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Kindness Spurned and Prophecy Fulfilled

Emerging from dazzling clouds of metallic gold and pink, an inhuman figure stepped into being, planting newly materialized, flawlessly formed feet on the cheap carpeting of a student house.

Wren stared at the apparition, eyes wide, drinking in the elegant, voluptuous creature she’d called forth, so sensual and erotic… as befit a succubus.

She herself was far from plain; her own body was curvaceous and impressively endowed, her bulging bust distorting the otherwise plain witching robes she wore. The face above them was tanned and striking, with bright blue eyes and long blond hair, kept silky and straight. If not for the supernatural situation and medieval garb, the woman might have been taken for a model.

But she was drab in the presence of this newcomer.

The demoness’ skin was impossibly smooth, with an alluring sheen to the gold surface. It turned a sensual, glowing purple in the vicinity of her more sensitive areas. Lit up in that way were clawed hands and feet, her proud, pert breasts, with fat, puckering mouths for nipples, and the engorged, swollen folds of her crotch, those ‘lips’ bouncing slightly as she moved, promising demonic softness and wetness within. Black streaks and waves adorned her too, like decoration, emanating out from her obsidian claws and her impressive horns, staining her long tail and wrapping around her shoulders like a cloak, where it seemed to blend with her long black hair.

Between those horns there hung a cloudy orb, suspended by nothing, within which faint shapes seemed to twist and writhe.

Cassandra took a deep breath of mortal air as she ran her hands down her full curves.

She sighed as her claws traced over her sensitive flesh, and three tongues licked three sets of lips as she smelled the little details of Earth once again.

The uppermost set curved up into a lethal grin, showing off shark-like teeth, as she looked over her summoner, alcohol thick on the woman’s breath.

“Hello there, little witch,” she murmured, in deep, husky tones “have you called on me to share with you the pleasures of flesh?”

“Mmm… tempting,” Wren murmured, unable to keep the smirk from her own mouth, “but no… not tonight at least. I have a friend, Gale, who’s in need of your… ministrations…. She’s been working too hard, and she needs a proper break. And a good fucking.”

Cassandra beamed with menace and glee.

“Even better. I shall bend her to my will and make her scream with ecstasy as I show her the heights – and depths – to which flesh can aspire.”

Wren licked her lips.

“She… may need a little persuasion, though.” The succubus laughed.

“Easily done. You knew which of the infernals to call upon, clearly. I shall show her the sheer depravity that resistance will invite. She shall have to become mine… for the night.”

Wren brushed her nipples through her robe, trying to make them stop tenting the fabric.

“Goddess, I’m going to need to get more essence of djinn, and summon you again sometime…. Just don’t do anything too extreme to her. Maybe a minor transformation… as a souvenir.”

“Naturally. The shock of the forms I show her will be titillation enough.” “Great… put on my coat and I’ll show you up to her room.”


Dragged from bed all too early once more, Gale cursed her past self, for failing to disable her alarm.
Still, she was awake now.

Rising, an impressive figure emerged from the alluring warmth and softness of the sheets, six feet, with curves that would have seemed generous if she spent less time with women like Wren.

She spared her reflection only a glance.

Bright green eyes peered out through disarrayed black locks that hung down to her shoulders, but it wasn’t her habit to stop to preen herself in the mornings.

Usually the engineering student had to rise with the sun – or earlier – to make it to those painful first thing classes, but she was finally on her long-threatened vacation, a term off for her to decompress and have a little fun.

To experiment and live the college life she’d been missing out on.

Last night had been the start of it – a bar crawl with friends, trying strange cocktails and getting rather raunchy.

Entering the shared kitchen, she came face to face with a stranger. She couldn’t recall experimenting quite as boldly as this.

The purple and gold figure in the kitchen was certainly her type, but she didn’t usually hook up with cosplayers – nor were any around the bars she recalled hitting the precious night.
“Good morning,” the otherworldly woman purred, from where she sat at the table.

The ‘I work best under stress’ mug in her hands was full of coffee, and the smell lured the human woman over to sit and pour herself some from the press, despite the strange circumstances.
She took a sip and sighed, blinking away sleep.

“So… forgive me, but I don’t remember you from last night. Which you’d really think I would. Amazing… gorgeous costume.”
Her eyes lingered on those three sensual sets of lips on show as she spoke.

“Wren let me in,” the other replied, “around two hours ago now, while you were still sleeping.”

Gale raised an eyebrow, and gulped down more of the expertly concocted brew.

“I am Cassandra, a succubus summoned to your mortal realm by the supernatural powers of your friend… to bind you to my demonic will. You shall serve me as my consort and plaything until I tire of you, mortal… I have such pleasures to share with you.”

Her eyes glowed as she spoke the words.
Gale had to admit the costume was magnificent work.
“Well that’s a hell of a backstory, but Wren’s a history student, not a witch. And while I’m flattered, I’m going hiking for a week starting Monday, and I have to finish my emails, hand in two papers, pack, take my tent to be mended….”

The magnificent figure opposite giggled, a deep and alluring sound that made her body come alive with lewd motion.
“It was not an offer my dear.”

She raised her mug… to her nipple… and the darker purple of those misplaced lips moved to take a gulp.

That was certainly remarkable.

“You shall serve me, or else you shall see your doom come to pass!”

As she looked down she saw something in the woman’s other hand too; a strange glass orb, which shimmered as though it were alive.

Pondering the sphere, she saw the surface distort, taking on her own twisted reflection… one which moved entirely differently.
The woman in the glowing circle turned, and she realized that the figure was looking away

from Gale’s eye, running hands over herself and crying out.

Somehow, through that tiny discontinuity, Gale was seeing a whole other world.

She was seeing herself, yet the image was still warping and shifting, writhing as skin bulged….

Bursting apart, her body was erupting with crude equine flesh, cocks and breasts pushing out all over her other self. Every part of her was becoming penile, pumping out wave after wave of cum, until she collapsed to her knees as they too became only horseflesh.

Orb-Gale was nothing but a patchwork mound of squirting sexual parts, wracked by endless climax.

“W-woah,” she murmured.

Suddenly she was back in the room, and the orb was gone… just a coffee mug in the other’s clasped hands again, those jets of cum mere billows of cream.

“That looked so real….”

“Because it was… and is. Your fate is sealed, my dear. The vision you saw there was your future, one to which you shall inexorably succumb for all eternity, trapped in that ageless prison of flesh. The only way to avoid that calamity… is to submit. Accept the ecstasy of serving me… or else this prophecy shall come to pass, beginning one day from now.”

Gale shivered, just imagining it… that degrading helplessness, the shocking impotence of that body, cut off from all the world, yet liberated from all worries and concerns.

A form that could only feel pleasure and sweet torment, forever.

She felt the moisture in her roused womanhood, and chewed at her lip as she realized how foolishly excited she was, the surreal display perfectly pushing her buttons.

Not that she’d dream of admitting that to anyone. “You know you almost had me going there.”

Cassandra gaped at her, her mystical air abruptly pierced as Gale chugged the rest of her coffee, and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

“You can let yourself out, Cassandra – lovely as it sounds, I really am too busy.”

“Wait, Gale!” the woman called after her, “that was no idle threat! What I showed you was true prophecy – even I cannot undo the twist of fate now it’s made. You have to accept, or you’ll be nothing but a monstrosity of flesh and sex! Permanently!

Gale stifled a moan at the thought of it.

“Fuck, if you can do that, go right ahead! Sign me up and do your worst!”

Spurning Wren’s kinky act of kindness was a shame – she would have to thank the woman for the erotic effort – but she really didn’t have time to indulge herself with the strange stranger that day.

Even if her cosplay and ‘magic’ orb were startlingly convincing.
The young engineer knew that witches and demons couldn’t exist, but that morning she almost wished they were real.

Imagining that perverse fate sent a tingle down her spine.


The odd encounter lingered on her mind throughout the day as she was preparing for her trip.

Their other housemates had already left for their own vacations, and Wren was out. Perhaps that was her way of giving Gale some ‘privacy’ for what the other woman imagined was a celebration of licentious pleasures… but she was rather glad of the time to herself, to wrap up a few of the all too many loose ends of the semester before she’d be gone.

And to masturbate.

It didn’t help that Cassandra showed up several times over the course of the day to either tempt or ‘warn’ her about her dire fate. Each time she’d sent the… gorgeous woman packing… but each encounter left her a little more aroused and distracted.

Even if that final meeting was more a plea than any kind of seduction.

Someone needed to tell her and Wren lines like ‘Please, just try submitting a little, I promise you’ll love it’ and ‘the alternative is going to be really bad!’ were not the most persuasive approach for a domme to take.

Still she was tempted at times to give in – if only to satisfy her rampant arousal. She made do with a dildo between errands and calls.

Perhaps that was why as evening fell there were still entirely too many tasks left to tackle. She found herself wishing once again that the images which lingered in her thoughts were more than a mere fantasy.

It would be a relief not to have to come back to all this stress. The final words of the ‘demoness’ kept repeating in her head.

“Fine then, girl… I shall enjoy taking you to the depths of your own depravity… permanently.”

Debilitating and degrading as that impossible form was, she would have no more worries or pressure like that.

Blushing and panting, she pleasured herself repeatedly in bed that night as she imagined it, even that burning hot shame adding to the stimulation and allure. She’d been more pent up than she thought, that semester, and the indulgence of fantasy and sensuality that night was wonderful.


Come the following morning she was more aroused than ever.

She ignored it at first. She had too much to do to indulge in mere lust. Yet the sheets felt so good against her skin, soothing that itching desire that crept over her body. She couldn’t help but finger herself again before she got up.

Rising from bed late, her arms felt heavy, her whole body sluggish and her muscles weak and achy, as if they were still half-asleep, or strained after a full day of effort. There was a tingling as she took each step too, as if the thuds transmitted up through her bones were somehow focusing into her crotch and breasts, her body abnormally sensitive.

“Too much masturbation,” she said, shaking her head. As she showered her body startled her anew.

The soft, soapy sponge she ran over her skin scraped harshly, grating against tender spots all over, especially around her nipples and crotch… and her face.

Examining herself in the cleaning stream she found small, dark patches all over her body, bulges which were tender to the touch. Bruises, she might have thought, only they didn’t hurt. There were other spots too, where the skin wasn’t discolored, but still seemed to rise up in lumps, without explanation.

The itching sensations as she ran her hands over her chest and front evoked hives or some allergic response, but allergies didn’t make her heart thud like that… or tingle so pleasurably when she rubbed at herself with the soap. Her nipples in particular ached with a regular throb, fattening in her hands as she caressed them, the skin seeming to well up as they grew erect.

It was hard to tear her touch away from them.

Stepping out of the shower, she felt the mat press against the soles of her feet with stunning clarity, and gave a moan, almost falling to one knee as her reflexively tried to protect herself from the intense stimulation of all those woven fibers pushing on her skin.

Gale was starting to get worried.

Staggering for a few steps, she found she grew accustomed to the intense feeling as she moved from mat to tiles, but still her body was far too sensitive to be normal. That sensitivity made even the simple shirt and shorts she pulled on for the morning chafe and bite at her as she moved around the bathroom, her nipples in particular poking through the fabric.

“I should talk to a doctor… maybe it’s something I ate,” she muttered to herself. That was when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

Her cheeks were fat and heavy, like a chipmunk, dark patches at the outermost points. “Oh shit….”

She prodded them, peering at the strangely engorged flesh, and cringing at how sensitive they felt.

There were other spots that were marked too, like the two dark points pushing out on her forehead.

In a moment of wild fancy Gale wondered if she was about to sprout demon horns… then she thought again of Cassandra… and her dire warnings.

“That can’t be right. Magic doesn’t even exist,” she reminded herself.

Only the bulges on her face stubbornly refused to fade, no matter how she poked and pressed at them.

Instead, the staining spread, out and downwards, more lumps pushing out beneath the original two over her brows.

As she brushed a fingernail against the bulbous upper lumps, Gale almost collapsed, feeling as if a blade had been dragged across her nether-regions.

Her womanhood was wet and aching, and she realized that the sensations there were just like those in her face.

“No way, no, it’s imposs-”

The skin split on her forehead, and Gale’s words were lost in a gasp, as white fluid burst out in spurts and trickles.

Her skull was throbbing, pressure building, the meat of her forehead around the bumps itself piling up, like some sort of sphincter. 

All at once her body gave way to the pressure, the two black bulges near her hairline pushing outwards through the openings ringing them, flesh spilling into her hands as she tried to catch what she feared could be her own brains.

Instead twin shafts of throbbing, achingly tender horsemeat filled her grip, turgid equine phalluses emerging from twin sheaths, whose heads were the bumps she’d seen, the leaking slits their urethras. 

Tentatively, realizing she wasn’t hurt, or even in pain, she ran her fingers along them, shivering at the sensations of these slick new parts that felt as much her as her own limbs.

She gripped the tips of those floppy lengths.

Gale stared at herself in the mirror, holding her forehead-cocks out.

Transfixed by her sinister fascination, she watched as the bumps below them swelled up too, pushing outwards and drooping into black, leathery sacks, hanging down from the shafts above. Sweat was soon beading on those taut surfaces, trickles dribbling down the cleavage between each pair of balls and filling the air with their musty scent.

Gale had horse testicles on her face. To go with the horsecocks.

Each was a foot long, dominating her head… yet as she saw the bulges pushing out on her cheeks she knew they were just the first.

“I did try to warn you, my dear.”

Spinning around, Gale cried out in shock as the motion set her stiffening erections bouncing and slapping.

Over-stimulated, it was too much for her new parts. Jiggling and wobbles gave way to straining and jerking, the ill-fated human woman writhing and clutching the sink behind her for support as the penises pumped out matching streams of sticky, pungent horsecum, splattering the floor and dribbling down their shafts.

Orgasm dislodged the next two in turn, and she cried out at the unwanted climax as a pair of mottled black and brown shafts slurped out of her cheeks, emerging with a wet sensuality that wracked her body with its visceral stimulation, then immediately bloomed into a second round of climaxes.

By the time she was done cumming through her face, Gale was panting and shaking, yet far from being spent, she felt hornier than ever as she breathed the potent smells of mating animals and felt the slimy seed trickling down her face and shafts.

Some of her hair clung to those glistening, moist cocks too, and wrapped around their giant sacks where they expanded out below.

She tried to pull them away, to disentangle her elegant, human features from those gross, bestial ones, and she felt the follicles tugging on her new genital-parts, and the great weight of penises jiggling on her once-pretty face.

Her eyes watered with the sheer, intense humiliation, not just from how inhuman she looked, but from how those powerful hard poles embedded in her head called to her, to reach up and wrap her hands around them.

To masturbate her face of equine pricks.

Green irises blazed from among the new quartet of cocks her face had been coated in, as she searched for the interloper who had caused her that shock of sensation, and intruded on this embarrassing, surreal moment.

The anger faded as she saw that the doorway was empty… and realized whose voice it had been.


The woman wasn’t just a skillful cosplayer.

All at once she was stuck by the reality of her situation.

“Magic’s real,” she whispered, eyes wide, “and I’m gonna turn into that… that mess of genitals!”

The thought made her whole midsection clench, with a sick, shocking thrill, her pussy squirting against her underwear as she shuddered, every part of her alive with arousal.

Gale’s head was full of those images, of herself as a perverse, twisted mess of penis, drooling and spurting cum helplessly... her hands even started to rub the shafts growing from her face at the idea, those digits themselves throbbing as though in sympathy with the increasingly eager stallionhoods.

Realizing what she was doing, she gave a disgusted grunt, and pushed the cocks away from her eye-line.

She couldn’t just… enjoy being made into such a depraved, inhuman mess – no-one could want that. No-one should want that.

It shouldn’t be so… grotesquely, shamefully exciting.

There shouldn’t be a part of her whispering so seductively that this was only what she’d wanted. What she’d fantasized about.

What she’d secretly wished could come to pass.

“It was only a kink,” she muttered, “fantasies are just that!”

She had to call Wren, and get the woman – the witch – to call off this demoness.

Her first step towards her bedroom made her stumble, however, as her toes brushed the tiles, and it sent an electric jolt up through her body.

Peering down past the ridiculous dicks on her face, she saw why, and gave a whine of dismay and frustration.

The change was spreading fast, her entire body itching and tingling now. Her chest was bulging out, nipples pushing at the material constraining them as large rounded bumps emerged under each.

Gale couldn’t stop or worry about that; she had to get to her phone.

Staggering, the stimulation greater with each subsequent step, she made it to her bed.

As she collapsed onto it, she felt soft mounds on her back, squishing much as her breasts would have. Those on her front seemed larger now too. She wondered if, could she look, she’d see matching busts on her front and rear.

The twitches that idea sent through her cocks focused into her feet, and she bit her lip as she realized what that must mean.

Holding her right foot up, she found her fears confirmed in full.

Wriggling toes were oozing white as they swelled, rubbing against one another. Each joint seized up as those digits inflated outwards into fat barrels a few inches long, the nails and tips flattening into crude pink flares. All around each one, balls were crowding in, scrotums layered and packed together above and below as they competed for space.

Her voice raised as her cocktoes started to squirt one after another. Her feet clenched up as the ridiculous fan of phalluses released, sacks pumping themselves dry, but their owner felt no lessening in her lust. All her many testicles were already pulsating as they started to refill, and all over her body she could feel more genitals starting to bud, where those lumps and ‘bruises’ were growing ever more defined.

Gale’s bust in particular was aching for attention. She cupped her two, delicate, original boobs, and that slight press on the sides of her chest was enough to set off another slimy ejection. Before her eyes her shirt tented outwards around two huge horsecocks, flopping out of her breasts, piling up in the material, joined by more tingling, overfilled balls.

She had burning, jiggling, hysterically crude dicknipples.

Once more she felt the desire calling to her, to give in to this surreal curse and wallow in self-debasement, groping her face and bosom and feet in a hideous carnival of carnal surrender and celebration.

Instead she reached for her phone, on the bedside cabinet.

Her fingers hurt as she gripped the hard edges of the device, which sank into the oddly flat tips.

She tried to ignore that.

At least for now they were still otherwise finger-shaped.

Yet they were clumsy, fumbling just to hold the device, her joints stiff and unresponsive like her toes had become. Her palms were swollen too, bulging out ever more with each pump of blood from her racing heart.

Thrice she dropped the smartphone as her fingers kept changing, from dexterous digits into something wholly less capable and vastly more exciting.

Each time the device tumbled from her grip she cursed her clumsiness… and that part of herself which soared with gladness even as the phone fell to the covers.

It was ridiculous, to be aroused by her pathetic inability to work a phone.

Finally she thought to wedge the flatscreen between the soles and sacks of her feet to hold it steady. That put extra pressure on her balls and cocktoes, but she did her best to ignore them as she tried to unlock it.

Fingerprints failed, and her digit left a creamy smear on the sensor when she pulled it away.

Gale shook off the lingering, masochistic twinge that sent through her warping form. No normal woman would be so turned on by her own impotence, her own… ruined hands… yet she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever be able to type again… and feel a terrible, giddy rush as she knew the answer was no.

Just imagining trying to write an essay or draw up a diagram like this sent a ripple of disgraceful relish through her wobbling cock-digits.

Her fingers were barely even able to bend, their agility converted into depraved sensuality. She chewed her lip as she bit back a groan of pleasure at each failure.

Her juices, cock and pussy alike, had already drenched her clothes. Now they were soaking the bed too as she realized how useless her fingers were becoming.

Tapping out the unlock code was awkward even after she made herself focus – her digits were still able to flex just enough to aim them at the screen, but they were swelling up, twice their normal size at least, and she hit multiple numbers with each press.

Flaring fingertips proved the solution as well as the problem.

As her appendages were transforming, the tips grew wide rims, with ‘corners’ where the flares bulged out and curved back in to join the shaft – and while she struggled to maneuver any one finger that accurately, she could still use her arms to bring those edges into line and tap out the code.

From there it was just a matter of a few panicked and horny pokes at the device, a few accidentally-launched apps, until finally Gale enjoyed the relief of the sound of Wren’s phone ringing.

And ringing.

“Come on, pick up!”

No answer came, so she clumsily smushed a cockifying finger against the screen again, to open her messenger app.

There was a text from Wren there wishing her a very happy time, but Gale barely read it as she struggled with the on-screen keyboard.

Everything she typed dissolved into a string of nonsense as slimy strands of precum coated the glass, and each flex and twist of her hands squeezed the expanding bulges more, to make her shiver and her fingers drool all the more as she kneaded her own genitals.

Autopredict did a valiant job, but the woman’s hands were beyond the task. She ended up sending several meaningless word-salads, before she gave up entirely.

Gale no longer had the manual dexterity to move her fingers. Instead, as she tried to control them, they just twitched.

She felt the orgasms building within each as they expanded ever outwards, taking on the mottled brown and pink flesh tones of more pony pricks.

Desperately, using one hand’s flopping cocks to angle those of the other, she pushed the head of one drooling dick against the call button again, for a final attempt.

Once more, the phone rang… and rang.

“Wren, where are you?!” she moaned, as it finally went to voicemail. “Make her stop this!” “No-one can stop this now,” whispered the demoness.

Yet there was no sign of her anywhere. The voice came somehow from inside her. She couldn’t even run from it.

Mashing the blobs of balls and cocks against the device, she couldn’t even hang up to try another number – her fingers were pure phalli now, bending against the flat surface and rubbing together, and her palms were lost amid the mass of sacks.

Gale bit her lip as she realized she was no longer capable of using a phone.

That pressure, of her digits deforming futilely against her phone, and that sick pleasure she felt in her own debilitation, was all too much. Like a series of fireworks each of her fingercocks popped in turn, hurling out bursts of cum that splashed the bed and the floor beyond as Gale howled in repeat, staccato climaxes.

By the time it was done, even the bones of her hands seemed to have melted away into that soft, absurd mass, and holding them up, watching her flagging yet still stiff cockfingers flop around, she understood why.

There were no bones in her hands – the palms had expanded out like the cocks and balls atop them, and ballooned into jiggling, perky round balls of fat from which the cocks hung, turgid and oozing.

Two tits were sitting on the ends of her wrists.

The same fate had befallen her feet, she found, as she dropped the drenched phone. All four of her limbs ended in a large, squishy breast, covered in horsegenitals.

She couldn’t get away from them any more than she could the voice. They were her bodyparts now.

Nor could she escape the endless pleasure they brought.

Rolling orgasms worked up and down her fingers and toes, through her face-cocks and through her dicknipples. No matter how she tried to fight it, to hold back the tides of cum or still the aching, twitching jerks that flicked creamy ropes all over her and her bed, Gale’s body went on regardless.

She was powerless to resist the constant stream of ejaculations, each cock squirting only setting off two more and wracking her with unwanted, welcome, erotic fervor.

Struck by her own shocking, total helplessness, her degrading passions only grew with her disgraceful pleasure.

Gale had no hands or feet, only cocks and boobs.

“This is so wrong, it’s fucked up and… sick… twisted…. I….”

“You adore this,” the voice whispered. “It’s what you need, what your soul is pleading for. That’s why you refused my bargain, spurned Wren’s kindness. You wanted my prophecy fulfilled.”

The human girl trembled as the succubus spoke directly to her innermost desires, whispering into those dark, hidden and shameful places that were the foundations of her mind.

“N-no,” she whispered, “I’m not… like that…”

She held up the flopping tits and dicks on her wrists, and felt a truthful squirt pushed out of each of her dickfingers in her rampant passion, along with a still more perverse gush from her womanhood, grinding into the sheets under her.

Her mouth found those useless, impotent fingers and sucked instead at the tips of her new, virile phalli, bashing them clumsily against the cocks lining her face, her back arching as she masturbated her pathetic non-hands against lips… upper and lower.

The pleasure of mashing her squishy, throbbing wrist-breast and wobbling cluster of cocks against her crotch was incomparable, and as she tried to work a digit under her shorts… and failed over and over… she grunted in her spiraling delight.

She felt glad each time her non-fingers failed her – turned on more by her denial and incapacity than the penetration she sought ever could have aroused her.

Gale couldn’t even masturbate properly.

“Then do you want your hands back, my dear? For all this to end?” Heart pounding and body aching, Gale couldn’t answer.

There was only one word on her lips, but she knew better than to disgrace herself further. In the heat of that wonderful, terrible moment, every part of her was screaming no.

The best she could manage was to tear the cocks away from her mouth with a wet slurp.

She tried to sniff, to dislodge the tingling scents of cock and cum filling her sinuses, she told herself, yet nothing moved. She could still smell her body, yet nothing else. Gone was the scent of the room, of her shampoo or the air freshener in the corner, of the mown grass outside the window, of the distant smell of curry from the sorority house two lots down the street.

Her bouncing bundle of equine shafts reached up, waving around on her squishing former- hand, and she guided them clumsily to her face. They mashed into their kin covering her, but she was able to guide one to her aching nose. The tip pressed flat against the flare of that erstwhile fingertip, and she whimpered as she realized what was happening there – and felt the sick thrill of it. Of her nose, one of her vital sensory organs, turning into just another budding genital.

Gale had already lost the use of her fingers, lost her hands for all meaningful purposes, thanks to her twisted fantasy and her stubborn tempting of fate.

Yet her body was still crying out, desperately pleading for more, even as her mind was going through all the reasons why that was such a bad idea… as if to somehow convince herself.

If she couldn’t stop this… she’d become that monster in the vision.

A formless mass, ringed with layers of cocks and boobs… beautiful in a way… but in the manner of a fine chandelier or vase, not that of a person!

It was a body made for sheer and total supplication to the erotic, a surrender of all humanity to rampant passion, and the sensual pursuit of unadulterated hedonism.

Even as her mind fought that disgraceful demeaning of all that she was, her soul was crying out for it.

“Incredible,” came that intruding voice, “to think there could be a human so depraved. So eager to lose everything for the sake of pleasure….”

She wanted to argue, but how could she?

As she’d already seen, she’d never be able to use a phone or computer, but it went far further than that. She’d never hold a pen or write her name. Never walk to classes or sit her finals. Never hold hands or kiss her lover. Never go for a stroll, or chat with a friend.

Never speak again. Never smell.

Never hear. Never see.

Never be anything but cock and tits and cum. She wanted it more than anything!

Gale groaned, as her own warped mind set off the cocks coating her face once more, her self-destructive fantasies of debasement bubbling to the surface; the longing to throw it all away coming to a head as she felt how she was discarding even herself.

Her deepest, greatest desire, granted.

She couldn’t give up her whole being like that, and yet, she had no choice.

As she came from her face all over again, more cocks pushed out, her nose bulging, then slopping out through another sheath, balls dropping down to press against her lips like some surreal moustache sagging down against her lips.

How painfully crude she was, as her mouth sucked and kissed at that squishing, tingling mass, licking at the tart equine sweat greasing the scrotums all over her face.

Breasts were breaking out all over her torso too, and she realized with alarm that they were stretching her shirt ever tighter.

Cockheads slipped off the hems, and even when she managed to squish a few of her more erect ‘fingers’ in under the edge of the fabric, the dicks bent and slipped out again, rather than finding any purchase.

Manual dexterity was a thing of the past for her.

In the end she hand to mash a whole boob-hand in under the tightening cylinder of material, squishing boobs and cocks together to make herself quiver as she tugged and strained to free herself.

Finally, mercifully, the fabric tore, and her new bust burst free.

A whole field of tits flopped and bounced loose, coating her on all sides, even running down her back.

Gale couldn’t resist touching them, even if all she had to interact with the world or her own body now were bunches of cocks.

It felt incredible to run those penises over so many pliant boobs, even sinking them into the valleys and multi-directional cleavage between the maddening gown of growing mammaries, each screaming to be milked.

She could have sung with joy to have lost her hands, so wondrous was the feeling of her blessed helplessness.

“Oh goddess yes! I can’t even grope myself,” she muttered, the breathy words slipping out in reckless and horny honesty.

“I see you’re finally allowing a little honesty about just how much you’re enjoying your fate,” Cassandra observed, with a giggle.

This time the voice wasn’t inside her head, and the ‘human’ snapped open her eyes as she searched for the source.

Visible past the waving erections on her head, she saw the succubus in the doorway, grinning at her.

The shock of another person, physically there with her, broke through her masochistic reverie.

“Cassandra,” she whispered, “y-you have to help me! I submit, so stop this now! I’ll do whatever you want! For as long as you want!”

The woman laughed her triplicate laugh as she slunk in, her tail curling around the other’s shaking leg as she cupped the cocks lining her cheeks and teased those overfull balls.


Gale stared up at her, gaping, eyes pleading. Even she couldn’t say what they implored of the demoness, as she struggled and failed to stop groping at herself so haplessly.

“You had your chances – many of them – but now I couldn’t stop this even if I wanted to my dear. And I don’t want to. My prophecy was clear, and you invited it, welcomed it… challenged me to do my worst, in fact.”

Claws fingers traced tingling lines over her cheek, around her balls, and Gale felt her cranium ache and swell. Flesh was pushing up all over, in three giant bulges, too big even for horsedicks, and as she reached up she felt what should have been bone squish and yield.

Her head was turning into breasts.

Three were forming, equally spaced around her skull, two left and right and one at the rear. As they expanded outwards in all directions she felt them bristle with more cocks too, squirting and stretching out of her former head, bursting through her hair as the strands fell away, crowning her cranium in a thick coating of penises and testicles atop the triangle of titflesh. More were emerging at her shoulders too, and she whimpered and writhed under the thrilling assault of sensation… and words.

“It’s been so long since I truly let loose, so I’m going to enjoy doing my very worst… and best. These arms, for example… there’s really no need to cling onto those any more, is there?”

Lurching to her feet, Gale put a sudden burst of energy into her legs. It was futile, she knew, yet she couldn’t just give in.

She had to at least try to save herself from any further debilitation and disgrace. But her heart wasn’t in the effort, any more than her legs.

Her spirit weighed her down, just as so many bouncing, wobbling breasts and sagging, sweating sacks did.

She managed a few unsteady steps on squishing tits before she collapsed down in the middle of the carpet, groaning and shivering.

Gale tried to reach for the chair to pull herself up, yet it seemed only to move ever further away.

Understanding came as she realized that her limbs felt weaker than ever… and her shoulders fuller.

She peered down through a tangle of dicks.

Before her eyes her arms were shrinking, retreating into her sides. “No…” she gasped aloud.

Yet it was the best sight she’d ever seen.

Already they were absorbed almost to the elbows, and as those too were subsumed her ‘hands’ were pushed out to either side, like grotesque balloon animals, wobbling on their dwindling bases.

Gale’s chest heaved and her tits shook as she watched her defunct appendages pulled up into her shoulders.

Her two most vital limbs melted into her torso, and as she struggled to move her cockfingers to grab something, anything that might help her from the desk, she realized she could no longer even feel them as anything distinct from the rest of her sexes. Onetime digits didn’t even flex, they just bounced and twitched like her other dicknipples. She couldn’t even move her shoulders – there was simply nothing left of them amidst that coating of tits that embraced her.

Gale’s arms had totally vanished into her sides, the breasts of her former hands just two more joining the four giants at her bust line, themselves only one of many concentric rings of mammaries around her body, arranged with a surreal beauty to their radial symmetry. Those without clusters of cocks were now rapidly growing them too, more horsehoods birthed from her boobs each moment, as if to destroy any trace of her old feminine shape.

Her arms were totally gone, and it was making her the horniest she’d ever been in her life.

“Now you get your wish, my dear. My prophecy has never been wrong. You’re becoming a perverse plaything of cocks and cum, and not even the gods can change that, or turn you back. And I can tell just how much you love this too – look at you, you’re humping the floor!

Dyed red all over, those parts of her face which retained human skin burned not just with lust, but with embarrassment, with the disgraceful angst of being known, of this otherworldly being seeing into those shameful depths of her soul… and delighting in the perversity that she found there.

Prophesied images came back to her at the demon’s touch, and Gale twitched dozens of cocks all at once, then cried out as the pleasure peaked once again, and she started another round of cascading orgasms from the terrible, wonderful thought of it, grinding her sole female sex into the carpet as she ejaculated from cock after cock.

With her arms already gone she couldn’t even touch herself, and her whole upper body felt more and more like an inhuman, sagging pile of flesh.


Re: Kindness Spurned and Prophecy Fulfilled - by ralwatt

The bones and structures inside were themselves changing, giving way and converting to more genital-flesh. She was becoming that vision, a beautiful ornament of sheer sexual ecstasy, a sculpture locked eternally into complete capitulation to pleasure.

“In truth, Gale, would you really want me to stop now? Could you really bear for that vision to remain nothing more than an ephemeral fantasy?”

“N-no! Don’t stop!”

She shocked herself with the words… yet the admission added to her excitation too.

The demoness purred at the scandalous response, and pressed her lips to the tallest penis poking out of the young woman’s forehead.

“Good girl… this is your submission now, a far greater, far deeper, more divine submission than to mere lovemaking.”

Gale shivered as she nodded, and not just because of all the cocks that swayed and rubbed together.

“Now then, no more limbs… only people have those. A cockpile like you doesn’t even get to move… you just lay there, twitching… cumming and quivering in your ecstasy.”

Outrageous as the threat was, to her twisted, overwrought mind it was an enchanting promise. It was certainly no more outrageous than the sight that met her as she looked down through the minefield of breasts and emerging dicks.

Her legs were softening and expanding, and even as she tried to bend them, they straightened and stiffened. Before her eyes, her knees were lost in the puffed up softness of new shafts, musculature sublimating into erectile tissue.

“Y-you’re turning my legs into cocks too?!”

Obvious as it should have been, it was shocking to see; to try to twist her limb and find only a twitch of tense stallion shaft in response, the joints not just stuck, but gone entirely, as were the bones – where her femurs should have been she could feel only squishing softness, and the pump of seed moving up her former legs.

Gale felt a sudden, desperate need to reach down and touch them, to run her hands over those pink phalli and knead those impossible penile stems, to feel how they were filling and thickening, and to pull those ridiculous breasts which were once her feet up to her face to kiss and suck on their coating of cocktoes.

Without thinking, she tried to do just that – and whimpered as she jiggled the breasts which were her entire upper torso, cocks rubbing together futilely.

All over again, she felt the shock of losing her arms. She couldn’t touch herself. She never could again.

That thought made her want it, need it, more than ever. Her eternal denial made her tremble in pleasure.

Cocklegs stiffened to a painful, pressured ache with her surging lust, and she felt momentarily dizzy as so much blood was pouring into those useless extremities.

Her body quickly adjusted to them, as it had to all the other cocks replacing it.

And to the cruelly tender third pillar that was pushing out between them, searing where the fabric under her grazed its bare head and tortured her shockingly engorged clitoris.

Her womanhood was turning into the third of that party of penises, the largest of her whole form.

“Oh goddess it feels so good…. B-but I need my limbs,” Gale moaned through the assault of eroticism, “and my pussy!”

They both knew she was lying.

“All you need now are tits and horseflesh,” Cassandra reminded her, brushing her tail along the absurd new phallus. “Limbs are useless to you, because you’re never going to move again, Gale. You don’t even need muscle or bone - you’re going to be a helpless, paralyzed pillar of penises. Permanently.”

That touch, those words, set off another mindblowing wave of ejaculations, and Gale was silenced as her transformation progressed, overwhelmed and unable to form any sound beyond a blissful groan.

The cocks her legs were becoming were pushing out and around her sides, forming a tripod along with her warped womanhood, as the breast-heads they bore spread out into forms both glans and mammary, more sensitive than the former and softer than the latter.

Her feet were flattened into the squishy heads of two of the three cocks, each ringed with a crown of former toes – a halo of dicks and balls ringing them. The tip of her clit became the third such glans, developing its own tendril-flare to match.

Her ass and was inflating too, pushing her up off the ground and rocking her hapless torso as she felt her lower half turning into testicles.

Eyes wide, she called out in her alarm.

“Please, wait, I don’t want my v-vulva to turn into nasty, aching… horse oysters!

Cassandra simply giggled as she leant down, and pressed her hands on the breasts which were once Gale’s shoulders, adding that terrible, wonderful extra weight to her tormented body.

“Don’t you?”

She spoke softly, sounding amused, curious even, looking the remains of what was once a human right in the eye.

“Be a good heap of horsecocks, and tell me, tell me what it is that you want and need right now.”

That humming, sensual voice seemed to creep into her head, what little of it wasn’t already penises, and Gale’s eyes watered at the obscene rush of perverse, humiliating pleasure as she felt her lower half pulse and twist. It was so wrong, so degrading and warped… but she knew what she had to say.

“I know what you need more than anything – I see it now – that envy, that desire. You need a pussy to fill with more of yourself, don’t you? One remaining hole to impale on your own colossal rod, while your ovaries become those achingly full, ripe balls…. Or should we stop here, before it’s too late?” the demoness asked, with a playful purr.

Gale doubted that was even possible… Cassandra had been clear about that after all… but the embarrassing gasp of fear at the threat was all it took to break that frail most of resistance.

“I do… I… oh goddess I need it…. Please Cassandra! Please fuck my cunt full of horsecock and turn my womb into a bag of horse testicles!”

Demonic hands took that swelling mass of flesh in their grip and squeezed, and Gale howled as her transforming twat pushed out against the fingers of her tormentor, the changes accelerating.

Pathetic non-arms jiggled, a forest of tits and cocks waving as if to try to grip onto something and steady herself, but Gale was without anything to call a limb, or even a finger, and all she could do was rock and quiver atop her remade ‘pedestal’.

Shorts strained to the limit finally gave up the valiant fight as both her butt and pussy ballooned to ruinous new sizes, elastic pinging as the fabric gave out, ejected from under her to leave her bare. Her flesh grew all the faster unconstrained, a vast third shaft pushing out through slick, bulging netherlips as the cock she cried out for grew from within her, birthed from her own transforming womb.

She could feel her ovaries aching, burning as they filled with something better and cruder; they were expanding into bulging balls, just as promised, descending along with her womb to push out at her taint. They emerged as a fresh purse hosting giant, aching testicles that tingled under her weight, the black, creased sack a perfect match for the other two making up the bases of her erstwhile legs.

Crowning this giant of a scrotum was her stretching pussy, through which her new third ‘leg’ extended, making her quiver at the shocking, blissful sensation of fucking herself constantly.

Guided and massaged by Cassandra, her vulva deformed and expanded into the sheath for that equine equipment, her precious womanhood made into a mere part of a pony penis – still achingly, tortuously tender, thick with sensitive folds all puffy and wet with her desire, but eternally wrapped around her own animal cock.

That vast shaft and associated balls pushed her back upright as she weighed down on her labia-cum-cumstore, and moaned with the perverse, animal bliss of wobbling atop her corrupted womanhood, feeling the equine genitals it had become home to.

The most special, treasured and intimate part of herself, the seat of her sexuality and the foundation of her pleasure, and she had willingly offered it, pleaded for it to be filled by another absurd, bestial rod.

Unhindered by clothing the three blobs sagged down freely, sloshing with seed as they settled and slid against one another, no trace remaining of her beautiful butt and crotch. She rested instead on three damp, sweaty scrotums, sticking together and steaming with fermenting sweat and slime, their black cleavage gleaming obscenely.

She was sitting on a trio of giant black horsecocks, her entire lower body remade into their ballsacks and sheaths, the roots of dicks larger than her legs had ever been.

Sensitive as they were, she groaned with each movement, the slightest shifting of her weight displacing gallons of cum and setting off surging orgasms, blasting through her waving and jerking triplicate horsecock titans, and sending secondary sprays out of the lesser cocks ringing their flares – what used to be her digits.

In mere minutes she had totally lost her limbs.

She was a formless, kaleidoscopic pile of tits and testicles, covered in a musty coat of cocks, all squirting and dribbling.

Lesser shafts pushed out around those three giants, forming a skirt around her, and Gale shook as she watched the last traces of her human shape melting away.

“Oh fuck… I’m really nothing but horsecocks and tits!”

She should have sounded distressed, dismayed at the terrible transformation. Elation was all that she could hear in her own voice.

Gale couldn’t hide it – even as her heartbeat was fading and spreading through her, she was thrilled by her utter remaking.

Twisting her limbless trunk she yearned to touch herself, but instead all she could do was jiggle the homogenous sea of breasts that had replaced her arms, and twitch those titanic erections which were all that remained of her legs and womanhood.

Feeling herself moving in impossible ways, as bone ceded to breastfat and guts gave way to gonads, she panted through her mouth, wondering if even her breath would truly be taken from her.

Even her speech.

“Everything,” Cassandra reminded her. “That is what you are losing. That is what you need me to take from you. I see it in your eyes, and welling up from the depths of your mind, Gale. You love this.”

“Oh goddess, it’s bliss,” she whispered.

A ripple of climaxes ran over her head, cocks rubbing together as they strained and squirted. Cassandra just laughed at the enraptured former woman.

“No more struggling then, my sweet… time to welcome what you are now. What you’re always going to be. A helpless, impotent pile of parts, trapped in your flesh and cut off from all of life in your magnificent asceticism, incapable even of moving… made only for one thing – endless, infinite orgasm.”

“Can I… at least keep my senses?” Gale murmured, as cum seeped down her face-cocks, and slicked her lips. “At least… at least my sight?”

Cassandra leaned in, cupping her cheeks in those powerful hands as she met her eyes with a warm, loving smile, thumbs rubbing what little space remained on her upper cheeks, where two new scrotums swelled up, bulging outwards like brown teardrops.


Gale whimpered, electrified by that simple, shocking sound. A single syllable… packed with so much momentous promise… and such masochistic, twisted relief.

“Like limbs, senses are for people, not fuckpiles. Your fate is faceless isolation, to be trapped eternally in your own form. All that glorious stimulation and sensitivity turned inwards, to the contemplation of pleasure….”

The succubus’ breasts loomed closer as she spoke. “You’re really going to… to….”

“I’m going to blind you now, sweetheart. Forever.”

All over her spreading, softening form, cocks fired off like fireworks at the taboo thrill that gripped Gale.

Those giant nipple-lips pressed to her sockets, sucking and squishing so tenderly, planting loving kisses on her eyes, making Gale shudder at the surreal pleasure as the orbs bulged out, flares starting to form from the lids around their edges, erectile tissues building up behind them.

She was really going to lose her sight, just for the sake of two more horsecocks on her body; two more genitals to throb and pulse on her face and torment her with her own inability to touch them… or even to see them.

As Cassandra pulled back, she saw that grinning demonic face, and the image of Wren overhead in that crystal ball… as she pulled down a mask to reveal a drooling pussy in place of her mouth.

“One final sight and fortune for you to enjoy, dear. Then an eternity as a sightless, helpless pile of orgasming horseparts.”

The thought was too good, too alluring. Seduced, she cried out in her passion, eyes bulging out of her face… and she felt her pupils split apart, as everything went white.

She was cumming through her eyeballs, emptying out the apparatus of her vision, her sight sacrificed for her own dehumanization and delight.

The pleasure of climax through her own transforming eyeballs was beyond anything she’d felt yet, and it only grew as her lids puffed out, standing upright as the new sheaths through which those most precious sensory organs emerged, transformed into magnificent, monumental phalluses forever.

All was darkness after that, and Gale howled out in her overwhelming bliss as she came over and over from the feelings of those two huge penises growing from her eyesockets.

She was really, truly, permanently blind. She would never do anything again now.

Gale was trapped in a state of utter, total disability. “Oh goddess, y-you really took my eyes!”

Cassandra smiled with a broad, mocking grin, enjoying the knowledge that her plaything couldn’t even tell.

“You’re welcome, my sweet little masochistic blob.”

She planted a tender kiss on each of the cocks that had cost Gale her vision, and the woman wobbled and squirmed in gratitude.

Existential joy flooded Gale’s form at the loss of her sight. She was locked inside her body, a limbless, trembling mess of genitals, impossibly, gloriously helpless, so wonderfully reduced it made her burst with unending orgasms.

Trivial as it was to imagine, nothing could have prepared Gale for the pure, intoxicating thrill of really being blinded in the pursuit of pleasure.

Her life as a person was over.

Instead of all the sights of life, the entire world around her, she instead found her mind lit up only with one thing; the dazzling radiance of her own form. Sightless as she was, she perceived herself perfectly, to the last, smallest detail. This was all she needed to know – all she could ever sense again. She could feel every part of herself in such exquisite detail, as if she was her own entire cosmos, aglow with celestial energy and erogenous euphoria.

Her heart’s thuds had faded to nothing as that most precious part of herself changed from Gale to horse nuts – her very core, the pumping drum which had moved and sustained her for all her life… swelled and filled with slime – her heart was turning into an equine testicle.

Seed pumped out instead of blood now, percolating through every part of her, the inhuman woman’s chest pure breast and ball and shaft, yet that rhythmic beat was louder than ever – it pulsed in every part of her, as her genitalia came alive with the pounding pleasure and searing need of her new form, every part of her convulsing with erogenous throbbing as she was innervated with ejaculate.

She didn’t even notice as the sounds of the rest of the world fell away – taken from her by the cocks that had grown from her ears. All she was aware of was that beat of sensation and the wet, slopping, squirting and jiggling noises of her genital self, felt rather than heard.

Cocks all over her trembled as her aching, overstimulated form erupted, splattering the floor and walls, even the ceiling as she rode an incredible swell of joy unlike anything she’d experienced yet – orgasming all over her body, all at once.

She was lost in the sea of euphoria that tossed her one way and another, as she came endlessly.

Gale mouthed one simple phrase over and over, a chanted hymn of thanks, decaying away as it passed through lips that were swelling and stiffening. She was unable to tell if she was even speaking, her oral muscles growing engorged with blood, thicker with each movement and shockingly slick with equine sweat.

She could have no doubts by then – her mouth was turning into another penis.

As the engineer tried to lick her lips she realized she wasn’t even capable of that much, her stiffening face-prick already too hard to bend enough, teasing her with her own frustrated want as in instead pushed out through her face, taking with it the last trace of her self- expression… forever.

Cassandra smiled at the sight of the woman’s tongue spilling out over her jaw, lolling from her base, animal snout, itself pushing out as her lips locked up. Gale was trying to rub or twist herself with that despoiled muscle, but her thickening appendage was unable to do anything but twitch now or ever, as she drooled out barely coherent sounds.

“Thanhh yohh!”

She breathed the slurring, muffled words with her final exhalation, even the cavity of her mouth slopping out as the opening inverted, pushing through her face as more inches of erection.

Gale’s mouth was completely gone, repurposed into shaft and sheath, and heavy, pulsing balls, and she spewed out a torrent of cum through it and her erstwhile eyes and nose, overcome by the delight of her total dehumanization – her face, her senses and her speech – all were gone forever, replaced with nothing but animal genitals.

Those torrents of seed only redoubled as she felt what lingered of her lungs filling up, not with fresh breaths of air, but with endless reservoirs of horsecum, displacing the last volume of organs left in her body as they too swelled into two more titanic, gurgling stores of semen.

What was once her chest was a pile of cock-covered breasts enclosing and caressing a triad of horse balls at the heart of her being.

Just like that the hideous and beautiful sculpture had lost even respiration.

Gale was barely a living thing at all now – she was flesh and fluids animated by magic and cut off from all outside herself – save through her sole remaining sense.

Expanding, fusing lips found Cassandra’s once more, and together they shared her final kiss, as those animated, muscled puffs of supple skin creased and stiffened, growing slimy and achingly tender as all locomotion was drained out to make room for more squishy folds of delicate equine flesh, the steaming and pungent home of yet another cock.

Her tongue blossomed through that immobile orifice, forming the last of the three greatest dicks to grace her head, pushing out sloppily from her mouth and trailing seed, her lips clenching around its root, her mouth just a sheath, her chin dissolved away into balls.

In her rapture it was all she could do to wave her hapless body around, shaking dicks and tits together to try futilely to masturbate herself – for even the rolling orgasms of her depraved flesh were too little to slake her all-consuming thirst.

“Beautiful, not a trace of ‘Gale’ left in my masterpiece. But of course, an icon of the erotic and debased has no need to move either….”

The words appeared in Gale’s mind, as if beamed into her head, just as those before had done, back when she still had a head.

“You wouldn’t,” she thought, aghast.

“I would,” the demon answered, with a laugh, “and I assure you I will, my dear.”

Gale’s cocks twitched at the fearful thought, but they moved not with worry, but welcome. The love for a body so impossible, so utterly helpless that even movement was taken from her.

“You have nothing else left to lose, so time to give up the only thing you still possess. Your mobility. The sensual and defiled form of a woman made into a mound of animalcocks is all the more captivating for being totally, utterly paralyzed.”

She arched her spine, cumming over and over at the idea… as she felt her final sliver of autonomy dissolved away into semen.

The last of her skeletal and muscular structures melted away, channeled out through her genitals, and with them went those final, precious traces of locomotion.

Gale couldn’t even flex her torso any more… she was nothing but a literal, ridiculous, dehumanized blob, just as Cassandra has promised her.

Instead or squirming in her abject, orgasmic thrill, she just sank down atop her giant scrotums and shafts, the balls in her core sagging and squishing against one another, as she spread out in a shapeless, totally literal heap.

She couldn’t even inch herself along atop her giant, throbbing ballsacks, or adjust her weight to relieve that intense, consuming pressure.

“I-I’m really paralyzed, all I can do is jiggle and twitch!”

Even the sphere of her head was lost into the pile of boobs and balls, her former face tilting back to ‘stare’ sightlessly upwards, the three equally spaced cocks which were once her face standing up as the centerpiece to her form, as her organless mass spread out on the floor.

Gale was totally, completely helpless in every way.

It was a divine, blissful release, from all possible agency.

“My my, what a sweet sculpture you became,” Cassandra whispered to herself. “I feel so… so….”

“Overwhelmed?” the succubus suggested. “Overjoyed!”

The demoness giggled at that, and pressed a kiss to each of those top cocks simultaneously.

“Thank you my dear… it’s most gratifying for one of my prophecies to be met with such appreciation…. You have no regrets then, in casting aside your humanity… your sight… life… your very body?”

Gale’s form jiggled and a few more dicks spurted at the teasing question.

“Oh goddess so many, but it’s worth all that and more! I-it’s better for it! It means so much more to… to be losing so much, everything that made me human, made me… me! If I… if I could have signed up for this I would have! I just… well I would have prepared a bit more first! Said goodbye to people… finished my degree off….”

Cassandra chuckled at the ambitious amoeba of bouncing body parts.

“That life is over now, my plaything. Only people can hold such qualifications – a heap of cocks can’t be an engineer any more than it can be a person.”

Gale enjoyed a few more bursts of pleasure at that, her arousal increasing despite all those releases, only growing greater with each moment.

“It’s… worth it,” she answered at last, “oh goddess, it’s more than worth it… this is nirvana!”

Complete as her helplessness was, it felt… liberating. To finally be so totally reduced. To exist as nothing but flesh and sensation.

She could do precisely nothing, now and always.

Gale couldn’t even move a muscle – because she had none.

All she could do was leak and clench and twitch, and admit that yes, this… was what she’d needed all along.

She was paralyzed, deaf, blind and mute, unable even to touch herself, the lovely young woman reduced to a hapless sculpture of sex and sensation.

Gale was in heaven.


Arriving home late that evening, Wren had timed her arrival to see off the succubus, Cassandra, and see to any ‘aftercare’ needs which Gale might have in the wake of two days of non-stop eroticism and perverse, demonic lovemaking.

It must surely have been a fun time, given how many incoherent texts seemed to have been butt-dialed her way.

She felt rather envious.

Just the thought of all the things Cassandra could do with those lipples and that tail, of how many ways she could bring pleasure and sweet pain with her elegant, soft form had the young witch breathless.

The idea that Gale might sport a permanent souvenir of the encounter only excited her more.

It would depend of course on how the encounter had gone, and what her own preferences might be, but given the outlandish pornography her friend enjoyed, Wren could easily picture her with something truly wild… like lipples of her own.

Or maybe something still bolder, like a fat, flexible penis for a tongue. What a kisser she’d be like that.

But of course Gale was far too sensible and responsible to derail her life like that, for the sake of simple pleasure – if she was that sort of girl there would have been no need to call on Cassandra.

The woman was too set on being an engineer, on using that sharp mind of hers to leave a real mark on the world – actually living and enjoying life was second to that, as were the pleasures of the flesh.

Opening the door to the lounge, Wren called out.

“Hey girls! I hope you didn’t have too much fun without me!” She heard a muffled thud from the bedrooms upstairs.

They were still going at it after all this time.

With a twinge of envy she started up the stairs… perhaps she might even have a chance to join in with the fun a little before Cassandra had to leave for her own home.

The bedroom door was open, and the demoness stood there, looking around at the newcomer with an expression of dismay. At her back was a ridiculous mound of sextoys, glistening breasts and balls everywhere, all covered in a forest of absurd horsecocks.

It gave her a shiver to think that Gale might have spent a few hours strapped to that depraved bed of flesh… yet the look on Cassandra’s face as the witch peered with something between distaste and desire at the crude object wasn’t right.

Wren realized, with some bewilderment, that the inhuman woman had the guilty eyes and flushed features of a wayward child, caught drawing on the walls or pilfering cookies.

She couldn’t see Gale anywhere in the small bedroom either. “Ah, you’re back!”

“I am… but Gale’s not?”

Cassandra’s sultry features were distinctly sheepish now, and she gave a weak, half laugh… while her arousal dribbled down her thighs.

It was a surreal sight to see from a mighty demon of sex and domination.

“About that… she’s right here….” the succubus said, with a nervous gesture at the pile of pony parts.

“What? She’s inside that freakish blob? Can she hear us? Can she even breathe?!” The mass wobbled at her words.

“I am temporarily relaying our conversation too her, but, well… she can’t do either now. Fortunately she won’t need to anymore.”

Cassandra gave a shiver or perverse passion as she spoke… and the mound heaved as if something within was trying to throw it off.

Wren’s face darkened, as she thought back to the spells she’d learned to dismiss or bind summoned outsiders. She had no idea if either would work on a being this powerful – Cassandra didn’t have a history of turning on those who called upon her in the proper way, so she hadn’t thought to investigate such things – but fortunately it seemed the demoness had no interest in conflict.

“I did just as you asked,” the inhuman said quickly. “Gale just… refused to submit to me! Completely refused! I’ve never seen anything like it before!”

Wren, blinked, staring in gradual understanding. “You mean your prophecy….”

Cassandra broke into a grin with all three sets of lips looking giddy as a schoolgirl.

“My prophecy was fulfilled, yes! This is exactly the sort of thing I got out of the prophecy game over you know… but she was totally set on ignoring me, so in the end I had no choice…. I am sorry – but I told her it would happen, and she just told me to do my worst.”

The demoness certainly didn’t sound or look sorry. Abashed to have been caught, perhaps. It was obvious that, shocking and embarrassing as the miscalculation might have been, Cassandra certainly hadn’t disliked whatever she’d done to Gale.

It sounded like Gale might not have either.

Wren felt her bountiful chest heaving as her breath ran short at the racing of her heartbeat.

“I… guess she really did ask for it then. Can you get her out of that gross fuckblob and we’ll see what sort of state she’s in.”

Once more the amorphous pile of parts shifted, in an undulation like a perverse shudder.

“I cannot… because Gale isn’t inside that ‘gross fuckblob’…,” Cassandra spoke dramatically, infernal pleasure burning in her eyes, “Gale is that gross fuckblob.”

Wren gaped, as she stared at the two moving figures, one so painfully elegant, the other so base and lurid.

Her eyes traced over the array of genitalia, all drooling and squirting in endless, rolling orgasms, as if each was in turn setting off those around it. There was no trace of a woman there, whatsoever. Let alone a human one, a person and friend.

“That’s impossible,” she whispered, as she felt her womanhood soaking her panties.

Cassandra pressed her hand to the human’s forehead, and she felt a burst of warm energy flow through her mind and along her nerves.

“A minor gift from me to you, contact telepathy.”

That was a rare boon, some distant part of her thought.

But all her attention was on the creature quivering before her. This disgusting, wretched heap of cock and testicle and tit. It smelt of horse, sweat and cum, and as she approached it splattered her dress with pungent ropes of sperm from the trio of giants at its middle.

She pressed her hands to the largest ring of breasts on the thing, six of them positioned in a ring around its mass, each crowned with a single titanic shaft and a forest of smaller ones, arranged roughly where shoulders and a chest should have been if that central pile was what used to be a torso.

“Oh goddess, Wren, harder! More! Yes!”

The burst of exultant speech shocked her, and her hands pulled back. Flesh jiggled with what could even have been irritation.

Tentatively, gingerly, the witch touched the middle pair of breasts again, and felt that soft, boneless expanse squish under and around her fingers as she thought to her friend.

“You’re really in there, Gale? Are you okay?! This… this wasn’t what was meant to happen! You were supposed to just accept the offer and have some fun with Cassandra for a few days!”

The former engineer’s voice filled her mind once more, and Wren shivered at the flood of horny, happy, humiliated words that were piped directly into her head.

“So okay! So good! Goddess, more! Please! Every part of me is cumming over and over!”

As if to underline the statement, the trio of shafts atop her core spurted again in sequence, and the whole mass trembled at the sensations of those cascading orgasms, rippling out down its slopes.

Unbelievable as it was, Gale was having the time of her life as a ridiculous pile of penises.

Wren gave a shuddering breath, as she realized that this was her friend’s permanent new self; a faceless mass of genitals, now and always.

Her fingers sank into the plush, pliant breasts, and both minds moaned at the feeling of what Gale had become.

“I can’t believe you… like being like this…. You’re so… perverse and… inhuman! So totally helpless!”

Another cock splattered thick, pungent seed all over Wren’s dress and legs, and she grimaced, even as she found herself sniffing that thick scent. 

“I know, goddess I know what a twisted monstrosity I am, just don’t stop touching me, please!” Gale thought back, her simulated tones heavy with her passion and humiliation.

Trapped eternally in her own hapless flesh, hands offered her the touch her body burned for, caressing her endless array of shafts and sacks and breasts, her cocks twitching and shaking in response, as did her magically transmitted inner voice.

She needed more of this, Wren realized. This shocking, crude, even grotesque body was… beautiful in its absurdity. A person remade into a work of surreal art, a perfect expression of the ultimate sacrifice for pleasure. Her dear friend Gale had become a captivating siren song to her aching loins and tingling breasts. Even the smell creeping into Wren’s nostrils was calling to her.

Fingers sank into the plush surfaces of rounded balls and boobs indiscriminately, and she pressed her mouth to the nearest flared ‘head’ in a kiss that made the duo shudder with its sheer potency.

Wren was making out with the twitching, drooling urethra of a horsecock.

As she tongued that throbbing, musty hole she ground her hips against the shafts below, her breasts squishing on more tips, grinding herself against her dear friend turned fuck-toy.

That cock came all too quickly, Gale’s voice reduced once more to incoherent cries and whimpers as the cockpile overfilled her mouth with her climax, plastering her face with semen.

She relished the taste of horsecum – it was Gale’s taste now, proof of the bliss which was filling her moaning friend.

“Please, more! Don’t stop! So horny! Oh goddess please Wren, I need more!”

Those pitiful cries made her shiver, with taboo, perverse pleasure, as she realized how desperate and hapless her partner was. She had no way even to ease her own terrible need, and was reduced to begging, pleading for attention and affection. A lowly thing made for cumming and groping and nothing else.

The thought that this was Gale, the brilliant, devoted, focused engineer, the intellectual young woman Wren so admired… was a warped thrill.

It was hers to use as she willed now.

Wren threw herself upon the mass, tearing away her dress and panties as she slathered herself in the flowing juices, kissing and humping and pumping everything she could reach. Her whole body was working that of her lover, every part of her pressed into service to bring Gale to ever greater climax.

One cock found her newly bared womanhood, and Wren howled with voice and thought alike as she filled her soaking folds with that incredible stallionhood, feeling the thick veins and lines of the giant dick as they spread her tender flesh wide with a visceral squelch.

Others she hugged to her chest, guiding a cluster of them between her breasts, others hooked in her armpits or against her face, as she embraced and humped every part of Gale. Her knees too were kneading titflesh, her legs hooking and groping more cocks, feet and toes massaging the shafts around the former woman’s edge while she kissed and licked and chewed at the bouquet of dicks her face was buried in.

Another horse-shaft found purchase in her rear, and Wren made sure to guide that behemoth up against her yielding opening, gasping as she filled herself fore and aft, lubed to a silky slickness with endless cum, letting her feel that incredible, full sensation all over.

With a slop and a series of degrading pops and squirts she lifted herself up, then slapped her crotch down, hard.

Again and again she repeated the effort, quivering as she felt her plaything’s animal erections spurting directly into her womanhood and anus… and not softening a jot at her continuing frenzy of passion.

Every crash of her hips down atop the blob made them both howl in bliss, cum jetting from her holes as she fucked herself, her tongue and lips slurping at a different cock with each impact, and gulping down the bursts of salty equine jizz emitted.

The voice projected into her head mirrored her own excitement, and those silent cries rose ever louder in time with her screams as she made love to a whole forest of horsecocks all at once, and her body squeezed and rubbed and squashed an entire waterbed of overflowing balls and breasts.

Gale was cumming over and over, different cocks firing off each time, yet the gaps were shortening, the shots ever closer as if building towards some greater crescendo.

Finally, it was all too much for her.

Wren tensed, every part of her body convulsing with the overload of erotic and degrading ecstasy, and as she did Gale’s ejaculations stopped.

The two were frozen, Wren clinging to the magnificent mass of parts under her as they each hung, suspended, at the pinnacle of sensation, pressure building in both bodies, minds overloaded by the sheer power of their union.

Then the eruption came at last.

Head thrown back, Wren screamed out in her depraved delight, as the bed of cock beneath her exploded with cum from every opening, hosing the walls with thick ropes and flooding her body until she was gushing from pussy and ass.

Both were in bliss, paralyzed with the most powerful orgasms of their existences for minutes on end.

Finally, mercifully, the orgasmic release came to an end.

Wren could think again, and she realized with some amusement that she’d been pushed entirely off Gale’s cocks by the flood, leaving her genitals drooling and her muscles twitching as she lay atop her friend.

“Oh gods, Gale,” she whimpered, as cum poured from her crotch, “that was… you’re… fuck this is amazing….”

Some modicum of clarity even came to the cockpile itself, and Gale’s voice came to her as she snuggled against her.

“The most amazing! This was the best idea you ever had, Wren, holy shit,” Gale thought to her, “but refusing Cassandra was an even better one!”

“Even though you’re… stuck like this forever?” Wren asked, even as she was stroking the cocks laying against her face and breasts, “what about your studies? Your career? Even just your social life… you can’t see or speak or move… all you can do is talk to me, fuck and lay there cumming. Can you really… live with that forever? Being… nothing but a sentient sextoy?”

Beneath her the blob quivered with obvious excitement at those words. 

“Cassandra was very clear that this is entirely a one-way transformation. Besides, after feeling sex like that… could you really bear to turn me back?”

Wren bit her lip.

Her friend’s whole life was over – everything Gale had worked for, over the last 20-odd years, all thrown away to become this degrading mess of sex and primal desire.

She should have felt guilty for inflicting this on her, if indirectly… instead she felt a greater guilt… as she realized how glad she was.

“Fuck no! You’re divine, sweetheart… I’m… goddess I’m so glad you’re a cockmonster!”

Multiple rods twitched at that shocking admission, and several managed to cum again, despite the recent overload.

Gale’s moans were music to her mind.

“I’m your cockmonster, Wren,” she thought to the witch.


“So… you agree that my task is complete?” Cassandra asked.

The blushing succubus was still eying the twitching form of her ‘victim’ in the bedroom.

Wren had thoroughly enjoyed her night, reclining atop her new partner’s form, talking about what it was like, to be so wonderfully, dreadfully reduced and helpless, and wondering about what might come next, sharing horny thoughts and pillow-talk between rounds of fucking, until she eventually slipped into an exhausted sleep.

“More than complete. Even by all the tales, you’ve outdone yourself.” The demoness looked surprised and excited.

“It’s a wonderfully erotic shape, yes, but you really aren’t going to try to make me turn her back? Or find some other magic to revert her to human form? You’re… ready to accept that this is Gale’s new body… for all time?”

Wren grinned.

“I don’t think I could bear to change her back now, or that she’d ever forgive me. Besides, even if it was possible, I think that as this point Gale would just summon you herself to do this all over again.”

Cassandra giggled, all three mouths sharing in the chorus of mirth. “How delightful this mishap has been!”

“Quite,” the witch said, nodding. “I may have to summon up again sometime… so you can show me what you can do first-hand….”


Laying on the soft, padded and waterproof flooring of their bedroom, Gale waited patiently for her lover and owner to return to her.

The pile of bulging pony bits and perky breasts had grown accustomed to waiting, in the years since her run-in with Cassandra. It was easy, when your whole body was a mass of perpetually climaxing cocks – she had only to let her mind wander into that field of endless orgasms for a moment, and a whole hour could speed by.

Not that she could tell time.

It had been a challenge to tie the knot between a person and a blob of sexual parts – even if the mind inside still identified as a woman – but the magical community were more accepting than the mundane.

A full decade into her married life, the days sped by faster than ever, but that was no matter – they had all of eternity to be together. It was only the presence of her wife, Wren’s coming and going, and daily routines, which made Gale aware of time at all.

Wren was her link to the world, and her sole point of human… somewhat human contact. Both of them loved things that way. She reveled in their time together, and then dreamed happily of the woman she would never see as she slowly filled the wet-room with seed anew over the day.

Gale couldn’t hear the door, but she sensed that her beloved was close, her cocks perking up, standing to attention in anticipation.


Closing the door behind her, Wren gave a silent sigh, no actual air escaping her lungs. She hadn’t had any for almost six months now.

Peeling off her clothing was one of the highlights of her day now – second only to joining her beloved in their sensual embrace.

First went the strapless, magically adhered face-mask… and with it the equine dildo attached to the inside, sliding out of wet, quivering folds with a slick sound, her throat deflating as it was extracted with a pop.

With the toy entirely out, her engorged pussyfolds started to drool, the vagina replacing her mouth and nose clenching and dilating hungrily, what was once her face burning with pleasure and want for the far more fulfilling dicks her wife could provide.

Contact telepathy was a real life-saver with her breath and voice gone. It helped too with deafness.

Unwrapping the scarf from her head, she relaxed as the boobs covering her hairless scalp, replacing everything, ears included, wobbled loose. Their own tingling, leaking pussynipples were wet with the longing for what was to come.

Next came her shirt, which she clumsily unbuttoned to avoid passing it over her head. Her fingers struggled with the eyelets and disks, but she took her time with the task, despite the many slips and shivers that they caused her.

Easier was the chest-binding which restrained the three rows of breasts that lined her front, and held plugged up those many vaginas, crowning each and nestled in among the valleys of her cleavage. 

Gloves followed, as did boots, exposing the needy sexes on her palms and soles all just as gooey with passion… and the sets of squishing, prehensile clitorises which grew from their corners, extending into the shapes of what passed for her fingers and toes.

Her digital dexterity had been a worthy sacrifice to make every moment of manual manipulation so utterly magnificent.

More sexes graced her armpits and lined her shoulders, back and thighs, but they were nothing to the nest of giant womanhoods revealed at her crotch – where they spread out under her in a diamond pattern, between that original at the front, and the former anus turned labia nestled between her butt-breasts at the rear, every part of her underside an opening.

Naturally, like Gale, Wren too had no internal organs now – all the space inside her torso was needed for those stretchy, oversized sexes.

It made her shudder with pleasure to think that she was a living onahole for her wife.

She practically skipped into their bedroom, and pressed herself to the wonderful softness of Gale’s form.

Happy climaxes rocked the other, as she bent her erections towards her wife, as if to embrace her.

“How’s my favorite fuckpile?!” she called out in her mind.

“Welcome back, my perfectly perverse pussy,” Gale thought to her, “how was work?” The gleeful tone mirrored her own pleasure in reuniting each evening.

“Too long, as always... but I think I’m finally getting the hand of typing with my clits. I left a terrible mess on the seat of course, but old miss Albion understood.”

“Any more trouble with customers?”

“No, I think they’re getting used to me now – some of them can even tell when I’m smiling at them, would you believe that?”

“Mmmm… I wish I could see it,” Gale thought, feeling intensely happy to know she never would.

“I love that you can’t, my darling… you’ll just have to imagine how perversely perfect I look… or feel me for yourself.”

“Trying, trying!”

The blob laughed, as she was, indeed, pressing every part of herself in around her lover.

Both of them shivered happily as they slotted themselves together, Wren doing all the movement for her hapless lover, plugging horsecocks into wet, tight holes, Wren’s limbs, torso and head all filling up with stallion flesh.

“Goddess I needed this,” she thought.

“I bet you were quite a sight, drooling with lust all day just thinking about me,” Gale teased.

“Definitely… but the magic shop was quiet so not many people saw. I got plenty done on my thesis though! Mistress said that casting spells without a mouth is a surprisingly neglected field of study, so with how novel my work is I should be a fully fledged sorceress in no time.”

“Most people don’t turn their faces into onaholes,” Gale reminded her. “Hey, you designed my body!”

“Are you complaining?”

Wren shivered as she pressed her pussyface to what had once been Gale’s mouth, and felt that wonderful slick sensation of cock pushing in through her engorged folds.

“Goddess no…. I fell in love the second Cassandra showed me what the two of you had cooked up. I love feeling so… perfect for one another….”

As they thought to each other she was guiding more cocks inside herself, filling her crotch with one of Gale’s ‘legs’, and the extra sexes in the area with the ancillary shafts dotted all about.

“Oh goddess, I was dreaming of this all day!” Gale thought. “I can’t wait to-ooooooh!”

Gyrating hips vanquished all thought in the sensual pile of parts, and the wet slops and pops of so many pussies pressing and pumping back and forth on endless cocks made them both quiver and groan in pleasure.

Each could feel the other around or inside her, and as Gale explored the beautiful valleys and peaks of Wren’s vaginas, she was in turn caressing and massaging those heaven-sent horsecocks from sheath to head, clenching them inside herself as her folds licked them like tongues.

Expert movements by each perfectly teased and stimulated the other, the wives devoting their bodies to giving joy to their matching other halves, both women quite literally made for each other, one another’s warped and bizarre sextoys.

“Goddess, yes!” Wren thought to her dildo-soulmate.

“I love you!” was all Gale could think back to the onahole she was pumping into.

Silky, slick flesh moved everywhere, and as they filled and caressed, breasts and cocks and pussies slurping and squirting and plunging deep into one another, they lost track of what was Wren and what was Gale, both women simply feeling the exquisite wholeness of their union.

Rapture beyond words filled them, as uncountable genitals pressed together and squeezed and kissed, pussies making out with urethras, shafts sliding between boobs, and always Gale utterly filling every part of Wren with gallon after gallon of horseflesh.

They were floating in an endless expanse of sheer ecstasy, joy beyond mortal ken permeating every fiber of their joined beings, Gale feeling the divine euphoria of her wife’s body, just as Wren experienced every cell of hers.

Two bodies that shared one love, one life, one soul.

Finally, try as they might to hold it in, one of Wren’s labias gave up, and her pussymouth spasmed in the uncontrolled convulsions of female ejaculation.

That incredible pleasure was transmitted directly to Gale, through what was once her own mouth, and that cock too blew its top – and from there all resistance was hopeless.

They screamed in silence as they finally climaxed, hundreds of sexes exploding all together, semen flooding through them both, erupting from every part of every pussy and cock in their shared, conjoined release.

Neither one could do anything but embrace one another just to try to cling to consciousness, as they rode that incomparable tide of sheer, infinite orgasm.

It lasted over an hour.

It was two before either woman could think clearly again, or do anything beyond just lay there, weightless in one another’s embrace, still so wonderfully slotted together.

Naturally, while they were together, they never separated their bodies.

Wren felt incomplete without Gale filling her chest and head, and stretching her crotch, just as Gale felt unfinished without her wife to wear on her many shafts.

“Fuck me,” the witch thought at last, “that was the best yet, sweetheart.”

“It really was,” the penis-pile purred under and inside her. “You really are divine, my wondrous witch of womanhoods.”

“Not so divine as my darling dickheap,” Wren thought back, with a spectral giggle. “And not so delicious either… I won’t want to eat again all day.”

Indeed, her belly was bulging with all the semen inside her. Gale’s emulated tones took on a fretful note.

“Did you get any more of those pangs for human food?” Wren gave a mental laugh.

Without organs therein, she was sustained by magic, but, incapable as she was on eating, her hunger could only be sated by her partner.

“Not at all. Not for a week now. I did start drooling when I saw a guy with a really juicy steak on the way home, but well, you’re far tastier than any meal.”

“You don’t miss food then?”

“No more than you miss sight, sweetie.”

Gale shivered at that, as they shared that moment of mutual, masochistic understanding.

The thrill of being ever denied and reduced… of being so much less, and through that infinitely more.

“I still don’t know how a blind inanimate blob of sweaty horsecocks and tits managed to summon Cassandra for our anniversary like that, but it was the best gift ever,” Wren thought into the silence.

“Not as great at the one you gave me, my love.”