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Chapter 17: Next store (ID #1525364) [4 Views]
an addition by: pillas

The Next store happened to be a popular cell phone retailer, A few customers were milling about and two cute female employees on shift. A young couple couple with their five year old son in tow, a heavyset man browsing the touch phones and a young teenage girl busily texting on a display phone.

teasing your new pussies through your shirt, you approach the young girl texting away on the phone, she hardly notices your approach. Taking advantage of her obliviousness you quickly relieve her of her clothing, leaving her bare naked besides the piercings in her nipples, a feminine watch and some rings on her fingers. The sight of her young luscious body is enough to make your new nipples stain the front of your shirt, you decide to leave her mostly intact. Her height soon diminishes greatly, the phone she was texting on becomes heavier and her fingers lose their grip as it slips from her shrinking fingers, dropping to the floor but unharmed from the short fall. Now only a little taller than the phone she was texting on the tiny girl clambers atop it's surface to continue texting, using her hands and feet to type. Not satisfied with this small change you continue to alter her, her arms and legs soon lose definition as they become thicker and joints began appearing in odd places, her hands and feet swelling and becoming a single smoothed round tip. A growth begins to develop underneath her right arm and spreads out until it lengthens into long blunt appendage that nearly reaches the floor. Each of the tips of her changed arms, legs and the extra growth develop a light green hue, which quickly begins to harden and take a glossy appearence similar to that of a freshly manicured finger nail. The end result is a bizarre form of a feminine hand standing on it's fingers with a roughly trimmed pair of pussy lips between it's index fingers and a modest sized pair of breasts located on the back of its palm leading up to the head of a young girl where a wrist would attach to. You shrank the girls jewelery and fitted it to her new dimensions, the finger below what used to be her right arm gaining her old ring and her watch now shrunk down to the point it fitted around her neck like a choker. She strutted around on her fingertips as if she was born that way, seeming to develop an odd new felxibility to manipulate her body. You watched as she moved towards the phone she was texting on and crawled on to it, grasping it with her body like any normal hand would, using her new left hand thumb to manipulate the on screen keyboard while she twisted her neck in a strange manner to see the screen. An employee noticed the girl on the ground and picked her and the phone up asking her some questions, placing her on the display stand.

"You know, you'd be perfect to work here, you can stay on the demo phones and demonstrate all the phones features to the customers, what do you say?" The girl looked up, standing on her fingertips and nodded excitedly, getting paid to text and play with phones all day? what's not to love. flopping on her back she offered the store clerk her body in gesture of a handshake, which she took. The girl grabbed her hand and carried her off towards the sales desk to fill out applications. Before the clerk left your sight however you made a few changes to her as well, not nearly as detailed as the last. You quickly enlarge her breasts through her work uniform until their girth nearly pops the seams of the side of her shirt, adding a second pair, and a third pair below them all equally straining her clothing. Her ass cheeks soon inflate and become another large pair of breasts, jiggling with every step she takes. The last change sees her head swelling and losing definition, her eyes and mouth remains as her face looses it wrinkles and smoothes over in quickly bloating flesh. Her nose then shrinks and twists into a conical shape her nostrils merging into a single tiny hole. Underneath her long blonde ponytail is now a large head sized breast, her eyes situated above a large erect nipple and her mouth below it. Her face jiggles with every breath and movement her mouth makes as she talks to the hand girl on the counter filling out an application, holding a pen between her "legs" and left thumb "arm" to do so as she effortlessly maneuvers her body as a normal hand would.

You bring your attention towards the large man looking at the latest touch phones, grinning you make quick work to morph him to a more pleasing shape. His bulk begins to leave his midsection, quickly settling in other sections, like his hips, ass and chest. The amount of fat giving him an overly voluptuous womanly figure enough to make a porn star blush, he literally burst from his clothes as the rest of the changes advanced. In the overweight mans wake was now an overly busty woman, basketball sized breasts and equally as large an ass. You focused on the next set of changes, her now slim fingers began to lose their shape as the bones inside them quickly dissolved, hanging limp and useless from the knuckle down. Keeping her steadied with you mind you willed the same to her feet as the bones dissolved with in her toes as well. Soon each of her fingers and toes began to thicken, taking on a mild flushed skin tone. Her fingernails and toenails falling out as large bulbous penis heads emerged from the foreskin that made up her former fingernails. Every digit on her hands and feet had been converted into long slender pairs of dainty penises. Her new extremities no longer contained any skeletal support, leading her to arousing her "fingers" between her breasts in order to maintain her dexterity. Her toes however seemed to stay in a perpetual state of hardness, allowing her to walk normally but leading to a sticky pair of footprints every couple of feet. She fumbled with the new touch phones on display while rubbing her left hand in between her breasts to arouse them enough after they fell asleep from non use. Her right hand penises soon began to leak from stimulation from the phones, mussing up the displays. This caught the attention of the remaining store employee helping out the couple and their five year old son.

"Mam, I'm going to have to ask you again to refrain from getting your...fluids all over my displays" the store clerk chided, as the dick fingered woman flushed with embaressment, quickly stuffing her hands in her pockets she shuffled out the store with her head down, pausing every couple feet as her toes left a sticky mess on the floor.

Laughing at the sight of the new woman shuddering every couple of steps and being followed by a irritated mall janitor cleaning up the semen from her feet, you turned and focused on the last few unchanged people in the store.

The store employee was the first to change, as her nose began to elongate and grow thicker. Her nostrils grew until they merged with her upper lip which began to bloat with tissue. Her lips sealed together with the bulging flesh. Her nose now resembled something like a thick pink trunk, her former lips below now nothing more than a rosy pink mass of quickly growing flesh. As her nose tapered off and fell down her chest, now reaching her cleavage her once cute lips looked more at home below a mans groin than a face. Her mouth and nose had transformed into long prehensile penis, complete with a large set of testicles where her mouth once was. The saleswoman motioned to the couple to give her a moment as she grabbed a glass from the counter filled with water and moved her penis nose down into the glass. You watched in amazement as the liquid in the glass began to diminish in volume. A large touch pad phone now hung from the womans neck as she started typing into it and the speaker began to play a cheery voice.

"Sorry about that, I was really parched...follow me to the checkout stand" the cute voice announced from the phone, as the couple followed.

With the dick nosed clerk turned around you shifted towards the man and wife, quickly you relieved them both of their clothes. The man you changed swiftly into a young pretty woman, while changing the outfit of the wife and shedding a few years of age from her figure, the wife was now dressed in a stereotypical school girl uniform. Tight white t-shirt, blue neckerchief showing off a tremendous amount of cleavage and a very short plaid skirt that barely covered her ass cheeks, white stockings that came up mid thigh and cute black balet flats. The former man now naked young girl shivered as new changes wracked her body, she began to shrink downward and you willed her to move towards the wife. As she got smaller and smaller she lifted up the skirt of her wife and began to kiss at her naked crotch, hugging her backside and latching on for dear life as her feet left the ground. Very soon the former mans entire body lifted up underneath the wifes skirt.

The young schoolgirl shivered in pleasure as she lifted up her skirt and looked downwards.

"Oh honey, cant you wait till we get home...At least..not in front of danny..." The former husband was now intimately attached to her wife in a way like no other couple, her body now attached at the hips above her wifes juicy clit, her body seemingly unchanged from the hips up until you reached her neck above her cute little breasts which thickened into thick veiny flesh. Two feminine eyes situated on either side of large cockhead that replaced the womans head. Her body trembled as her neck stiffened and veins pulsed down her entire body, her breasts inflating and tiny nipples leaking precum. The dickheaded woman reached down with her hands, carressing her body and straddling her wifes clit, bringing towards her own tiny little pussy as she shifted it to penetrate herself on while simultaneously bringing her head down into the cavernous wamth of her wifes vagina. The schoolgirl convulsed and moaned. You left her moaning as you decided you were finished here, leaving the new couple to enjoy their time together.


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Chapter 18: Last store before you leave the mall (ID #1530327) [1 Views]
an addition by: bobboled

The final store before you leave is a clothing boutique at the front of the mall. It was a fairly well to do store, with most of the latest brands and fashions, and as such it was a popular destination for young women looking to get the trendiest clothing. Inside, there were still a few people left; there was the cashier near the entrance, two girls waiting in line, one girl looking at jeans, and two other women were comparing shirts. You hover around the checkout line, observing your targets. The cashier is a petite little Asian girl with a lip piercing and a dragon tattoo running down her left arm. The other two girls were a pair of nondescript but still very attractive blondes who were just about to leave. The cashier was the first to change, as her lips spread apart as a huge penis/tongue hybrid worked its way out of her mouth. The tongue's color turned lighter and softened as its tone shifted to match the Asian girl's natural skin tone. It grew and grew until a good seven inches jutted from her lips, too erect or thick for her to retract it or speak properly. As this was happening, her designer pants ripped apart at the crotch as her pussy expanded and grew until it had absorbed her belly button and slightly parted her legs permanently. It also started producing massive amounts of lubricant, covering her pussy and leaking down her legs, creating a lewd puddle on the floor. It was now so large that one, if not several fists could fit in there easily, but you had other plans for it. Her clitoris had grown in size as well, for it was now about the size of a golf ball. For her final change, three new pairs of breasts grew upon her chest, from the top down, with her lowest pair mere inches above her engorged sex. You turned to the two blondes who were completely oblivious to the changes that had just taken place.

The first blonde was about to purchase a scarf, when her hands, arms and legs all disappeared. You shifted her so that her limbless torso rested on the counter next to her purchase. Then, everything below her breast disappeared, leaving her as nothing more than a bust and a head. Her mouth shifted and aligned itself vertically as it turned into a new pair of vaginal lips, except that you left the rest of her mouth in place. She still had her tongue and could talk, although her speech was a little garbled. Finally, you increased the size of her breasts so that they were at least an F-Cup, and from between her cleavage a large dick, as well as a large sack burst forth from between her breasts. The head of her new penis grew until it reached her lips, then a little more as it completely inserted itself in her face pussy. She eagerly thrust her face onto her dick, her tongue darting out as she feverishly licked it as well. Within moments she came and now softening appendage fell out of her mouth to rest in her cleavage. A trickle of cum escaped her lips, but she licked it up before it could fall off.

The other blonde waited behind her, idly twirling her hair as she waited for her turn to checkout. She lowered her arm, bur her hand clung to her hair as the two separated at the wrist. At the end of her arm where her hand had connected, an opening had formed which turned out to be a vagina. Likewise, a penis grew from where hand had attached to her wrist.Using her other hand, upon which the same transformation had happened but was not currently separated, she pulled her hand off of her hair and stuck it back into her wrist, although she accidentally stuck it in backwards. She turned it around the correct way and resumed her waiting. As she tapped her fingers on the counter, her facial features began to melt into her face, until all that was left was a blank head with no defining features at all. Then, in the middle of her face a hole appeared. The hole grew in size until it was about a large as baseball. Then it shut tight, turning into a large gaping anus in the middle of her face. You vanished her shirt away, revealing her bountiful bosom and perky pink nipples. These smoothed out atop her breasts, then pushed outward as the plumped up as they reformed into two pairs of dainty human lips. Deciding to go for it, you gave her a long penis tail that arose from her tail bone and caressed her anus face, because at this point 'why not?'.

You move over o the pants section and decide what to do about the girl who was picking out jeans. She had long black hair and pouting lips, and the jeans she was already wearing hugged her hips and legs in all the right ways. She suddenly dropped the pants she was looking at, put her hands on her hips and pushed upwards. She came apart at her midsection, her upper half coming apart with a soft 'pop'. Balancing on her hips, she lowered herself to the floor as her legs stood next to her. Suddenly, the sides of her shirts ripped as two new arms pushed their way out of her body so that she might be able to multitask in this new form, one pair of arms for walking and the other for whatever else she needed. As she 'stood' on her lower arms, she used her original pair to unzip her pants, from which a huge cock escaped. It was easily a foot long and as thick as her wrist, but she took it in one hand pulled it into her mouth. With her other hand free, she continued to suck as she reached under her new cock and balls and slid a few fingers into her wet pussy. She worked her sex as she loudly slurped up her humongous dick in her mouth. Almost ready to cum but not quite, she popped her cock out of her mouth and removed her fingers. She then tore her shirt off, revealing the new ass that resided on her chest in place of her breast, with her anus pointing up and her vagina facing down. She then pushed her legs to the floor as she brought her bust to bare on her engorged prick in the strangest tit fuck to date.

You decided to leave her to her devices as you just about ready to leave. However, you decided that you should join in on the fun too. After all, transformation was your fetish, and yet you had hardly gone very far with your self. You look at the other two girls, but decide that your needs come first. You pull on her head, up and up, and up until your vision is a good two feet above your body. Then, with new muscles, you lower your head down without the use of your hands and slither away onto a nearby shelf to observe your body. What had happened is that you had changed your neck into a nearly seven foot long penis neck that was just as thick as your neck had originally been. You had complete control over it, and you could maneuver much like a snake. As for your body, a large pussy had opened between your shoulders, and you had also placed a pussy back in your crotch, just underneath your penis. The reason being is that when you did insert your neck back into your body, your two pussies would be connected so that if you slid all the way in, the excess of your penis neck would stick out of the other pussy.

You then vanished all of your clothing, leaving your weird body for all to see. Your pussy nipples were drooling all over your breasts, but that didn't bother you at all, and in fact aroused you quite a bit. Both your penis neck and regular cock began to leak precum in anticipation of some 'fun' which you most certainly going to have, but you were going to hold off on that for just a bit. You turned your body around, bent over, and spread your cheeks. Your little asshole was nestled between your ass cheeks, and ass you hands held your cheeks apart two new pairs of arms grew from your side for a total of six arms. Two of them reached behind you and stuck their fingers into your anus before they began to stretch it out. With your power, you were able to stretch your asshole so far that you were able to insert your remaining hands into it. You firmly inserted your arms into your ass all the way up to the wrist, and then some. You enjoyed then sensation of your insides for a moment before pulling your hands back out. When you did, you were left with a huge gaping anus. Before you made this next change you made a slightly smaller change. You made it so that you would never have to use the toilet again and that your ass would always be totally clean. Then, from your tortured hole a tongue poked out and hung between your cheeks. You made it lick your perneum and your fingers, but were glad that you made it so you could not taste your ass itself.

You snaked your way off of the shelf and slithered up your newly transformed body. As you did so, you pushed the tip of your dick neck into the pussy between your shoulders, inserting yourself until you your head was back upon your shoulders. As you had predicted, about a foot of your dick neck was pushing out from your lower pussy. You giggled as you used it tickle your ass and play with your tongue down there.

Ready to leave, you walked over to the final women, careful not to let your dick neck rub against your legs too much. The first girl bent over as all of her clothes disappeared. Then, her head sunk into her body and her arms thickened as her upper half became and exact duplicate of her lower half, except that she still retained her breasts. You turned her legs around though, so that she wasn't constantly walking against her self. As an extra, you added two more pussies in both of her groins, and they appeared on either side of her original vaginas. The other girl, you decided to make her a little more useful, both to you and the rest of the people in the store. One second she was whole, the next she literally felt apart in a pile of writhing flesh. As she crumpled to the floor, the pieces of her began to take shape. On the floor, instead of a girl, were about a dozen or so dicks with testes of varying sizes, the smallest being one and a half feet. You bent down and picked up a couple of them, the girl's piece wriggling in delight. You placed on in each pussy nipple, and the other up your ass, were you teased her with your lower tongue.

Satisfied, you finally make your way out of the mall, naked and aroused.


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Chapter 19: The Next Day

You are woken up by a tingling sensation in your thighs, so you slowly open your eyes, but you are still a bit groggy from the fun last night. Sitting up to take a look you realize that what had awoken you were the cocks you had taken home last night, wiggling on your legs. They had been quiet until now so they must have just woken up too.

> Last night

You went back to your room, playing with your new friends all the way back home. You'd been keeping them wiggling inside your pussy nipples, which was almost a torturous tease, but the anticipation just excited you more. Finally, upon reaching your bedroom, you lay on your bed and start having the real fun you had been waiting for. With your six arms, you used the two upper ones to grab your head and began to pull it up and down repeatedly, masturbating (if you can even call it that) your long dick neck all the way through your body. The cockhead actually went inside your body when pulled up and back out your lower pussy when pushed down all the way. Meanwhile, you are using other two arms to fuck your tits pussies with the living dildos. The sexual juices in there are overflowing and rolling down your breasts.

With your cavernous pussy that runs along your spine, you fuck yourself with your massive neck cock. The pleasure is overwhelming. However, you had not forgotten the one cock that you shoved up your ass when you left the mall. That was fine, as you didn't have to pay it any extra attention since your new tongue was already taking care of it, licking and pulling it in and out.

It took some time, but you managed to come from everywhere you could come at the same time. The pussy tunnel between your shoulders sprayed your head, soaking it almost completely. Your regular pussy below was also coming, but it was almost insignificant compared to the bulbous gland coming out of it, shooting its heavy load on the wall in front of the bed. This was enough to make you convulse uncontrollably, but you still had the slits on your tits coming from the heavy fucking by the cocks you brought home, and they also seemed pleased because they were also coming inside, spilling the mixed sexual juices all over your torso.

Lastly, but not least, the one cock being caressed by your ass tongue was also filling your insides. It didn't unplug from you however, and you held its load inside you, leaving your ass tongue savoring the labor of its work. You don't come from your ass, but it could still be pleased by a good taste.
It was pure bliss, an orgasm beyond anything you had ever seen or felt.

Remembering last night had you getting aroused again. It felt amazing, and you were just by yourself. That was just the tip of the iceberg. If playing with yourself already felt so good, how great would it be having another person, or maybe more?

Your train of thought was cut by a rumbling in your stomach. "Hmm... I guess I can still be hungry". You had all the time in the world to figure what to do, a few minutes of basic needs wouldn't hurt. You decide to go down to have your breakfast, but before getting up you remember about your little friends who woke you. "Hmm... what to do with you two..." you grab them and think for a moment.
"Honey! Breakfast is almost ready!" You hear your mom calling you from bellow, so you decide to hurry up with something simple. You reach for the bottom of your neck cock with both of your lower hands, which is still poking out of your normal pussy between your legs. Using your hands, you open the slit on your massive cock head, stretching it enough to fit both the living dildos. You then shove their length in up to their nutsacks, just to store them there. It felt tingly having your urethra being penetrated. That was something you just thought about trying, and you liked the feel of it, so maybe it was worth keeping in mind for later experiments. Upon getting up you give some small jumps to be sure they wouldn't fall, and they seemed pretty firm.

You didn't forget about the one lonely cock in your ass, but you decided just to leave it plugged in there.

Taking a look at you made your heart skip a bit. You looked positively HOT! With those six arms, massive tits with pussies for nipples and the end of that thick snake that was your cock neck, filled with two dicks with their balls dangling between your legs... man, just looking at this made you aroused again. But for now, breakfast calls.

You decide just to go how you are, completely nude. It's not like someone will think any less of you, and after all you are in your own house. This time, instead of being careful to not rub your dick neck with your legs, you felt like just forgetting this, you felt so sexy that you wanted to walk in a cat-like motion, deliberately rubbing your thighs against your cock neck and the balls of it's intruders. That was such a tease, and you liked it, it added an extra spark for when the actual action began, it builds anticipation for the big moments.

Finally coming down and sitting on the table, you take a look at your mother. "Good morning honey!" She greeted, smiling cheerfully at you.
"Hey mom, you look very happy today, did something happen?" You replied to her, returning the smile.
"Of course dear, a night with your ma is always sure to lift my heart". You can't avoid giggling a bit, knowing exactly what happened.

> Earlier last night

You came back home and decided to go straight to your room. It was late, so you tried to go quietly, but on the way you heard your parents still awake in their room. They were having some romance in the bed, nothing too explicit, just some kissing and sweet words. Looking at this scene made you smile, they just look so happy, but not happy enough that you couldn't give a hand.

They were having their way, kissing passionately when you decided to intervene. Making them unaware of your presence, you remove their clothes and the blankets so you could work properly. First step, of course, was turning your father in a full woman, and just after that rejuvenate them both, making their bodies go back from their late 30's to early 20's, with generous curves and very ample bosoms, hanging a few inches just above their belly buttons.

Now that they look even, you had to work on features that defined who was your mom and who was your ma, a term you decided to use to call your "father".

You start with your mother, first turning her nipples into pussies to match their breasts sizes. Right after that four bumps appear around the new holes, extending and making them thick enough that they resembled cow teats, because that's what you meant them to be. A good squeeze would gush milk just like a real cow teat.

Moving bellow her waist, between her legs, you decide to work on her normal pussy. Extending and inflating the flesh around it to make it like a large flesh orb hanging from her crotch, the size of a large melon, extending her pussy length to match it's size and allow larger insertions.

For the last change on her, something simple. While your parents were kissing, your mother's tongue start to lengthen and thicken. You couldn't see with your own eyes because it was inside your ma's mouth, but you knew your mom's tongue had turned into a huge cock, who would only fit back in her mouth when flaccid.

For you ma, you decided to make her more fitting to your mother's changes. For her tits, who were about the same size as your mom's, instead of making her nipples disappear, they expand, becoming quite long and thick. At the base, two flesh orbs inflate for each nipple. Didn't take long before her nipples resembled meaty cocks, with matching hairless balls the size of grapefruits. These would be very fitting for your mother's pussy nipples.

Between her legs, you decide to do something that was familiar to when she was still a he, returning her a cock with some extra benefits. It resembles a horse cock because of the flaring mushroom-like head, lengthening to the point that it hangs down past his ankles and drags on the floor a bit when flaccid and she is standing up, and thicker than her arms. To match, you gave her a pair of grapefruit sized balls, hanging in a fleshy and smooth ball sack halfway down her thighs when she is standing. Feeling it still wasn't enough, you also make her new horse-cock completely prehensile, allowing her to control it at will like a tentacle, but way thicker. Despite the new monstrous cock, you leave her regular pussy just how it is, making her a hermaphrodite, modifying it just so she can accommodate bigger stuff there, and also on her anus.

Lastly, to allow your ma to care for your mom's tongue cock, you modify her own tongue, making it long enough to be able to curl it along the whole length of the meaty dick coming from your mom's mouth, all the way to the base inside her mouth.

Just as you finish they decide to make use of their new enhancements. Your ma plugging her dick nipples in your mom's pussy nipples, twisting her new prehensile cock to penetrate her lover's pussy orb on her crotch, going in and out furiously, all the while they are still on their long kiss, both sucking your mom's cock tongue.

Taking a last look at your parents going at it filled you with joy, not just in a sexual way, but it made you happy to see they are still passionate. These changes were sure to spice up their marriage.
Satisfied, you leave them to their business and go to your room to have your own fun.

And you woke up just to find her the same way you left her last night. She was positively gorgeous, displaying her whole beauty bare of any clothing.


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Chapter 20: The Breakfast

Your mom was making pancakes for the breakfast. While thinking about last night with her lover, her excitement made her pussy nipples leak their sexual juices. She couldn't avoid having some to drip in the pan, but neither you nor her paid any attention to it, after all that's usually what happens when she cooks.

Your conversation is cut by your ma greeting both of you. "Morning everyone" you hear her saying from behind. Taking a look at her coming was funny to say the least, and it aroused you a bit. Her flaccid dick nipples and balls flopping as she walks while her boobs jiggle up and down, dragging her massive horse-cock between her legs behind her on the floor. Despite being flaccid, they were leaking their pre all the way. She approached to give you a kiss on you head.
"And good morning to you" your ma said in a lustful female voice to your mom, coming to hug her from behind and nuzzle her neck.

"Oh! *giggle* Dear, please, I'm preparing the breakfast!" she replied at the sudden assault, giggling for the tickle on her neck. "OH! A bit cocky are we? Wasn't last night enough for you?" She yelped at the attempt of a sudden intrusion on her pussy orb by your ma's serpentine dick, lifting itself like an elephant using its trunk, rubbing it's head on her pussy lips.

Your ma leaves with this tease, clearly wanting more, but she could control her urges. She just wanted to see you mom's dick come out of its lair, knowing it was not as easy to make it go back as it was to make it come out. It was funny to see her speech muffled by the obvious obstruction. It also added some extra spice to the breakfast since it just dripped its pre all over, besides the other sexual juices that had already been added and your own mom's milk, straight from the source of her thick teats. The more the merrier you thought.

Everything looked just like normal breakfast, except everything was spiced with sexual juices provided by your mom, not to mention the milk was her own, just the idea of this excited you. However, you noticed the lack of syrup. You were about to ask your mom, but you had a better idea.

Lifting up, you stand on the chair, bending and pointing your ass above your plate of pancakes. It was time to put that load you were storing to use. Unplugging the living dildo out of your butthole, you let all that cum to flow down over your breakfast like a waterfall, a thick, white and slow flowing waterfall.

"Oh, honey, can I have some of that?" Your ma asks, and of course you allow, so she just places her plate under. Your own plate would overflow if you didn't share it. Emptying the load, you thought about plugging it back to your anus, but you are remembered by a tingle there of your lower tongue, and it wanted some attention, so you thought "why not?".

You plug the dick you took from back there in one of your pussy nipples, just to make your hands free. Instead of sitting back, you stay bent on the chair with your ass pointing to the table and use your long anal tongue to take pieces of those delicious pancakes and bring them to your hole. With a small change, you make it so you are able to control, chew and swallow with your anus just like you would with your mouth, but without teeth, pancakes aren't really hard to chew. The first "bite" was unlike anything you had ever tasted, the flavor is heavenly!

The breakfast was going relatively quiet, just with your ma talking with your mom, unable to answer due to her still stiff cock tongue, just with some muffled yelps and giggles from her as a result of your ma teasing the pussy orb with her trunk from under the table. Realizing she was unable to eat the breakfast normally, you decided to give her the same changes as to how you were eating, so she shifted to join you in pointing your ass to the table.

"So, who are your friends?" Your ma asks, referring to the balls dangling from your bulbous gland and the dick you plugged in your chest. Still eating your breakfast with your anus, you turn your head to the side just so you can look at your parents to answer properly.

"Oh, I found them wiggling at the mall yesterday, they looked like the needed care, so I took them home" You answer while taking another scoop of the pancakes with your tentacle-like tongue behind you.

"Ok, but you better take good care of them, living cocks are not just sexual toys, and they need proper attention." She said in a more serious tone.

"Don't worry ma, I'm not going to just throw them in a box. In fact, I was going to take them with me today" You reply as you finish your cum covered pancakes. Excusing yourself from the table, you leave.

Today was going to be great.

Choice 1 - Today was saturday, the beggining of the weekend
Choice 2 - Today was a school day


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Chapter 21: A new life and a new world (ID #1540421) [1 Views]
an addition by: bobboled

As you stepped out of your house to go on yet another transform-tastic adventure you suddenly stopped right outside the front door. You stood there with a blank stare on your face as you pondered something over in your mind. It did not take long to come to a conclusion and shouted to yourself, "What the fuck am I doing?!" You began to march down the street, a little furious with yourself.

What were you doing? You had limitless power at your beck and call, and you were still living with you parents? Balls to that. You were going to male your life much better than that, starting now. You teleported yourself to the nice section of town dubbed the "Estates". It was a gated community where the more well to do townspeople resided. A few stars had even lived here but had moved after the recession. Where you had transported yourself too was one of the large homes that had housed one stars, but now it stood empty and barren. It was a grand home, bordering on a mansion in some aspects. It had about a dozen rooms, including a main bedroom and several guest bedrooms. there was a pool, a kitchen, a living room, and most importantly, a gaming room. Still naked, you walked up to the front door which opened before you even reached it. As you made your way inside the lights int he house turned on one by one until he whole empty house was illuminated in light. As you stepped inside, you marveled at the overall grandeur of the house; the marble floor, the modern furniture, and, although somewhat unsurprising given the person who lived here, the dozen or so statues that decorated the house. You decided that this would be your new residence, for now at least. However, you did make a two changes. For one, you populated the house with your things and created a new wardrobe for yourself. The other difference was that you had changed the statues. Before, they were in the form of a Greek heroic depiction, men with leafs and no arms and the like. Now, of the dozen statues within the house, each had been turned into a gross and fantastic depiction of a transformed human. The one in the living room depicted a woman with a penis instead of a mouth bending down and spreading the vaginal lips of a pair of legs as she readied for insertion, and another, this one in the bathroom on the shelf was of woman's torso where all of her appendages and her head had been replaced by pussies. Water flowed out of them as it also doubled as a fountain.

All in all, you were very satisfied with your new abode. Now you were ready to start living your new life, that of a pseudo goddess, enjoying her days in bliss and sexual rapture. You walked over to the living room and took a comfortable chair. You then took out the three dicks stuffed into your various holes and placed them on the table next to you. With no monetary obligations before you and the very real reality of immortality before you, you had a lot of free time on your hand. Also, with all of this power, you felt like it was time for a change. A big one. You grasped on of the detached dicks in your hand and marveled at it as it squirmed in your hand. Hmm, I could do that, but it's so simple you thought, But it works, and I want it You picked up the cocks and placed them in a neat row before you. Suddenly the dicks rose up several feet in the air before you. From their bases a surge of flesh exploded outward and took shape as the flesh expanded and solidified into three new female forms. These new women, or dick-girls as they were still attached to the genitalia that had spawned them, were identical down to the last detail; sexy, curvy, pretty and toned, except for one thing. Their only differentiating aspects were their eyes and their hair. One girl's eyes and hair were dark crimson, the others blue, and the final girl's were a dark green. The three new futas stood there before you, emotionless and unmoving. Of course, because you had not given them minds yet. You installed within them three main attributes; obedience, cleanliness, and sluttiness. These girls, who were not quite human, but more like dolls of flesh, were to be your servants in this new home of yours. They would attend to all of your needs, and you meant all of your needs. For now though, you were content to have them prepare the house. You imagined up some risque maid clothes, a tried and true trope if there ever was one, and told them to begin cleaning and organizing the house. They curtly bowed to you and went about their business. Satisfied with your work, you got up and went back outside. You were ready to enact your biggest change yet.

You gathered your thoughts and concentrated. You could feel the magic within you, powerful and alive. You tapped into that and began. What followed would shape the earth for decades to come. When all was said and done, you lay sprawled on your front lawn, utterly spent and feeling as though you had a terrible hangover. However, that was far from the truth. A pair of neighbors stopped by and asked if you were okay. They were two women, one blonde girl and a latino girl who were out walking and thus wearing fitness pants. this was good, because it made your transformation all the more obvious. Each woman sported a massive penis that looked like it was trying escape from its spandex prison. What you had done, and what had taken so much of your energy was that you had turned a good portion of the world into hermaphrodites, although honestly it was more like you made a lot of people into hot women and slapped a dick and balls on above their lady bits. However there were somethings you had not changed. For one, you had not changed history up until around this point. Didn't want anything weird to happen and you didn't want to have to learn it all over again, simple as that. Secondly, you had not transformed everyone. You had only transformed everyone from age twnety-five and downward into a futanari, meaning everyone past that age and everyone who came before had not transformed into one. This did apply to children as well, however the age restrictions still applied to the necessity of eighteen and up. You were a sex goddess, not a child molester. You worked this new timeline in by introducing a rare mutagen that had made all humans born since the mid eighties hermaphrodites. Scientists had done thousands of studies, but could only conclude that it was the next stage in evolution. the children were expected to have better genes, healthier lives, live longer and look more youthful for longer too. They even predicted that within the next century, most of the Earth's population would be dual gendered and after that the human species would be entirely hermaphroditic, with the species leaning much mire towards the female appearance.

This was now the world that you lived in, and it was your world now. You had free reign to do anything you wanted, but you did feel a little need to not go overboard, although the whole futa thing spoke otherwise. You picked yourself up to stand on unsteady feet, and thanked the joggers for asking , but said you were fine. They smiled at you and jogged away, but not without a couple of alterations. The latina jogger's upper half disappeared, leaving her as a pair of legs with a third leg tenting up her pants, and the other woman had had her eyes and nipples swapped and her mouth and nose replaced by a large throbbing cock. You watched the two jog away in their obscenity and laughed. Their changes had whetted your appetite once more. In order to satiate your desire for transformations, you teleported to the...


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Chapter 22: transforming at the coffee shop (ID #1540899) [1 Views]
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There was a nice cafe down the street that served a wonderful espresso, and since it was still fairly early in the morning, this sounded like the perfect way to start your day. You decided against teleporting, actually, and instead walked to the cafe as it was a beautiful day outside and it was only five minutes away by foot. However, you were still naked, and it was a little cold in the morning air, so you imagined yourself some clothing, a comfortable pair of cargo shorts, a form fitting t-shirt, a black and link sweater that accentuated your bust, and a pair of comfortable sneakers. You were now dressed, but it did little to hide your obscene body as your breasts had camel-toes forming in your sweater, your dick bulged in your pants and your dick neck was still quite visible as well.

As you walked down to the cafe, you happened to pass by two more early morning women on a walk. They appeared to be twins, red haired, and probably just turning twenty. The walked side by side in tandem as they made their way past you. Right before they left your sight, you had changed them. Were there was once two women, there was now a single body, but two torsos. The first twin still looked them same, except that the upper torso of her twin was now attached to her groin. Her sister's torso jutted outward and up at a right angle. She was not only missing her lower half, which was now fused with her sister, but her head was also missing, although that wasn't quite true. She was holding it against her crotch where she was lewdly sucking off their shared cock. Her neck had turned into a penis and a new pussy had formed between her shoulders to accommodate. Likewise, her sister's head was now detachable in the same manner as her twin's, and she too had detached her head from her neck-pussy and was sliding it into her sister's upper one.

You left the two to their own devices and continued on your way. You reached the restaurant soon enough, and saw that it had a lot of customers already, but then again it was the morning and people needed their coffee. You strode in and hoped in line. There were only two people in front of you, but you decided that waiting for was for normal people. The woman in front of you dropped from view as her form was changed. In front of you now was a pile of clothing with a lump hidden inside. You pulled away the clothes to discover what had become of the woman. The lump that was hidden by the clothes was the transformed woman's hips, and that was all. All she consisted of now was an ass, a penis, and a vagina. You picked up the abbreviated woman and tucked her under your arm. You would play with her soon enough. The next woman, an Asian girl on her way to the university, had a wonderful body, but was sorely lacking in the breast department. You felt like being generous, so you inflated her bust to a g-cup, which looked massive on her short frame. Her breasts bounced and wiggles underneath her cotton shirt, but they suddenly fell out of it and smacked against the floor. You could see on the back of each breast was a copy of the girl's mouth, and putting two and two together you looked and saw the erections barely concealed beneath her shirt. She blushed and gathered up her breasts as she scurried out of the line to go and put them back on.

Finally you walked up to the cashier and placed your order; a medium espresso and a blueberry scone. She told you the amount, and so you placed the abbreviated woman on the counter as you pulled a wallet out of nowhere. It was filled to the brim with cash and cards. You payed the cashier, and she took it in one of her many penis tendrils. Her arms had vanished altogether, leaving her with bare shoulders. Instead, her hair had been entirely replaced with a multitude of tentacle cocks of varying lengths. Also, her mouth had been replaced by a long dick as well. Lastly, and this one could not be seen as easily, her legs had merged together into a long stretch of muscle not unlike a snake, but on the end of it there was a very large vagina. Without a word, for she couldn't really speak, she gave you your change and readied for the next order. One of the baristas, a futanari with eight breasts, three dicks and a backwards facing torso called for a pump of cream. She walked over to the cashier and began to pump her face cock while aiming it at a cup. After a couple seconds of her ministrations a shot of cream (actual cream, not jizz, you decided) shot out of her face dick and into the cup.

You picked up your living ass and found an empty table. Well, not really empty. There had been a tall dick-girl there just a moment ago, but now there was just a foot long tube of flesh with and anus on one end and a pussy on the other. You sat down and placed the ass next to the other transformed woman. It would be a little while before your order was ready, so decided to play with your new toys. You hefted the ass girl in one hand like a bowling ball, your two middle finger in her pussy and your thumb in her asshole. You lifted your penis neck out of your main body and separated the two, your body in one chair and you head in another so that you could get a better view. You wrapped your long penis neck around the chair an watched the action unfold. Your body unzipped your pants and unleashed you meaty member. It stood to full attention, obviously quite ready. You lined up the ass with your prick and rather quickly rammed your length up her ass. Her cock twitched as you penetrated her, and so you decided to give it some attention too. With your free hand, you picked up the tube girl and pressed her wet pussy against the ass girls throbbing cock. Using her like the cock sleeve she was, you used her to stroke the ass girl's dick as you penetrated her once tight hole. The as girl was the firs to cum, her hot seed spilling out of the anus on the other end of the tube of flesh. You were soon to follow, pouring what felt like a gallon of cum into the poor girls ass.

Your body lifted the ass girl off of your crotch and set her on the table. Some of your cum leaked out of her battered hole, but you ignored it. You also didn't remove the tube girl who was still wrapped around her penis. You figured that they were probably pretty comfortable that way. You heard your order called and so you had your headless, crotch exposed body go and grab it. You returned and placed the food on the table and began to feed you detached head. It was surreal, like you were feeding a baby, and it was pretty fun too. As you ate, you transformed more of the cafe's patrons. You...


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And that's all I had saved, up to what was posted at the end of February 2013.

bobboled, how much is missing?


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Nothing else was addedd after, I think.  Although, many of the other stories, including other additions I made to "Imagine That" are gone


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Did you add something to this storyline before it was gone? I really hoped we could continue.


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no, but I did start another branch in much the same vein as this one.  that is gone though...


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Don't you have it saved on your PC?


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Unfortunately not.  it was a series of genital limb bdsm stuff I wrote on a binge.  Didn't bother to save because  was so-so


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