved through its silky length!

Rita giggled at the other's plight, sizing up her pet for her first change. She slid back up to her, locking lips once more, this time driving her long tongue down the other woman's throat as her third eye glowed. She grabbed the woman's wrists, lifting them high above her head while two more lumps formed on Rita's sides. These lumps quickly thickened and lengthened, developing into another pair of arms! Her new webbed hands lost no time in reaching up to the other woman's breasts, groping and caressing them through her lacy bra. They were a healthy DD already, but quickly began plumping around the sides of her straining bra as Rita massaged them. She groaned softly until there was audible 'pop', and her breasts fell free of their restrictive garment!

Wrapping a pair of tentacles from the wall around the woman's wrists, Rita slipped her upper hands down below the fabric cups now hanging loosely from the barkeep's shoulders, tweaking her puffy nipples. She moved her lower hands down below her own breasts, cupping a pair of swelling masses beginning to appear there.

Meanwhile, Rita's own tentacles stayed busy. The ones from her breasts coiled up and around the woman's arms and neck while several more slipped out from Rita's straining pussy. A pair found the barmaid's milky thighs, coiling around them down to her calves. Grunting, Rita's tentacles lifted the barmaid's legs up into the air, ratcheting them outwards and upwards until her ankles were as high as her hips with her thighs parallel to the floor! Thick tentacles from the wall wrapped around them, locking them in place as she hung several feet off the ground.

Releasing their grip, Rita's tentacles returned to the woman's crotch, looping around her lacy panties and pulling them down to reveal a plump pair of lips, freshly groomed and glistening with need! Her tentacles were more than happy to accommodate, Rita's clit tentacle quickly sliding up inside.

Both women moaned at the new sensations, then Rita felt something unexpected. As she continued to deep throat the barmaid with her tongue, she began to feel a growing pressure around it. She tried pulling her tongue back, but soon found herself unable to do so! Whatever it was, something was pulling her tongue deeper into the other woman's throat!

Curious, Rita broke their kiss and stepped back from the other woman still held tight against the wall, the tentacles bridging their pussies lengthening to remain inside their moist tunnels. But that wasn't all that remained. Rita was surprised to find her long, sinuous tongue still bridging the gap between them as well!

Opening her eyes, the barmaid looked at Rita and smiled around her mouthful. As their eyes remained locked, Rita could feel the strange pressure rising along her tongue until a wiggling black form appeared from the other woman's lips! Even more surprising was that it was swallowing Rita's own tongue whole!

Smiling at this new, strange development, Rita stepped back in, swallowing the barmaid's unique hollow tongue as it devoured her own. Another sensation caught Rita by surprise as she felt at new pressure at her pussy. Glancing down, she saw that while she had been distracted by their tongues, the barmaid's clit had plumped and lengthened, turning into a tentacle of its own that was now knocking at her door. Rita grunted, adjusting her stance and making room for the tendril to push its way into her overfilled pussy. Apparently, this woman had some surprises of her own!

Both women moaned loudly as their tongues dove down each other's throats and their sensitive clit tentacles coiled together, shooting unbelievable pleasure to their very cores!

By now, Rita's new lower breasts had finished their growth, rivaling her first pair in size. The nipples quickly pulled apart into thick, slimy blossoms, the sucker-lined petals releasing a deluge of warm, salty liquid down their legs and pussies. Behind her nipples, new muscular orifices were stretched wide as several more slick purple tentacles appeared! They quickly slipped around the pale woman's waist, kissing her smooth skin with their suckers as they pulled her hips closer.
Rita found a several familiar creases along the other woman's swollen nipples as well. Stroking further, they soon split wide, blooming open and spilling fluid black as ink to mix with Rita's fluids already coating their lower bodies! Thick black tentacles quickly pushed their way out of her nipples, eager to join in the fun as they wrapped around Rita's breasts, filling her ample cleavages!

The barmaid gasped from the amazing sensations, her tongue finally releasing Rita's as it pulled back into her throat. Rita watched as the other woman's eyes popped open wide, revealing black sclera framing her pure white irises!

Rita grinned, nefarious thoughts dominating her mind.

"Shall we take this to the next level, my love?" she proposed, snapping a pair of clawed fingers.

The barmaid blinked, hardly having time to register the question before she felt the thick wall tentacles behind her begin to shift. Lowering her legs, they quickly looped around them both, wrapping their bodies tightly together. Then, with a sudden lurch, they began moving!

Shaken, she instinctively coiled her titty tentacles around Rita for support, but the reaction was wholly unnecessary as the sold limbs moving them upwards kept them securely wrapped together.

Rita chuckled as the tentacles passed them along. "Afraid of heights, my pet?" she asked, stroking her chin.

"Uh, no. Not really." The barmaid blushed. "Just, ah... afraid of falling!"

"Well, you needn't fear that my dear. Our friends have us well in hand!" Rita replied, giggling at her own pun as she patted a nearby tentacle.

The thick members passed the lovemakers between them as they moved up along the wall until, with a sudden, unsettling shift, they were flipped backwards and left hanging parallel to the floor below!

The ceiling tentacles continued to pass them along, high above the squirming floor, until they were near the middle of the room.

"This should do nicely!" and with another snap of Rita's fingers, the tentacles stopped, leaving the women hanging in their grasp above the bar.

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a tad thirsty."

Rita grunted softly as she pulled her tentacles back from the other woman's various orifices, then pushed away. She dipped and spun down a pair of tentacles like an expert ribbon dancer until she landed deftly on the countertop. The barmaid watched in awe as she was held tight to the ceiling, her arms and legs stretched out wide as suckers caressed her creamy skin.

Rita snapped her fingers once more and several tentacles slid back up the pale woman's body, determined to keep her squirming at the behest of their Chosen! They coiled around her long prehensile clit, undulating and pulsing along its length. Several others quickly joined in, pushing in and out of her nipples and pussy!

"Having fun up there?" Rita winked as her own tentacles whizzed across the bar, preparing another drink for their mistress. Within seconds, she was handed another large margarita glass, filled to the brim with neon green.

"Don't get too far without me up there!" she called up with a smile as the barmaid squeezed her eyes tight, incredible pleasure building up inside her! Rita licked the salt from the glass with her long tongue before downing the delicious concoction.

"Now... time for some real fun!"

With a wave of her hand, several tentacles wrapped around her webbed feet, lifting her into the air like a living escalator until she was just below the other woman's face. She wore a focused grimace, quivering as she tried to cope with all the pleasure rolling through her body. Several of her own tentacles had strayed down from her breasts as well, unable to resist the siren's song of her pussy!

"Hmmm, think you need a few more playthings?" Rita asked mischievously.

She ran her webbed hands through the woman's silky black hair as her tattoo glowed anew. As the strands passed beneath her fingers, they began to clump and thicken, congealing into more long, thick tentacles! Tiny little maws appeared at their tips, covering Rita's face with kisses as she stroked them.

"Yes, lovely, my dears..." She chuckled. "but don't you have more important things to do?"

Pausing for a moment to consider, the tentacles turned back towards their owner, covering her creamy skin with their tiny kisses and sucking at her generous tits.

Meanwhile, more thick tentacles had descended from the ceiling, wrapping Rita's arms and legs and pulling her upwards until she hung parallel to the other woman, mere inches beneath her.

"Anyone home?" she smiled, tapping the barmaid's forehead. Grunting, peeled a black and white eye open, looking pleadingly at Rita!

"...k ...he..." she whispered.

"What's that?"

"h...k ....mhe..." she tried again, quivering.

"You'll have to speak up my dear..." Rita smirked.

The barmaid summoned all her remaining strength.


"With pleasure!" Rita grinned.

She ripped what remained of the bra and panties from her pet's pale body, her hands caressing the heavy breasts pressing down into her own. She pulled the ceiling's tentacles from the barmaid's snatch roughly, quickly replacing them with several of her own. She coiled her breast tentacles around them both, hugging them together tightly as the barmaid's black ones did the same.

Their clit tentacles found each other once more, coiling around each other before joining the others pumping into their overstuffed, glistening vaginas!

Rita felt more tingling radiating down her spine as long, thin protrusions appeared, quickly filling with translucent purple webbing as the soft fin developed down her back. A pressure above her ass heralded the growth of a long, thick prehensile tail that weighed down heavily, prompting several more tentacles to descend from the ceiling to support its girth. Soft, round purple fins appeared around the base of her impressive tail, matching her spinal fin perfectly. Similar fins appeared along both women's calves and forearms and aquatic gills split the skin at their necks, but they were too far gone in their passion to care!

Tentacles flowed in and out of one another as they pushed each other closer to the edge. Tendrils slid from their swollen breasts, wrapping their bodies close as they pumped their hips, grinding and swaying high above the living bar beneath them.

Rita could feel something else welling deep within her as she neared total climax, an intense tingling down her back as the tentacles there were pushed aside by growing mounds. She could feel them swelling in time with the waves of pleasure coursing through her until it was too much!

The rubbing and sliding through her quivering pussy; the teasing and groping of her quadruple breasts and nipples; the undulating pressure along her clit buried deep into her lover's snatch. It was all simply too much to bear!

She could feel the barmaid's body twitching, her muscles clenching up as well as she pumped her lover full!

Then, with an incredible rush of clear, salty and inky black fluid, both women finally came!

The barkeep groaned and grunted as pure orgasm overtook her body, new muscles spasming in waves as tentacles continued to caress her!

Rita moaned along with her, then yelled as large webbed wings exploded from her back! The impressive bony wings beat large gusts of air throughout the room as her entire body was dominated by the intense orgasmic pleasure!

After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, both women's bodies finally started to relax, a warm afterglow creeping into their extremities as the tentacles slowly pulled their way out. The ceiling tentacles gently lowered them down into a soft and squirming bed of more below. The women were both relieved to be back down from their perch, stretching out before cuddling together again, their own tentacles finally slipping free of each other's orifices as they receded back into their own.

"Well then..." the barmaid whispered as she snuggled close, tracing the black tattoo on her lover’s chest. "You really are full of surprises!"


The women laid together for hours, recovering from their salacious escapades. The tentacles covering the floor created a comfortable bed as well as a cozy, albeit somewhat squirmy, blanket. Rita kept her long powerful tail wrapped tenderly around her lover's legs.

The barmaid, Persephone, explained how she had been shipwrecked and stuck on this island for millennia, waiting underground for Cthulhu's Chosen to arrive. Rita revealed how she had happened upon a similar shipwreck, the same place where she had discovered the medallion that had started everything.

Persephone was convinced it was the will of Cthulhu! But Rita had her doubts.

"Then why did you come to this island to begin with, if not guided by Cthulhu?" Persephone pried.

"I was supposed to be attending a gathering with some overprivileged classmates from my past." Rita explained. "But that's irrelevant now. I couldn't care less about their trivial self-aggrandizing parties."

"But don't you see?" Persephone insisted.

"See what?"

"The will of Cthulhu! He has laid a path for you. You must go to this party! Perhaps you were meant to convert these others to Cthulhu's side..."

Rita didn't want to admit it, but she knew Persephone was right. The deep rumblings in her mind confirming this truth.

"Very well. But should I just go like this?" Rita looked down at her massively changed body. "I'm afraid I wouldn't get far."

"Leave that to me. I've been under long-standing orders to serve and assist Cthulhu's Chosen once they were revealed to me. I've spent that time studying and practicing. How do you think I was able to disguise this place as a normal dive bar?" Persephone waved her hand at the pit of tentacles around them.

"I'll have you looking human again in no time."


Re: The Cthulhu Margarita - by CZs_Imaginarium

Separated Love

Natalie pushed open the door to her tiny apartment and stumbled inside. She probably should have taken multiple trips to lug all her gear in, but that had always been a pet peeve of hers. She shuffled to the other side of the room and dumped all the bins and bags onto the floor beside her bed, then went back to shut the door and check the pile of mail behind it. The pile was much smaller than she expected, having been gone for several months. Looking over at the counter, she saw the much bigger pile already sitting there. Looks like her roommate had been here recently!

Flipping through it on her way to the kitchen, she finally tossed it all onto the counter. A silver, sparkling envelope then caught her eye to the side, with its bedazzled contents still open on top. It wasn't snooping if a card was already open, right?

She went to the fridge and grabbed a coconut water while she read her roommate's mail. Tahiti, huh? Must be a nice break from those cold weather assignments Rita kept getting. Where was she last… Zurich? Natalie shrugged. They both traveled so much for work, they hardly spent any time together. But that was probably for the best. Their living situation was more about the mutual need for a permanent address than any personal connection. Sure, they were civil enough when they happened to be together, but their conversations were little more than shop talk and food delivery orders.

Tossing her empty bottle into the garbage, Natalie heard the sound of heavy paper flopping to the ground behind her. Turning, she found a brown and red envelope had slipped free from the mountainous heap. She picked it up. It was addressed to her, with a return address of… Tahiti!

With goosebumps prickling her skin, Natalie pulled out the letter and began reading.

"Hey Natalie, long time no sea!

I know it's been a while, but I hope you've been well. I heard from Brad Mesberger that after I dropped out you went on to graduate summa cum laude from the marine archeology department, and even got your PhD. Congratulations Doctor! (I always knew you had it in you.)

That's actually what prompted me to write you this letter. I would have reached out to you sooner, but things here have been pretty hectic. Long story short, the venture I went off chasing those years ago went bust. Thankfully I still have the Starlight though, and we've been getting by on gig work.

Enclosed with this letter is my business card, along with the address to my usual mooring dock. I've been hearing whispers about a strange wreck that the locals say is haunted. I'd be happy to put the Starlight in your service if you wanted to come down and check it out. I can even give you half off our usual charter fees. We kinda need the business…


Connor Thompson"


Natalie felt a whirlwind of emotions swirl through her. Connor Thompson. Connor - Fucking - Thompson. He had the nerve to write to her after leaving the way he did? She had immersed herself into her studies back then, just to forget about him. And here he was, seven years later, just writing her out of the blue? How did he even get her address anyways?

But as much as she wanted to forget him, she couldn't deny the butterflies welling in her stomach. Connor ~ Fucking ~ Thompson. They had been college sweethearts after meeting in the boat club. She had been struggling with body dysmorphia, always rejecting her own image in favor of those photoshopped to perfection and plastered across social media. But all that had melted away when he asked her out. He had looked at her with those deep, caring eyes and said bluntly, 'Honestly Natalie, I think you're downright gorgeous.'

She had thought they'd be together forever, sailing across the globe and exploring uncharted waters. Then one day he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a simple note saying he needed to go pursue the chance of a lifetime. Yet now, even after all these years, she still couldn't forget him, and she knew she wouldn't be able to until she got some closure.

Besides… Tahiti had always been on her bucket list.

She went to her desk and grabbed the large bin of folders labeled 'South Pacific' and tossed it on top of the pile next to her bed. Grunting, she gathered the mess of gear into her arms and shuffled back out towards her next adventure.

"Radio check. One-two, one-two. Natalie, you there?"

"Copy that. Yeah Connor. I hear you loud and clear."

"Great! The wreck should be just a bit further down. Supposedly it's right on the edge of the gorge below us."

Connor checked the biometric readout on his laptop from Natalie's wristband. The pressure reading was slowly increasing as she went deeper but her vitals remained stable. Which was more than he could say for himself. He felt like his heart was beating out of his chest. She had actually come to Tahiti!

He leaned back into his captain's chair, running his hands through his dark hair as he tried to calm himself down. Writing that letter had been a shot in the dark. He never thought she would actually show up! Ditching her the way that he had back in college was inexcusable, and he had regretted ever since. Their relationship was just starting to get serious and he had panicked, using the business venture as an excuse to run away. But now she was here, in Tahiti, with him! It was a second chance he couldn't afford to screw up again.

"Uh, Connor?"

"I'm here." he responded. "What's up?"

"Are you sure we're in the right place? There's no shipwreck here…"

He fumbled with his charts, checking their coordinates. Everything lined up. Was he given bad info?

"Are you sure? It says we should be right over it."

"Yeah, I see the gorge just fine, but there's definitely no ancient Grecian galley."

Connor sighed, frustrated. Now he just looked like some creepy ex! Inviting her out to the middle of the ocean with an apparently fabricated story about an unbelievable shipwreck…

"Hang on a sec…" her voice crackled over the speaker. "There's something else down here. Not a ship, but… I need to take a closer look."

Connor held his breath as the radio remained silent. Minutes passed. He checked her vitals on his laptop and everything seemed fine. Given her gear and her ease around the boat, she was clearly an experienced diver. He just needed to give her more time.

He stood and started to pace across the deck when a beeping noise from his computer caught his attention. Natalie's vitals had started to go wild! Her pressure readings were going up and down while her heart rate spiked. What was going on down there?!

Suddenly, the sound of bubbles mixed with groans and gasping came crackling over the speaker. Then he could hear Natalie shout something that became muffled with water. Had she lost her helmet?

"Natalie! Come in Natalie! Do you copy?"


"Natalie, do you copy? Natalie!!"

He flipped his radio over to the emergency channel and was about to call for a rescue team when the sound of large bubbles erupted from the water behind him. He stared out into the effervescence and saw a single floating shape. It was Natalie!

To his massive relief, she came swimming back towards the boat, grabbing ahold of the ladder and hoisting herself aboard. She collapsed to her hands and knees as Connor rushed to her side.

"Natalie! Are you ok? What the hell happened down there?!"

He noticed for the first time she was covered in some slick black liquid. Not oil, but something similar. Ink, perhaps? She gasped for air and spat up seawater, her helmet and air tank nowhere to be seen. Leaning closer, he could hear her mumbling something.

"What? I can't hear you."

"Move!" she gasped, the sense of urgency in her voice undeniable. "Go, get us out of here! NOW!!"

Without missing a beat, Connor hurried back to his chair and hit the button to raise anchor. As the sound of cranking chains filled the air, he rushed to the lines and released the boom before cranking up the halyard. Working to control the sails, he finally managed to get the wind at their back and the Starlight skipped across the waves. He looked back towards the bubbles still roiling the water behind them. He could have sworn a strange blackness was spreading out over the surface, but it must have been just a trick of the sunlight.

Securing the lines and checking their coordinates, Connor set a course towards the main island. Finally getting a moment to catch his breath, he looked up to find Natalie was gone. He noticed several pieces of gear scattered around the deck and the set of inky footprints leading into the small cabin below. Locking the wheel in place, he hurried to follow her inside.

As his eyes adjusted to the interior lighting he found her sitting on the cushioned bench along the wall, rubbing her arms as she stared off into space. She looked like she had seen a ghost… or something worse.

"Hey, Natalie. You ok?"

She glanced up at him, forcing a smile through the black slick still coating her face and body.

"Yeah, I uh… I just need a minute. Y'know. Just gotta… pull myself together."

"Sure thing." he replied. "Let me grab you a towel, you can clean yourself off."

"Thanks. That'd be great."

Connor turned around and began rummaging through the cabinets when he heard the sound of a zipper, followed by a sultry moan. His heart leapt into his throat. Grabbing a towel he spun back around.

"I hope you don't mind whale print. I…" he trailed off as he witnessed the spectacle before him. Natalie was leaning back, supporting herself on one hand as the other clutched the wetsuit zipper beneath her ample bosom. Her eyes were closed and she swayed slightly, moaning in ways Connor had only dreamed off these past few years.

Something strange was going on, but he didn't know what. Then he realized the blackness that had been covering her was starting to fade! Her bare legs had already regained their tanned hue and her hair had returned to its original dirty blonde. Meanwhile the slick on her wetsuit seemed to flow on its own towards any exposed skin. It flowed into the neck of her suit, pooling at her cleavage while more of it seeped beneath the bottom hem of the legless garment. Connor watched in awe as the last of it disappeared, absorbing completely in Natalie's skin.

Her swaying stopped as she blinked and looked around. Catching his stare, she smiled.

"Hey there, sailor. Enjoying the show?"

"Na- Natalie?" Connor stammered. "You ok?"

"Oh, I'm doing great. Never better!" she smiled, unzipping her suit the rest of the way down. "But I could use a little company…"

Connor felt a throb in his pants. Was this really happening, or was it just another dream? She had been so guarded earlier... Why the sudden advance? Something definitely seemed off. But the real question was, did he care? This was the moment he had been dreaming of for years!

"I just, ah…" Natalie paused. "...feel a little funny…"

Connor noticed dark lines forming along the base of her neck and along the tops of her arms. The lines grew darker as another appeared at her midriff, just above her navel. She moaned again, blinking slowly and staring at her hands while the skin around the strange lines began to ripple. Creases appeared across her nipples and points of skin puckered above her wrists. She reached towards the wall beside her, and her hair began to follow suit, clumping into thick strands that reached out as well, compelled by some shared impulse.

The dark lines across her body had grown much thicker and if he didn't know better, Connor could have sworn they were becoming visible gaps. He stared, entranced by what was happening to Natalie's body. Then, with a sudden 'pop', her head peeled away from the rest of her body!

Supported by her now tentacle-like hair clinging to the wall, Natalie's disembodied head moaned from the sensations as the strands of skin connecting her neck and shoulders broke apart, thickening into squirming tendrils. Her left arm lunged for a nearby handle on the wall, grabbing it just in time as the limb disconnected from her shoulder. Her right arm wasn't so lucky though, bouncing off the seat cushion as it detached and fell to the floor with a thump. Connor watched in shock as Natalie's armless torso slowly slid to the side before popping off her hips and falling flat onto the cushions beside her.

Unable to look away, Connor watched as the skin along the edges of Natalie's parts stretched out and thickened into squirming tendrils, just like at her neck. But now there was more to it than that. Where her entrails should have been escaping the disembodied torso, thick pink limbs emerged instead, more in keeping with the physiology of an octopus or squid than any normal human. The limbs poked around her body, blindly exploring their environment until the creases at her nipples suddenly opened wide, revealing a large pair of eyes!

Natalie moaned loudly as the nipple-eyes appeared, closing her own as she reveled in whatever pleasure these changes seemed to be giving her. Her hair had completely changed into suckered tentacles as well, giving her head a rather Medusa-like look. More tendrils had sprouted from her neck too, with what appeared to be a set of thick, pouty lips at the tip of one.

The eyes in her chest blinked several times as they gained their bearings. Now able to see properly, her torso began to move more deliberately. It wiggled the arm stubs still attached to its shoulders, freeing itself from her wetsuit to reveal more tentacles emerging from where her limbs had fallen away. A thicker tentacle emerged from her torso's ribcage, tipped with another set of full lips that let out a lusty gasp.

Her hips squirmed on the cushion nearby, pawing at the crotch of the remaining wetsuit with its own tentacles. Sensing their need, her torso slithered a few tendrils over, unfastening the wetsuit's crotch buckles. The garment finally fell away, exposing her quivering pussy as well as two more pairs of eyes set between her crotch and navel.

As Natalie's legs gained their bearings, they stood up and took a few steps, then paused as more changes occured. Natalie's various mouths moaned in unison as her plump labia unfolded into a pair of fleshy mandibles that flexed and tasted the air around them. Folding back in, they prodded the sensitive gash between them, eliciting another universal moan and all 4 pairs of her eyes rolled from the communal pleasure!

A faint tap at Connor's shoe then caught his attention. Looking down he found Natalie's hand standing on its fingers, its own eye staring up at him from just above her wrist! His heart leapt to his throat, and he looked up to find the rest of Natalie's eyes were all trained on him as well, as if just now remembering he was down here with her! The eyes turned softer, drinking in his form with sultry looks as her pussy mandibles flexed hungrily.

Panicking, Connor finally found the strength to move and made a dash for the open cabin door! Forgetting the hand still at his feet, he stumbled over it, his arms flailing as he careened into the low bulkhead. Darkness swallowed his vision as he drifted into unconsciousness, the sound of Natalie's worried voice above him fading into nothing.


Connor blinked as consciousness slowly returned. He rubbed his eyes and found an icepack resting on his forehead. How long had he been out for?

"Hey there sleepyhead!" a soft voice greeted him. Natalie's face came into view as she sat down in the cushions next to him. But something seemed off…

"Hey." he replied weakly. "I just had the most unbelievable dream. You were sitting here…"

Connor's voice trailed off as he sat up quickly, realization setting in. Natalie sat beside him, rubbing his arm. She was dressed in a bathrobe from the closet, but it couldn't hide the dark crease along her neck or the tentacled hair squirming over her shoulders.

"It… it was all real?!" he stammered.

"Yes," she blushed. "but don't freak out again. Please!"

She rubbed his arm again reassuringly, and a tentacle reached out to caressed his face. Connor jumped back at the touch.

"Don't freak out? Your hair is an octopus! And the rest of you…" he paused, remembering what had happened . "You were all in pieces! How the hell am I supposed to not freak out?!"

"It's ok. It's still me, Natalie! Just a little… different."

"A little?!"

"Look, you're not making this any easier. It's weird for me too, you know!" Her hair writhed behind her, displaying her frustration as she stood up and paced around the cabin. "How would you like to suddenly become a monster? To feel like the whole world is falling apart around you?! And the one man you ever loved can't even bear to sit next to you!"

"I… I…" Connor stammered. "Wait… Loved? You loved me?"

"Of course I did! But clearly you didn't feel the same way, running off to Tahiti without even giving me a real goodbye. And now this!" Tears formed in Natalie's eyes as she covered her face with her hands and hair.

"No, I…" Connor replied softly, standing up and walking next to her. He pulled her into a tender embrace. "I… I loved you too."

"Yeah, but what good is that now?" she sobbed. "Now that I'm this… thing!"

He looked her in the eye and replied softly, "Honestly Natalie, I think you're downright gorgeous."

She looked up, the tears in her eyes turning from sadness to joy. Connor leaned down and their lips locked into a passionate kiss. He could feel her tentacles prying at his clothes as he slid his hands down her back. No matter what she looked like, he knew she was the only one for him! And the feeling of her altered form pressed against his own… It was exhilarating! It didn't take long for Natalie's roaming hands to find his crotch, and the stiffening member within.

She quickly undid his belt before shoving him backwards onto the bench behind them. With the floor to herself, she shot him a sultry look and began slipping the bathrobe off her shoulders. The garment hugged to her body as it slid to the floor, accentuating every voluptuous curve. Her tentacles and hands followed suit, caressing her body as she swayed from side to side, putting on a show for her lover.

Her fingers ran along the grooves in her skin, tracing the interface between her various pieces. Her hands eventually made it down to her crotch where they toyed her plump labia. She shivered as her pussy mandibles suddenly opened wide, snagging her hand and guiding it inside the needy slit between them. She was soon moaning again, thrusting her hips until a spurt of inky slime signaled the first orgasm of her altered form.

Grinning, she licked her fingers and sauntered towards Connor. She pulled down his pants while her autonomous hair peeled off his shirt and she soon had him down to his underwear. She pushed him onto his back and straddled his waist, reaching behind to play with the throbbing bulge in his boxers as she ground her crotch against his belly. He gazed up at her face, locking eyes with her and smiling as he enjoyed her ministrations. She smirked back, scolding playfully, "Hey buddy, eyes down here!" gesturing towards the eyes adorning her tits and belly.

Playing along, he adjusted his gaze as directed, finding it to be much less awkward than expected as her additional eyes twinkled with the same beauty as her original pair. They winked at him seductively as another crease opened up beneath her ribs and a tendril slipped out, tipped with full, pouty lips. They lost no time in advancing on him, locking him into a passionate kiss. A kiss he happily returned.

From the corner of his eye Connor noticed Natalie's arms had gone missing. He could still feel her hands groping at his crotch, but her shoulders now ended in tentacled stubs that played with her tits. A sudden tug at his underwear revealed what her arms were up to though, and with a few more tugs his boxers were down to his knees. His meaty rod slapped against the small of Natalie's back as it was freed from its confines and her constant motion kept it standing at attention. She looked down and gave him another smirk, happy to show off the advantages of her altered form.

Having accomplished their mission, her arms returned to their homes, sealing themselves back into her shoulders. Natalie locked her fingers together and stretched her arms over her head, testing their connection. Now that she had Conner fully naked, it was time for the main event!

Natalie lifted her hips and hovered over his throbbing cock. Her pussy mandibles unfolded, tasting his musky scent as they caressed his length, coating it with her inky pre. With one swift motion, she lowered her hips and took him all at once, shuddering as he filled her aching slit!

They both moaned with pleasure as she pumped her hips up and down. Connor couldn't believe the incredible sensations dominating his cock. Besides her exterior changes, her insides had changed as well. It felt like her tunnel was filled with a hundred squirming tendrils, all stroking his cock at once! He felt like he could cum in an instant, but something was holding him back. Something in that inky slime from her pussy was both heightening his pleasure and holding back his ability to cum, leaving him with a rock-hard erection that felt like it could last for days!

Looking back up at his lover, he could tell she was enjoying herself just as much as he was. Her eyes were all closed and she ran her hands up and down her body, stroking her breasts and playing with the tentacle hair writhing behind her. Her breathing became more rapid as their pleasure increased and Connor noticed the seams across her body starting to darken.

Gyrating her hips with renewed vigor Natalie's limbs started to lose their coordination. Her hands bumped into each other as they caressed her body. Her head turned one way as her torso twisted the other. Her legs began bouncing to a rhythm different from the rest of her. The darkening seams widened into noticeable gaps and the tendrils inside did their best to hold her together. But the pleasure was too much, overwhelming her central cortex and she fell to pieces on top of him!

Her torso fell heavily against his own, pressing her breasts against him as her head popped off and rolled to the cushion beside them. She hugged him with her shoulder stubs as her arms fell away to either side. One hand crawled onto his head, stroking its fingers through his hair as the other went back to join her hips. It played with her clit as it bounced up and down, eliciting a chorus of moans from the various mouths across her body. Her head lifted itself up with its hair and hovered over his face, resuming their passionate kiss. He could feel her tongue had changed as well, its little suckers clinging to the roof of his mouth as it drove deeper inside. Her tentacles stroked his body as they kissed, leaving sucker hickies across his chest and neck. The tendrils inside her pussy spiraled around his cock as her mandibles caressed his balls. With a few more pumps Connor felt something deep inside him click, and the dam holding him back broke free!

They groaned and gripped each other tight as waves of incredible orgasm washed over them both! He held her hips steady as her pussy eagerly guzzled the loads of semen he pumped inside her with every thrust. The supply seemed endless as jolts of nirvanic pleasure shot through them, but after what felt like an eternity the intensity finally waned.

His cock twitched as the last of his spunk oozed free, her pussy mandibles cleaning it thoroughly as he withdrew. They finally collapsed with exhaustion, Connor on his side and Natalie in pieces beside him. They cuddled as sleep slowly overcame them, happy to finally be together again.


"Ship ahoy!"

"What? Don't you mean 'land ho'?"

"No, 'ship ahoy'. You know, nautical talk for 'Hey, there's a ship over there.'"

"Oh. So why not just say 'Hey, there's a ship over there?'"

"Because, we're on a boat! You think you'd know that sort of stuff now, being the Chosen One and all."

"Hey, just because my past is tied to the sea doesn't necessarily mean I remember it all." Rita shot back. "Where is this ship anyways? I don't see anything."

"Not too far away. Just off the starboard bow." Persephone pointed, handing over the spyglass. "It's a small cutter that seems oddly adrift. I wonder if something happened to the crew?"

Rita peered through the telescope, locating the boat her partner was talking about. It certainly seemed to be drifting awkwardly, and there was definitely no one on deck. Although the diving gear scattered across it seemed strangely familiar…

"Ok, chart a new course towards that boat." Rita directed.

"Oh? Playing 'Savior of the Seas' now are we?"

"No, I just have a feeling this is why we're out here. We were meant to find this boat!"

The tentacle tattoo across Rita's chest glimmered with a soft, ominous light and whispered rumblings filled her mind. Cthulhu's plan was finally taking shape. She wouldn't let him down!