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A lush breeze blew through the tree tops, as Brian stopped for a moment to listen to the sounds of the forest around him. It had been almost four weeks since he had agreed on joining professor Limar´s expedition into the wilds to study the flora and fauna of the planet as a part of his final thesis at the University of Orizon.

The fact he was going to work with one of the most renown scientists of the university thrilled Brian in the first place... that was before the professor had assigned him to study the social behavior of butterflies in the wilds.

"Damn Neccus“ Brian mumbled as he continued to walk along the small, uneven path that winded through the trees and bushes. This whole excursion, let alone the many weeks of upfront research and preparation.... seemed such a waste of time. To make things worse, Neccus seemed to be the most elusive species Brian had ever seen. They barely stood still and fled in panic every time he popped out his head from his hiding spot!

Last week, Brian had noticed that the Neccus seemed to be interested in a certain kind of flower that was only growing near the river further down the road –  He had tried to move closer and watch them, but again, they fled as soon as he came closer.

Bugged out and slowly growing desperate he would return empty-handed, Brian had picked up the flower and wrapped it inside some paper to use it as a bait.

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Suddenly, Brian's thoughts were interrupted by the crack of several twigs behind him, accompanied by a tentative fluttering sound of wings. He froze and slowly moved his hand closer towards his pocket where he had put the flower. He tried to hold his breath as best as he could and slowly turn around – It was a Neccu indeed!

Her twitching wings had the color of dark amber and had a beautiful pattern that reminded Brian of stained glass that refracted the sunlight from above into countless, glowing nuances of orange.

Her body was filigree like it was with all Neccus and she seemed rather disinterested in the human´s presence. In fact, it seemed like she was actively ignoring him! … or … did the flower kinda made Brian invisible to her?

Carefully, the young man pulled the envelope out of his pocket and carefully opened it. The smell of the flower was rather musky and sweet and the Neccus didn't seem to notice it at first, but soon she looked around a little confused, like she was desperately searching for the origin of the odor.


A little confused, she twitched her wings and landed on a small plateau, before she turned around and looked over to Brian. It took him a moment before Brian realized the pressure that was building up in his pants out of a sudden – had this flower made him... horny?

In an instant, he remembered what he had learned about Neccus so far and that her antennas were able to detect even the slightest trace of pheromones in the air „Oh gawd, no!“ Brian saw the Neccu now directly looking at him an realized that it was obviously a male exemplar of it's race: With a curious smile, the butterfly now lifted off and landed directly in front of him.

Too baffled to run away, Brian took a few steps back and ended with his back against a large tree.

With two elegant steps, the Neccu closed in on him and touched his shoulder.

"You like?!“ he asked as his fingers carefully caressed the half-hard penis between his legs.

Brian shook his head "Hno.. listen... I-Im not gay I...“ He saw the bulge in his trousers betraying his words as the pheromones of the flower made the situation even worse. „This flower over there...!“

The Neccu looked to the ground „Mating symbol for our clan – for the females“ His wings twitched in anticipation.


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"Sorry I did´t meant to - " Brian desperately tried to move his pelvis to the side to hide the obvious bulge in his pants. "Don´t be sorry, I understand“ The Neccu now came even closer, his right hand was rhythmically pumping his cock as a thick drool slowly dripped from his lower lip... like if he had recently swallowed a load of -

"Eww!“ Brian pushed back against the tree as he saw a a flood of milky, thick fluid gushing out of the Neccu's mouth.

"Dont ge agfraid“ The Neccu stuttered – and Brian knew what kind of organ was slowly starting to swell inside the creatures throat. "I Cang see you liek cock!“ He looked on the bulge in Brian's pants and slipped one of his chitinous fingers inside Brian's mouth.

"No... no please... please go!!“ In horror Brian watched the lips of the Neccu slowly parting, as a slimy, yellowish penis-glans slipped free.

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Brian felt his head being grabbed fiercely as his jaw was locked with chitinous fingers. The male Neccu now looked directly into his eyes as he brought his face even closer, slowly trying to line up the tip of his dripping throat-cock with Brians open mouth.

The thick male organ dangled from left to right and glistened in the dim light, as long strands of liquid dripped from it. Brian closed his eyes as he felt the slimy tip touching his own lips and slowly pushed inside his throat. The lustful eyes of the Neccu pinned him against the tree, as the creature continued to penetrate his throat.

Brian gurgled. His mouth felt numb and used. The filigree hands of the Neccu still hold his head fiercely, and no matter how hard her tried to hit the creature, it barely made a move. „Calm down“ The voice of the Neccu suddenly echoed in Brians mind „Join us...“ The Neccu started to gently let her hard cock slip in and out of Brians mouth – I felt so wrong watching this musky hard organ slipping inside his throat over and over again with increasing speed.

Soon, lewd smacks filled the air, as long strands of milky fluids escaped Brians mouth.... This creature was turning his mouth into a creampie!

Brian again shook his head and tried to fight against the chitinous carapace of his captor. The salty taste that was running down his throat almost made him puke as suddenly a large, warm gush spilled inside of him.


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With a disgusting smack, the Neccu finally pulled his cock-like tongue back out of Brian's mouth.

In disbelief, Brian carefully used his tongue to probe his lips, which felt swollen and had almost tripled in size and volume.

“What are you doing to me?” shllp He felt thick fluids dripping down his chin as he spoke. The Neccu's hands had travelled down his flanks and now firmly grabbed Brian's hips.

“Im making you mine... making you one of us...” The Neccu's telepathic voice answered. “You can hear me already... you are almost there...”

Brian felt his pants being grabbed and pulled down in front of him. Greedily, the Neccu undid his boxers and started to rub Brian's cock, which was still hard from the flower's pheromones.

“I would let you choose if you want to keep your wonderful prick here” - Ne Neccu's hands stroked along Brian's hard penis - “But you insisted not being gay, so “

A farting, gurgling noise came to Brian's ears, as the Neccu lowered down until his face met the level of Brian's hard cock. “That's a plus for me... since for male-TF I have to use your butt....” The tips of both penises met, as the Neccu started excrete a viscous slime that quickly covered the underside of Brian's cock down to his ballsack. “Now I can play with this toy a little longer”


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“W-wait... what..!” *shllp* Brian could only watch as the thick slime started to slowly transform his penis and made it shrink back into his crotch! “N-NO!...HEY... STHOOP EHHT!!”

But Brian could not finish his protest. Something in his chest had spread a sudden warmth that grew bigger and bigger. It was like his whole chest was filled with a comfortable numbness out of a sudden! It was right about then that Brian noticed his chest had grown bigger.. more voluptuous...

“Let me help you with that” Without waiting for an answer, the Neccu grabbed the front side of Brians hoodie and ripped it open: Brian wanted to scream, but something in his throat felt swollen and misplaced... instead of a flat, male chest, two obscenely big female breasts bounced now right in front of him! “Fthop ….. turning...hmee!!” sllp

A gush of milky liquids gushed out of his mouth. The feeling of something swollen and salty, forcing its way out from his throat mercilessly made Brian panic. He looked at his hands, which had already transformed into useless, 3-fingered insect-hands. No matter how hard he tried to fight it... the hard, slimy muscle in his throat pushed against his lips from the inside with a sensitive glans.

“NO....*shllp*... PLEAF.... UGH!!” He was unable to stop it. In horror, Brian felt his lips parting as something thick, musky and hard slipped out from his mouth. It was blocking his ability to breathe through his mouth, forcing him to smell the vile new organ that was dangling from it.


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Meanwhile, The Neccu was having his way with Brian's almost completely transformed nethers.

Instead of the usual hard stiffness, Brian felt something slimy and squishy between his legs that gave in to the hard glans from the Neccu's mouth. It didn't took long and the feeling became almost an urge to rub against the hard, swollen object. Brian felt needy and slutty... he wanted to feel more of this pulsing organ... more of it inside of him! Brian moaned and rubbed harder, as a lewd farting and smacking started from his nethers, every time the hard cock of the neccu slipped back out of Brian's newly forming, rudimentary cunt.

He felt his new disgusting tongue swelling with blood as it slowly took on the shape of a veiny, stiff penis that was coming right from inside his mouth. He gurgled as he needily started to squat and push himself into the face of the creature that was still holding his hips tightly while slowly penetrating him with its disgusting, mouth-cock. “Hh... faster... hh... harder......” Brian whimpered, knowing that his former cock was nothing but a smacking, horny hole by now.


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Brian saw the tip of his hard cock standing stiff in the air in front of his eyes. Thick layers of drool dripped down his chin, as he felt the pressure building up in the misplaced male genital. The tits on his chest bounced with every thrust of the male Neccu's head, pushing its hard, swollen tongue deep into his newly-grown, tight snatch.

His mouth-cock started to twitch up and down... Brian could not take this any longer.... with a releasing moan that got muffled by the swollen organ in his mouth, he threw his head back as a thick gush of hot, milky juice squirted out of from his tip and landed right on his face.

With a smack, he felt something slipping out of him. Brian looked down and saw the Neccu between his tights looking up to him in a mix of satisfaction and admiration. It was just then, Brian noticed the impressive wings that had grown out of his back and in contrast to the bright amber-colored wings of the Neccu beneath, his own wings were more of a blueish color.

“I will be right back my dear, I will call the others to welcome you in our flock” The Neccu turned around and quickly lifted off the ground and disappeared through the canopy above.

Confused and shocked by what had happened and how his body was feeling, Brian pushed himself against the large tree. The throbbing, musky organ in his face still hung from his mouth in a sloppy, half-hard manner. In disbelief, Brians fingers carefully touched the male organ, but he drew them back immediately, as the penis started to twitch as he touched it.


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This whole body was feeling so soft.... but also so light and fragile in a way.... Brian looked down on his body and started to examine it: His skin had either been covered in a thick, chitinous carapace, or a soft blu-grayish skin. Cuiously, he tried to move a few steps forward, barely even keeping his balance on the new, insect-feet that barely contacted the ground below. A large abdomen had grown out of his lower back and helped a bit as a counter-weight – it was obviously meant to help keeping position during flight.

“Interesting” Brian looked at he Wings that had grown out of his back. It seemed that his mind hadn't been affected by the changes at all – besides the ability to hear Neccu-voices telepathically now...

I think this new body could help me a ton with my researches... maybe I should stay with this “flock” for a while to boost my thesis a bit.


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