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Canine Transmissible Penile Protrusion

The Cock Beast Disease

Doctor Andrea Alder


Canine transmissible penile protrusion (or CTPP) is a transmissible growth disease that affects several different species, including more that serve as carriers. But the symptoms are most prominent in canidae, both quadrupedal ('lesser dogs') and bipedal ('great dogs'). CTPP is also known as the 'cock beast disease' due to the hallmark presentation, which consists of multiple pseudophallic protrusions that emerge from the body. In this paper, we will be examining the 'cock beast disease' in detail, dispense with misconceptions and propose effective treatment regimens & transmission prevention.


CTPP is spread primarily by skin contact. As a growth disease of the mucosa, the soft pink tissues of the body, it can only affect genital areas: such as the lips, tongue, nipples, vagina, and penis. In species like canines, this also affects the rhinarium, the leathery flesh of the nose. There have been reports of variants which can affect non-mucosal tissues such as the finger/toenail bedding and the tip of the tail, but these are unsubstantiated.

Through skin contact, CTPP cells will be loosened from the infected carrier's mucosa membrane, and some will deposit onto the prospective new host's mucosal lining. A smaller portion of these cells will successfully adhere to the skin, wherein they will integrate with the tissues and feed from the host's blood supply, much like regular cells. Despite being foreign cells, CTPP cells will tend to evade detection by the host's immune system (especially in canines, due to genetic similarity), allowing the growth to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner. The exact mechanism is not understood, but the observed reduction of histamine molecules in the body (study #93) and localized immunosuppression may be a factor.

Though CTPP will continue to proliferate on the host's mucosa for several days to weeks, it will not be evident except for small bumps on the body or discoloration of the skin (usually red), as well as the inhibition of fur growth near areas of flesh affected. This is the stage of infection wherein the host is most likely to spread the growth disease, known as the 'Blush' stage, although the late stage is far more virulent. Being that CTPP is a growth disease of the genitalia and tends to agitate greater sensitivity in the host, the majority of transmissions can be attributed to sex. It has been observed that sexual intercourse is three orders of magnitude more likely to transmit 'cock beast disease' than casual skin contact. (see study #403 through #444)

CTPP transmission has also been observed through bodily fluids (study #223, #224). The likelihood is amplified by the 'masturbation' of erogenous pseudopenile growths. This causes the dispersal of CTPP cells into liquid, which although approximately two orders of magnitude less likely than skin contact, remains a factor of concern.

We recommend adhering to social distancing in the presence of CTPP-infected patients or those suspected of CTPP infection. CTPP patients may be ornery for skin contact, which should be taken into consideration. We recommend avoiding skin contact as much as possible. Latex products such as condoms or gloves is sufficient to spread the contact of CTPP in the Blush stage. However, Bloom-stage patients have been shown to be too virulent (study #134, #136) to be safely handled by latex alone. However, latex can be partially effective if placed over a pseudopenis shaft. We recommend the use of full-body PPE when handling Bloom-stage CTPP patients or their possessions. If a CTPP-infected patient exhibits bouts of self-stroking/caressing ('pseudo-masturbation'), this indicates progression towards the Bloom stage, so they should be isolated immediately and appropriately.

If you have recently interacted with someone you suspect or know has CTPP, and start developing symptoms (such as a rash), you should elevate this to your supervisor (if you are a professional that works in the presence of CTPP) or see your doctor for treatment options. Don't wait! Prompt care is crucial!


In the initial Blush stage, the patient may notice local skin discoloration (reddish), increased vein prominence, skin sensitivity, and localized itchiness. All symptoms are localized to the area of contact. By touching affected areas and then touching other mucosal areas of the body, this may spread otherwise localized CTPP infection, resulting in multiple CTPP-affected areas of the body, which may progress through the Blush stage at a delayed rate relative to initial infection. Light self contact is generally unlikely to worsen the spread, but scratching or masturbation are 10x and 100x more likely (respectively) to worsen self-spread.

Just before the progression into the Bloom stage, a hallmark symptom is the development of new erogenous regions. The affected portions of flesh are not only more sensitive, but the nature of sensitivity is distinctly erogenous, similar to touching one's own nipples or penis/clitoris. While earlier Blush symptoms are easily mistaken with those of other diseases, like a rash or enhancement complication, new erogeneity is the best indicator of CTPP infection. However, many patients find themselves distracted by this symptom, which might preclude them from seeking treatment. This is especially problematic, because the Bloom stage is much more severe.

In addition to the aforementioned localized effects, which are increased in severity, Bloom-stage patients exhibit systemic symptoms. Higher blood pressure, edema, varicose veins, leathery skin, fever, headache, bouts of nausea, and various cardiological effects. The hallmark of the Bloom stage is the eruption of several phalli across the body. These penises are not connected to a reproductive system and generally cannot ejaculate (unless these structures form, which has been observed in a few late stage patients, see study #391), therefore they are considered pseudo-penises.

These protrusions may appear anywhere on the body that is lined by mucosa (the moist flesh of the body), but the most common regions are the tongue, nipples, and groin. These 'hot spots' are almost certainly the first region where the first protrusion will form, if one of them is also a CTPP-contaminated region. A penile protrusion, especially in the beginning of the Bloom stage, will tend to incorporate the existing structure of the flesh. For example, an infected nipple will elongate and thicken as it forms a pseudophallic structure (the 'dicknipple' presentation). An afflicted tongue will not only thicken and elongate, but the taste bud structures will recede and diminish (the 'cocktongue' presentation). An affected clitoris will elongate, thicken, and form its foreskin from the structure of the clitoral hood (the 'clitdick' presentation). (Studies #322, #323, #324)

Regardless of the bodily region or initial structure, the new pseudophallus will have erogenous sensation comparable to if not outright exceeding that of a conventional phallus. Although the initial protrusion will tend to present as a 'dicknipple', 'cocktongue', or 'clitdick', later pseudophallic protrusions will not tend to incorporate existing structures, presenting as apparently random phalli protruding from the mucosa of the body. If an affected region is already incorporated into a pseudophallic structure (such as a cock-tongue), this poses no detriment to continued phallic proliferation; new penises will simply protrude out of existing penises, in a manner resembling fractal recursion. Alternatively, new penises will form beside existing penises, crowding around each other in a resemblance to a bouquet.

The typical mid-Bloom stage CTPP infectee will have between 42 to 69 (nice) pseudophalli protruding from their body. There is, however, no real limit to the amount of pseudophalli on the CTPP host's body, except for the surface area of the mucosa of their body. In practice, the possible late-late stage complications of CTPP will prove incompatible to life if the condition is not managed. These complications include 'Dick-in-brain' syndrome, 'Chokeson Dick' disease, 'dickskin' disease, and the general complications of being a pile of penises. These are detailed further below, under 'Progression.

In the past, research attributed a third stage to CTPP, known as 'Beast' stage. This stage, thought to be a progression of the Bloom stage, involved the deterioration and alleged 'dicknosis' of the mental faculties, after the transformation of the body. The alleged symptoms were akin to rabies and attributed to the proliferation of CTPP inside of the host's brain. The infected were thought to suffer from one of two outcomes, Soothed or Savage. The Soothed state was considered to be a mindless stupor of pleasure, during which the host was nearly catatonic and ignored any nonsexual stimuli. The Savage state was allegedly a state of permanent, aroused aggression, wherein the 'cock beast' shambled towards any moving thing in a bid to fornicate or infect them.

However, modern research has disproved the existence of a Beast stage. 'Beast stage' symptoms are now understood to have been the result of prolonged isolation and mental health deterioration in CTPP infectees, combined with the toll of the disease upon the body and the lack of treatment to hinder the progression. In the care of CTPP infectees, modern medicine emphasizes the personal element, and the importance of treating a CTPP host as 'more than just a pile of cocks', and as a person. With proper care, contact with loved ones, and mental health screenings, even the most advanced Bloom-stage patients have great prospects for continued mental health.


The transition from the less severe 'Blush' stage to the late 'Bloom' stage presents as the rapid growth of phallic protrusions. These pseudo-phalli present as three to sixteen inch (7 to 40 cm) (based on study #269) canine penises, anchored to the affected areas of mucosa. A pseudophallus attributed to CTPP can reach full growth within the span of a day, reported cases attest to even as little as an hour. This can be attributed to rapid cellular division, typical of a cancer.

It is not known exactly what agitates the transition from early to late stage, but it is believed to be due to a critical mass of CTPP cells accumulating at the affected area of the body, locally outnumbering cells at a rate of about 2:1 (see study #233). This might produce a chemical marker that is spread through the bloodstream, triggering other CTPP cells to begin their rapid growth. The hormone cockamine, associated with hyperphallic growth, shows increased levels in the bloodstream during this process. More study into the correlation is recommended.

A few complications may exacerbate the tail-end of the Bloom stage. These include Kessler's syndrome ('dick-in-brain' syndrome), which presents as the metastasis of CTPP cells in the brain, as well as Adelaide's complication ('Chokeson Dick' disease, named after the co-discoverer). Kessler's syndrome may cause cognitive impairment, seizures, drooling, hydrophobia, aggressive or abnormal behavior, and ahegao. Adelaide's complication manifests as the proliferation of CTPP in the digestive tract. This can trigger the gag reflex but the more severe results include the obstruction of the airway and inability to eat.

Dickskin disease is not exclusive to CTPP and in fact presents itself in several erogeno-phallic disorders of the body, but its presence in a CTPP infectee may prove catastrophic. Dickskin disease is an autoimmune disorder which presents as the replacement of blotches of skin (over the course of several exfoliations or molts) by sensitive pink furless mucosa. This would normally only be inconvenient and require special skin care considerations until it resolves itself, but when combined with CTPP's preference for infecting the body's mucosa, a CTPP patient may find themselves covered in patches of cocks overnight. Unmanaged, DS disease will quickly replace all non-affected skin with 'dickskin', so care must be taken to avoid aggravating factors of DS: stress, poor sleep, poor diet, and general autoimmune disease triggers. DS disease may also be triggered by the body's immune system recognizing and fighting the CTPP infection.

Blush-stage patients can be treated with corticosteroids to treat localized skin irritation and other symptoms. The underlying cause, CTPP cells, is generally treated with a round of drug cocktails or radiation (see attached document AG for our recommended treatment regimen). If infection is caught early and localized to one or two areas, the region can be targeted by medicated cream or surgical intervention, we have a list of recommended dermal solutions in the attached document AG. Full recovery generally occurs within a week.

Skin lotion, water-based lubricant, and plenty of napkins are recommended for Bloom-stage patients. Surgery has proven ineffective due to CTPP reservoirs within the body as well as rapid regeneration of CTPP growths. Because CTPP cells have metastasized within the body and permeate many tissues and organs, it cannot be eliminated from the body. However, progression can be slowed and even halted. With modern medication, CTPP-infected patients can expect not only a comparable lifespan to the uninfected, but indicators show a longer (see study #651) lifespan can be expected due to CTPP's regenerative effects on the body. Depending on the severity of the progression, special accommodations may be required for the patient, as growths may interfere with the ability to see, eat, speak, and walk.

The patient is generally prohibited from self-contact due to the risk of spread onto their other vulnerable, but unaffected regions. However, if the infection is very severe, masturbation may be allowed as a form of palliative care, and may be administered by the patient themselves (if cleared), or by a specialist with the correct personal protective equipment. Any form of mechanical assistance is allowed as well, provided it accounts for the patient's increased sensitivity (approximately five-fold, see study #873).

Regular and thorough monitoring of the patient's condition is recommended, even if the disease's progress appears halted. Although stabilization can happen without treatment, it is recommended that the patient is placed on a healthcare regimen nonetheless. This will prevent two known but rare late-stage complications: Adelaide's complication and Kessler's syndrome. To better prevent the development of Adelaide's complication, CTPP-infected patients should NOT be permitted to swallow their own fluids under any circumstance.


'Cock beast disease' entered the public consciousness around the middle of the 20th century, when reports of a 'mystery penis monster' illness began to spread. Many who opened their newspapers at the time were shocked to see photographs of Bloom-stage infectees. As there was no treatment at the time other than palliative care, many CTPP victims were forcibly quarantined to 'pen islands', isolated stretches of land or chains of island, populated only by other sufferers of CTPP. While this protected the greater community from the spread of CTPP, the concentration of the CTPP infestation as well as the lack of measures against further spreading only worsened the situation for those on the 'pen islands'. Horrid stories of 'piles of dicks' merging together spread, as well as tales of those unlucky travelers who accidentally found themselves ashore, only to be consumed whole by a 'giant dick'.

These tales cannot be corroborated, as once the details of CTPP transmission were discovered, as well as the concerning spread of CTPP cells through ocean water, the 'penislands' were shut down. Most 'pen islands' were sterilized by the use of intense radiation, and remain sealed off to this day due to concerns about leftover CTPP contaminants. Most CTPP infectees were evacuated and placed into special containment wards or wings, designed to handle the initial surge of the CTPP outbreak. It must be understood that though CTPP is not incredibly contagious (spreading primarily through touch), and treatment is manageable if handled early, the 'cock beast' disease's alarming symptoms provoked a very heavy-handed response. The initial CTPP outbreak can also be considered a large factor in the 'Moral Panic' of the late 20th century.

The details of the first major outbreak's origin are unclear. At the time, a chain of islands around the equator known as the Pen Islands (from which the quarantine islands took their name) were under colonial rule until the late 1970s. Research indicates the Pen Islands may have been a major reservoir of CTPP infection. Ismitier Pen, the first westerner to set foot on the islands, first wrote of them during his travels in the 1840s.

He noted, "...The Cynocephs of these Islands appear to be a Pygmie (sic) Race of Canines whom indulge in Pleasures of the Flesh. I would ascribe to them the Nature of Cannibals whom only taste rather than Dine upon Flesh. Among their number, with their short and squat statures and strange Tongue, it is hard to tell which is a Man or Woman, and which is a Beast. Stranger still, the Deformities of the Flesh that I have lain my eyes upon. Perhaps by the taint of dark Gods or malformation, some appear to have Cocks in place of Tongue, or the protrusion of great big Phalli instead of nipples from the Breast. Nonetheless, the Cynocephs have proven to be gracious Hosts to myself and my party, so we shall partake in their Feast before heading on to the next chain of islands."

Upon Pen's return to the mainland, he reported symptoms akin to those experienced by Blush-stage CTPP infectees. As his condition deteriorated, his relatives relegated him to a sanitarium, where the official record of his life ends. Unofficial accounts tell the story of his degeneration into a 'giant disembodied penis' that allegedly infected other patients at the sanitarium. These reports cannot be corroborated.

Through counting and analyzing the mutations acquired by CTPP cells worldwide, a date of origin for this disease can be estimated. Based on this DNA sequencing, 'cock beast disease' first emerged in a bipedal canine about 5000 years ago. As CTPP cells are all descended from this original host's (patient zero) mutated cells, CTPP could be considered one of the oldest living organisms on the planet.


CTPP is descended from a bipedal canine (canis lupus familiaris) (study #91), however it now exists as a unicellular pathogenic organism. CTPP cells have 25% less chromosomes than the average typical of both bipedal and quadrupedal canines. Due to genetic mutations over the course of millennia, the shape of their chromosomes are atypical for canidae (see study #58, #59). Based on genetic markers, it can be understood to be similar to common melanoma in other species. CTPP has 2000x to 5000x as many mutations as a typical melanoma cell, which may contribute to the CTPP cell's survival. It has been observed that DNA from a host's cell may recombine with that of a CTPP cell cluster, in the process known as recombination. This may further contribute to CTPP's survivability.


It has been observed (Study #11) that certain strains of CTPP may spontaneously spring back into remission after 3 to 6 months, causing pseudophallic protrusions to recede. Equine Transmissible Penile Protuberance (ETPP) is a morphologically similar but genetically unrelated disease that also causes phallic protrusions of the body, but these are derived from an equine lineage and appear equine in appearance ('flare' and medial ring).


The stigmas that surround those affected with CTPP, for the most part, do not have any basis in reality. 'Cock beast disease' is not an illness of deviants and many cases of CTPP are transmitted non-sexually. People with CTPP are not 'cock monsters' and on the contrary, have their full mental faculties. When treating those with 'cock beast disease', care must be taken to emphasize the personal element. Early stage CTPP is highly treatable, late-stage CTPP can still be managed very effectively. With proper attention towards both physical and mental health, those with long-term 'cock beast disease' can still live very long and satisfying (as well as 'satisfying') lives.

About the Author

Dr. Andrea Alder is a medical doctor and researcher of growth & ero-sexual diseases (GESD). Dr. Alder is also a pioneer and advocate of the humane treatment of those who have GESD. She thanks her husband of eight years, Heinrich Alder, for his support, as well as Doctors Vivi and Anne Zin for their contributions.



Interview 3B

Chelsea Rainier is rolled into the room. She is wheelchair-bound, due to the advanced progression of her CTPP infection. Rainier was a malamute with a rich coat of shiny black fur, a white underbelly, and piercing ice-blue eyes. However, not much of that is evident now.

The malamute now has two enormous canine erections jutting out of where her eyes ought to be. Her maw was half-open and that let her even bigger 'tongue-cock' jut out, also red. For her comfort, she is nude, which allows one to plainly see her eight breasts, descending in placement in size. Every one of them has large phalluses instead of nipples, and the upper breasts has two penises per breast. The sizes of these phalluses did not correlate to their placement, between 30 cm to 45 cm long. From her groin, around the position of where her clitoris should be, protrudes a very large canine penis (48 cm).

She appears to be in stable condition, breathing a little heavily. Despite her lack of gaze, Rainier's posture indicates that she is lucid and focused on what Dr. Alder has to say. Her fingers are clutched onto her seat's armrests.

Rainier is not able to speak very fluently due to the nature of her penile tongue. Her slurred speech has been transcribed to the best of my ability.

DR. ALDER: Good morning, Miss Rainier. I appreciate that you've set the time aside to meet with me. How do you do?

RAINIER: It's my pleasure. Good morning, I--Well, I'm doing well enough. My dad visited the other day, and he's pretty glad to see me, wish I could say the same. Still, I have some of the best treatment in the world here, so I'm grateful.

DR. ALDER: That's good. So, Chelsea--If you don't mind me calling you that. I'm going to ask some serious questions, because I think--It's important to dispel a lot of these preconceptions, that uhh--CTPP is some kind of promiscuous or amusing illness. I know I'm obliged to keep things professional and as unbiased as I can, but I knew I had to have this conversation--this interview, after the other day. I overheard some teens joking about--to one another, let me paraphrase, 'I hope you turn into a pile of dicks'. How do you feel about that?

RAINIER shifted in her seat.

RAINIER: Well, I think, we always think something like this would never happen to us. It's hard for us to feel empathy for someone who goes through something this strange. I've been *murmur* with 'cock beast disease' for 4 years now. For starters, getting up is a challenge. I wake up with over a dozen fat, throbbing cocks all over my body, fully hard and twitching. I can barely even think with all the blood that'd go to my brain just, pulsing around in my giant dicks. They're pretty much stiff and throbbing 24/7, even right now I can feel my head thrumming with my pulse. And you can bet I'd never thought I'd have an eye-gasm before.

DR. ALDER: Yes, I can understand it's very difficult for you.

RAINIER: I'm usually using at least one hand to jerk off at a given moment, sometimes both if I'm particularly needy. Even when I was doing something as innocuous as watching TV, I had to have some hardcore porn in the corner, picture-in-picture you know. But nowadays I just listen to erotic audiobooks. Or use my imagination. *Incomprehensible*. Thankfully, my insurance has approved an industrial grade vibrating system. I just had it installed. You press a button and it makes the whole room vibrate in 'surround sound', if you get what I mean. But most of the time I've got it set to vibe on individual dicks. Usually my tit-dicks. And I've been experimenting with sounding--

DR. ALDER: It's great that you've been making the best of it. But how do you feel about how people with CTPP are perceived? What's been your experience?

RAINIER is clearly trying her best to resist touching herself right now.

RAINIER: Because I'm quarantined--I'm a big Bloomer as they call it--I can't really tell you. Although to think of it, now that everyone's spent a couple years quarantined too, maybe they can sympathize a little. I don't really talk to anyone in person, except a handsome-sounding nurse who takes care of most things for me. Well not just his voice, I'm not really able to to touch or see him, so he was kind enough to describe himself for me, and I do think I like what I see in my head. Anyway, uh, when I first came here, my first year, there were a bunch of *murmur* (amateurs?) and a rotating staff, I wasn't treated very well. Most of them called me 'the dick monster' but one of them called me 'the cockie monster' and mimed eating a bunch of dicks instead of cookies. At least they tried to get a little creative with it.

DR. ALDER: And how do you feel about how your condition's treated in the media?

RAINIER: I mean I don't really watch TV anymore, or streaming for that matter. I do sometimes check out the news, but it's not like anyone cares any which way anymore. Anyone who's caught it early can just get a round of meds and clean out, really anyone who's got it advanced is probably from some third world country where they can't do that, so who gives a fuck about 'em, right? Like yeah someone might post a meme like 'I hope you get cocktongue and STFU' but it's not like anyone seriously cares to hate us anymore. It's old news, everyone just talks smack about whether Hypers should get their own bathrooms or whatever.

DR. ALDER: That's very unfortunate to hear. I hope the public perception, the perception changes for the better soon. I think with the 'spore' pandemic on everyone's mind, and the long-term complications from that, maybe that might have more people talking about what we can do to uhh, to support people with long-term ero-sexual conditions. As well as what we can do to improve the healthcare situation across the country. I understand you're overdue for your semi-hourly release, but I have one more question, if you don't mind. Chelsea, how did you initially contract CTPP?

RAINIER shifts slightly in her seat, then inhales.

RAINIER: A good question! I believe we discussed it before, but it's important to educate people and have it on record, because not all *murmur* beast infections are sexually transmitted. So, it was summer and college was out of session, I was on a backpacking trip with a few friends. It was halfway around the world, so we were visiting a few remote villages on the hinterlands--Uhhh, the doctors said I must have handled a contaminated surface. The villagers told us about some recent outbreak of 'the cockface blight' but we ignored the warnings, I guess--Yeah, we didn't think it could happen to us.

RAINIER's eye-phalli twitch and dribble precum.

RAINIER: So I must have touched my mouth directly afterwards, without knowing it. Because a few days later, when we were at the base of the mountain, my tongue felt kinda weird and twitchy, but I ignored it. I think, uhh, the cold and the exertion may have exacerbated the progress or something, because by the time we'd finished climbing the peak, and we were already leaving the mountain--the guides were really nice, by the way--I opened my mouth in the middle of laughing at my friend's joke and uhh, well, I'm still embarrassed when I remember this but a freaking gush of cum shot out of my mouth and into his mouth. You know like when you accidentally squirt spit on someone? Like imagine a *murmur* (million?) times worse.

DR. ALDER pulls her knee up and appears intrigued. She nods.

RAINIER: Yeah so we all just stood there for like half a minute, stupefied. My other friend pointed and she was like, "Chelsea, your tongue is a dick!" I mean, I was in disbelief but then we pulled out a mirror from our bags and lo and behold. My mouth was open and a fat pink dick was there instead of my tongue. I touched it and it felt weird, because obviously I never had a penis until then, but it also felt pretty good. Like just having it swish around in my mouth and leak down my throat, I had to keep swallowing my spit, basically. Except it was jizz. Fortunately I didn't develop Chokeson Dick, you know when dicks start growing in your throat? That coulda been really bad. Docs tell me to just let myself drool everywhere instead of swallowing, now.

DR. ALDER: So what happened after that?

RAINIER: Well, we were freaking out. I thought my life was over because I got 'freaky facedick disease'. We asked the guide if there was any hospital around who could help us out, but he told us specifically to avoid telling the authorities. Apparently over there, they've got some really draconian measures to stop the spread in the villages, like we could've all been detained for weeks, just 'cause my friends had contact with me recently. And I would've not gotten any decent care. So we canceled the rest of the trip and headed to the nearest airport ASAP. But the whole layover and all that, reaching home, that took several more days. By the time I was back in the states, I couldn't even wear a shirt because I had a bunch of twitching dicks sticking out of my tits. And *incomprehensible* (presumably this described another facet of infection). So I went to the emergency room.

DR. ALDER nods, her finger taps her chin.

RAINIER: Honestly, it was an awful experience. I had a bunch of random people grasping my dicks. Like, especially the male nurses, they were really rough with manipulating my dick-nipples. A lot of people took pictures of me, without my consent, even the staff. At first, no one was really sure how to properly handle my case, because generally cock-beast patients weren't this advanced when they arrived at the doctor's. So my first few hours, a lot of very rude, unprofessional and *gurgle* comments as well as contact. Like I swear people were putting gloves on just to grab my cock-tongue like I was a fucking unicorn with a horn or something. And some nurse even straight up jerked me off. I was really sensitive at the time because you know you're more sensitive when you first get it. So my cum just gushed all over my belly, I was so sticky, all of that.

DR. ALDER: So you developed testicles. That's very interesting and uncommon. Where were they located?

RAINIER gestures over her rows of breasts.

RAINIER: Apparently my milk glands were converted into, uhhh, seminal fluid sacs--I don't know, basically the cum comes out of my breasts. Like they did a bunch of tests a couple years ago and there's basically this like tube that goes from my breasts to my tongue's base, or my salivary glands or something, I'm not too sure. But anyway. Once the higher-ups got their shit together, they started to have me handled 'according to policy' which meant isolating me for weeks. I wasn't even allowed to use a phone. Being isolated felt even worse than all the weird grabby hands. Honestly missed it at that point. But yeah, later I got transferred out--That hospital was in my hometown so it was super backwards. I'm far from home now but at least not that far away that I can't get visits from my family and friends. And I was really glad that they could catch it in time for Tim, I would've felt awful if he was stuck with it too, just 'cause I jizzed in his mouth by accident.

DR. ALDER: Well, it's good that your situation has improved, and your condition has also stabilized. I thank you for your time, Chelsea. Before I head out, is there anything you would like to--

DR. ALDER is doused by a flood of ejaculate, the measure of which could only be described as 'biblical'. RAINIER appears to have a very apologetic and sheepish expression.


Experiment Log 1C

The following material has been declassified for the public after the fall of the Union over thirty years ago. It is presented in its original format and details one of several experiments by Dr. Strepov, whose work explored the possibility of weaponizing GESDs. Although the manner in which the research has been obtained is abhorrent, the results of the research have furthered the treatment and understanding of CTPP and related illnesses. Dr. Strepov is wanted for medical malpractice, but their whereabouts are unknown. They are believed to reside in a country of the former Union.



NIKA [REDACTED], age 23. 56 kilograms, 162 cm. Ancestry appears to be predominantly rabbit / leporine. Sourced from the [REDACTED] Republic, no next of kin. Detained on grounds of dissidence. Caramel color of fur, blonde mane, eyes are amber. Disposition is anxious, this has been accounted for in the test. The subject has been stripped of clothing and restrained to the examination chair. They have been placed under three halogen lights, one aimed at their ventral side, one at their dorsal side, the other has been placed at their left side. The harsh light has heightened their nerves. We understand that stress produces a more severe outcome in those affected by Phallomonstrousus, so Nika [REDACTED] has been subjected to sleep deprivation, limited water and calorie intake for three days preceding this study.

The lead assistant, nurse [REDACTED] has now approached Nika and has subjected her to the application of the pathogen. An infected swab has been vigorously rubbed over the subject's areola and lips. The subject has proved uncooperative, so the Phallomonstrousus sample has not been applied directly to the tongue. However, the subject was dehydrated, so upon the assistant's completion of the sample swab, she has lapped her tongue across her dry lips, which has contaminated her tongue with the wet sample. Nika then proceeded to shout a string of obscenities at the research staff, in particular the lead assistant, who remained the only one visible to the subject throughout the procedure. Nurse [REDACTED] has volunteered to serve the role of goading the subject.

There were no new developments for a span of approximately ten minutes. Normally a typical Phallomonstrousus infection would present symptoms within a minimum of an hour. However, due to the concentration of the pathogen in the sample swab, as well as the gain-of-function tests performed earlier, the subject has already shown irritation on their lips and breast tissue. Previously, the subject's lips and nipples were a shade of rose pink, however, they have progressed to cherry red. Additionally, swelling was evident in the tissue, which appeared to inflamed, as is typical for the Rose stage of infection.

Nika voiced her distress, and proceeded to rattle at her restraints. Prior to the experiment, she was informed as to the effects of Phallomonstrousus infection, and was aware that she was to be infected with a sample. We have performed tests both with and without a subject's consent and/or knowledge, and have found that subjects that have reported uneasiness with Phallomonstrousus infection (95% of subjects) have demonstrated increased penile lengths (approximately 1 to 3 cm difference) relative to those that were not uncomfortable, controlling for other factors. We have every reason to suspect that Nika will yield large penile growths by the end of the test.

For the completeness of the study, the subject's vocalizations have been transcribed below:

NIKA: Release me! I have rights! You have no basis to undermine my right to protest!

NURSE [REDACTED]: You can lament all that you like. Soon you will have no tongue to protest with.

NIKA: You are a snake! You serve these people like a sniveling worm. Soon you will get yours!

NURSE [REDACTED]: On the contrary, you are the one that will resemble snakes and worms.

NIKA: [GROAN] It does not matter what you do to me, in any case. Your tyranny will end one day, and you will see justice for your crimes!

NURSE [REDACTED]: Nonsense, the Union will last forever. Glory to the revolution.

Nurse [REDACTED] then proceeded to activate a radio remote in her right hand. This activated the chair's vibrating motor, which was not calibrated correctly prior to the procedure. Therefore, Nika was subjected to vibrations exceeding 20,000 RPM. As a result, it was difficult to take sharp-focused pictures of the subject for the majority of the test, as one assistant best described the situation, 'like a brown blur'. However, this did serve to accelerate the infection's progression as well as render the subject inarticulate for approx. 5 minutes. There were more vocalizations, as well as the chattering of teeth, but these were not comprehensible.

After the duration, the lead assistant deactivated the device and allowed Nika to rest for two minutes as she attempted to calibrate the device correctly this time. Nika spent thirty five seconds sitting in place and breathing heavily, during which we were better able to examine her progress. The test subject's nipples were very engorged and about twice as large as their initial size, appearing as a bright shade of red. The peaks of her nipples tapered to a sharp point, reminiscent of a canine phallus each, or perhaps a fountain pen. Her tongue presented as a vibrantly red tip that protruded beyond her lips and appeared to leak from the glans.

We also observed something that was unprecedented, and we will need to reexamine our samples for any signs of contamination by Petal Maw or a related pathogen. That is, the subject's lips had diminished in size, thinner than their initial size even, having returned to a rosy shade of pink. However, the lips were particularly moist. In addition, they appeared to be pursed together and lack mobility. The thin and protruding folds of her lips bore an unmistakable resemblance to the vulva. Their placement was horizontal rather than vertical, however, this continued to 'correct' itself during the duration of the experiment.

NURSE [REDACTED]: How do you feel now, reactionary?

NIKA: [What could be described as a wet, slurping sound, like a dog's]

NURSE [REDACTED]: It would appear you have misplaced your tongue?

NIKA's gaze lowered. She appeared to notice the protrusion of her oral labia into her field of view, so she squirmed at her restraints in a renewed panic. Her eyes were wide with shock and her drooling was uncontrollable.

The lead assistant attempted to approach the test subject, presumably to make physical contact. We reprimanded [REDACTED] after having ordered her to step back. Although her behavior was inappropriate, our main concern was the possible unintended interaction of nurse [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED] treatment, which they were not informed of, with the subject's Phallomonstrousus infection and possible Petal Maw infection. This appeared to agitate nurse [REDACTED], and she proceeded to reactivate the test subject's vibrations at about half the intensity of before, without our approval beforehand. This further agitated Nika's transformation.

Nika's breast tissue appeared to both firm and expand. Initially, we observed that Nika's breasts were approximately fist-sized (nurse [REDACTED] failed to record this metric prior to testing), but now that had swollen to about twice their size. Her breasts were now much more vascular and due to her short fur, we could now observe her blue veins visibly pulsing beneath the skin. Her breasts also became tauter in appearance, taking on a more ovoid shape, which when observed along with the formation of excess skin and the creasing of said skin around the edges of the breast, there was a resemblance to testicles as much as breasts.

The test subject's nipples had continued to expand. They were now larger than her fingers in length and girth, and expanded at a rate of about 0.3 cm per second. The flesh of her areolas, along with the nipples themselves, had become glossy in addition to their reddened color. As we observed, we were able to witness the expansion and surfacing of her veins in real time, which had become very prominent across the surface of both nipples and areolas. Perhaps due to her anxiety (or other emotion), Nika's breasts and nipples rhythmically twitched, like the contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. This was only observed in about 4% of test subjects for Phallomonstrousus before, and we believe this can be attributed to the formation of new tendon and musculature connections.

Whereas the test subject previously appeared distressed by the progression of the infection, we have observed a change in behavior. As would typically progress in the Thorn (2nd) stage of Phallomonstrousus infection, the subject displayed clinical ahegao: profuse drooling, nystagmus (eyes rolling back), facial contortions, obscene/incomprehensible vocalizations, and random muscle spasms. This seemed to be compounded by the lack of direct stimulation, all stimulation provided was indirect by means of powerful vibration through the limbs and lower back. Nika squirmed violently again, this time it was in an attempt to touch the protrusions of her phallic nipples. When this failed, her fingers tightened against the armrests.

Nurse [REDACTED] proceeded to gloat as she altered the pace of vibrations (from about 5,000 to 15,000 rpm, at random). We will not bother to record the entirety, for the sake of brevity. [REDACTED] taunted the test subject on the basis of their appearance, their vocalizations, and their dissident activity. Nurse [REDACTED] also divulged unnecessary information to the test subject, which may compromise the security of the facility. We are contemplating disciplinary action and possible 'termination'.

After two more minutes, Nika appeared to reach the apex of her infection. Her breast's nipples exceeded 30 cm in length and their diameter could be described as 'wrist-sized'. Due to the abnormal nature of her reaction, we were not surprised to find that her mammary glands had fully formed into seminal glands, which caused the profuse leakage of ejaculate. We estimate that the test subject leaked about ten to fifteen liters of saliva, vaginal, and/or ejaculatory fluid over the course of the experiment. In addition, the leakage from her 'cock-tongue' also contributed to the volume, and she appeared to produce ejaculate or saliva through the formed opening of her tongue's pseudo-urethra.

In addition, we found that the test subject's suspected Petal Maw infection reached had culminated. Their oral labia was now aligned vertically relative to the entirety of their face. In addition the upper folds had converged at the nose, incorporating the rhinarium's structure into the labia, with a 'clitoral hood' forming around the nose. Her nose proceeded to twitch vigorously for the duration of the experiment, which correlates with increased erogenous sensation at the rhinarium, typical of Petal Maw infection, but this will require a followup experiment to verify. Subject Nika's maw leaked a clear runny fluid, which will require sampling in order to verify Petal Maw infection.

Nika's situation was complicated by the simultaneous infections of her maw. She was unable to vocalize anything more than a gurgle or guttural moan due to the obstruction of her inflamed, constricted maw by her oral phallus. In addition, due to her oral-penile growth, almost the entire length of her oral penis was forced to protrude from her mouth. Whenever Nika attempted to retract her 'cock-tongue' into her 'pussy maw', she inadvertently made motions consistent with fornication, which she initially avoided, but soon vigorously and intentionally repeated. Her sounds reached a crescendo which required that we dampened the speaker, and what followed was a very violent and forceful full-body ejaculation.

Unfortunately, nurse [REDACTED] found herself doused by approximately 2 liters worth of the mixed ejaculate, which required us to immediately intervene and escort her away from the testing site. The majority of the fluids, however, struck the wall opposite Nika with the intensity about twice or thrice that of a typical male ejaculation. We were required to abort the test early, as the vibration system was left active and nurse [REDACTED] was isolated in the quarantine room by the time it was noticed that the remote was on her person. Nika continued to ejaculate about 23 to 27 times during the remainder of her confinement in the test room, 28 minutes passed before we were able to manually shut off power to the vibration system with an assistant dressed in the appropriate PPE (unlike nurse [REDACTED]).


Re: The Cock Beast Disease - by flagcatcher (Furry)


Jayren's Hard Time
by flagcatcher

Dr. Alder steepled her fingers. The woman was short, a tawny-and-black sand fox. Glasses were perched on her small snout and her expression was serious as she addressed her colleagues:

"...Previously, our findings have shown that five to ten percent of CTPP patients develop gonad-like structures within the body. The mechanism of this complication was poorly understood. However, this new study sheds light onto 'Sustained and Spontaneous Ejaculations', or SSE. Please observe."

Her assistant clicked through to the next slide on the slideshow. It read 'CTPP - Cock Beast Disease' and briefly outlined the main symptoms:
- Swelling
- Vascularity
- Throbbing
- The eruption of canine penis-like structures throughout the body

Everyone in attendance nodded along, for CTPP was pretty middle-of-the-road as far as growth & ero-sexual diseases (GESD) went. The assistant then clicked through a few slides full of infected patients. One could see the progression from the Blush stage, which was characterized by swelling and redness across the fleshy and pink parts of the body, to the Bloom stage, when the most distinctive symptom manifested. There were plenty of patients stripped naked, with fat and throbbing canine spires jutting from everywhere.

Nipples were veiny dicks, fat cocks were erupting out of their tailholes and cunts. Anyone with a clit had a fat cock in its place. Sheaths were overstuffed with multiple smaller cocks like a bouquet of flowers. Noses were more like dicks with nostrils. Cocks were brimming out of ears. Mouths were spread wide open by throbbing bundles of dicks, which had long replaced tongues. Even eyes were replaced by fat pulsing poles, kind of like slug eye-stalks. And much of the time, smaller dicks were growing off of the larger ones, like trees.

No one in attendance was particularly fazed, although these were the most severe presentations of the disease yet. Yet, after the dozenth slide of penile absurdity, a clinical-looking diagram was on the big screen... It featured an internal shot of a woman's breast. Her nipple had developed into a large canine penis, whereas the milk glands were apparently replaced by multiple testicles. There were structures such as a urethra and epididymis which connected the testicles to the nipple-penis. Again, this was all illustrated, but it demonstrated the point well enough.

Andrea Alder spoke, "We've recently decoded the proteins produced by--Well, as you know, CTPP cells are essentially a lineage, all descended from the same host, self-multiplying--So they are all working from the same base. There are mutations in the cell line which do not always present themselves, which can account for differences in speed of progression and symptoms. In the particular case of spontaneous ejaculation--the cells can revert back to their germ line form, very interesting. In almost all cases, these germ cells then develop into testicular tissue. However--"

The slideshow flipped to the next slide, which showed an axolotl, amidst other creatures which can regenerate, such as the starfish and crab.

"Remember that unlike these creatures, we can't regrow back limbs because we lose the blueprints to rebuild them--Those bits of our genome turn off. But CTPP cells are not our cells, remember? Their blueprints never turned off. So they are able to form complex structures using the instructions in their genome, like a urethra. Even though they generally start off as an undifferentiated mass of mucosal tissue on the host. We have a case study that I'll tell you all about, which proved this as well as pinpointed the exact markers on the genome responsible for this ability."

The doctor pulled out her notebook and flipped towards the right page. "This particular patient, Jayren, was documented in his progression from Early to Late Bloom..."


Jayren was feeling alright. He sat in the waiting room, shoulder-to-shoulder with people that looked and sounded much sicker than himself. He would've rather not waited to pay out the ass for emergency treatment, but the ER was the only place open right now. And the cross fox wasn't a worrywart or anything, but he woke up in the middle of the night gargling his own cum. Somehow, his tongue had turned into a fat cock!

He wore one of his leftover disposable masks, because he didn't want to be seen like this. But his entire tongue was just--gone! It was literally replaced by a seven inch canine length, perpetually stiff, protruding out of his mouth thanks to its size. The length was thick enough to bulge out his cheeks. It was fully functional, which meant that it leaked precum like constant drool. His mask was soaked and a little drippage leaked down his chin and neck. He had trouble swallowing, as if his throat was narrow, swollen. Otherwise, it wasn't a big deal.

The throbbing seemed to grow slightly stronger by the minute, but whatever. It was just weird to be stuck tasting his own tongue-cock, the flavor of which he idly mused on while he scrolled through his phone. Salty, and frankly tinged by a musky pungency. The taste was stronger than his own dick’s, and it was certainly more leaky and a bit bigger than his own. Or well, his lower dick, to clarify. I mean at this point, didn't he have two dicks? Well, he was just grateful he didn't have two bladders.

"Jayren? Jayren!"

The cross-fox picked himself up as his green eyes darted towards the nurse calling his name. Jayren could feel several gazes in turn lock onto him, watching him leave. I mean what was his deal? He looked healthy. The vulpine had a moderately toned build with predominantly black fur. The shiny coat transitioned towards a burnt orange then light gray across his back and the back of his tail. White lined his inner ears and tipped his tail while his hair was long, black, and lavish. He left home in a hurry, so he just tossed on a pink shirt to go with his khaki shorts.

"You're Jayren, correct?" The nurse next to the door spoke delicately.

He regarded Jayren with a good glance over. The nurse was a bull terrier or something like that, with white fur over a large frame, a good foot of height over Jayren--Who wasn't short at all. His scrubs were a sea-foam green, the sleeves of which were tight over his large biceps. His clipboard looked flimsy in his large hands, but he took his work entirely serious as he jotted something down once Jayren managed to reply:

"Uh, 'eah, I--I'm 'Ayren!"

The fox looked terribly embarrassed, because trying to speak with this cock up against his palate and bearing down on his tongue was a challenge.

The nurse furrowed his brow, "Aaron?"

"Nuhhh, Shayren!" Jayren tried to force out the sound, but of course garbled it.

"...Sharon? Oh--Never mind, I can see in your notes that, uh... Well, I'm sorry for the delay, let's get you to the specialist!"

He beckoned Jayren forth with a motion of his hand, and the two walked alongside each other as the fox sighed... He just wanted to get a round of antibiotics or something and head back to sleep... He still had to work in the morning. The man had all sorts of questions about his predicament, as he'd only vaguely heard about 'cock-tongue' in the context of bawdy jokes, STDs, and shit his dad said. The whole situation really embarrassed him, as he assumed the nurse--and everyone else--thought the worst of him right now. Talking was a chore, so it's not like he was going to ask, anyway.

The nurse seemed to have sensed this, given Jayren's lowered head and sulk. So as they paced through the winding halls, he assured him, "...Don't worry, dude. We see way worse than this on a weekly basis. There's some bug passing around that's turning people upside-down or some shit. And you know at the height of the pandemic, we were hosing down spores every day. This is nothing."

Jayren nodded. He rolled his shoulders as he was led down a wing of the hospital which had a sign, 'GESD'. He initially had no clue what that meant, but got a better idea with each room he passed. Most doors were closed. Those that weren't had curtains which obscured the shapes of their patients, but their silhouettes were there. They were distorted, and twisted into all manner of shapes that didn't make sense, but they were definitely occupied. Some swayed, some squirmed, and some twitched.

The sounds were even worse, though. The duo's steps were drowned out by splashing noise. Grunting sounds of varying desperation came from every corner. One could hear beds creaking and faux leather groaning from the movement of flesh against flesh. And one bed outright broke beneath the weight of a growing shape, which startled Jayren with the abruptness of it.

It was at this moment that the vulpine realized that if he was also a patient in this wing... Was he going to end up any better off than these guys, whatever they were going through? It made his fur stand on end, what a grim prognosis...

Jayren could finally bear it no longer, he took a sharp turn away from his guide and stood up against the door of a random room. One eye peered past the gap in the door, slightly ajar. He made out a fleshy, veiny, girthy white tail, like a shark. The appendage thumped madly against the pale tiles of the floor, and his gaze was drawn towards the base. Behind the white curtain, there was--It was some kind of female shape, at least that's what he thought at first. There were hips, breasts--really large ones, bigger than beach balls. In fact the entire woman was large--Wait, what the fuck, her neck was as long as a giraffe's and her head looked like a dickhead--


Jayren jerked. He pulled his face away and looked at a very upset nurse terrier. The man's arms were crossed as he tried to look stern: "Please, head to your room, we need to start treatment ASAP if you want to get better."

The fox stammered, "I, uhhh, di'n't 'ean to--" He immediately figured his protests weren't convincing, though, and looked resigned as he accompanied the nurse into his own room.

Here, Jayren paced around, anxious as he scanned over the furnishings. There wasn't much beside his leathery exam bed, the sink, cabinets, and a biohazard disposal. It had all the appearance of an ordinary, if smallish examination room. However, he noticed that all the posters and papers were... Laminated, and the floor depressed towards a drain at the very middle. All around him were anatomical posters of genitalia, specifically of enormous penises. It made him feel a little nervous and even inadequate, but the diagrams about spore infestation certainly didn't make him feel any better.

"Go ahead and lay down, Jayren. Relax, you're in good hands. Not only mine, but Dr. Rai is a maverick in her field." The nurse was busy scrubbing his hands clean, then he donned a surgical mask and gloves. And just to be safe, he put on some goggles, which worried Jayren that bit more.

As his steps flanked Jayren's bed, who had finally managed to relax enough to lay down, the nurse explained himself, "...It's just, y'know, cock-tongue has a variety of causes. But the most common is CTPP... If it's just your tongue, you should be fine. Now please, take off your mask."

The fox hesitated... Because this didn't bode well. His tongue for a cock felt even larger now, as though it had throbbed bigger and bigger during their entire walk. At this point, the tip pushed up against the inner lining, and the covered part of his face felt all hot, humid, steamy even. The tip of his tongue chafed against his mask. He could even detect this aroused smell, a little earthy, tickling just beneath his nose... It was his own cock-tongue's scent! So while Jayren was humiliated by the idea of taking it off, he was dying for some fresh air. His fingers reached up and pulled the mask's loop off.

He let the mask drop, and so his impressive canine spire jutted right out! There were several inches trapped in his maw as the cheeks fit tightly around the girth. His muzzle was practically a sheath for his facial cock, which dominated his face. The exposed part of his tongue-cock was over an inch, but more of that dick was spilling out. In fact, his phallic tongue was rapidly pushing out and forward, as the pressure on his throat let up, all that cock pushing out of his gullet, out of the back of his throat. The pressure on his tonsils, the difficulty swallowing... It released, for every bit that his cheeks bulged out further, fatter.

One bulb in each cheek, they were the size of kiwis. These were the lumps of his canine knot, which had started to engorge... As if the taste of the outside air was enough to arouse. Meanwhile, the amount of glossy, oozing dick sticking out of his mouth was the size of a flashlight. His facial tongue pulsed hotly, visibly twitching below the nurse's gaze. The length was riddled in dense blue veins, contrasting the reddish hue of the shaft. The size of it startled Jayren, who had no idea that his tongue had gotten this BIG. His eyes crossed as he stared down the barrel of his obscene tongue, drooling all over his shirt from the pointy tip.

The nurse's face scrunched with a worried look. His hands hovered around Jayren's massive facial spire, as if deliberating on what angle to grasp this beast from. This whole ordeal made the fox even more nervous, his heart thumping. That, and the fact his dick took so much pressure to keep erect, needless to say his heart was working overtime. Breathing was complicated by the fact that he knew he was inhaling his own scent, which maybe had pheromones that could arouse himself? How else would he be progressing so quickly...?

Shhhlick. Those gloved fingers finally grasped the girth near the middle. The terrier's gaze was intense as he stared down Jayren's phallic tongue. He moved his fingers carefully, applying pressure to ascertain the erection of his cock. The flesh was tense and very swollen, which made him even more concerned, obvious by his brows. He tried his best to not, ahem, stimulate the fox with the gliding of his fingertips across the tense flesh, but that dick twitched that little bit longer and larger with each stroke. Soon, one hand palpated Jayren's cheek whereas the other pinched fingers around the fox's tapered glans. Along the shaft, he had felt a few small bumps.

Jayren's lips trembled.

"It's, hmmm, very advanced. Jayren... Have you recently touched your tongue and then touched another part of your face? Or your groin?" The nurse's tone was dire.

The vulpine gulped. He racked his brain on the matter and realized... I mean, he went to the bathroom before he came here, because he figured he'd wait a while. He figured his spit-jizz mixture might've touched his nose at some point, too? And, well, he... He rubbed his eyes before he put on that mask, didn't he?

Jayren nodded weakly.

The nurse released his hold on that pulsing member, letting it twitch in the open. He had apparently seen enough, given he waltzed over to the biohazard bin and disposed of his gloves. He then paced around and thoroughly washed his hands, wordless, as Jayren tried to cut the silence, but all that came out was gurgling and drool.

Then, Dr. Rai finally arrived. Her approach was heralded by the slaps of her shoes across the ground. She was dressed in an ensemble of dark clothing, from her jacket to her top and then that pencil skirt. Being a snow leopard, she was covered in gray, white, and darker spots. She was already prepared, given that she also wore goggles, gloves, and a mask. Nonetheless, Jayren’s spirits lifted. He was going to be okay, he knew it.

Doctor and nurse exchanged glances as the terrier gave her this telling nod. Meanwhile, Jayren's fretful gaze darted between the two, his eyes all watery... Not because he sobbed, but it was more like an allergy, accompanied by redness.

Dr. Rai said: "We'll have to examine his genitalia."

Jayren's heart somehow raced even faster. It was the anxiety as well as, strangely, a sense of arousal. Something about having a giant cock make up half the mass of one's head would do that to someone. But he felt hornier than ever despite his predicament, despite what he imagined he'd end up like... What was going to happen to him? Was he going to end up with--With a giant dick for a head like that lady did? Or worse? His mind reeled from the possibilities while the nurse decided to make things easier for him, by helping out.

"Don't move, I got this." The terrier unclasped Jayren’s belt with a little clink of metal. His strong grip then easily yanked the shorts right off of his patient. They were left to hang at the fox's ankles and then tumble the rest of the way off, as the nurse's hands didn't waste any time. He went for those boxers next and yanked them right down!

"Huh, so which one is supposed to be his dick?" The nurse asked, while Jayren balked at the sight.

The fox's sheath was BLOATED, his sheath was stretched out wider than his arm as it was stuffed with cocks. A bundle of throbbing erections, not one but over a dozen, it was like a quiver full of pulsing arrows. The manhoods varied in length and girth, all twitching with no particular rhythm or reason. Jayren couldn't even tell which of those veiny spires was his original cock, and which was just an uninvited guest in his aching sheath. He did figure that the shortest was five inches but the longest was over a foot, and all of them leaked copious amounts of precum, soaking his crotch and sheath in particular.

"It doesn’t really matter, they’re all fully functional. He's presenting with an ejaculatory complication." Dr. Rai explained. Her fingers then casually reached for Jayren's left eye and spread the lids apart, letting the watery tears-turned-precum ooze right out. "Normally the protrusions can't ejaculate, but we're seeing this symptom crop up more and more. It'll be the predominant form of CTPP, at this rate. So you see, those aren't tears, it's actually seminal fluid."

Jayren shuddered, horrified at the implication. The nurse shifted uneasily, but he still didn't understand. "So what regimen do you want me to put him on?"

The doctor shook her head, "He's already manifesting end-stage Bloom. Our only options are palliative. Not only will he lose the ability to speak, but the infection will surely spread to his ears via the Eustachian tubes. And as you can see, he's already going to lose his eyes."

Jayren's heart skipped a beat. He was hearing things... It can't be... There's no way--

And then this sharp sting struck his eye. That left eye burned with a strain like staring at one's screen for too long. He couldn't believe it, but Jayren felt his eyelids twitching as the lens grew blurry and veins crept onto his vision. The throbbing reached an apex, and when it grew too intense, too maddening to resist any longer, Jayren clutched his eye. He gurgled something incomprehensible, then gasped!

That ache... That tension, that throbbing in his skull finally gave way. Half of his vision went black. What followed was this heat, an intense warmth that shot through his face and out of his eye socket, slapping against his hand... It was a canine cock!? His hand reflexively moved out of the way, making room for a foot-long pulsing spire, which had entirely replaced his eyeball. All of his optic nerves were rewired for pleasure, and with every thrum through his new member, Jayren felt this pleasure ripple from the tip of that optic cock all the way to his skull. Somehow it was the most sensitive dick yet, driving him wild with the sensitivity.

But all of his members were making him achy, restless, wanting. Something deep with Jayren was changing, as his shame slipped away in the wake of the pleasure he felt, the sensitivity, the rawness. It was so much, too much to bear, that in spite of his better judgment, the cross fox grasped his eye-cock with one hand, while his other reached for his crotch--Only to be stopped by a strong grip.

"--You're going to make it worse!" The nurse protested, though it fell on deaf ears.

The fox stared bleary-eyed at the nurse, gurgling and sputtering, his dick-tongue so damn large he could barely even move his lips around it. Never mind speaking a word past the spongy girth. His erections were driving him crazy like an itch that demanded to be scratched, and any concern about his own well-being fell to the wayside. The entire time, the rest of his endowments continued to twitch towards bigger and bigger sizes, while his sniffling nose started to ooze precum as much as his other openings.

‘How could it get any worse?’ Jayren thought.

Dr. Rai, however, shrugged. "Let him."

The nurse's grip suddenly released, and the moment the terrier turned to regard his superior with shock, disgust even, the vulpine started to jerk himself off. Fervently. He didn't have anywhere near enough hands for the amount of dicks throbbing across his body, but he sure did try.

Jayren reached for his left ear, trying to address this building pressure and itching that came from within. His fingers were greeted by the very tip of a slimy canine cock, which was starting to squeeze out of his ear canal and right into his stroking hand. Meanwhile, his other hand felt up beneath his shirt and stroked his own nipple, which had already become delightfully tingly, hardening and engorging in anticipation of becoming yet another aching erection!

"I'll put him on something to stop the cells from reaching his brain via the optic nerve." Dr. Rai explained, as she turned her back to the pair and scribbled out a set of prescriptions. "I've also got something to stop his internals from 'cockifying', as well as a cocktail of suppressants. If it works, he'll be stabilized enough to go home... And do nothing but cum himself silly all day."

The snow leopard ripped out a page from the prescription pad and slapped it onto the table next to the sink. She waltzed out, but not before her last recommendation, "In the meantime, you can help him get his rocks off for the rest of your shift."

The nurse's eyes went wide, but the door closed behind them. And just in time, because out of nowhere, Jayren howled out with his first orgasm, mumbling around his cock-tongue as a torrent of cum hosed the door. Absolutely covering the whole surface with a sheet of sticky, clumpy jizz.

However, that did nothing to relieve Jayren. Despite ejaculating what felt like a bucket's worth of cum, from somewhere deep within his throat... Jayren only felt hornier. Instead of the warm afterglow of release, that achy, satisfied feeling after a good cumshot... He simply burned hotter, harder with arousal. Sticky globs of cum had soaked into his fur, drenched his pink top and trickled from his tongue-tip to his mouth. He was tasting his own cum... But it was more, in every aspect. More copious, more sticky, more gooey, and more flavorful.

The nurse, meanwhile, watched with both awe and terror. Right before his eyes, he saw Jayren's form twist, his flesh expanding while his body writhed. Beneath his top, his nipples enlarged, pushing up against the fabric and making it tent. Beneath the top, the shapes of his nubs became more phallic by the moment, while they started to leak... More precum soaking into his garment. Two big wet spots grew across the fabric.

With a remaining watery eye, Jayren also watched, but his expression was delight. His pleasure increased by the moment, his throbbing and squirming upon the bed was enough to make him feel better than jerking off. It was all starting to overwhelm him, so he abruptly released his cocks… He could feel it, a big climax coming on. Jayren’s fingers seized upon the couch's leather and his nails dug into the material, scraping audibly across it as he enjoyed himself too much. Moreover, the male's back arched as his engorged, several-inch-long nipples chafed so-good against his top, the fabric tearing at the seams and stretching, yielding around his firmer cocks. Then, his erections alone tore right through the fabric!


The fox shrieked in ecstasy, his diamond-hard nipple-cocks having finally managed to break right through. His shirt burst open and the scraps splayed out, those forearm-sized nipplecocks jutting out proudly and geysering cum. This double-cumshot was a potent one, one former nipple after the other splashing the ceiling with arcs of fresh white spunk. The mess scattered across the ceiling and the back-blast sprinkled the room, making the nurse reflexively brace himself as a few errant droplets touched him. So it was at that moment that he began to bolt for it.

"Ah, fuck this, I'm not paid enough for this shi--IT!?"

The terrier stumbled across the streak of cum on the floor, falling flat onto his back and getting soaked in the sticky mess left by the first ejaculation. And before he could fully pick himself up, wincing and frightened, Jayren rasped out with another, even stronger orgasm... His mind reeling and his body tingling with the intensity of this third, maybe fourth climax in the span of less than a minute.

The fox doubled over with torrents of cum that squirt out of one ear as well as out of his other ear's cock. Meanwhile, even more seed arced out of his tongue-cock like spit! Most of it sprayed across the nurse like a water gun, leaving the hapless man's scrubs completely waterlogged with cum.

But it wasn't on purpose. Jayren could barely even see with his blurry remaining eye, and that was dispensed with as suddenly, the other eye erupted with a massive canine erection, even bigger than the first. The fox's eye socket felt like a tight hole being wrapped around his own cock, further enhancing his enjoyment as both of his paws now seized his optical dicks, seeing as they were the most sensitive, achy, and tender of all.
He now devolved into frenzied grunting and stroking, his hands becoming a blur of masturbating his obscene endowments. And even as his other ear was fucked from the inside-out by a giant canine dick, Jayren kept stroking, panting with bliss.

Reaching new peaks of arousal, a new height of sensation, of tenderness and engorgement, Jayren couldn't imagine doing anything more than jerking himself off. He had no refractory period, no end to his messy, sticky output, and he had lost count of how many dicks were twitching across his body... So sensitive that just bobbling around and the slightest movements were enough to drive him mad.

But the pleasure also fed into his symptoms, exacerbating the growth and progression of his disease... Every stroke meant another inch on a cock somewhere, anywhere. And each cumshot led to another fat erection bulging out of his body somewhere.

He had to turn over onto his side, feeling this tightness in his tailhole as another member crowned out of him... This time, bursting out of his rump. The girth pushed up against the base of his tail and leaked all over his lower body. There were no more comfortable sides or spots to lay on, as inch after inch of his body was covered in cock. Any way he laid down, there was some meaty dick chafing against the bed, and this worsened as the tip of his tail split and the fur fell off of that appendage... Revealing a small canine dick even at the end of his tail.

"Grrrghhh..." He groaned, even his thoughts becoming inarticulate as he could only think about how he was cumming, or about to cum. Before he worried about each new obscene addition to his body; now he savored every veiny length that adorned his form, relishing in how they felt. Robbed of sight and hearing, he made sure to appreciate his new body with his other senses... Savoring his own sensation, his texture, his firmness and veininess. As well as his salty, savory, and even bitter flavors; his cock-tongue could still taste, so he made sure to smear and slap that slimy dick against his other erections, to taste them thoroughly.

And his own scent... It was virile, mouth-watering, pungent, oh, how it made himself lightheaded!

He simmered there in a puddle of his own cum, the bed sopping with the sticky stuff. The entire floor was drenched with it, but thankfully the excess pooled towards the drain. More of the walls were being painted in his jizz, as his cocks now fired off consecutive climaxes, so many of them that even the tandem nature of their ejaculations made sure one was firing off. And each climax was long, easily a minute of non-stop spewing from the respective member. So imagine Jayren's pleasure, feeling multiple powerful, body-tingling climaxes at the same time, from so many disparate parts of his body.

He soon no longer even bothered to savor or consider his own body. All he did was bask in his climaxes themselves. Every thought was occupied with cumming, and every one of his motions was some kind of rubbing against himself. His hands were pawing at his face, smearing sheets of spunk all over his own visage. He couldn't even decide which of the half-dozen facial cocks to stroke, so he smeared and batted at all of them. Even his sixth face-dick, that small erection jutting out from the flesh of his nose and partly blocking his nostrils, making him alternate between gasping for air and gargling cum, or panting through his nose and sneezing out sheets of spunk.

Then his fingers became dicks.

This was very rare, but his case was particularly virulent. Severe. So one by one, his fingernails fell right off. His fingers, loaded with infected cells, started to quickly bloat out and firm up into a mess of meaty, veiny cocks. The fur and skin peeled back to the last knuckles, revealing reddish flesh. His cock-digits were a medley of sizes and shapes like a bouquet of red chili peppers, but they continued to swell out even further. Visibly enlarging and shrinking with each pulsation. Rigid, burning hot, aching, and soon... Leaking cum just like every other appendage.

Which was a delightful turn of events for Jayren. Because now he could stroke off even more cocks with the same motions. He came thrice as often now and every one of his movements flung cum around. His fur was matted in the stuff. Said fluff continued to fall off in clumps, as smaller cocks started to blossom up and down the two milk lines of his body. From each armpit, down an arc that traced down the respective breast straight down to the crotch, over a dozen cocks cropped up. Instead of extra nipples, these excessive endowments budded into existence and the fur readily parted around them.

More... And more... Jayren was a matted mess, painted white by his own seed. The fur continued to fall right off and his coat turned ever more patchy to reveal veiny and reddish skin beneath. With every patch of decency lost, he gained that bit more sensitivity. He could feel more and more of his swollen skin exposed, and in a brief moment of lucidity, wondered what he even looked like.

He’d never know.

But he was unrecognizable. No resemblance to himself or even a fox.

Just a freak!

At this rate, he could very well end up an indistinct pile of cockmeat, before any meds could kick in. But at least the nurse finally managed to stumble out of the exam room. He just about threw himself onto the floor in his desperation to escape, then ripped a cum-soaked surgical mask off of his face. He shouted:

"Someone turn on the sprinklers! And get the containment guys! This is a fucking mess!"

And that's saying something, considering what wing of the hospital they were in. The nurse’s call was answered by running steps and an alarm going off. But Jayren remained in blissful oblivion, unaware and uncaring about the mess he was making and was getting them all into.